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Lyon's Pride #2020

Lyon s Pride The beautiful woman called The Rowan was the most powerful telepath on all the planets of the Alliance until the birth of her daughter Damia Damia and her husband Afra Lyon were the most extraordin

  • Title: Lyon's Pride
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey Romas Kukalis
  • ISBN: 9780399139079
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lyon's Pride By Anne McCaffrey Romas Kukalis, The beautiful woman called The Rowan was the most powerful telepath on all the planets of the Alliance until the birth of her daughter, Damia Damia and her husband, Afra Lyon, were the most extraordinary team of telepaths the Alliance had ever seen until the powers of their children began to emerge.Now the combined power of all these generations, especially the uniqueThe beautiful woman called The Rowan was the most powerful telepath on all the planets of the Alliance until the birth of her daughter, Damia Damia and her husband, Afra Lyon, were the most extraordinary team of telepaths the Alliance had ever seen until the powers of their children began to emerge.Now the combined power of all these generations, especially the unique abilities of the younger Lyon clan, is needed to face once and for all the threat of the alien Hivers The human worlds see themselves as peaceful, and traditionally they have used deadly force only in self defense, but now the time has come to take the battle with the Hivers out into space A fleet of starships, with the powerful Lyon clan as its leaders, is sent into Hiver territory Their mission seek and destroy the Hiver threat that is lurking at the edges of known space.

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    1. Things you find while cleaning out your closet While I truly love the Talent series, the Tower books taking place around 300 years after the end of the Talent series are a dicier bet The Rowan I m still generally good with, but the quality slides after that, just recycling without end Lyon s Pride is the fourth book in the series, and yeagh.Story wise, this one s so so It s fractured into a few different storylines, but really the most effort is put into the who will end up with who plotting The [...]

    2. Book source Home library.Laria, Thian, Rojer and Zara continue growing, maturing and working for FTT as the main focus is on finding the remaining Hive spheres and restricting those Hivers that had populated other worlds to those worlds It s during his time on the Genesee that Rojer suffers a catastrophic loss and withdraws into himself This brings The Rowan and Afra, Rojer s grandmother and father, to the Genesee to search of him demanding explanations When Rojer is found and sent to Deneb to h [...]

    3. Okay This is going to sound weird, but I first read this series before I ever read Ender s Game So for me this is the archetypal representation of kids fighting alien bugs Admittedly these kids are all older 16 or so before they re pressed into active service using their psionic abilities to support the war effort So we get a bunch of naval war fighting type stuff really palls by comparison to David Weber s Honor Harrington books, or even McCaffrey s collaboration with Elizabeth Moon, Sassinak t [...]

    4. The Talent The Hive series is one of my favorites and one I read time and time again, and Lyon s Pride may be one of my favorites within the group This book continues to follow the adventures of Damia and Afra s three eldest children Laria is now situated as Prime on Clarf, while her brothers are searching the galaxy for answers to the Hive problem They all have some ups and downs as the story continues, especially Rojer who is threatened when he doesn t want to send bombs to a hive ship.I find [...]

    5. For some reason, the last couple of books in this series were difficult to follow and felt unfinished I didn t really get much out of this one.

    6. ReviewBest one yet Can t wait to start 5 Would like to see thus series just keep going on forever 5 stars

    7. Good BookThis was as usual a really good read But I ve enjoyed ever one of Anne McCaffrey s Books that I ve read And highly recommend it.

    8. Lyon s Pride 1994 by Anne McCaffrey, disappointed me on every level It s like a pretty new car that s a lemon under the hood It s like one of those post war British films with slow pacing and no soundtrack You see everything getting discussed and decided, whether it helps the story or now There was literally nothing happening across most of the chapters, no real feeling of beginning, no real feeling of uncertainty, and an even vaguer feeling of the end I skimmed for chapters at a time, spending [...]

