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Smile Please: An Unfinished Autobiography #2020

Smile Please An Unfinished Autobiography Jean Rhys unfinished posthumous autobiography From the early days on Dominica to the bleak time in England living in bedsits on gin and little else to Paris with her first husband this is a lasting

  • Title: Smile Please: An Unfinished Autobiography
  • Author: Jean Rhys Diana Athill
  • ISBN: 9780140184051
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • Smile Please: An Unfinished Autobiography By Jean Rhys Diana Athill, Jean Rhys unfinished posthumous autobiography From the early days on Dominica to the bleak time in England, living in bedsits on gin and little else, to Paris with her first husband, this is a lasting memorial to a unique artist.

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      181 Jean Rhys Diana Athill
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    1 thought on “Smile Please: An Unfinished Autobiography

    1. There is something sadly fitting about Smile Please s being an unfinished autobiography According to her publisher Diana Athill in the volume s foreword, Rhys was reluctant to revisit in an autobiography painful aspects of her past that she had already treated in her novels At the same time, Rhys was frustrated by her readers tendency to assume all scenes and characters in her novels were drawn directly from her own life This explanation of Rhys s decision to reverse herself and begin work on he [...]

    2. Reviewing this might break my heart It was a beautiful place wild, untouched, above all untouched, with an alien, disturbing, secret loveliness And it kept its secret I d find myself thinking, What I see is nothing I want what it hides That paragraph is taken from Wide Sargasso Sea, and doesn t it beautifully express what we want from an autobiography We want to know what is hidden We want to know what we cannot glean from the books Jean wrote, I have not met other writers often That does not ma [...]

    3. Night has a thousand eyes,day but oneJean Rhys novels were autobiographical I didn t want to go around being an asshole reading her books assuming that everything within was autobiographical Other people went around saying it a lot I would shake them by their shoulders and ask if they didn t feel like mind readers as I did That s how I feel when I read Jean Rhys novels It is a large part of why I love her as much as I do I had a feeling the outlook, at least, was autobiographical If you have rea [...]

    4. Imagine writing out your life four times Pieces of your life, sewed together Embellished for shape and threaded through with fiction But it s your life, there, all the little bits of it, scattered out across four novels Your childhood in the Caribbean That placelessness you felt The dazzling but deceiving beauty Looking through the jalousies at the black people s carnival that you could watch but never be part of Wanting to be black instead of white knowing later that the black people were not a [...]

    5. This was very interesting to read I read Wide Sargasso Sea before and I felt that it must have come from some deep kinship with Bertha Antoinette.This memoir starts of with a foreword by Diana Athill, Jean Rhys editor She states that a lot of Rhys private life had already been used in her novels, but that they were not autobiographical in every detail, as readers sometimes suppose In Smile Please I have seen quite a number of details that I recognise form Wide Sargasso Sea, but there is enough c [...]

    6. Creo que Jean Rhys ya era una escritora que me gustaba antes de leer nada de ella De hecho, lo primero que le de ella, El ancho mar de los Sargazos , no me gust tanto como esperaba, pero ella segu a gust ndome como escritora m s de lo que me pudieran gustar los libros que escribiera El problema es que esperaba mucho de El ancho mar de los Sargazos , porque se trataba nada m s ni nada menos que la narraci n del primer matrimonio del se or Rochester de Jane Eyre con Antoinette Cosway la loca del d [...]

    7. There were pages that I just had to read and then reread and then copy into my notebook The book got interesting when she moved to London, Indeed, It began to grow cold and she reflected it with such beauty This is a book that I will read again I got a little stuck in the chapter where she set up a trial for herself.

    8. SMILE PLEASE was written late in the life of Jean Rhys, after a long period of obscurity had been brought to an end by the publication of WIDE SARGASSO SEA It s divided into three parts the unfinished autobiography of the subtitle some incomplete drafts of the rest of the planned book, titled It began to grow cold and From a Diary at the Ropemaker s Arms , which the author was thinking of including in the finished text, if she could find a place for it.The prose is even pared back than it is in [...]

