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Beyond the Rain #2020

Beyond the Rain In a universe torn apart by civil war a warrior and a slave must fight for their lives and a love that may destroy them both After five years behind enemy lines Captain Cyani has to complete one fin

  • Title: Beyond the Rain
  • Author: Jess Granger
  • ISBN: 9780425229262
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beyond the Rain By Jess Granger, In a universe torn apart by civil war, a warrior and a slave must fight for their lives and a love that may destroy them both After five years behind enemy lines, Captain Cyani has to complete one final mission before she can return to Azra a planet ruled by a sisterhood of celibate warriors Along the way she finds a prisoner, chained and beaten but radiating feral powerIn a universe torn apart by civil war, a warrior and a slave must fight for their lives and a love that may destroy them both After five years behind enemy lines, Captain Cyani has to complete one final mission before she can return to Azra a planet ruled by a sisterhood of celibate warriors Along the way she finds a prisoner, chained and beaten but radiating feral power and an unbroken spirit For years Soren has endured torture as his captors leeched his very essence, a unique hormone then sold as a sexual narcotic in the shadow trade Now he has been freed from slavery by a beautiful warrior woman with radiant blue eyes After years in bondage, Soren s hormones are so unbalanced that he will die if he does not mate with a woman Can Cyani be the woman he needs to survive, or will this forbidden bond destroy them

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      431 Jess Granger
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    1 thought on “Beyond the Rain

    1. Spoilers Pretty good Not quite a 5 star read, soley because I felt the world build lacking It was good, but I think there should have been descriptions, especially in the beginning I was lost as to where they were Inside Outside Maybe it s just me but I had a hard time visualizing the surroundings mostly in the beginning but everything after was better.The story was pretty complex, unique and imaginative Some things were predictable, but not overly so The pace was steady and kept my interest Th [...]

    2. In the baseball vernacular, I love, just love when a new author hits the ball right out of the ballpark in her first at bat and to my way of thinking, Jess Granger has done this with Beyond the Rain This debut book is Very Good Very Good Indeed And how so you ask First of all, the world building is excellent I always admire authors who write SciFi Romance Futuristics because to me they start from scratch then any other genre Whereas a medieval or a historical or RS already has a basis on which [...]

    3. This book was okay The ending was a little too HEA happy ever after and everything before was a lot of half truths that if spoken could have saved a lot of angst.

    4. I really liked this story The world building could have been better but overall it kept my intertest So much that I am looking foward to the brother s story.

    5. Wow what a wonderful futuristic world JG created This was such a wonderful book I had a hard time putting it down The whole futuristic thing isn t always something that I can get into This was so not the case here Soren and Cyani were so wonderfully sweet together that I hated for this to end I really hope that in the next book I can get a little bit of them The H H each have their own physical and emotional scars and yet they find a way to help each other and fall in love This not one of those [...]

    6. The premise behind the book gets three stars The whole sex bonding sub plot is too contrived for my tastes However, the book gets four stars for not only being well written, but for taking the contrived bonding sub plot in a new direction Soren doesn t end up a knuckle dragging alpha male He s a hero with honor and compassion, and self control Cyani is also a character worth caring about, loyal and courageous Since Ms Granger has managed to take a cliched plot line and leave out the cliches, I g [...]

    7. I don t often like futuristic stories, but this one was very engaging It dragged a bit toward the beginning I d say after the first few chapters but then it picked up again and I was totally sucked in Toward the end I started to get frustrated with the heroine and her overblown sense of duty, but Granger really turned it around for me Overall I was very impressed with the characters and the world building.

    8. Cyani is an intergalactic captain from the planet Azra that is controlled by a group of virgin warrior women who rule with an iron fist Because Cyani was defending herself from being raped by a group of men when she was a young girl, she was arrested and was sentenced to death In order to save her life, she was given probation instead If she puts in her time working in the Union Army and is successful on her missions, she will be able to return to Azra and live a life of isolation She will final [...]

