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A New Threat #2020

A New Threat The next action packed installment in the New York Times best selling Boba Fett series

  • Title: A New Threat
  • Author: Elizabeth Hand Peter Bollinger
  • ISBN: 9780439339315
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • A New Threat By Elizabeth Hand Peter Bollinger, The next action packed installment in the New York Times best selling Boba Fett series.

    • [PDF] á A New Threat | BY ✓ Elizabeth Hand Peter Bollinger
      497 Elizabeth Hand Peter Bollinger
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      Posted by:Elizabeth Hand Peter Bollinger
      Published :2020-04-02T06:25:26+00:00

    1 thought on “A New Threat

    1. Well I suppose I ve been spoiled by Jude Watson s take on the Expanded Universe, because the Boba Fett series has been pretty underwhelming In A New Threat, she takes us to Xagobah not her creation, but really , where the native xamsters again Really are caught between a battle between the Republic and the Separatists Boba is there to either capture or kill Angkor Wat Wat Tambor for Jabba, and Boba considers this his last apprenticeship assignment Once this is complete, he ll be a professional, [...]

    2. Young Boba s Most Dangerous Assignment YetThis exciting chapter features lots of action Young Boba is now older and experienced He has become Jabba the Hutt s favorite bounty hunter Jabba gives Boba a dangerous assignment to kill a separatist leader named War Tambor whose fortress is under siege by the Republic against the Separatist army Lots of thrills, close calls and plenty of action make this a great read Please note, this book ends on a cliffhanger to be solved in the next and final book [...]

    3. Max 6 that Boba Fett beat who Jabba sent him to go Ulu Ulix got up in a ship and tried to shoot the RAM ship And then Boba had to get in the fight He saved Ulu Ulix A clone war guy shot a bullet right at the RAM ship and he won, and the RAM ship came down Paul 31 I liked it 4 stars Mandy I wasn t around for the majority of this one.

    4. First of all I love Boba Fett I tried to get my hamds on everything to do with the galaxies most notorious and best bounty hunter The books are for a younger group but I really loved it The writing is exciting and I got hooked so bad I read them all in 3 days.

    5. Boba Fett 5 and 6 A New Threat and Pursuit Another young adult book, but another one I thoroughly enjoyed It s nice, when you re undergoing a big project like this, to shut your brain off and just bang out a book in a couple of hours Boba Fett is now an established bounty hunter rapidly gaining recognition around the galaxy while he works for Jabba the Hutt The problem is, the book talks him up as if he s some tall 17 year old But the fact is, according to the Wookiepedia Star Wars novels timeli [...]

    6. advanced 4th 5th gradeThis book is the fifth book in the Boba Fett spin off This book, as far as structure is concerned is similar to the first book There are 27 lines of text in 14 point font The vocabulary in this book is a little advanced than the first edition in the series This book would be better if the students read it on their own and used it as a book report book.Language Arts, ScienceLesson Plan This book would be a great way to illustrate character development over the course of a s [...]

    7. My son asked me to read this He was so cute about it and asked me if he could ask me a question when I finished the book He wanted to know what I would rate it lol So, this is for TSM1 If I were an eight year old boy, I would give it 4 stars Grownups don t need to read it, though It won t entertain or amuse you As an adult, I give it 1 star for the egregious foul of having a character dodge a light based energy weapon shakes head What are we teaching our kids, people

    8. One of the better books so far in this series It probably helped that they jumped two years in the future and we don t have as much of the unbelievably stupid Boba Still, Hand seems to over enjoy putting Boba into impossible situations and just letting luck get him out again It s less about Boba s skill and about the fact that he can t die because we know he s still alive in the future This is not how one becomes one of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy.

    9. Best book so far Boba Fett is hired by Jabba to slay the dreader Separatist leader Wat Tambor and travels to the planet Xagobah There, Boba discovers how impossible his task really is Wat Tambor is protected very well and has all kind of nasty surprised for visitors.Yet, even sinister enemy is approachingThe book is action packed and because the character is older, everything is matured and epic The ending, however, is a very frustrating cliffhanger

    10. AFter 2 years, Boba is Jabba s favorite bounty hunter He s sent off world to get the Separatist Wat Tambor on Xagobah On the planet, he meets again with the Jedi He also meets Xaran the Xamster.Really, Hand A Xamster rolls eyes The sentient spores were weird but like what I d expect to see in the verse Hand did do a great job though showing how Boba isn t evil, even though he collects bounties He s out for the job but doesn t agree with killing for the sake of killing.

    11. This book is about a young bounty hunteron a mission to capture the man who killed the kast bounty hunter On this journy it turns into a pearilous journey that is do or die With the action and page turning characteristic of this book it is recomended highly for anyone So read A New Threat by Elizabeth Hand B2

    12. Suitable for children aged 7 Boba is give another assignment by Jabba the Hutt He has to kill a separatist leader who is holed up in a fortress on a hostile planet This is quite fun and action orientated There s lots of fights as Boba tries to get to his target It does end on a cliffhanger though A good read.

    13. Boba Fett went into the middle of a battle and went into a temple, inside the temple was a guy This guy was a shape shifter with a trap This was a very exciting book Boba Fett did not win, it s to be continued we ll see what happens.

    14. i think this would be a good book for a little kid but i found it hard to follow as an adult the plot kinda went nowhere and there was only 5 pages with general grievous when on the bsck it akes it sem like he is a main character.

    15. I don t approve of any storyline that tries to make Boba Fett anything less than the killer he was supposed to be in this universe So this series was terrible.

    16. leaves you hanging ready for next book these kids should be ready for bigger books so make it bigger

    17. Boba goes up against his biggest bounty target yet More characters from his past are included in the book The book ends with a cliff hanger making you want to read 6.

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