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Hops and Glory: One Man's Search for the Beer That Built the British Empire #2020

Hops and Glory One Man s Search for the Beer That Built the British Empire Weaving travel writing and historical research with assured comedy Hops and Glory is both a rollicking raucous history of the Raj and an entertaining groundbreaking experiment to recreate the fines

  • Title: Hops and Glory: One Man's Search for the Beer That Built the British Empire
  • Author: PeteBrown
  • ISBN: 9780230706354
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hops and Glory: One Man's Search for the Beer That Built the British Empire By PeteBrown, Weaving travel writing and historical research with assured comedy, Hops and Glory is both a rollicking, raucous history of the Raj and an entertaining, groundbreaking experiment to recreate the finest beer ever brewed.

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    1 thought on “Hops and Glory: One Man's Search for the Beer That Built the British Empire

    1. The Times Literary Supplement called Pete Brown, The beer drinker s Bill Bryson This book weaves the history of how IPA, India Pale Ale, was born and its significance to professionalizing brewing worldwide The hoppy style that dominated 1800 s brewing was all but dead by the late 2000 s, when a resurgence in North American microbreweries brought it back Writer Pete Brown discovered a few American IPAs and was smitten Stunned at the brew s absence from its birthplace in Britain, he researched the [...]

    2. I should start by letting you know that I am a complete beer nerd I m a biochemistry professor and part of a brewing science program at our university and have been an avid homebrewer for over twenty years I love craft beer and even I love learning about the history of beer Thinking about my brewing forefathers stirs up deep, profound feelings of brotherhood whenever I brew up a 5 gallon batch So, Hops and Glory by Pete Brown is definitely my kind of reading.The story details Brown s adventures [...]

    3. Quite possibly one of the best books I read this year, this is not only a novel to make a food drinks fan avidly wait another paragraph that deals with beer and other drinks, such as madeira, which are also described when pertinent , but also one to entice the reader to await the next chapter that once again speaks of the East India Company and the British Raj.I have, this far, not mentioned the scope that this work has as a modern travelogue, and one should definitely also keep this aspect in m [...]

    4. Hops and Glory tells the story of one man quest to recreate and replicate the epic journey that turned swill into the glory that is IPA Pete Brown book is a masterful melding of a travelogue, history and damn good story telling.From the moment I started reading this book I knew I was in for something special and a little off the beaten track The authors love for his subject borders on severe OCD at times and the cast of characters we meet along he way are larger than life.So join the author on t [...]

    5. Hops and Glory, One Man s Search For The Beer That Built The British Empire 2009 Being the our book club is called the Ale Literate Book Club, and is sponsored each month by the 8th Street Ale Haus in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, it seemed only fitting that after several years of the club we read a book, well, about beer In this case, the beer is India Pale Ale, or IPA, as it is known, and my absolute favorite style.Pete Brown, a travel writing, beer loving, writer from the UK decided one evening, whil [...]

    6. Before refrigeration it was impossible to brew beer in India, which was a serious issue for the early ex pats Beer could be shipped out but it took a long time 9 months via the Cape and was frequently spolit by the time it arrived Brewers realized that beer which was high in alcohol abd stuffed full of hops, which are a preservative, had the best chance of making it Indeed for beer like this a 9 month journey wasn t an obstacle buy an opportunity for marvellous flavours to emerge India Pale Ale [...]

    7. Easy read that never quite fulfills The potted history of the east India company was probably interesting than the quest to take ipa to India Easy beach read.

    8. Different than expected, but a travel history as well as a beer history rolled into one novel, told in a self depreciating manner Lots of humor added in with a good story telling style.

    9. A delightful history of India Pale Ale with plenty of humor and travel adventures thrown in for good measure.

    10. Read this because a friend of my wife s features heavily in it Rudgie , or Paul Rudge, famed brewer and character around Burton on Trent It s really a quest for the unattainable a perfect bottle of Indian Pale Ale, the beer that built the British Empire A little like a grail quest, but with barley and hops The style is seemingly whimsical, even offhand, yet imparts an astounding amount of information His book on cider is also worth getting.

    11. Hops and Glory is a rich and delightful read, combining insightful historical research with a madcap travelogue, and the anthropomorphism of a beer keg The essence of craft beer appreciation is captured by tying contemporary innovation and insanity within tradition and historical context What could be wackier than making a beer that is too strongly flavored, sending it by sea around the cape of Good Hope, and hoping it is drinkable in India s sweltering climate What could be traditional There a [...]