    9. Very good SF read Great action, complex world building and memorable characters you would like to know The plot was intense and page turning, the romance was enduring and touching.On Cyani s last mission she is caught behind enemy lines while trying to free a very special prisoner from the slave pens She and the rescued slave first hide together and then steal a ship and escape together only to land on a relatively primitive planet The pasts and futures of Cyani and Soren are slowly exposed Her [...]

    10. Loved it Very well done The author has created an awesome universe full of interesting peoples and planets the good guys and the bad guys are not clearly defined, although you think they are And our hero, Soren, is not a militaristic alpha male, but a striped sex machine whose multihued eyes show his emotions and whose life goals is to grow a lifegarden for his mate Sign me up where s my watering can There s cool technology, interesting sidekicks, and a title that actually matches the story the [...]

    11. Captain Cyani has been fighting for five long years and she s ready to retire to her home world, Azra, as one of the Elite, a sisterhood of celibate warriors whom rule that planet But before she can do that, she needs to complete one mission, to rescue fellow Union soldiers What she didn t expect was to find a slave chained to a wall and severely beaten Cyani can t just leave him and frees him, only to find a being who radiates sexual power and unbending will to live.Soren, the slave, is one of [...]

    12. Cyani and Soren Cyani is Azralen, trained as an emotionless and celibate warrior While on loan working for the Union forces on a mission to rescue captured Union soldiers, she and her trained fox, Vicca find Soren He has been a prisoner of the Garulen for over a decade as they torture him for his phermones Soren is a Byralen and can emit sexual phermones that can become addictive He can also communicate by changing the colour of his eyes The whole sexual phermone thing had me expecting the story [...]

    13. Don t let the corny blurb put you off this book It s a suprisingly poignant entry into the SFR field Cyani is a seemingly cold hearted ship s captain who is stranded on a hostile planet after risking her life to save the mysterious and alluring Soren Soren has been held captive and abused for years and has lost hope in his own survival Soren s character is beautifully drawn The author is blunt in showing us his grief and weakness and I liked him better for it This story is sort of a mix between [...]

    14. Alright, aside from the Sci Fi angle, this was what I would call a typical romance not normally my thing, though I seem to be reading and of them lately A lot of work went into the developement of the different worlds though and that shown through nicely I liked the characters and their relationship too but the hero s abilities stretched things for me His race produces a hormone used in mating, which is sold as a sexual narcotic ahem even implausable is his NEED to mate with the heroine if he [...]

    15. Very cute and fun romance sci fi Basically you have a gorgeous female warrior I Don t Need Anyone type, Cyani, who falls for a strong yet sensitive and gorgeous man, Soren The sex angle is clever As it happens, Soren is a member of the Byra race, called Byralen This race emits sexual pheromones so potent that other races try to capture Byralen, chain them up, and extract their sexual fluids to use as aphrodisiacs But these chemical compounds are also what keep the Byralen alive And once they bon [...]

    16. I was really pleasantly surprised by this book I d read some of the reviews and was hoping it would be decent This book was so much than I expected the main characters were very well rounded, the plot moved quick and there was a very nice blend of sci fi, action and romance I read the whole thing in one sitting, it was that good I m so pleased this is part of a series, I m really looking forward to reading the next one.

    17. 3.5 5 4 stars B Jess Granger is a new author for me I heard about this book on one of the sci fi romance groups here on GR I enjoyed the science fiction aspect of the book very much, as well as the characters The only things that took away some of the enjoyment for me was Cyani s over the top self torture for the sake of duty I liked the character of her brother and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

    18. I picked this one up for a friend who had it listed on her Wish List It never made it to my friend.Shameless curiosity made me crack it open and obsession demanded I never let it go It s imaginative, with a well rounded cast of clever characters including a fox that acts like anything but a fox, a warrior woman who will risk it all to do what s right, and a brave and selfless leading male any woman could love I couldn t get enough of Soren.

    19. Interesting concept but the story tried to do too much without building it up It was rushed and there was a lot of telling instead of showing The characters took too many leaps of logic and the author kept introducing new plot points and characters like she was totally winging it But even still, it was a coherent and interesting story, if barely.

