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Inland Empire #2020

Inland Empire Nicky and Brandon are back and this time they re on Brandon s turf Nicky s still on disability when he comes to Riverside to visit Brandon and pick up his Querida from the Bakersfield s impound lot B

  • Title: Inland Empire
  • Author: James Buchanan
  • ISBN: 9781603707329
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • Inland Empire By James Buchanan, Nicky and Brandon are back, and this time they re on Brandon s turf Nicky s still on disability when he comes to Riverside to visit Brandon and pick up his Querida from the Bakersfield s impound lot Brandon loves having Nicky around, but at the same time, he s worried someone might find out that Nicky s than just a friend When Nicky becomes involved with the TaskNicky and Brandon are back, and this time they re on Brandon s turf Nicky s still on disability when he comes to Riverside to visit Brandon and pick up his Querida from the Bakersfield s impound lot Brandon loves having Nicky around, but at the same time, he s worried someone might find out that Nicky s than just a friend When Nicky becomes involved with the Task Force Brandon s on, the tension ratchets higher as Brandon s paranoia about being outed increases Will his inability to step out of the closet mean the end of his relationship with Nicky Or will the danger of the case they re on make it all a moot point Find out in this exciting sequel to Cheating Chance.

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      267 James Buchanan
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    1 thought on “Inland Empire

    1. Written july 15, 20153 1 2 Stars Nothing is perfect but nevertheless most often interesting like hereBook 2I finished and liked but didn t love the first part Cheating Chance 3.5 stars in this three books series Taking the Odds just a week or two ago I m not sure I should had started this second part already if it wasn t for the buddyread with a bunch of James Buchanan liking girls Hesitant and unsure just like the hero hereThere are things to say, things needed to discuss, things to be heartwar [...]

    2. 3.5I liked this one a lot the the first one The writing was better and so was the sex The sex sometimes got in the way of the story but it was super hot So that s not really a complaint, just an observation.

    3. Okay, I read this 18 years ago that s July and can t remember shit.The sex was super hot and Brandon was a major dick who needed to get his head out of his ass seriously, I sympathize, but come on and then less of a dick So that was good I m not overwhelmed with love for this series like I am for Buchanan s Deputy Joe series but I m still looking forward to seeing what happens to Nick and Brandon in the last book, All or Nothing.Oh and thank you to my BR buddies

    4. I m still loving these guys Ok, so those of you who didn t like Brandon in book one will probably dislike him even in this book I love him but he is still a huge asshole and terrified of coming out Of course, I think if he would ever come out he wouldn t have any reasons to be an asshole This story is lot about Nicky and Brandon s relationship than book one They are pretty much together the entire time that means there is a lot of hot sexpe sexd even Harley sex That also means there is a lot [...]

    5. I still like the premise that this story is built on and the writing worked much better that the first in the series 8th July 15 with the gang

    6. 3.5 StarsAh, the saga of closeted cop Brandon and out proud Nevada Gaming Agent Nick continues Better in execution, still a little rough around the edges, the predicted drama lama surrounding these two was definitely kicked up a notch Um Make that several notches.This was like getting your meal super sized at the drive thru Extra large smut please, with a side order of kink and dirty talk The guys dynamic has changed, and my staid self surprisingly found it interesting, varied, and quite hot Oh [...]

    7. BR HereThanks, my lovely friends, for a lovely BR you all made the book entertaining.This one is better than the first, but I can t give it than 3 stars, sorry.I was looking forward to read story which was tagged in a Mystery or suspense genre but when the mystery part falls flat and doesn t really balance properly with other aspects of the story that story is not well written for me.It was an okay read.The author concentrated on Brandon and Nicky s relationship in this story.The Suspense was [...]

    8. 4.0 StarsWow And, we re back for hair pulling argggggh from my fast becoming fave tortured couple In this sequel to Cheating Chance, Nicky is on Brandon s turf Still on disability and in town to pick up Querida, Nicky gets corralled into helping the Task Force Brandon is on Once again, things heat up in and out of bed but this time, Brandon s paranoia hits a new high.These guys shakes head drive me NUTS And, I love it How sick is that I liked this sequel because even though Brandon was often a [...]

