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The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence #2020

The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence The Wraeththu series is an underground classic a perennial in Tor s trade paperback list The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence brings the second trilogy of the series to a startling conclusion Set on a f

  • Title: The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence
  • Author: Storm Constantine
  • ISBN: 9780765303516
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence By Storm Constantine, The Wraeththu series is an underground classic, a perennial in Tor s trade paperback list The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence brings the second trilogy of the series to a startling conclusion Set on a future Earth, where humanity has been replaced by a mutant race of hermaphrodites who call themselves Wraeththu, this second trilogy explores the shocking truths of theirThe Wraeththu series is an underground classic, a perennial in Tor s trade paperback list The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence brings the second trilogy of the series to a startling conclusion.Set on a future Earth, where humanity has been replaced by a mutant race of hermaphrodites who call themselves Wraeththu, this second trilogy explores the shocking truths of their origins.Two brothers, children of the rulers of the Wraeththu, are raised apart from each other one in the luxuries of the city of Immanion, the other among a distant tribe Each becomes a tool for mysterious forces who seek to overthrow the rulers of Earth Their struggle is both powerful and mythic, and brings this cycle of Wraeththu history to a remarkable conclusion.

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      449 Storm Constantine
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    1 thought on “The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence

    1. Rating 3 of fiveWraeththu as a concept strikes me now as not terribly gay At the time I read this, maybe I thought it was on a par with Ethan of Athos as social commentary, but now it feels forced and slightly silly to me.Also, pelki EW.

    2. I d really like to write a good review, not only of this book but of the two trilogies I ve just finished However, a string of adjectives such as amazing , stunning , fabulous and so on doesn t feel like enough No matter how I try to describe how I felt reading these books, with its complex main characters, its colourful, rich array of secondary characters, and how they all relate in a hundred complex ways, plus the vidid descriptions, the magical settings, the mysteries of love, sex and procrea [...]

    3. My favorite of the seriesWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 9 10PROS It s interesting seeing all of the events in this story from the perspectives of new characters We get to see many of the old favorites the main characters from the earlier books , but we see them with a new set of eyes, from the point of view of young hara who don t know all the political and emotional history of everyone else Constantine creates multi dimensional characters who are nei [...]

    4. Back when I reviewed the first Wraeththu trilogy, I mentioned I could accept the ending but didn t find it personally satisfying Without giving anything away, I ll just say that this trilogy gave me what I felt I was missing It gave it gradually, so that with each book I thought, Okay, sure, I get that, but how are you gonna explain how it relates to this now By the end of this book, though, I had no questions.I m glad to have it all explained, and I enjoyed the experience of learning each thin [...]

    5. Better than Wraiths 1 of Histories 4 of all six , slightly worse than Shades 2 5 , which I consider the best book out of all 6, but out of my love for this series as a whole, I decide to give it 5 stars in the end as well Why not I am overwhelmed by a strong sense of And now what I hate leaving worlds, once I have learned to love them and feel comfortable within them It s why I re read books so muchI guess I gotta read all the other stories within the universe now Not sure how many of those are [...]

    6. We get into the second generation of Wraeththu here, with all the intrigue, complexity, and mystery of the previous manifestations of Constantine s world I loved this continuation, and despite the density and length of the material read it super fast, because it was impossible to put down.

    7. As was my complaint with several other books in the Wraeththu universe, the fascinating characters are somewhat lost in the overly involved storyline, and every new friendship could be reality shattering sometimes literally I would have liked something down to earth, without all the cosmic entities and parallel universes Darq was not the most believable character since he was so different from everyone else, and I didn t buy into those differences Aruna as a concept was still dealt with pretty [...]

    8. I love when stories end, but don t really end, only to hint at That s how this series ended for me I m glad things are finally going better for this new race of people This book felt like a major departure from the rest of the Wraeththu books, but I believe it was purposeful Storm Constantine wrote this from the perspective of a new generation of hara coming into their own, which is different from the first generation struggles of a new species I found it masterfully crafted and perfectly writt [...]

    9. This final book of the Wreaththu Histories brings the generational gap between the founders of Wreathu those who were incepted and the pure born Wreaththu those who were pearls full circle The battle for the control of Wreaththu and the world has gone into other lands and through the outer pathways, battles are being fought between beings far beyond the comprehension of Wreaththu Yet their very survival depends on their understanding and negotiating with all of these varied entities Who what are [...]

    10. I love this series Storm Constantine s writing style is beautiful and rich, sometimes dark and erotic, sometimes lyrical The world building is wonderful, mysterious, and complete with other realms beyond the earthly reality having been revealed But I don t really like the complicated relationships among certain characters in this trilogy very much, because sometimes they let me feel troubled, even annoyed, especially those in The Shades of Time and Memory Although the ending is happy and great, [...]

    11. This was my least favorite of the Wreaththu series I found it really hard to follow, but that may just be because it s been a long time since I read the other books in the series and had to stop and think about characters and events that I d already forgotten about.I enjoyed the beginning very much, but there was a long stretch towards the middle of the book where I was very bored by the events and just wanted to skim forward to the end But my love for the rest of the series had me reading throu [...]

    12. If you never pick up another book again and love dark fantasy please read this series It s sensual, maddening, dramatic, corrupt and fulfilling it s perfection in a 3 book bundle It takes you through the perspectives of the various members of a hermaphroditic race and their struggles with falling in and out of love in a world where everyone looks like a fallen angel and screws like a greek god finding a balance between their dual masculine and feminine natures engaging in power struggles against [...]

    13. I won t say much about it but it was really enjoyable I m still on the fence on how I feel about Constantine s habit of totally ignoring or barely mentioning other characters who were important in the plot earlier on in the series sometimes it works sometimes I m like But what about , so yeah that can be frustration sometimes I actually really liked the characters and their relationships though and wished for a prologue of some kind, but you don t always get what you want I suppose.

    14. Out of the series, this was my favorite The First and second ones give you a little variety of emotions, sure But, this is my favorite simply because it made me the most tense, relieved, angry, sad, and generally stirred out of them all I like than my fair share of darkness in a series I couldn t put the book down And when I had to, I resented the time I spent away from this world It is a re read, for sure Love it Love this series.

    15. This was my least favorite of the trilogy It was a little too wrapped up And where was Moon It ey just felt strange to me that they wouldn t mention Tyson is your brother either But it was a nice way to bring Lileem back But even though, it was my least favorite I am still going to give it a four because they don t have half stars.

    16. I thought this was a really great ending to the trilogy All loose ends were tied up and the ending was pretty satisfying I really enjoy this author s writing and hope to read some about the world of Wraethu.

    17. Loved this whole series Really enjoyed meeting all the characters again from the first books She s got a great imagination.

    18. Loved it I don t think I would ever rate Ms Constantine below a 4 She s at a caliber of writing which is rare Love her books and savour them.

    19. An original story about the new Wraeththu generation As a big fan of Constantine s previous books this one didn t disappoint and I enjoyed the unique approach towards this fantastic world.

    20. A fantastic series, I ve really enjoyed all six Wraeththu books and sincerely hope that Storm will write some Highly recommended.

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