    20. The writing was a bit awkward at times, but the book sucked me in nonetheless A perfectly enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

    21. 2.5 I should ve really loved this one it has so many elements that appeal to me But somehow, it never really engaged me

    22. For an indeterminate amount of years, Soren has suffered brutal enslavement at the hands of his captors, the barbaric Garulen What was once a pure and life giving biological trait of his people now has been tarnished and sullied into the conduit for a sickening drug trade When he s rescued by the beautiful Azra warrior, Cyani, and her fox like scout, Soren swears that he ll do everything in his power to keep his drug induced body from harming her despite the fact that her lushness has his hormon [...]

    23. Originally posted on A Bookalicious Story.The thing about Sci fi is, once you ve read one of them, you ve probably already read them all Not to say that I don t like them, it s just that it gets old But Granger is a fantastic author, for that I do commend her.I ve actually took 5 months to read this book I got bored in the middle portion and chucked it aside for 4.5 months, so I can t give an accurate synopsis, and I think the one above pretty much summarises the whole thing Cyani s an Elite off [...]

    24. All in all I did like this one.Good points The world building was mostly enjoyable, although the universe did have some holes in it on this later Despite this, I liked this world and wouldn t mind visiting again The two main characters were quite likeable For instance, I liked the fact that the main female character was tough and a warrior I also liked the fact that she was fighting to save her brother back home I thought she was a very interesting character I liked the fact that she was reserv [...]

    25. I ve never been one to read a lot of futuristic romance The biggest reason I don t care to is really a lame one I hate all the weird, unpronounceable names that authors come up with for their characters, planets, swear words, whatever See, told you it was lame But it s something that always makes me cringe and then I end up irritated after a couple of pages of this kind of thing I am so glad this author kept it simple when it came to the names she chose to use in BtR.Because this is a very good [...]

    26. Enjoyable I liked it Above average futuristic scifi romance Interesting characters and eventsORY BRIEF Celibate women warriors rule the planet Azra They are beaten and trained to avoid touching and loving others Cyani is one of them, a captain in the Union Army She is on a mission to rescue slaves held by the Garulens on an asteroid For their safety she orders her crew to leave the planet while she stays behind to free one last slave, Soren Soren has been held prisoner for many years His captors [...]

    27. Very surprised by this book I have been delving into paranormal romances for some time, now and came across this book as recommended reading through I downloaded the free sample chapter on my Kindle a few weeks ago While waiting for the train home, I started reading through many of the previous sample chapters I had downloaded before Many I was very meh about but this first chapter completely HOOKED me I ordered the rest of the book through the kindle wireless first time I ve ever done that becu [...]

    28. Boy oh boy, how I liked this book A perfect mix between romance and science fiction Or space fiction And that includes the sex hormone thing, which is a trope I m not normally a fan of, but Granger deals with it really well here.Cyani is on her last mission as a Union Captain when she encounters Soren, a Byralen enslaved for years for the sexual hormone typical for his species She refuses to leave him, but freeing him takes up too much time, so they end up stuck with each other while they figure [...]

    29. 3 1 2 I really enjoyed Jess Granger s futuristic romance debut, Beyond the Rain Great action, awesome world building and lots of technologic awesomeness to satisfy sci fi fans with a side of googly eyed heated sexual tension between the leads to make romance fans happy Although I loved the way it opened as we got to know Cyani and her warrior like temperament as she freed former slave Soren, I found the middle lulled a bit Some of the presentation of the planet natives bordered a bit stereotypic [...]

    30. I was disappointed i was bored the whole way throughbut it did have promise just didn t deliver I couldn t relate to any of the characters The Hero was a Sap the heroine was a cross between a wanna be bad ass and a confused idiot I gave the book two stars because I loved the wolf Vicca best character in the whole book, and because the premise of the book had potential.The beginning of the book that introduces the tortured hero and the determine heroine was pretty much the best part from that poi [...]

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