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Dear Sir, I'm Yours #2020

Dear Sir I m Yours This professor s final exam includes a spanking There s no house restoration too challenging for Rae Jackson a k a The Fix It Lady There s no fixing the past though Like the day she left college A s

  • Title: Dear Sir, I'm Yours
  • Author: Joely Sue Burkhart
  • ISBN: 9781605045825
  • Page: 298
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Sir, I'm Yours By Joely Sue Burkhart, This professor s final exam includes a spanking.There s no house restoration too challenging for Rae Jackson, a.k.a The Fix It Lady There s no fixing the past, though Like the day she left college A semester of flirting with her English professor ended when he spanked her to the best orgasm of her life Afraid of her own eager willingness to comply with the sexy dom sThis professor s final exam includes a spanking.There s no house restoration too challenging for Rae Jackson, a.k.a The Fix It Lady There s no fixing the past, though Like the day she left college A semester of flirting with her English professor ended when he spanked her to the best orgasm of her life Afraid of her own eager willingness to comply with the sexy dom s commands no matter what she fled.Yet not even five years can dim her memory of his masterful touch.Conn never forgot the one student who gave him a big fat F on the greatest test of his life After all these years, he s still haunted by his uncharacteristic loss of control When he finds the very object of his shame and desire crawling around under his grandmother s house, he swears to do anything to win Rae s trust.Rae finds herself helpless against Conn s slow seduction Exactly the way she likes it Instead of poetry, this time she learns the erotic pleasure to be found in bondage and submission to the sexiest professor alive.

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      298 Joely Sue Burkhart
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    1 thought on “Dear Sir, I'm Yours

    1. Okayis was the kind of book which makes it a little hard for me to explain why I liked it.I read the other reviews and many found it to be lacking.Well to be honest, in retrospect the book was lacking.It lacked a solid foundation.The heroine Rae was,well to be put in simple words,a very confusing personality.She knew she loved Conn no confusion about that but then time and again tried to run and hide from him and then ended up hurting both of them.She was very scared most of the time but she cou [...]

    2. this is the fluffiest, most politically correct bdsm smut I ve ever read with naive and suffering characters and forced plot shite like ghosts not bad writing but doesn t make up for the annoying romance and their childish fears etc.

    3. I bought this book because I was craving a forbidden relationship kind of story After reading the blurb for DEAR SIR, I M YOURS, I thought this would be the perfect remedy.Overall, I ended up being disappointed with this read.The conflict was not convincing enough for me Perhaps it is because I am just not buying how traumatized Rae was after being spanked She says she s worried because she thinks she can t say no to Conn, yet she runs off and marries an abusive asshole The two were clearly stil [...]

    4. This is the most vanilla bdsm I ve ever read Him I m dominant.Her I m scared I will change myself for you So I will marry another guy Him I m dominant, but I will never ever do anything ever that ever pushes your boundaries I think oral sex might be too much for you.Her I divorced the other guy who by the way abused me , but I m pretty sure you re just the same as him Him I m not, I swear See, I will totally avoid having sex with you for 60% of the book And when we do have sex, it will be super [...]

    5. Oh boy, this book was not my cup of tea Firstly, it was boring I had to struggle to finish it The quoting of poetry got a little tiresome by the end The heroine s hot and cold behavior became tiresome, too One minute she s pining for the professor and the next she s running from him for silly reasons Then they would tackle one of her fears and overcome it, she would promise not to run from him again and then the same exact thing or a variation of that same exact thing would scare her and she d r [...]

    6. Rae Jackson has turned her back on the mistakes of her past and reinvented herself and her father s construction company as The Fix it Lady, specialising in renovating the old historic homes of Missouri She s excited about the new job coming up, working on an old plantation house that the owner, an old lady known as Miss Belle, plans to open as a Bed Breakfast The one thing that makes her nervous is that five years ago, Miss Belle s grandson, Conn, once bent her over her desk and spanked her to [...]

    7. I think if there hadn t been all the unnecessary Lifetime movie of the week elements added it would have been a million times better, because then we could have watched Rae and Conn figuring each other out without all the unnecessary sidelines Rae s ex husband, who seemed like a vanilla guy then turned into crazy controlling stalker dude, the housekeeper s crazy controlling husband who gets killed because he s a diabetic and she made him brownies, the sexual predator mayor who somehow doesn t kn [...]

