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The Shamer's Daughter #2020

The Shamer s Daughter Dina has unwillingly inherited her mother s gift the ability to elicit shamed confessions simply by looking into someone s eyes To Dina however these powers are not a gift but a curse Surrounded by

  • Title: The Shamer's Daughter
  • Author: Lene Kaaberbøl
  • ISBN: 9780805081114
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Shamer's Daughter By Lene Kaaberbøl, Dina has unwillingly inherited her mother s gift the ability to elicit shamed confessions simply by looking into someone s eyes To Dina, however, these powers are not a gift but a curse Surrounded by fear and hostility, she longs for simple friendship.But when her mother is called to Dunark Castle to uncover the truth about a bloody triple murder, Dina must come to termDina has unwillingly inherited her mother s gift the ability to elicit shamed confessions simply by looking into someone s eyes To Dina, however, these powers are not a gift but a curse Surrounded by fear and hostility, she longs for simple friendship.But when her mother is called to Dunark Castle to uncover the truth about a bloody triple murder, Dina must come to terms with her power or let her mother fall prey to the vicious and revolting dragons of Dunark.

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      432 Lene Kaaberbøl
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    1. This was my first real fantasy book I read it when I was about 9 or 10 and in the beginning I made my mother read it out loud one chapter each night.One day I got really excited about it, but then the chapter ended and my mother told me to go to sleep When I couldn t sleep because I kept thinking about the next chapter and what might happen, I ran downstairs, stole the book and finished it in one night I got so caught up I forgot everything about time, school the next day even my own existence I [...]

    2. It wasn t the book cover that caught my attention not the title, not the promising thinness of the book, or the blurb on the back It was the Author s Note I opened the book and began to read what the author had written about her book The story behind her novel fascinated me how she lived in Denmark, translated her own books to English, lived across the harbour from the royal residency and waved to the queen every morning But I also love what she said about The Look I think we learn the power of [...]

    3. I actually didn t dislike this book as much as the rating would imply The Shamer s Daughter is a quick, fun read and the idea of the Shamer , while not totally revolutionary, is fresh and engaging But while The Shamer s Daughter is an enjoyable read, it suffers from a bland heroine and a shade of the but I m not like other girls brand of sexism that I ve come to loathe in middle grade and young adult fiction.Dina Tonnerre is the daughter of the Shamer, a woman who can look into the eyes of anyon [...]

    4. Kan lige s godt springe ud i det med det samme JEG ELSKER DEN HER BOG Skammerens Datter er virkelig en af mine absolut mest elskede og l ste b ger Tror jeg har l st den her serie mindst lige s mange gange som Harry Potter, hvis ikke flere Kan den n sten til hudl shed, men den har en bestemt feel , som g r, at man ikke keder sig og nemt kan l se den om og om igen Hele grund ideen tiltaler mig, da det ikke er noget man har set f r, hverken p dansk eller engelsk Lene Kaaberb l har skabt en verden, [...]

    5. For dansk anmeldelse, f lg link happenstancie 2012Third time read aug 2012Fourth time read 2 September 9th of September

    6. How did this book get past me when it was first published The premise is described in the trailer for the novel Dina is the daughter of the Village Shamer, a woman who can read the truth in people through looking at their eyes Quite literally, when you are looking into her eyes, you are rendered incapable of lying, and she can see how you really think, feel, and behave, even in your most private moments This makes her very useful for law enforcement, obviously, but also tremendously unpopular in [...]

    7. Just a caution this review has a couple of less than polite words in it If you don t want to see them, you probably shouldn t read this and you probably shouldn t read The Shamer s Daughter, either I wasn t sure about The Shamer s Daughter when I decided to purchase it something I hardly ever do without reading the book first , but it sounded interesting and GR seemed to think I would like it, so I took a chance, and I m glad I did.The things I liked 1 The concept of Shamer s Eyes This wasn t so [...]

    8. Sarah picked this book out and I decided to read it since she didn t I knew I could read it in less than a day and then tell her if it was worth it or not Now I know that she would most likely enjoy it I m glad that here is a new series for her to read anything to get her head out of Eragon yet again.What I like about the book is how the reader grows with the characters In the beginning, there s so much mystery and childlike innocence about the world and not knowing what is going on As the story [...]

