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The Twilight Herald #2020

The Twilight Herald Lord Bahl is dead and the young white eye Isak stands in his place less than a year after being plucked from obscurity and poverty the charismatic new Lord of the Farlan finds himself unprepared to

  • Title: The Twilight Herald
  • Author: Tom Lloyd
  • ISBN: 9781591027331
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Twilight Herald By Tom Lloyd, Lord Bahl is dead and the young white eye, Isak, stands in his place less than a year after being plucked from obscurity and poverty the charismatic new Lord of the Farlan finds himself unprepared to deal with the attempt on his life that now spells war, and the possibility of rebellion waiting for him at home Now the eyes of the land turn to the minor city of Scree, whiLord Bahl is dead and the young white eye, Isak, stands in his place less than a year after being plucked from obscurity and poverty the charismatic new Lord of the Farlan finds himself unprepared to deal with the attempt on his life that now spells war, and the possibility of rebellion waiting for him at home Now the eyes of the land turn to the minor city of Scree, which could soon be obliterated as the new Lord of the Farlan flexes his powers Scree is suffering under an unnatural summer drought and surrounded by volatile mercenary armies that may be its only salvation This is a strange sanctuary for a fugitive abbot to flee to but he is only the first of many to be drawn there Kings and princes, lords and monsters, all walk the sun scorched streets As elite soldiers clash after dark and actors perform cruel and subversive plays that work their way into the hearts of the audience, the city begins to tear itself apart yet even chaos can be scripted There is a malevolent will at work in Scree, one that has a lesson for the entire land nations can be manipulated, prophecies perverted and Gods denied Nothing lies beyond the reach of a shadow, and no matter how great a man s power, there some things he cannot be protected from.

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    1 thought on “The Twilight Herald

    1. 3 Stars Twilight Herald by Tom Lloyd is just OK This book suffers by simply having too many points of view It also centers on several characters that are forgettable and boring The first book excelled on the shoulders of our awesome young protagonist Isak He is hardly in this one.Ugggh.This book reminded me of book 5 The Scarab Path, of the Shadows of the Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky The plot lines are incredibly similar All people converge on a mysterious and cool and cool city that is a ch [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI really enjoyed the freshness of the first book in this series and I was looking forward to the second installment Unfortunately, this one dragged really slowly for me It took me almost a whole month to get through, and I really had to push myself past the middle third of the book The beginning wasn t bad, nor was the end exactly, but the middle definitely took a lot of slogging.I think that the book dragged this way because of the ultimate goal of the story What I mean is that I think [...]

    3. 3.5 stars but I will bump it up to 4 This book is your usual second part of a trilogy the whole point is to prepare the stage for the final part, so basically, when you finish it, you have no idea what just happened It s a good thing that I actually like the characters, especially Isak Though Vesna s woe is me attitude did start to get on my nerves a bit I mean, he used to murder and kill for lord Bahl but all of a sudden he starts second guessing lord Isak s orders.To sum it up, the whole plot [...]

    4. As a solo novel, I consider this to be a great book As a sequel to The Stormcaller, it is even better The overall plotline was spectacular, and the conclusion was one of the best I ve experienced in a long time.Sure, it sill has too many characters and the political backstabbing gets old after a while, but these are easy to overlook when pitted against the literal apocalypse going off in the main city of the book, realistic character evolution of heroes who were all ready good to begin with, and [...]

    5. Enjoyable An improvement on the first one in the series in that, while still jumping around between characters and plot lines a lot, it s not quite as disjointed as Stormcaller.Something dark is brewing in the city of Scree players from all over the Land seem to be drawn to it a plotting necromancer, an abbot in hiding, a king seeking revenge, and a surprisingly human vampire, to name just a few The mood is tense, the sequence of events is convincing, and the battles are suitably bloody.If I hav [...]

    6. I greatly enjoyed this book It is a tougher book to read fro a few reasons, but the reasons add depth and intrigue to the story The first book of this series was focused on a single character Isak and his friends This one follows several different characters There are at least 7 different plots running at the same time Most of the main plots follow people met in book one, some are new, and all have a different stake in what is happening It can be daunting trying to place everything together, bu [...]

    7. Book two in a new, epic fantasy that s big, gritty and easy to sink your teeth into Picking up from Stormcaller, Lloyd wastes no time continuing the story of the new Farlan Lord, Isak and the blood soaked battlefields that seem to be the destiny of all his kind, the white eyes Though new to writing, Lloyd s story is enthralling, his characters vivid and his world building solid and rich in back story He has great inventiveness and offers the genre a new twist on old tropes If you enjoy Gemmell, [...]

    8. After struggling through the first book in the series i had to see how things went with this one.rtunatley this is a far better read than the first in my opinion and altho at times you will be lost due all the differant plots going on things do eventually start to come together.What i like most about this is that some of the supporting cast play a bigger role and i really did come to love some of these other characters.If you tried the first book but didn t couldn t really get into it i would sa [...]

    9. It s been a while since I ready a book so regularly and without losing interest in it.The characters were all quite interesting and there were no characters I didn t want to read about any for example the typical clumsy screw up everything character fortunately not in this book.The book was able to sometimes surprise me with how the story continued, that was good as well.It also left me wanting to read the third part of the series.

    10. Expands the world significantly beyond what was introduced in the first book, introducing a number of fun menacing new characters, and giving a stronger sense of direction to the overall story.

    11. Brilliant second installment in The Twilight Reign series, the plot evolves thick and fast and is completely enthralling On to book 3.

    12. Again good plot and storyline, this book had a much darker mood set then the first book which created a good sense of a growing evil.