    9. The story pick up where Damia s Children left off The kids are mature now and they re about to grow up fast.I read to relax before hitting the sack and McCaffrey is one of my favorite ways to do just that Even though this is the 4th book in the series, it s not gotten stale The story and the characters are vintage McCaffrey I ve always thought her writing to be comfortable and this story fits that bill fine The background and the characters are rich and well developed.My only complaint is that [...]

    10. This one was really hard to get through There didn t seem to be a really strong plot, and it jumped between characters seemingly at random, which was frustrating I would rather have gotten one focused viewpoint instead of several The end result was that I cared less about these characters than I did even in the previous book, where they were first introduced The Rowan and Damia were interesting and well defined characters, but Rojer, Laria, and Thian kind of all got shortchanged in the character [...]

    11. My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    12. This book pick ups where book 3 ended, and you really need to read this series in order to enjoy it the most Laria is doing well on Clarf, but her new assistant is xenophobic, so she really needs to be replaced Clarissa is a danger to them all, if the Mrdini find out Her replacement is a severely burned out T 2 Talent, and Laria immediately likes him Unfortunately, he is gay so he cannot be the lifemate she so desperately wants and needs Slowly Kincaid heals and finds his place in the Towerlife, [...]

    13. The Talent series or The Tower and the Hive series if you prefer continues on with Lyon s Pride which is essentially the second half of Damia s Children The proliferation of the one or two controlling families of Federated Teleport Telepath continues as no one seems to be able to have less than 10 children in this universe.I can t say much without getting into spoilers, so before I dive in to that it is a pretty easy to read book with a bit of a space naval lean than the earlier books Quite en [...]

    14. I shouldn t have tried to jump into the series in the middle, I know That s a classic gaffe that I could have avoided, and as such, my opinion is skewed I don t think, however, that s the problem with this book There s just nothing here This is the second McCaffrey book I ve read, and the other one was long, long ago However, I ended it with the same lack of interest that I did the other book I got done with it, moved on, and will probably never think about the book again, except when somebody b [...]

    15. From Publishers Weekly In this sequel to Damia s Children , the psionically Talented children of Damia Gwyn Raven and Afra Lyon are pushed closer to the forefront of the struggle between the human Nine Star League and their alien Mrdini allies against the blind expansionism of the insect like Hive culture that threatens both their civilizations Rojer, like his siblings a T 1 at the most powerful level of Talent, is assigned to provide communication and transport for a squadron following a Hiver [...]

    16. I feel kind of bad for not liking this since it was recommended by a good friend who really does love these books, but, I also know that each reading experience is a personal journey and one person s smooth footpath may be another s rocky road I really enjoyed the first couple of books in this series but by the time I got to this one I was than ready for it s final conclusion Lyon s Pride , to me, felt like a jumble of ideas and plot going in all different directions It was difficult for me to [...]

    17. Lyon s Pride Lyon s Pride is an excellent continuation to Damia s Children These are not stand alone books One will need to read Damia s Children in order to get the story line straight.Lyon s Pride is of course the children of Afra Lyon with the help of Damia one would assume As the coalition of the Mrdini and the humans become aware of the extent of the expansion of the Hivers, they also become aware of oddities Rojer, Tian, Zara and Laria are still out in the field working for FTT in differen [...]

    18. This is a continuation of the previous book, focusing again on the children, and it was still interesting I enjoy learning about the mrdini and the Hivers, as well as the general story The person I was really interested in, and whose story I was looking forward to continuing really disappointed me, though.Zara seemed like someone who had some real character development going in the previous book, and who seemed to be going in a story direction I was interested in getting into the mind of the Hiv [...]

    19. This is the 4th book in the Rowan series It continues the Talent books that started with To Ride Pegasus The first 3 books in the Talent series were the best, I think The Rowan and Damia were good, but then my interest falls off The books about the children aren t as interesting, mainly because they are too focused on the technical aspects of the story and not on the characters Also, the story spreads around too much by trying to focus on all of the 4 eldest of Damia s and Afra s children I stil [...]

