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Midnight #2020

Midnight The citizens of Moonlight Cove are changing Some are losing touch with their deepest emotions Others are surrendering to their wildest urges And the few who remain unchanged are absolutely terrified i

  • Title: Midnight
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780425194515
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • Midnight By Dean Koontz, The citizens of Moonlight Cove are changing Some are losing touch with their deepest emotions Others are surrendering to their wildest urges And the few who remain unchanged are absolutely terrified if not brutally murdered in the dead of night Enter the shocking world of Moonlight Cove, where four unlikely survivors confront the darkest realms of human nature

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      Dean Koontz

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    1. Koontz, you did it again THE RE ASSURANCE OF FINDING A FAVORITE AUTHORAfter my happy encounter of the great author Dean Koontz in the novel Phantoms see my review of that one here back then in 1992 I knew that I want to read books by him.My second novel was this one, Midnight And I am glad to say that I chosen well.By then, I still wasn t able to read on English yet, so that novel I read on Spanish then At that moment I didn t know much about which novels to choose from Dean Koontz, also at tha [...]

    2. I unashamedly love this book I can t even begin to count how many times i ve read it Despite being a classic horror novel, it s one of my warm blanket reads because it reminds me of the time when I was young and branching out into new genres Dean Koontz was a library staple, I must have read his entire back catalogue But the two that forever stayed with me were this one and Watchers I bought both right after returning the library versions and I still have those same copies today I won t tell you [...]

    3. This is classic Koontz Strong heroine female protagonist, super smart dog, sociopathic megalomaniacal antagonist, science gone horribly wrong, a group of people have to save the day, blossoming romance between seemingly opposite characters, a small town, California setting and a good yet, corny ending lol The blending of horror and science fiction is superb Koontz is so good at mixing the two genres with a dash of thriller suspense to tie it all together The creatures that are in this book are c [...]

    4. This story grabbed my attention from the first three pages As I read on, I found that all I wanted to do was keep my nose in the book I have read a few of Koontz other books, but none had captured me like this.When I had gotten about half way through the book, beginning to understand what is going on here, I started thinking about it constantly The book honestly scared me to the point of nightmares but I would not put it down.If you are into suspense, horror, and sci fi I completely recommend it [...]

    5. This was the February 2011 and April 2017 Group Read in the Koontzland Dean Koontz GroupI ve read Midnight 3 times Midnight has never been one of my favorites, but it is a solid intriguing story I find many similarities between Midnight and Dean Koontz s Frankenstein Series the ideas of control improvements upon human conditions getting out of control.A funny quote had so many corn chip crumbs sprinkled across the front of her royal blue sweater that she appeared to be breading herself with the [...]

    6. This is one of Koontz s better novels totally creepy, and totally awesome Plus, the afterword at the end made me giggle.The reason this novel resonated so strongly with me is because I can identify with the residents of Moonlight Cove who were losing touch with their emotions There was a time a few years ago when I suffered from extreme depression and anxiety I was prescribed an antidepressant, and lo and behold, the depression went away But so did everything else I felt no joy No happiness I wa [...]

    7. The only Dean Koontz book I ever read I don t remember a thing about this book, but I do remember that reading it turned me off of ever wanting to try another Dean Koontz book.

    8. I want to comment on this because I really didn t care for it, but my late wife loved this and some other Koontz books that I don t care for at least as much So in honer of her I gave it 3 stars recognizing that there will be people who like some of this writer s books while others don t I note that many of the ones I don t care for both my wife and daughter like But, I can t really build on that as my daughter and I liked The Taking, and my wife didn tgh Go figure All I can suggest here is try [...]

    9. One of my favorite of Koontz s Again primarily for the beginning and first part of the story Here, he again manages to tell a good sci fi horror mix without too much focus on tooth achingly good protagonists and cliched bad guys This one is very recommended.

    10. Could humanity be improved if like machines and devoid of emotions That is the premise of the bad guy in this thriller He is trying to convert the humans of Moonlight Cove Standing against him are an FBI agent, disillusioned with life a woman who came to Moonlight Cove, suspicious of her sister s death a disabled veteran whose view of responsibility questions the values of Shaddack the bad guy an 11 year old girl who has lost her parents due to the conversion and of course a lovable, loyal lab [...]

    11. Moonlight Cove California and his population are suffering from inexplicable and horrific mutations Gruesome and mysterious shapes dart trough the night, leaving behind bloody tracks.Then we have an undercover agent trying to overcame his personal demons, trapped desperately in the city and while fleeing from unspeakable horrendously and malicious enemies he try to discover the reason to this nightmare.Also a young girl that has seen too much, will be mercilessly haunted by her personal loss, an [...]

    12. Warning this review contains spoilersI read this book as part of a group read for the month of April, for the Koontzland group I found this book really enjoyable, it s a typical Koontz book that mixes science fiction and horror with a hint of conspiracy theory fiction If I was asked who would I recommend this book to it would be fans of the x files.The book starts off with strange deaths, murders and suicides, but what s even stranger is the way in which the bodies are disposed of by the authori [...]

    13. Un libro con una historia super adictiva, el autor combina el terror y la ciencia ficci n d ndonos unas aterradoras creaturas, y una historia brutal.Los personajes de Medianoche me parecieron excelentes, unos personajes que te van a hacer vivir y sentir la p rdida de alguien y la emoci n de sobrevivir a aquella perdida Les recomiendo mucho este libro por su historias por sus personajes, por esas creaturas aterradoras, esas creaturas que solo quieren comer y matar.