    13. There isn t much to say about this book I came out of it feeling a distinct meh , knowing that while it was good it could have been so much better, and thus feeling let down by it A simple Three Stars is just about right for this book Plot Three StarsThe whole premise was great I thought, this new power attacking a whole city, drawing in the most powerful people and artefacts to one spot to reveal itself and show it s burgeoning power We have vampires, necromancers, white eyes, mercenaries, demi [...]

    14. I wasn t quite sure how to rate this one I went back and forth from 3 to 4 and round and round Tom Llyod has definitely created an interesting world that I love to be in, but he did something I truly wasn t expectinghe spent a lot of time away from Isak, the lovable hothead who stars in the book I found myself getting frustrated that the next chapter was about somebody else I could care less about, again I mean, is it meor is that weird Why spend an entire first book getting me to understand and [...]

    15. This is a hard one to review I ve read it twice First time was hot on the heels of reading volume 1, which I didn t like too much, but which showed real promise in terms of a bigger story I ve read this book and put the series away for a long time I found it to be really poorly written, and I felt the author over relied on the literary device known as convergence , while failing to really execute it all that well Add to that my continued dislike of the main protagonist, Isak, and the type of pro [...]

    16. Did not like this book The plot was hard to follow and I did not think it was very realistic that the so called leaders of Narkang and the Farlan would let the situation in Scree deteriorate to the point of chaos and despair that it did, only to see what Azaers plans were So called leaders watching a priest murdered on stage in a theatre would make any leader, fantasy or not if he was supposed to be the hero stand up for what is right We as readers do not get any feel for what day to day life is [...]

    17. Tom Lloyd is violent, but creative in his use of the standard stock of elves, monsters, magic, gods, heroes, villains, and all the gray that falls in between This second installment of his Twilight Reign series shows his growth and increasing ability to weave a tale of disparate plots and characters to a common story.My only caveat was the heavy violence and often agnostic perspective of the characters towards right and wrong, good and evil, while pragmatic, makes them correspondingly less empa [...]

    18. The Twilight Herald is a solid second book from Tom Lloyd While I enjoyed Stormcaller , book one of The Twilight Reign , book two wasn t as good for me It took me quite a while to finish, honestly That isn t a common occurrence.As I just said, Stormcaller was a great read, but as one delves deeper into the story Tom Lloyd is telling the plot becomes quite complicated and convoluted There is plenty of action and magic, and I love the premise of the skulls, but when it s all put together there is [...]

    19. Druh diel nesklamal Dej sa na itate a sype Je to temn epick fantasy, ktor a z toho najlep ieho, o ner pon ka Lloyd sa in piroval Malazom, ale nezd sa mi, e by vykr dala, zatia to nepotreboval Je tam mno stvo post v, ale to je v r mci nru tandard o je v bec ve a post v po Malaze Kniha m chybi ky, ale na prvotinu je viac ne slu ne nap san a z itok u tania mi rozhodne neskazili A bonusom je to, e nesk zol k p saniu pre ud bez logiky a fant zie Niektor veci si itate mus domyslie a odvodi Hlavn posta [...]

    20. c2007 I was so looking forward to this one after thoroughly enjoying the first one I am feeling somehat disgruntled with this one though and I am not sure whether this was a typical middle book syndrome or whether I was anticipating it too highly It is 500 pages long hard cover version and I thought that it could have been chopped a bit to make it pacy and with story in the story It also seemed to me that the Dramatis Personae stopped at W yet definitely there were X Y and Z characters I also [...]

    21. Isak je tu u ve k lord a hlava klanu C ti, ako aj mnoho in c, e v Scree sa nie o deje Nie o ve k , o pri ahuje mnoho mocn ch bytost Kr Emin ide po pomste, up rka Zhia po Bielom kruhu, ostatn len tak po krvi Krvav dobrodru stvo, ktor odha uje tajn pl ny Tie a V tan som si dal p r mesiacov pauzu a mal som ve k probl my dosta sa znovu do deja Na FB zrovna GR dal status Describe book you currently read in 3 words F ing hard reading mi hne napadlo Po p r hodin ch som sa aspo zaradil do deja a ku konc [...]

    22. I love the story, but i hate the side stories I would love to give this story a Five, but the writer tom keeps on introducing to many characters that are not interesting, okay the Vampire she is interesting my you need less main characters cause we start to lose focus if Tom just concentrated on the main characters and his people it would be a exciting read I would ask him to keep focused on the main character I will read the next book, but if its going to be of the same i am going to start t [...]

    23. This book was quite different from the first in the series in that it did not focus on Isak nearly as much and it was about various mysterious plots in a certain city The city of Scree was front and center here as most of the book was set there and many powerful characters converged with their varying agendas The level of manipulation and hopelessness here is hard to get through Some shadowy figure is pulling the strings and little is explained in terms of what he is and what his goals are I do [...]

    24. Somewhat tedious than the first I would have enjoyed reading from protagonists point of view often than not and I m also getting a little tired of the whole doom and gloom b s that darkens all the literate and talented writers books, The Republic of Thieves comes to mind Maybe it s just this type of fantasy, I don t know, and I know that the light is always brighter when it comes after the darkness, I get that, but I m always satisfied after reading a book that hasn t made me depressed.

    25. Still not completely connecting with this series, the prose is a bit stolid and you never seem to spend enough time with any of the characters to make them feel than one dimensional The plotting is a bit hazy too However the world is still very unique and interesting, there are lots of hints of how epic this series can go and some of it is tantalising I will stick with it to see where it goes.

    26. This book was even confusing then the first For one the man character of the first book almost becomes a secondary character It feels like the author enjoys making characters with complicated pasts then he cares about coherent stories.

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