    9. Jean Rhys died aged 87 in 1979 before completing her autobiography, which she had started dictating only months before Later that year the incomplete text appeared posthumously under this title.After years of reading and rereading Jean s fiction I, like many, was doubtless it was all pieces of her own life That was irrelevant to me, yet so relevant too That presumption that she needed to borrow from herself rather than create felt disloyal, insulting to her writing ability Yet I also feared that [...]

    10. I read this book after Wide Sargasso Sea was assigned in one of my college lit classes It is like a collection of scenes, but it is a powerful work Rhys sardonic humor is fascinating I believe she is one of those people I would love to have lunch withI guess if I get my wish of heaven being a big Barnes and Noble then we might.

    11. Jean Rhys autobiography is unfinished because she was still working on it when she died at age 89 It is not a continuous narrative, but rather a chronological series of vignettes or snapshots, first of her childhood till age 16 in Dominica, and then of her subsequent life in England and Paris Apart from Wide Sargasso Sea, all of her novels closely track her life indeed, Voyage in the Dark is very tightly based on a diary she kept of an abortive love affair in her early days in England Rhys used [...]

    12. This is only for the most fervent of Rhys s fans If you ve read The Blue Hour, you re not going to find anything new here You can read this in an afternoon, though, and I rather liked the episodic nature of it There s a good bit about her early life, but very little after the age of 20 or so But one of these vignettes, Christmas Day, is worth everything I sat in the armchair looking out of the window on to the empty street, for London is always very empty at Christmas, wondering how I would get [...]

    13. I devoured this book I certainly did not do it justice I ll read it again soon, and slowly the second time, giving it the careful attention anything by Jean Rhys requires and deserves Rhys only started drafting this memoir in her late 70s and unfortunately passed away before she was finished I was so hoping for some good goss about Ford, or maybe some reference to having dinner with Hemingway et al in Paris, but she barely had any material about her life in Paris in the twenties Thankful, I hav [...]

    14. This book lowered my opinion of the Ms Rhys s fiction.I liked After Leaving Mr Mackenzie because she very effectively painted a portrait of a shallow woman who had done nothing but cultivate the friendship and support of men When on their own, her characters appeared to sleepwalk through life.Now after reading this autobiography I find that Jean Rhys is exactly like these characters She drifts through life, borrowing money from male friends Never seems to show any emotion, when saying goodbye to [...]

    15. Slim volume of autobiography by the novelist most famous for Wide Sargasso Sea She covers her childhood in Dominica the West Indies island and her dispassionate upbringing To her surprise the blacks hate them At about the age of 20 she leaves Dominica with an aunt for England where she decides to become an actress Bumps around in jobs as an extra in films this is before WWI and as a chorus girl There is an oblique reference to what I assume was an abortion Marries a somewhat disreputable Dutchma [...]

    16. Interesting vignettes from her life, primarily her childhood, and the pieces written about her adult life were unfinished and you hardly even get to her first marriage The best pieces are from her days as a chorus girl, getting in fights with landladies and recounting her illegal operation The stand out piece is the existential Christmas Day.

    17. This is one for the fans The second part is particularly interesting for anyone hypnotised by Rhys s fascinating and disgusting heroines as it gives some insight into how autobiographical they were I was left unfulfilled by its unfinished condition, but what we do have is a well written, enjoyable, easy read.

    18. exciting for what reveals about jean rhys, i wish it were complete i read this for research, and it gives me a few interesting tidbits if you re at all interested in rhys as an author, this is well worth seeking out it s a quick read and provides an intriguing window into her perspective.

    19. The style seems informal, chatty, just vignettes of a life in a rough order, but then we read just how careful Rhys was about each word and comma It s not easy to achieves this level of artless simplicity.

    20. I really enjoyed this unconventional autobiography Her story is told in these really great bits pieces like a collection of short stories It made me want to go back rereading her novels.

    21. The only thing not to love about this book is that it s unfinished One wants But what s here is vintage Rhys, and reveals the backstories that found their way into the novels.

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