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From Dissertation to Book #2020

From Dissertation to Book All new Phd s hope that their dissertations can become books But a dissertation is written for a committee and a book for the larger world William Germano s From Dissertation to Book is the essential

  • Title: From Dissertation to Book
  • Author: William P. Germano
  • ISBN: 9780226288468
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • From Dissertation to Book By William P. Germano, All new Phd s hope that their dissertations can become books But a dissertation is written for a committee and a book for the larger world William Germano s From Dissertation to Book is the essential guide for academic writers who want to revise a doctoral thesis for publication The author of Getting It Published, Germano draws upon his extensive experience in academicAll new Phd s hope that their dissertations can become books But a dissertation is written for a committee and a book for the larger world William Germano s From Dissertation to Book is the essential guide for academic writers who want to revise a doctoral thesis for publication The author of Getting It Published, Germano draws upon his extensive experience in academic publishing to provide writers with a state of the art view of how to turn a dissertation into a manuscript that publishers will notice.Acknowledging first that not all theses can become books, Germano shows how some dissertations might have a better life as one or journal articles or as chapters in a newly conceived book But even dissertations strong enough to be published as books first need to become book manuscripts, and at the heart of From Dissertation to Book is the idea that revising the dissertation is a fundamental process of adapting from one genre of writing to another.Germano offers clear guidance on how to do just this Writers will find advice on such topics as rethinking the table of contents, taming runaway footnotes, shaping chapter length, and confronting the limitations of jargon, alongside helpful timetables for light or heavy revision With crisp directives, engaging examples, and a sympathetic eye for the foibles of academic writing, From Dissertation to Book reveals to recent PhD s the process of careful and thoughtful revision a truly invaluable skill as they grow into their new roles as professional writers.

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      381 William P. Germano
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    1 thought on “From Dissertation to Book

    1. A usefully clear sighted look at how to revise a dissertation for publication as a monograph Germano gives some straightforward advice about how to step back from your own writing and how the publishing industry works, some of which I was already aware of, some of which I wasn t He also helped to put into words some of the things I instinctively knew about my own dissertation, but which my advisor hadn t cared enough to either notice or help remedy I would have liked some practical tips, but I [...]

    2. You have finished your dissertation You have taken the requisite 3 6 month break from the material What do you do Well, if you are like me you order every book on that looks like it might provide guidance I am surrounded by Germano sGetting It Published , Emily Toth sImpeccable Advice for Women in Academia , Beth Luey sRevising Your Dissertation ,The Academic Handbook , and this book,From Dissertation to Book This is the first guide I have made it all the way through, which says something about [...]

    3. The dissertation is the Ugly Duckling of the publishing world So says Germano, compelling recent PhD grads to confront the limitations of their greatest work to date But the point of the fairy tale is that the Ugly Duckling turns into a Beautiful Swan Just how this transformation can be brought about is the substance of this book, whose author has one foot in the academic world and another in the publishing world and who is thus perfectly situated to identify the challenges for budding academics [...]

    4. Don t let the title fool or scare you I m not planning to turn my own dissertation into a book in large part because of Germano s advice From long experience as an editor and an academician whose own dissertation is sitting safely on a shelf, unpublished , Germano knows that not all dissertations will make good books.In fact, very few will without major revision Germano has persuaded me that another of his suggested options is better for my particular work evisceration Take the few chapters that [...]

    5. Germano uses a lot of words to say what he wants to say, but the things he wants to make clear are rather useful.

    6. There are books you read because you want to and books you read because you have to This is definitely a have to book.I read the second edition.If Germano is correct, the need for this book is ample however, the need for this book to be this length and this repetitive is not demonstrated within its pages.

    7. While I certainly picked up a few helpful tips make sure those first 50 pages shine steer clear of passive voice, etc , I found a lot of this book to be fluffed up, abstract discussions of writing Not as much concrete advice as I had hoped should the methodology section be included If so, to what extent etc It isn t a long book and is easy enough to skim through, so it would be worth borrowing, but not purchasing.

    8. It s a slim volume, both in size and in ROI, but that s not to say it isn t a valuable read Germano s insight into both academia and the publishing industry is a strong dose of reality to the newly minted Ph.D or those of us who have written really hefty Master s theses and are figuring out what to do next Germano not only talks about how the audience and required voice differs between dissertations and books, but he also breaks down the possibilities based on the amount of time the person is wi [...]