    8. Again I am left wonderingwhat makes a book erotica This particular story does involve the kinky shit by its own admission, however it is really just a romance In fact, the sex that is included in this story is much tame than some I have read in main stream romance There are many authors I have now read in the erotica world who should be famous and making , but instead are lost in the erotica world Though perhaps they are writing straight forward romance as well and are really making.A forbidden [...]

    9. I bought this on the strength of an awesome excerpt in the back of another Samhain book and an awesome blurb Burkhart has a great premise here former student had a brief kinky encounter with her professor, reconnects several years later when both are supposedly ready for a real relationship She s also got a strong voice and great characterization, but where this read really came apart for me was heroine It s been a long time since I encountered a heroine that I felt was simply too damaged for a [...]

    10. 3 1 2 stars This was a pretty enjoyable bit of erotica from an author new to me In some ways, I really liked it, especially how sweet, patient and accepting Conn was with the rather high strung Rae Though clearly a dominant in the bedroom, he was in love with Rae than in any particular brand of sex or relationship Is that a great, accepting guy or what Also he would be a fun fellow to try stuff out with, LOL So very high marks for the hero The book did lose some points with me because Rae got o [...]

    11. Okay this book was not as high up in the BDSM atmosphere as I thought it was going to be This story was a sweet lost love story with a little spanking and a little mild bondage We get the backstory to this couple a little bit at a time through love letters, well emails actually which takes some of the romantic style out of it IMO , but at the beginning of the chapters we get a love letter In these letters our heroine describes her life since running away from the teacher who gave her a fab orgas [...]

    12. I REALLY TRIED to read this book but I am found things just too bothersome THE TWO CHARACTERS NEVER HAD A RELATIONSHIP just flirting during the semester and she runs off after the spanking and fantasizes about him for FIVE years Compared her husband at the time to him BASED ON WHAT Then they meet up and she confesses that she loved him all these years and HE DOES TOO They talk about too many demands, too many mistakes THEY HAD ONE ENCOUNTER AND IT WASN T EVEN SEX JUST THE SPANKING It just doesn [...]

    13. Rated 4.5 5The cover caught my attention, the blurb picked my interest, and the writing made me a fan of this new to me author In a fantastically written story of learning about one s self, comes the emotions tied with growing up, and learning to finally understand who, and what, you are by submitting to your ultimate desires.We ve all been there Made decisions early in our lives that impact our future In the case of Rae Lynn, she made one that cost her her own identity and self worth At a momen [...]

    14. In english soonRae se sinti atra da por el Dr Connagher desde el primer d a que escuch su voz recitando poes a, acto seguido, se inscribi en su curso sin saber que era un nivel avanzado y que gracias a ella, el curso seguir a abierto Conn amaba el curso avanzado que impart a y de no haber sido por esa alumna que se inscribi de ltima hora, ese semestre le habr an cerrado su materia favorita Sin embargo, ella no necesita la materia, es m s, no sabe nada de poes a, por qu est ah , entonces Cuando R [...]

    15. As always I m totally biased all thing concerning Joely so be prepared for my rave I read DSIY for the first time last summer after reading a fabulous review by Pearl I started with the free prequel Letters you can find that one here and I was hooked from the start What makes this book so special to me is all the emotion Joely put into this book How did she do that I think I have to explain that in detail Rae is a strong woman afraid to lose herself in a man, especially Conn She lived through a [...]

    16. Spoiler Ahead Read at Your Own Risk This was a really good book that I liked Rae Jackson who flees college after her professor spanks her to the best orgasm of her life Afraid of her wanton feelings for him and what he did to her, she leaves, only to return five years later to restore his grandmother s house she is known as the Fix It Lady When Conn sees her after all those years, he is reminded of how much he has always wanted her in every way This was a really good book this was my first time [...]

