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The Heroes, or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children #2020

The Heroes or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery

  • Title: The Heroes, or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children
  • Author: Charles Kingsley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Heroes, or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children By Charles Kingsley, This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

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      163 Charles Kingsley
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    1 thought on “The Heroes, or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children

    1. Pretty good Some stories hard to get onto because of all the Greek names My son really loved Perseus Great precursor to Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

    2. This was a very detailed and in depth look at a trio of Greek Heroes Occasionally Kingsley nicely ties in a Christian perspective although it is random and unexpected and therefore loses some of it s charm Additionally, there he sometimes seems to go off on tangents, providing us with too much detail about a very minor character and possibly confusing the reader By pointing out that this is so and so from the story so and so where such and such happens in the middle of his narrative about anothe [...]

    3. I read this book when I was in the fourth grade , and fell in love with it I read it over and over until I graduated high school It s still one of my most prized possessions , even though the pages are falling out.

    4. A somewhat dry retelling of mythos A veritable antique, I was intrigued by that alone Would probably have read further than I did if I had had time with it.

    5. A super fairy taleThe moral of all the stories remain same, if you are noble and righteous then victory is on your side You will have adventures in your life But never let go of your values Truly a good read

    6. The tales are well told I seem too remember them fondly when I was much younger As I was reading them, various perceived contradictions came to mind as I was trying to reconcile these tales or myths with others.

    7. No puedo darme el lujo de perder el tiempo con libros malos El autor, desde el prefacio, indica su posici n al abordar las leyendas, demasiado religioso y desde el punto de vista de la Biblia y una moralidad maniquea e infantil Si quieres aprender mitolog a griega, al jate de este libro.

    8. Judged this book by its lovely antique, red, falling apart Victorian looking cover It was basically just going to be a home accent, and then I started reading the preface and it hooked me Taken with the grain of salt that anything can be better conveyed and all things will have holes in the narrative, Kinglsey did a magnificent job at speaking so plainly about his Christian perspective on the Greek heroes It was absolutely delightful The read was smooth and easy The characters were gripping The [...]

    9. Once again as home schooling time is limited when it comes to the reading of whole books to accompany our unit study of Ancient Greece, we only read the introduction and the first Hero story But both my daughters 5th and 6th and myself enjoyed the stories I think the drawback for reading these ancient tales, obviously adapted for children, is that they read a bit like those primary grade easy reading works of classics Instead of getting drawn into an exciting story the tales are told simply as a [...]

    10. This is such a great book I picked up a copy, illustrated by Sir W Russell Flint, and oh my god the illustrations watercolor over drawings, are just absolutely beautiful Not only are the illustrations great, but Kingsley s renderings of the three stories from Greek mythology Perseus, The Argonauts, and Theseus are likewise flawless and beautiful The stories are abridged a godsend compared to reading the very long poem Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius, which I did before reading Kingsley s versi [...]

    11. I found an ancient copy of this text in my mum s antique store.Note I am not an English major, nor mythology expert, but simply a reader Personally, I think Kingsley does quite a good job making Greek mythology approachable and digestible for children The stories are simplified, well written, and retain their charm and appeal The cherry on top of the book is the beautiful pictures I cannot comment on any illustrations in newer editions, but those in my book are remarkable It s true as other revi [...]

    12. A retelling of the legends of ancient GreeceI have never been a big fan of the stories of ancient god s and goddesses But this was free on so I gave it a try I am still not a fan There are too many unfamiliar and strange sounding names and locations Part three of the book was the easiest and most reader friendly but my favorite part of the whole book was the last paragraph So it is still, my children, and so it will be to the end In those old Greeks, and in us also, all strength and virtue come [...]

    13. This was an enjoyable book to read at a time when I didn t have time to indulge in a real page turner Written in stories and segments that were easily taken on for a short sitting, the book is written in delightfully lyrical language with a certain simplicity and pace that takes one right through the old classics in a nice review of name dropping Since the copy of the book I read is the 1895 first edition from my grandmother s library, I had not expected to find it still among modern reprintings [...]

    14. This is a pleasant book to read , and would have been delightful if I had found it in my childhood , as I was a big fan of Greek mythology Nevertheless , this doesn t take away from the fact that the book fluidly expresses the wondrous imagination of the Greeks , their heroes , monsters , damsels in distress et al It s a special treat as always to trace the origins of several commonplace terms of our English lexicon like Atlas , Icarian , Achilees heel just to name a few The book does not howeve [...]