    20. Science fiction is not usually my chosen genre to read, although I do enjoy fantasy I have heard of Anne McCaffrey as an author, but I have never once picked up her booksuntil now Lyon s Pride was a slow start for me since it introduced many beings and creatures and space ship terms that are not usually part of my vocabulary However, the writing did engage me, and I found that the story was interesting and intriguing enough that I kept reading once I got started This is a story of hopehope that [...]

    21. Expanding on the brilliant vision of the future of mankind, McCaffrey takes the journey even further with the Lyon children Each of this younger generation of Talents has a completely different character and very different experiences There are a few touching moments in Lyon s Pride which engage the reader admirably.However, the kindle version of this book has far too many editing mistakes Such a fantastic story deserves better I still found the book enjoyable, but some of the mistakes were conf [...]

    22. I enjoyed this continuation to the series It carries on the stories of Damias children At times it feels like there are too many characters that you need to keep track of but they are all interesting For me the consequence of this was that I do not feel as connected to the 4 main characters as I did to Damia and Afra.Parts of the story are mature that earlier in the series as the Alliance are now fighting a war You really need to read the previous books to fully understand everything that is go [...]

    23. How many children can she have She produces amazing children too, with skill sets well above others Damia is still the ever supportive and loving mother Both her and Afra make guest appearances in this story The focus is on her four youngest who are amazing I do like learning about Human and Mrdini interaction It s fascinating how Ms McCaffrey creates these aliens that are so different and how they are to interact with humans I enjoyed this story greatly Another lovely book from my favourite fa [...]

    24. McCaffrey should have stopped while she was ahead This story was like the the never ending space odessy, but even less interesting than it sounds No love interest which is always a mark in her pages , no character development If she happened to stop on an interesting side story or character she quickly swapped to another story and never revisited the seed of hope she d planted I was so bored with about 30 pages left but felt it was worth skimming to see if anything would materialize The climax w [...]

    25. It was a lot of fun reading this series, but I felt as the series continued, it got bogged down with to many technical issues I found myself skimming the explanations, waiting for the plot to continue And then there were too many off shoots to the story Yes, I was interested in each of the characters, but I began feeling like I was checking their stories off on a list I enjoyed the earlier books .

    26. Continuing the story of the Raven Lyon families and their part in the way of life on the settled planets, moons and stars of the Universe, we spend time with Thian and Rojer on their respective naval assignments, as well as Laria s promotion to Tower Prime on the Mrdini homeworld This book is technical in nature than earlier ones, especially when describing Thian and Rojer s positions and duties, but it s still and interesting world.

    27. Anne McCaffrey is one of my all time favorite sc fi fantasy authors Her The Tower and the Hive series is among my favorite series of all time The characters are engaging and the story grabs me right about and keeps me interested until the very end I do feel that story gets a weak towards the middle but it picks up at the end I definitely enjoy some of the families story lines better than others.

    28. Re reading all my Anne McCaffrey books The first two titles in this series are the best I think because each has a love story deep emotional connection between two people When it starts to break off into the 3rd generation s kids, and just follows their lives, I started to lose interest Doesn t help that it s very very sci fi, with tons of technical ship info and an insect like invading alien I ll get through the series, and then they re getting donated to the library.

    29. I m pretty sure I finished this book only because I started it AND I d read the previous three AND I think it s the last book in the series It s just all over the place Maybe it s too many characters, maybe it s the long lulls that slam into one page of action and then drop off into another long lull I didn t WANT to finish it or know what happens It was a good skeleton, but someone forgot to flesh it out with interestingness.

    30. Telepathy is the Lyon family birthright And now all of the them must combine their individual powers to combat the Hivers a relentless race that has slaughtered entire populations in its search for a new home.Yet another five star Fun reading Fast This is still part of the Pegasus and Rowan series.

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