    9. Dette er vel en af den slags b ger, man bare skal have l st n r man elsker at l se, og godt kan lide fantasy Derfor skammer Hehe jeg mig ogs en lille smule over, at jeg aldrig har l st den f r nu Men det er der blevet r det bod p nu.Jeg ved slet ikke hvor jeg skal starte eller hvad jeg skal sige Der er ikke s meget andet at sige end at jeg elsker den Den overgik klart mine forventninger, som jeg havde f et bygget op, fordi den er s popul r og omtalt.Jeg kan rigtig godt lide Dina, hun bliver kast [...]

    10. Et k rkomment gensyn med Dina Jeg var en smule ngstelig for, om jeg mon havde oph jet bogen siden jeg l ste den, da den udkom for 15 r siden, men mine anelser havde heldigvis ingen bel g Jeg n d at h re Kaaberb l l se op, og tiden fl j afsted med hendes stemme i mine rer.

    11. I can t exactly remember how much I liked or disliked this book way back when But I think I remember liking than I did this time That could be in part due to the fact that it is of a middle grade book that YA I don t know if I really connected with Dina as a character The book was a bit too short for me to feel any real connection But I did however connect with her plight To feel ostracized by her peers because of something that was not in her control is heartbreaking to me I know that it can [...]

    12. You know it s a good weekend when you get to reread one of your all time favorite books, and in danish Going into this I was afraid my danish would be rusty, but there was no problem I m actually nervous to read the other books in the series in nynorsk a type of norwegian , which is the language I have the two last books in.This book, and this series in general, is amazing I never get tired of it, and I always find myself coming back to it It s fantasy and it has dragons, what could a girl wan [...]

    13. Just like any other fantasy loving danish girl, have I read this book when I was younger and loved the story like almost no other book I guess I was around the protagonist s age Dina when I read it the first time 9 years old, I think and just like with the Harry Potter series, Dina have grown up with me.Again like Harry Potter, I feel like you never can get too old to read The Shamer s daughter Of course it may seem weird to be listening to a 9 years old girl, but it s just like re reading The P [...]

    14. This would be the very first book that I considered one of my all time favourites It was the title that caught my attention, The Shamer s Daughter The very concept of a shamer, a person with the ability to make someone feel ashamed of their wrongdoings with only a look, was appealing to me I admit, I derived a ton of satisfaction whenever someone was brought to tears from that look Opening the book with such a scene was brilliant The plot line was simple, not an epic as one would expect with a g [...]

    15. This is the first in an entertaining fantasy series The premise of the book includes a woman, called the Shamer, and her daughter, who shares her unusual ability Their ability is powerful and makes many people unwilling or unable to befriend them Their power is that they can see into a person s conscience just by looking into their eyes They cause people to feel guilt for thier wrongs and can tell if someone is lying or being honest Because almost everyone has something in their past that they a [...]

    16. YA fantasy set in a medieval esque world where Shamer s can read people s minds to uncover any shame and discover their truths and lies The protagonist, Dina, is an 11 year old girl, the Shamer s daughter, described as lacking prettiness who has no friends as a result of her abilities, even though she s only just coming into her gift.Dina used her brains and bravery on the quest, and she wasn t afraid to trust her instincts No romance or love triangle in the future, but that could change dependi [...]

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    18. 3,5 Ten a muchas ganas de leer algo de Lene desde que le all por el 2012 El portal de la sombra En su momento la novela me deslumbr por completo, y no pod a esperar a leer algo m s de esta autora Hace dos a os contact con la editorial Pictus para colaborar con ellos, y me dieron este entre otros libros Yo, desastre que soy, lo le reci n ahora y estoy muy contenta de haberlo hecho.Al principio no me convenc a mucho Todo pasaba demasiado r pido, dos segundos juntos y ya d bamos nuestra vida el uno [...]

