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The Long Walk Home #2020

The Long Walk Home When forty three year old Fiona Edwards first sees the lanky backpacker striding up the lane toward her award winning farmhouse bed and breakfast in the remote mountains of North Wales she s puzzled

  • Title: The Long Walk Home
  • Author: Will North
  • ISBN: 9780307383020
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Long Walk Home By Will North, When forty three year old Fiona Edwards first sees the lanky backpacker striding up the lane toward her award winning farmhouse bed and breakfast in the remote mountains of North Wales, she s puzzled She s used to unexpected strangers, but few arrive on foot The man to whom she opens her door is middle aged, unshaven, sweat soaked and arrestingly handsome What neiWhen forty three year old Fiona Edwards first sees the lanky backpacker striding up the lane toward her award winning farmhouse bed and breakfast in the remote mountains of North Wales, she s puzzled She s used to unexpected strangers, but few arrive on foot The man to whom she opens her door is middle aged, unshaven, sweat soaked and arrestingly handsome What neither of them knows at that moment is that their lives are about to change forever.American Alec Hudson has carried the ashes and the memory of his late ex wife, Gwynne, all the way from London s Heathrow Airport, honoring her request that he scatter them atop a mountain they had climbed together years before the same brooding peak whose jagged cliffs rise to the sky from the back pastures of Fiona s farm But the weather doesn t cooperate, and as Fiona and Alec wait for it to clear, they are drawn together by mutual loss, longing, and the miracle of love at midlife On the day he finally reaches the summit, Alec is caught in a vicious hailstorm As he struggles to descend, he stumbles upon the body of a man he recognizes from a photograph at the farm it is Fiona s ailing and reclusive husband, David, and he is close to death.Will North s debut novel, The Long Walk Home, is a story about grief and hope, about love and loss, and about two people struggling with the agonizing complexities of fidelity to a spouse, to a moral code, to each other, and to a passion neither thought would ever appear again By turns lyrical and gripping, set amid a landscape of breathtaking beauty and unpredictable danger, this is a story you will not soon forget.For news, reviews, and a visual walking tour, visit WillNorthOnline.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Alec came to a bed and breakfast in North Wales to fulfill his ex wife s final wish She wanted her ashes scattered at the top of Cadair Idris, a mountain near Dolgellau Fionna managed the BB while her ailing husband ran their family farm with lambs in the pasture Alec and Fionna were both surprised at their instant connection, but obligations stood in their way Both Alec and Fionna had been through recent painful experiences, and have nurturing, caring personalities Love and passion war with dut [...]

    2. Buddy read with Joan Join us if you would like, it is a freebie.DNF chapter 11 At every party, there are always people who try to look smarter than they really are by over explaining things or expounding life lessons because they just read a meaningful book I usually want to punch them in the face for sounding like inspirational posters This book reminded me of those pretentious people First, let me start with what I liked Both characters are older Fiona is in her forties and Alec is 50 Fiona is [...]

    3. Make sure you have some wine on hand when you read this book because it is super cheesy A perfectly orchestrated romance where every scene has the perfect setting, food, wine, etc Not that it was a terrible book, I didn t mind it A very light, easy read I d say my rating is a JC2 That is to say that it was an OK read but lacking in depth.Its kind of funny that right before this book I read the Curious incident of the dog in the night And in that book the narrator says that he is including descri [...]

    4. The certainty of love doesn t always arrive to hearts eagerly waiting Whether rising out of the dust cloud kicked up by an old pick up truck on a back road in Iowa or flashing by a window in a brief glimpse of backpack, the heart knows when love has arrived uninvited perhaps, a bit unexpected but nevertheless its arrival cannot be denied So we find Fiona Edwards, a woman used to welcoming the unknown into her bed and breakfast, on the morning that will change her life.The Long Walk Home by Will [...]

    5. I have been in a reading slump I always lean towards simple light contemporary books This one seemed about right and I was liking it for the most part until I realized how super cheesy chick litty it was I have no problem with romance in books trust me but I have a problem when the main plot of the book is just about this two random perfect characters ready toDO IT Alas this one was exactly that way, it had some good moments but reaching halfway I realize how meh it was.

    6. Mr North invites the reader to love found, love lost, and the commitment of relationships As treacherous as his walk up the mountain he has created characters who struggle with emotions which unexpectedly have entered their lives Detailed research into the geography of Wales, sheep farming, garden to table cooking keeps the reader turning the pages The ending is predictable but perhaps it was only my prediction that wished for the book to end as beautifully as it did He has placed his words so g [...]

    7. This book was just fantastic I loved all of it the setting, the characters, the way he set up the story and the ending was absolutely perfect I was so drawn into all of it that I wanted to keep reading and never stop, but then I was sad to be done with it I would definitely read this book again, just to be reminded of how great it is

    8. I really wanted to like this book I couldn t seem to get involved with the characters I m not entirely sure why, but they just felt very two dimensional to me I found myself irritated with Fiona and Alec instead of sympathizing with them The writing style left me cold, too An example of what felt sort of bland to me was this paragraph They began to eat The wine was velvety and dense with dark fruit The lamb was perfect, pink and falling off the bone The roast potatoes were golden and crusty on t [...]