    9. I read this both because it s time for me to get started thinking about turning my own dissertation into a book and in preparation to help a colleague who is ambitious or at least less busy than me do the same Germano s advice about the differences between dissertations and books, though sometimes mystifying, seemed largely correct But, if you are looking for a prescriptive advice manual, this is not it In the end, Germano places the onus on the writer to 1 decide whether their dissertation is [...]

    10. I am halfway through this book while in the process of revising my dissertation for publication purposes and I am so happy with what I have read so far All those things that I have always wanted to do with my dissertationwell, it feels like I can do it now At first I felt like did not ever want to go back to my dissertation I said goodbye to it after graduation , but certain work related conferences I belong to the game development industry make me feel like I really should publish and talk abou [...]

    11. author s advice summed up in a word revise If he hadn t said them, Goethe s final words More light More light could have been provided for him by a Hollywood scriptwriter Revision is the act of bringing light, and of it, into one s writing, and so into one s thoughts and its representation on the page Books that are well written enjoy the imitation of immortality we call being read As you revise your dissertation you will turn it into something stronger, clearer, and perhaps along the way into [...]

    12. A quick read with cogent advice for those shifting from, well, obviously, dissertations to books More definition of revision than this particular reader needed, but several helpful examples of differences between dissertations and good books, down to things like tables of contents There s a rather snarky no dissertations are readable thread throughout, but having only read a few dissertations, and most in writing related fields, I suspect the ones I ve seen have been carefully crafted as pieces [...]

    13. Highly recommended for the recent doctoral graduate wondering about going From Dissertation to Book It s a short read and mixes pointers that seems commonsense though worth being reminded of alongside a lot of very practical advice It is in equal parts cautionary do you want to do this is this the best choice and inspirational welcome to your new profession The next step is deciding which part fits.

    14. A highly specialized guide to writing, Germano attempts to do as the title suggests he explains how to turn a doctoral dissertation into a book However, 80% of his book dwells on all the reasons why you need to revise, leaving little room to suggest how you might go about doing so These latter chapters 6 8 offered several helpful tips to rethink the presentation of your work title, table of contents, overall structure, etc

    15. Once I finally picked this book up, I couldn t put it down I would recommend to any recently minted PhD The most valuable aspect of the text for me was that I recognized myself in its pages From Germano s description of typical dissertations mine was number 2 to the chapter on nagging doubts about quality and time, I was comforted and motivated that my post PhD situation is common and that the book is still achievable.

    16. Germano makes a few points that accumulate to a mindset, portrayed to be that of an editor, that authors seeking publication should understand A useful book but lengthy The length is especially taxing at the beginning, where Germano takes a few too many pages and indeed chapters to insist that dissertations are not book manuscripts something that the reader most probably understands early on.

    17. Great little gem that straddles the line between practical advice on revision and theoretical reasoning within the publishing industry Germano even goes the extra distance and, once in a while, aims for inspiration Honestly, this is probably one of the better resources on the subject that I ve seen so far.

    18. Great tips in here, and Germano appears to be an excellent writer himself, but this is mainly a how to book and separating it from his book on Getting It Published seems to be a way of squeezing out of his small academic audience Too bad I checked both out from the library Definitely worth your time, but if you ve only got the energy for one, go with Getting It Published.

    19. Much of value in here, but there s a lot of stretching too Short version getting from dissertation to book means junking all the dissertat y elements I d like to think my own work is innocent of most of the crimes Germano describes, but I won t know until I find an editor.Now I suppose I have to get to work.

    20. Very useful, smart advice about dissertations and the academic publishing industry I loved the authorial tone, and liked the length, although I think he could have covered aspects of the subject.

    21. An encouraging little book about how to think about the different kinds of restructuring and revision that even good dissertations need, and a good jump start for a potentially overwhelming project Here we go

    22. An excellent guide and a great read for anyone navigating the process of getting that first academic book into print.

    23. Whether you re a new PhD looking to market the dissertation, or someone just at the start of the process, this book is immensely helpful for structuring and strategizing Read it early and often

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