    14. Koontzland Group Read for April 2017 second read Dr Tom Shaddock s Moonhawk project creates New People to live for hundreds of years Regressives are people not changing If not converted they are killed 1 Janice Capshaw, killed while jogging on Moonlight Cove beach 2 Sam Booker FBI investigates Janice s 11 other deaths He finds all deaths are cremated 3 Chrissie Foster 11 escapes from parents, Alex Sharon, ready to convert her to New People 4 Tessa Lockland filmmaker Janice s sister finds Moonlig [...]

    15. This is one of Dean Koontz s earlier novels and originally written in 1989 I was only 19 when I originally read it, boy, that makes me feel old I m reread it on unabridged audio recently Despite its age it still holds up pretty well as a straight up horror novel where the citizens of a nice little town turn into horrifying blood lusty creatures all thanks to a power hungry geeky rich madman Come to think of it, this is even scarier stuff in this day and age .Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot and loved [...]

    16. This was another good read from Koontz Grips you from the beginning and gets stranger and intriguing from there.Publisher s SummaryIn picturesque Moonlight Cove, California, inexplicable deaths occur, and spine tingling terror descends to this edge of paradise Growing numbers of residents harbor a secret so dark it is sure to cost even lives.Tessa Lockland comes to town to probe her sister s seemingly unprompted suicide Independent and clever, she meets up with Sam Booker, an undercover FBI ag [...]

    17. This book grabbed my attention right from the beginning The last really good book by Dean Koontz that I d read is Watchers, and I loved that one I just think it s incredible how one author can put so many different emotions into his books, to me, that s a good writer There are times he s got you on the edge of your seat or biting your nails in horror, and times when he s got you laughing out loud.I had read a lot of the reviews on Midnight and I see that some people loved it, others not so much, [...]

    18. I usually do not care for the science fiction type, but this book was creepy and made me think about what really goes on out in the world It is like a big brother feeling It has been awhile since I read this, but the main character is investigating weird happenings of a town Meanwhile a little girl escapes her fate They meet up eventually through this mass of events so pay attention and in the end the mystery is solved It is not real, but it makes you think what about what people will do gain po [...]

    19. This is my favorite Koontz novel, although it s very close to Phantoms I think this is a lesson in how a thriller should be written Just a wonderful work.

    20. Review contains spoilers This novel by Dean Koontz sports a lot of Koontz s usual tropes Among them are the good hearted protagonist that has experienced a loss, the angelic and unrealistically mature child, the unnecessary romance between main characters in the midst of mayhem, the remorseless mad scientist, the cute dog, and the easily predictable horror sci fi premise Reading Koontz is too often like reading a screenplay for a March release Hollywood film just very little complexity or surpri [...]

    21. This is yet another wonderful Koontz read.I say this with most of my Koontz reads my views are probably somewhat bias, considering how he is my favourite author Oh, he is far from perfect There are times when I have disliked never hated, merely disliked what he has written But as a whole, he has rarely done me wrong Thus, whenever I see a Koontz book I have yet to read I grab it Such being the case with Midnight I m not sure when or why, but as of late I ve been noticing that Koontz s older book [...]

    22. I read this book years ago I liked it then and I still like it today There are some things the author does extremely well tension, building to an enjoyable climax Others, like the 11 year old girl who doesn t act anything like an 11 year old girl, he doesn t do well Still, an enjoyable read.

    23. I wish I could give this book three and a half stars since it was better than average, but not something I d go out of my way to recommend But it s closer to four stars than three, so four it is.For the most part Midnight is a pretty solid horror story It was written in 1989, so the technology is almost laughably outdated at least one of the computers is so high tech that it can boot up without a floppy disk, other computers are described as being upper end, hard disk systems , and several momen [...]

    24. I should ve known from page 39, when Shaddack floats in a sensory deprivation tank and experiences orgasmic bliss literally at the thought of world domination that this might not be my kinda book.I should ve known from the chapters inside the head of a precocious 11 year old girl who manages to find the whimsical giddiness in life despite the fact that her parents are trying literally to kill her that this might not be my kinda book.And then I should ve known when, in the middle of a shit hittin [...]

    25. This was pretty terrible I didn t expect it to be a great piece of modern literature I picked it up expecting something quick, fun, and brainless Unfortunately, even though my expectations were low, they still weren t met Meh.Midnight Cove is a seemingly idyllic community on the California coast It s a lovely, close knit town, which has benefitted financially and technologically from a local tech company Of course, since this is a Dean Koontz novel, the company s founder is an evil megalomaniac [...]

    26. As I ve stated in a previous review, I ve never been a huge fan of Koontz I ve generally liked everything I ve read by him, but there s never been anything that s truly blown me away In 2017, I decided to do a Koontz binge, to see if I could remedy that From what I ve gathered, Midnight is considered by many to be one of his best And I can see why It s a hell of a fun read My only qualms, and they re minor ones, are ones that I generally have with Koontz the books was perhaps a little too long a [...]

    27. Weird, weird, weird Never will forget the part where one of the characters ends up bonding physically to his computer Ick My least favorite Koontz Could be that I chose this to read for my 11th grade English class because my evil teacher wouldn t let me read White Fang by Jack London, which is much better, because he deemed it a children s book So I picked this edgy, adult book Yes, I m a little bitter.

    28. I couldn t get into this book although I loved the 2 or 3 page afterward I m in a reading slump so this review is only as accurate as the frame of mind I am in today Anyway, I think the story would have been better had it been a couple hundred pages shorter.Lots of action, LOTS of detail, good vs.evil, smart dog, typical Koontz style Not a bad thing, really.

    29. Dean Koontz has done it again He has defied my admittedly low expectations of his skills as a writer and given me a novel I genuinely enjoyed Granted, this book came out in 1989, when the general consensus has it that ole Koontzy was a bit consistent in publishing books worthy of, ahem, even being published As you can tell from the synopsis I posted above, Midnight is a novel about a small coastal town in California that is changing because of a technological breakthrough by local scientific ge [...]

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