    9. Cheating Chance was such an enjoyable read and I ve been waiting ages for Inland Empire, the 2nd installment in the series Unfortunately I m not much one for serialized books, I just don t have the patience The wait was worth it though and if anything this volume was even better than the first.The development of the characters, particularly Brandon, made for compulsive reading and had me up till 2am I had bags under my eyes But the book doesn t just have well developed characters and angsty conf [...]

    10. This one just didn t hold my interest like the first one Brandon was a total shithead, paranoid freak, which made it really really hard to feel any drip of sympathy for him I did love the hooker though She was awesome Anyway, at least I can put this one in my read column now Whoopee.

    11. 4.2 StarsI hate this cover, but the book was so damned good I ll forgive the shoddy Photoshop It was hella angsty, though, with Brandon s paranoia of being outed as such lashing out at Nicky unnecessarilybut they worked it out in the end And, after that flashback to when Brandon was a rookie, I can sort of see why he would be worried, so I cut him a bit of slack So did Nicky The case wasn t as interesting this time around just typical Vice shit and that s okay since it really only provided the v [...]

    12. Inland Empire begins a few weeks after the end of Cheating Chance Nicky is coming to the end of his disability leave, but takes a little holiday time so that he can visit Brandon and pick up his beloved hearse from the impound now that it s been released as evidence Whilst staying with Brandon word gets around that Nicky s a computer geek and he gets drafted into helping with a case involving Vietnamese gangs who are running gambling and prostitution rackets This means that Nicky s invading Bran [...]

    13. Key points 1 This book is full of really hot sex scenes If that s what you re looking for, you ll love this.2 Brandon was a total jerk, I don t know why Nicky put up with so much of his shit.3 The cop drama mystery aspect of this book never really came together I couldn t tell if it was all supposed to be one case or if it was three separate cases and if it was three cases than what the hell was Nick doing consulting on the other two He barely had reason to be on the one And if it was one case, [...]

    14. 3.5 starsAlthough there are several times I want to kick Brandon s ass for being a jerk he is so deep in the closet and so paranoid that he hurts Nicky s feeling , but I admit that it might be what s real Life is not always pretty, sometimes the consequences of one s coming out can result in something bad So it s hard it is for me to accept Brandon s attitude but I understand I actually enjoy this complicated relationship between them Brandon is not an easy character to understand he can be subm [...]

    15. The only part of this book that kinda ticked me was when Nicky got pissy over Brandon busting prostitutes and kept it going During that part, the rating was falling but the rest was so good that it made up for it.

    16. I definitely liked this one better than the first one, Cheating Chance For one, Brandon doesn t do any hanky panky with chicks like he did in the last one I mean, he s still kind of an asshole but at least he kept his paws to himself Nicky is still the same, goth and lovable I want to marry him sigh If only he was real I still don t think Brandon deserves Nicky but by the end of the book, Brandon showed that he does love Nicky enough to prove it This one was definitely filled with suspense and I [...]

    17. Love Nicky and Brandon Likes 1 Nicky He has become one of my favorite charactershe s sensitive, demanding at the appropriate times, really thinks emotions through, is hilariouswnright wonderful2 Understanding a different point of view Buchanan shows some of the difficulties that have lead to Brandon s paranoia in the dream during is earlier cop years That scene just made me think about a different point of view and why people behave as they do It adds perspective to behavior that I didn t get un [...]

    18. 3.5 StarsI think I ll do One Big Review when I finish the last book for this series I m still loving it for sure, but this one dwindled for me a bit in certain parts I was not too sure what they were going for with the crime mystery part of the plot Nicky and Brandon are still MADE OF SEX, so hot and such great moments.Nicky is such a fabulous character , open and just IN LOVE, so willing to fight to get his happy ending with Brandon.Brandon is still as stubborn scared little shit, hot, sexy, su [...]

    19. A stellar sequel to Cheating Chance.Without technical jargon and explanations bogging down the story, Inland Empire is a superior story to the previous book in the series There are a lot opportunities and less distractions to see the relationship between Brandon and Nick.The focus of this story is on their romance with the Vice investigation just adding flavor It was interesting to see how Brandon tries to maintain his relationship with Nick and still remain in the closet It would have been so [...]