    12. The best book I ve read this year, if not in the past few years.I love beer, I love history and I love the British, so Pete Brown pretty much had the trifecta going for him This is part beer history of the India Pale Ale style and whether or not the commonly told story of its creation is true and part travel diary as Pete tries to recreate the journey from Burton on Trent, UK, to Kolkata India , adding in lots of humor and human interest damn you, Barry the Barrel It was incredibly readable and [...]

    13. There s no doubt Brown is a passionate beer nut, with lots of knowledge of the brewing industry Unfortunately, he doesn t pull this escapade off The failure to actually cart the keg of beer by ship the whole way to India is mirrored in the writing of the book By the end of the book I was tired of Brown s many pratfalls, anxieties and introspective meditations The book really tails off at the end, as Brown himself tires perhaps The final chapter, about an unrelated trip Brown takes to Kenya prior [...]

    14. I enjoyed this history of IPA and its journey with the author from Burton on Trent Beer Town to Calcutta Full of Britisms, beer information, Brits in India through a beer lens and travel woes of recreating it all I got lost a few times trying to keep who is who brewing what when but I feel a wee bit smart about IPAs my favorite beer Certainly points me to resources if I want to explore further I do wish this book had photos P.S You can find me on untappd BkClubCare but I tweet my beer tastings [...]

    15. Really interesting for parts of the book Great to get some insight into the brewing history and IPA in particular Sadly the book was really heavy going in places, particularly during the long boat trips, and I also sort of feel like it wasn t done properly which I can t say about without giving it away Would recommend the chapters on the history of beer, but not the story so much Which would suggest perhaps a book on the history of IPA specifically may have been better

    16. Very interesting book Goes over the story of the Indian Pale Ale my favorite type of beer , while at the same time accounting for the author s attempt to recreate the trip of the original IPA barrels Pete Brown travels from England to India by boat, making this book not only historically interesting, but also a rather entertaining travel book of sorts Very entertaining, if only a bit long towards the ened.

    17. Brown did a great job of balancing the history of IPA within his personal journey to take a keg of IPA brewed as close to the original recipe as possible from England to India by boat His humourous style keeps the book from becoming too dry when covering historical details and makes you laugh along with him when he recounts obstacles he faced.I d recommend this book for people who love beer and or humour writing.

    18. You don t have to be a beer lover to enjoy this book, though it will make it interesting Half of the book is a funny and entertaining recount of his own personal voyage The other half is history of the British in India, and the role beer played in it For an American who s knowledge of this history was fairly limited, the whole thing was both enjoyable and interesting.

    19. Part beer history, part travelogue, this book is a fun read that often had me laughing It was especially good as a drive time book in audio More about one man s journey to follow the sea routes from the UK to India than a story of beer, it will have you smiling at the author s dry wit while learning about the vagaries and pitfalls of modern sea travel.

    20. I just couldn t get through the first few chapters It was far too talky about the author vaguely like Have a Nice Day , the Mankind Mick Foley autobiography in a way that was just going to continue to annoy me Which is too bad, as I am interested in the topic I may come back and try to read it in a sparse manner in the future.

    21. A travelogue with a difference one man carrying a keg of beer Pete Brown is an engaging writer, and the research in this book is good though this book seems to occasionally feel too formulaic oh, here s the research chapter to make it a brilliant read.

    22. A fun read with all of the twist and turns you would expect from a great beer tale I found myself hanging on the pages like a monkey who just experienced his first banana tree Awesome book with great historical references

    23. A travelogue for the ale drinking fan Brown is attempting to replicate the original voyage of IPA shipments from the UK to India As the shipping routes no longer exist, his voyage with a barrel of beer doesn t seem to be going quite to plan.

    24. Fascinating story of the rise and fall of IPA in India and in UK, with amusing parallel story of author s attempt to recreate the sea voyage round the Cape with a barrel of IPA a fine example of pointless travel with extra baggage.

    25. Fascinating read Brown s journey is fascinating but ultimately disappointing Thankfully Brown himself is interesting and the history of the IPA is captivating.

    26. I loved it a nice combination of travel writing and beer history I m going to have to read from this author for sure

    27. I m a sucker for a good travel adventure I m a sucker for a good beer history This happens to be both, and done well.

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