    9. Will North s The Long Walk Home is the kind of book you think about all day long and can t wait to get back to even when you should be doing other things North s characters are complex and his descriptions of the Welsh countryside are breath taking He makes you want to pull on your hiking boots and head out on a quest of your own to find that sense of belonging that defines home And in doing so, he invites you to cheer for the joy Alec and Fiona find together.

    10. The Long Walk Home is a love story novel, you kindda see what s all about comming, and if you are an avid reader probably it wont have anyyyyy suspense But when i read it I did almost thought of the characters as if they were real Will North is a talented writter who provides with a nice story that you can read in a rainy weekend.

    11. Failed to live up to its promise The author seemed intent on writing a description of every tree, path and boulder on the walk to the summit of the mountain which made me wonder if he was reading a walking guide.I liked the fact that both characters were older and acted like adults, but the cheating was a definite no no for me, especially as the husband was not unlikeable and in fact I had a tremendous amount of sympathy for him The back story with Alec s ex wife was mawkish in places and I was [...]

    12. Okay, here is a book that I bought for the covere lovely, utterly British cover, complete with wellies, flowers, and a red door When I started this book, however, it seemed very much like one of those Good Housekeeping stories that I would occasionally read when there was nothing else lying arounda long time ago But excellent characterizations, sympathetic characters, and good writing changed my mind before too long.Without going into a lot of detail, the story revolves around Alec, who has come [...]

    13. This is a sappy detail soaked love story between two middle aged people that takes place in the country side of Wales Although this book will never be a classic, I really like this book I like the characters and I love the detailed descriptions and dialog of the country people in the neighborhoods of Wales.The local sights and colors come alive in this book, also great details of food and scents The vivid description of birthing baby sheep was both horrifying and fascinating truly information I [...]

    14. This is the second book I ve read by this author and I m still impressed He writes well Some have said the book is simpleat s hard to pull off, especially with the overarching themes of love lost and found, the insight that we are not in control of life, and the obligations of commitment What is the highest calling of life Patience, feelings, and what is worth waiting for, are all intertwined in the themes A lot to think about His prose is a lot smoother than this review He knows his grammar,too [...]

    15. ADOREI ADOREI ADOREI tudo o que posso dizer sobre este livro Encantador, enternecedor Imposs vel n o nos apaixonarmos pelo casal rom ntico desta hist ria Imposs vel n o sentirmos afinidade com as dificuldades por que eles passaram e decis es que tomaram Adorei a parte do casal jovem, as oportunidades que por vezes deixamos passar ao lado, precisando que algu m nos abra os olhos para ver que tudo o que precisamos j se encontra do nosso lado

    16. This first novel by the Author is touching and a aosurce of inspiration.The country side and the atmosphere of a small village where people constitute a tight community is going to be the backgroung for romance between the two main characters.A lovely start for Will North who seems to take special delight in certain parts pf Engalnd and Wales.Maria CarmoLisbon, 28 July 2012.

    17. This was one of the most predictable, sappy, cheesy books I ve ever read I would never dissuade anyone from reading it, but I would also never recommend it Here s an idea of how it goes Day 1 Man meets girl.Day 2 Girl falls madly, head over heels, in love with man.Day 3 Man confesses love to girl So stupid.

    18. I liked this book, some might think it sappy but it took place in Wales and the descriptions of the country were so real I also like the loyalty Fi gave to her husband even when she loved another.Good book for light reading

    19. This book was recommended by a person whose taste I respect, but so far 20% in I find it to be a lightweight romance I might continue just for the description of Welsh landscape, but I doubt I ll finish.

    20. I didn t even finish this book and I never do that I can t think of one other book that I have ever done that with I always feel like I should finish the book but this one was just unbelievable to me and I made myself stop reading it and wasting my time.

    21. I thought this was a very good, well written romance written in 2007 Maybe one of these days, I ll get my to be read shelf cleared I loved reading about the Welsh countryside in this book This book was full of life and emotion, even heroism A very enjoyable read, to say the least.

    22. I knew I wouldn t like this book when the opening pages described the main character as 43, but still had her looks WHAT I ve plowed through 70 pages and it is just too sappy for me

    23. i love this book it is love, decency, grace, family, and a sense of HOME, all rolled up into one i am still floating on a joyous cloud after reading it

    24. This book was a refreshing change A mature romance, a mature love that is selfless and kind Set in Wales, it offers a glimpse into another way of living.

    25. What an amazing find this book was for me I often don t read male authors, preferring female perspective of relationships romance but WOW Will North has rocked my world and turned it upside down.In This book The Long Walk Home, Will North manages to choose an amazing palette of yarn and has woven such a beautiful blanket of a story I was wrapped up in the heart and comfort of Fiona and Alec s story from the first description of her BB, and didn t put it down to the detriment of my work duties Im [...]

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