    15. My 9 year old daughter has been tremendously enjoying these greek mythology stories and can t wait until we pick up the book to read the next chapter I would agree with another reviewer that mentioned that there are times the author adds in too many details about a location or a minor character that really should have been of an in passing piece of trivia It s almost as if he wanted to include stories, but didn t want to flesh each one out completely, so just included it in the middle of anoth [...]

    16. This was a nice little book, which I read in a 1920 s edition I ve always had a fondness for the Greek myths and this was such a sweet looking book It s certainly packed full of information and contains the stories of Perseus, The Argonauts, and Theseus However, being of such an age, I did find it very dry and the writing rather unexciting I would recommend it to anyone looking to build their knowledge of the myths because it has plenty of helpful footnotes and is quite brief, but fir anyone loo [...]

    17. I read this aloud to my son as one of his lessons He really enjoyed the story of Perseus He was inspired to complete a written and drawn narration to show to Daddy, when he returned home for work Often I will hear him today mention Perseus or recall bits of the story Love it when children make connections to stories and tales on there own It only took us a couple of episodes of reading to grow accustom to the language I am not in the least bit surprised that my 8 year old son was able to enjoy a [...]

    18. i love greek mythology so it pains me to say that despite knowing the stories of perseus, jason the argonauts and theseus, i have never actually read their stories in their entirety thanks again to the kindle app, i have filled a hole in my mythology knowledge.what i found most interesting about these tales weren t the stories themselves, but the way the author writes them from a christian perspective though part of the book title is for my children , i never considered that he would speak direc [...]

    19. I do have some interest in Greek mythology, and it s good to see the stories written down so people could read them But I think the title is misleading, as myths are different from fairy tales, and Greek myths don t count as Greek fairy tales There are a number of books that have actual Greek fairy tales that come from post classical Greece, such as some of Andrew Lang s Colored Fairy Books Sorry if that s a little off topic

    20. Well, I really enjoyed the story of Perseus at the beginning The second about the Argonauts was dreadful I ve never liked any movie renditions of that so this came as no surprise Lol The story of Theseus was interesting but a tad boring The end reminded me of one of my favorite quotes though You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain He didn t really become a villain but all of his hard work definitely unraveled in time due to his massive ego.

    21. I would have given this 4 stars, however I m listening to it on my iPod And the readers are pretty much terrible One lady, speaking of the kings and hero s of Greek Mythology has a terrible, nasal, Southern accent And instead of sounding impressive, her sections sound ridiculous Another reader, sounds like cross between David Schwimmer Ross from Friends and Bullwinkle yeah, the moose Terrible.But the stories themselves, wonderful I hate audio books.

    22. Though I understand the importance of a good foundation in Greek myth, it s never been a joy for me to read, hence the three stars Kingsley does a good job of introducing kids to mythology The stories are well written and held my eight year old s interest My main criticism is that he sometimes gives too much information about the backstory of a minor character, and this can cause some confusion.

    23. Almost 4 stars, except that it is a bit confusing at times I suppose that s just how mythology tends to be, but there are parts that just don t flow with the narrative sometimes too many details or names just make it confusing However, the stories were, overall, told very well were very interesting I learned a lot right along with my son He enjoyed it quite a bit, I think I look forward to reading mythology with him.

    24. I picked this up free on after having watched an Atlantis based series on TV and wanting to know of what the myths looked like in the traditional sense This than covered my expectations It was written in nice, simple language Had I found this book as a kid I think it would have been one of my favourites, but even now it held a distinct charm, and I didn t want it to end.

    25. I loved the style in which Charles Kingsley organized this book The way he really truly wrote it for his children and you could almost imagine him just speaking this story aloud to them Of the three stories, Perseus and Theseus were my favourites I found the Argonauts story rather long and confusing mostly because of all the names too many names All in all it was nice though.

    26. Dull Without realizing it I tried twice to read this book, and both times I barely made it a third of the way through before giving up It s just not worth the effort to read this tediously flowery version of the Greek myths.

    27. Loved this book as a kid It was this book that actually got me reading so it will always hold a special place in my library Mine is a semi illustrated edition that has little explanatory illustrations down the side of the page.

    28. I have extensively studied Greek Mythology and this wasn t terrible I m not sure if is is suitable for children in modern times as sometimes the language is a bit dry.

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