    19. This review also appears on What a cool concept The Shamer s Daughter follows eleven year old Dina, who is the daughter of something called a Shamer Shamers powers, which are inherited genetically, allow the Shamer to look anyone in the eye and force them to relive all of their shameful memories and confess their bad deeds.The Shamer s gift is rare and the few around, like Dina s mother, are called on to settle legal disputes This turns south when she is called to prove a man guilty in the matte [...]

    20. I remember reading this when I was in school I still haven t decided if I actually like it or not It s got some great elements, but I don t love it and I kind of wanted it to be over I can t remember if I ve read the other stories in this series, or not, and I haven t decided if I will read them Dina s mother is a Shamer Shamer s can look in someone s eye and show their guilt This makes them important, but uncomfortable to be around Dina has inherited this gift and hates it Dina and her mother a [...]

    21. My middle grade daughter really loved this series and told me I had to read it Let me start off by saying that if I had read this when I were in junior high, I would have adored it It has everything I loved back then a magical young girl protagonist, evil knights, cute boys, and dragons It takes place in a familiar McFantasyland setting, the kind of place I wanted to live when I was younger.These, of course, are all the reasons that I didn t like it that much reading it as an adult It s not that [...]

    22. Var n p tide at jeg fikk lest denne, da Utrolig bra, koste meg godt, s fantastisk kunne forsvinne inn i en helt annen verden sammen med Dina M si at jeg ble sv rt gira p lese boka fra f rste setning Alts , du kan ikke starte en bok med setningen Sant seie var det vel ikkje Cillas skuld at eg vart biten i armen av ein drake og forvente at jeg ikke vil bli hekta For her st r det i grunnen denne boka inneholder drager , og det gj r meg sv rt glad D Lenge siden jeg hadde lest fantasy n , s det f les [...]

    23. I would definitely recommend this one to the Tamora Pierce set It s a solid fantasy with an intriguing premise Dina, like her mother, has the power to Shame people with her eyes When she makes eye contact with others, they become unable to hide their shameful secrets, whether small or large Because of this power, Dina s mother is often called to villages and cities to confirm people s innocence or guilt It s an important role, but all Dina really wants is to be able to have friends and look at p [...]

    24. I also loved the movie adaptation im happy with this author who HAPPENS TO HAVE THE SAME NAME AS ME HOW COOL IS THAT

    25. I was about 12 or 13, when I first read this book Until then I didn t like reading My opinian was that that reading is boring and supid I was so damn naive But then I started this book, mom bought to me first and second parts And my life completely changed in one night I just couldn t get enought I almost ate this book and grab second one I rememeber, how angry was my mom that about 3 or 4am I was still reading and it was school night I mean, 12 13 year old child should be sleeping at that time [...]

    26. This was recommended by a teen at our library and it was REALLY good So good, that I had to put down Maze Runner to finish it Now I need to read the sequels A shamer is someone with the power to make others see all the bad things they have done in their lives by looking into their eyes Dina and her mother are shamers and live a life of solitude because of their gift But shamers are a good thing to have when terrible crimes are committed, and they are called to look into the eyes of a killer Exce [...]

    27. I can t say anything negative about the book In my opinion it couldn t be any better.The first time I read this it was forced in 6th grade I think I don t remember by my Danish teacher I had a hard time getting into it because it was compulsory reading In class we were only reading half the book, but my teacher encouraged us to read the rest of it By then I didn t need any incentive I had begun reading ahead of the homework and finish a couple of days later and immediately began on the second bo [...]

    28. I never knew I needed this series in my life I have never heard of this series before, but it reminds me of Tamora Pierce books, and definitely the political and magical elements from Graceling It has creepy dragons in the background, a young girl who has great powers that she becomes comfortable with, and the cast of friends she meets along the way are complex, wonderful people The book definitely had a big cliffhanger, even though it had another chapter that sounded like it was added on by th [...]

    29. A 3.5 star review.I first read this series several years ago, but have been wanting to reread it ever since seeing the musical based upon it last year The funny thing is the musical was excellent, but the book only so so probably because I m way outside the target age group for it While well written, it s obviously a childrens book, and aimed directly at them It was still reasonably entertaining though, and the sequels are being adapted for stage this autumn, so I think I might as well go ahead [...]

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