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First Love, Wild Love #2020

First Love Wild Love It took only one look into the dark fathomless eyes of the Indian prisoner for Brianna to see her destiny that if he escaped his bonds she would follow him anywhere

  • Title: First Love, Wild Love
  • Author: Madeline Baker
  • ISBN: 9780843940336
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • First Love, Wild Love By Madeline Baker, It took only one look into the dark, fathomless eyes of the Indian prisoner for Brianna to see her destiny that, if he escaped his bonds, she would follow him anywhere.

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      222 Madeline Baker
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    1 thought on “First Love, Wild Love

    1. Lots of sex but not too explicit Lots of violence scalping, attempted rape, etc Minimal or no swearing No typos Spoiler free I keep it vague A solid 4 stars for this RT Reviewers Choice Award for Best Indian Series First Love, Wild Loveis fast paced, fairly tense, and somewhat profound Set in 1875, it s told in third person POV, shifting primarily from H to h The tone is serious, not light or witty, but I did chuckle once or twice The writing quality is good but not excellent decent dialogue, a [...]

    2. Do not be fooled by the cover of this book Though there are a lot of sex scenes, none are explicit This is NOT erotica of any kind The 2009 reissue is a much better cover, in my opinion It is a story about the trials and obstacles that threaten to tear apart the undying love of a white girl and a Lakota warrior Brianna, abused and ignored by her aunt and uncle, is moved by the plight of a Native American man, named Shunkaha Luca, in a chain gang working near the home she lived in She shows him t [...]

    3. This review is from First Love, Wild Love Kindle Edition First off, ignore that sexy cover because I think it cheapens the story Madeline Baker gives us a first hand view of a life that is long past She brings us emotionally into the heart of a desperate Indian, Shukade Luta, and a young, innocent white girl, Brianna.Both of these people have been abused, emotionally and physically, and that s what forms their first bond together This bond eventually grows into a deep, mature love.Miss Baker not [...]

    4. What I appreciated most about this book was that 1 it included information on Native American culture though I wished for , and 2 that it showed how the hero and heroine struggled with whether they could live in each others culture It wasn t just a matter of love ruling over common sense, but a grappling over the reality of present day happenings, as well as what the future might hold for them and their children There was a bit of an age difference between the couple, but the author told the st [...]

    5. I am a huge fan of Native American romance stories Read hundreds and hundreds of books While I enjoyed this bookI prefer my heroines to be innocent yet stronger in character.Although, he was unsure where his heart lay I liked the fact that he was strong and brave Again, I would of preferred for the heroine s character to have fire.

    6. I usually don t read a book that has this sort of cover NEVER judge by its cover or that was published 10 years ago but it intrigued me enough to give it a try.What a surprise it was

    7. The hero and heroine were so sweet in this book They never went through the misunderstanding and hatred phases of most historical romances.

    8. I enjoyed this book, but there were a lot of things that could have been done better At times, information about Lakota culture felt a bit like someone was regurgitating information just for the sake of laying it out there And if you have read other books by this writer, it feels like she takes some paragraphs of information and copies and pastes it into a different story It was disappointed I was also disappointed that there was no a scene where Shunkaha Luca recognized that Brianna had mourned [...]

    9. While the love between these two was very believable and it made for a good read it was a bit fluffy for my tastes I like a little intrigue and conflict There was a lot but it wasn t deep enough for my tastes Every conflict ended within ten to twenty pages But again good chemistry building between the characters However, it was not as bodice ripping, passion filled as most of these types of novels are.

    10. My opinionvery well written and captivating at this point I have read several of her books and keep coming back for

    11. I read the Kindle edition, which has a updated cover,had I seen the original cover I would nt have chosen it, That said I must say that I greatly enjoyed reading it,

    12. Young white woman falls in love with a Lakota Sioux prisoner at the brink of the Battle of Little Big Horn Brianna Beaudine is a young 17 year old sent to live with her distant aunt and uncle after she is orphaned For six years the girl lives a solitary life, unloved by the family that took her in One day, a chain gang comes through her village assigned to build a road From the thickets Brianna spies a tall, handsome Lakota warrior at the end of the chain Abused by his captors, young Briana risk [...]

    13. Being a newcomer to Native American romance novels though not the history in general , I m glad to have had the liberty of knowing this book to be my first one It s definitely filled with themes of romantic escapism than a weighty plot, but I found myself to be quite relatedable to the heroine s innocence I m glad this book is an exception to the usual we hate each others race trope and didn t become associated deeply with that sort of problem They knew that they loved each other The setting an [...]

    14. Feb 09, 2013Tara Adams rated it 1 of 5 starsThis work of fiction seemed weak and there was not enough descriptions to draw me into the time period I know it is not particularly fair to compare authors, but when your favorite in the romance genre is Diana Galbadon, everything else pales in comparison I also think the author counts on the inter racial relationship to entice or thrill the reader, based on the fact that these types of relationships had been forbidden in the past I suppose I am of a [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book I found the heroine to be a little bit naive and wimpy but I guess all women even in fiction can t be strong self sufficient types I wish that a bit actual Native American lifestyle had been shown but what was there was interesting I liked that both the hero and the heroing gave serious thought to whether or not they could fit into each other s world I thought it was realistic that they realized that they could not live on in the old ways I enjoyed watching two people cleave [...]

    16. Wow Great Story.I bought this book when I purchased my paper white kindle I am just reading it It was a great book I will read some of Madeline s books Great ending I love Indian history.

    17. This was a good escape read More romance than story line in Baker s books I liked this, but others of her books I couldn t finish, they were too rushed, contrived and unbelievable This is good if you want a lighter story Characters were cute.

    18. Very much a guilty pleasure of mine for years I ve read this book repeatedly over the years This is definitely an 80s style epic historical romance, and I love watching the love between Brianna and Shunkaha unfold.

    19. been a long time since i ve read an old skool NA romance and it hit all the right places romances nowadays just don t live up to these

    20. This book started out pretty good, but at 50% or so, got real boring Lots of telling and blurring through time I skimmed the whole last half of the book.2 stars is all I can give it.

    21. Pretty good My first native american romance and I quite enjoyed it even though I had a hard time saying his name all throughout the whole story, Shunkaha Pretty decent.

    22. this is the first indain romane book i read years ago i loved this story i have read other stories by madeline Baker but this is still my favorite wth brinna running away with her indain

    23. This one was great, full of adventure, danger, love, mayhem It kept me reading i really really like this writer.

    24. I thoroughly enjoyed First Love, Wild Love It wasn t the stereotype I expected There were twists and turns I didn t see coming mixed with adventure, suspense, and, of course, romance Good read

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