    17. This was one of the stranger reads I have had and I am grateful to the person who made me read it I do not ordinarily read professor student books, being an academic myself I just cannot relate to it So I as trepidatious and favourably surprised when it turns out that that the actual relationship will happen years later, when she is older I loved the fact that the book is concentrated almost exclusively on their relationship not only sexual but emotional development I loved the way the author pl [...]

    18. Confession time I m not a quitter but I didn t finish this book I couldn t I was struggling till mid of the chapter 14 when I had to accept my defeat and wave my white flag Dear Sir, He picked it for me I give up I m not a quitter but I d rather risk 10 with a cane than continue with this torture Sir, would You pick something else for me GANG BANG, IS IT POSSIBLE 1 I didn t like the writing style 2 I didn t like that I couldn t focus on the story so I had to reread some parts only to realize the [...]

    19. I sort of stumbled onto this book and this author and was very wonderfully surprised by both The characters were incredibly well developed and very believable The story of Conn, an English professor at a university who falls for one of his students and Rae, the fix it lady and former student, trying to navigate a powerful attraction shows a very different perspective of the BDSM world While Conn is definitely a dominant, Ms Burkhart does a fantastic job of showing his own insecurities in the pur [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book There were some things about it that were a bit out there, but I really enjoyed the plot and story line between Rae and Conn They were so hot and steamin up the pages I also love the fact that this dominant man was focused on making his sub comfortable and feeling loved It s my kind of BDSM.The author is going to write another book about Conn s brother VictorI can t wait for that one

    21. The story it self was amazing as were the characters especially the grandma The story was very sweet cute a little sad at times.I probably would have givin it 5 stars if it actaully had erotica to it.I didnt feel it was all that steamy just not enough sexual contact for an erotica book But it is worth reading for the story itself

    22. Yay A warning PWarning Explicit sex, spanking, light bondage, a crazy old lady who talks to ghosts, and one lethal pink parasol.

    23. LOVE ENDURES Rae met Conn when he was her professor at college and due to a misunderstanding and then a family tragedy she never returned to him Fast forward five years Rae contracts to renovate an old house and it turns out the owner is Conn s grandma Rae doesn t know if she s ready to face Conn after everything she s been through in the passing years and Conn is determined not to lose Rae again no matter what it takes as she s the LOVE of his life Can they overcome the obstacles that stand in [...]

    24. i had such high expectations for this book , a forbidden naughty encounter with the professor i thought im going into a fun sexy read instead the heroine was such a whiny bitch who braught everything bad to her self stupid , a coward , and totally messed up she is a perfect example of a poisonous person , just stay out i felt sorry for conn , she dragged him through the mud with her on and off shit , i wouldve left that woman and just forgot about her and whats with the ghost crap

    25. I very much enjoyed this book Though it was a very erotic, it also had a very good background and explanation of events and perspectives I realy enjoyed the way the story flowed so seemlessly and naturally Great writing

    26. This was just an okay read for me The story was interesting, Conn and Rae s relationship just didn t work for me and I didn t think Conn was a very good Dom I just didn t feel the Dom sub connection.

    27. I got this book in exchange for a voluntary review Rae is fascinated by her english professor Little did she know that submitting wasn t giving up her right to say no The dominant professor will slowly teach her that submission was bliss.

    28. I adore these characters and look forward to reading of The Connaghers series Great story of second chances and forgiveness I LOVE LOVE LOVE, Ms Belle and her crazy ways Great series.

    29. Joely Sue Burkhart is another author I discovered via Twitter Can t remember who but someone tweeted about the release of DEAR SIR, I M YOURS and I succumbed and clicked on the link and I was sold Downloaded the prequel LETTERS from Joely Sue Burkhart s website, bought DEAR SIR, I M YOURS at My Bookstore And More and started reading immediately All I can say is that I have found another talented author, able to take me on a discovering journey into world of BDSM with its many levels I have found [...]

    30. Plot and sex could have been better A lot of pondering her fears I wasn t emotionally drawn in enoughORY BRIEF College professor Conn and his student Rae have been drawn to each other all year but didn t act on it until the last day of class She visited him in his office, and he gave her an erotic spanking that turned her on She was so frightened of her desire, that she ran from him, quit college, and married someone else She was trying to forget about Conn Five years later Miss Belle hires Rae [...]

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