    20. Nick and Brandon are back for in book 2 It takes up after Nick has mostly recovered from his injuries from book 1 They are together in California and Nick is helping out on a case They have some really hawt motorcycle sex And some angst with Brandon s ex.ntstingar break ups More Rope Playmmmy The mystery was not that interesting, but I loved the continuation of Nicky and Brandon.

    21. I read the first book in this series, Cheating Chance my review here , at Chris recommendation several months ago, and immediately fell in love with Nicky and Brandon I will say this whenever other bloggers talk about rope , Nick and Brandon s names always pop up I think there was one rope scene in Cheating Chance However, after reading Inland Empire, I understand Wow, that boy can do some spectacular stuff with his hands The book begins with the murder of a teenage gamer Brandon s police distri [...]

    22. A solid 4, edging on up a bit to 4.5 But I couldn t decide.I don t know what it is about these two, but I just adore Nicky and Brandon.I was so excited to get to see how these two did on Brandon s turf this time around, and this didn t let me down As opposed to just skipping over Brandon s paranoia, the story really dealt with it It wasn t a Oh okay, I m good Who cares kind of thing, and I appreciated that Even though that meant that I wanted to sock Brandon a number of times in this He was so f [...]

    23. 2 1 2 stars rounded up to 3 This review will contain minor spoilers which are necessary to explain why I wanted to throttle one of the fictional characters and not the one you think.Inland Empire really didn t do it for me Which was incredibly disappointing because I 4 stars enjoyed the first installment in the trilogy Cheating Chance But Inland Empire just didn t hold my interest There may still have been hot sex, but I m not sure because I had a really hard time with Nicky and vacillated betwe [...]

    24. There are two worlds in this novel and Brandon behaves in a different way according to the world he is in that moment Inland Empire is the sequel of Cheating Chance the first book takes place in Nicky s world so maybe the worlds are actually three , Las Vegas, where Nicky is out and proud and has no problem with that He has a tight circle of friends and Brandon, his new boyfriend, enters the circle It s always Brandon who comes to visit Nicky, since Brandon is not out he is a Los Angeles police [...]

    25. I love this series I am so bummed that there are only three and that the shorts aren t even in print any If anyone knows where I can get a copy, let me know I d even buy them in hard copy This book gave me all the danger and peril and OMG HES GONNA DIE I needed without all the melodrama and hospital scene Talent The plot was great, the characters were realistic but God, I hated Brandon for the first half for many reasons He treated Nick like crap Nick was almost perfect, but his hissy fit over v [...]

    26. 3.5 rounded up to a 4 This is the second book in the series Nick has finished recovering from his injuries and is ready to pick up his hearse, so he and Brandon decide to make a time of it and Nick comes to stay with him for a few weeks Nick ends up pulled in to an investigation that is heavily computer based Meanwhile Brandon is continually freaking out that someone will figure out that Nick is than just his bed bud I have to say I m glad the story went where it did, but I still wonder what ex [...]

    27. I loved this sequel to Cheating Chance Nicky and Brandon are back and this time they are in Nick s turf, including working on a case in his police station with his gay bashing co workers No wonder he is so paranoid Nicky is Nicky, super nice, funny and hot as hell Brandon is over the top with paranoia leading to lots of fights and then lots of makeup sex, most of it involving Nicky s use of rope This story was less of an adventure mystery than the previous one and really focused much on Brandon [...]

    28. Oh Nicky, I love you to death oh, yeah, I like you lots too, Brandon.But seriously, I love this book didn t think I could like it than the first but I did And like other reviews I ve seen, I wanted Nicky to give Brandon a couple good ass kickings for being well, such an ass, or tie him up a little tighter and less pleasurable with those fascinating ropes have mercy those ropes I like that both characters display dominant and submissive characteristics and especially that the one seen as submis [...]

    29. edited review I didn t think it was possible to love Nicky Brandon than I did after Cheating Chance but I do I loved how this book focused just as much on the relationship as the mystery, and we got to see of Brandon s life both inside and outside work And very separate they are too, but in this book they come togetherd Brandon has to decide what is important As for the sex scenes and the rope play fans self WOW Am eagerly anticipating the third book but after reading the excerpt am a little w [...]

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