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Lost On a cold London night homicide detective Vincent Ruiz is fished out of the Thames with a bullet in his leg and an even bigger hole in his memory He has no recollection of the shooting or how he fini

  • Title: Lost
  • Author: Michael Robotham
  • ISBN: 9780385508667
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lost By Michael Robotham, On a cold London night, homicide detective Vincent Ruiz is fished out of the Thames with a bullet in his leg and an even bigger hole in his memory He has no recollection of the shooting or how he finished in the river The only clue is a photograph found in his pocket of Mickey Carlyle, a seven year old girl who went missing three years earlier A man was convicted of herOn a cold London night, homicide detective Vincent Ruiz is fished out of the Thames with a bullet in his leg and an even bigger hole in his memory He has no recollection of the shooting or how he finished in the river The only clue is a photograph found in his pocket of Mickey Carlyle, a seven year old girl who went missing three years earlier A man was convicted of her murder.But what if the police got it wrong Ruiz s only hope of unravelling the puzzle is to retrace his steps and re create the night of the shooting Under investigation by his colleagues and accused of faking amnesia, he turns to Joe O Loughlin, a clinical psychologist, who he hopes can unlock his memories Step by step, they piece together a story of grief, vengeance, and the search for redemption.

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    1. I have been wanting to read The Secret She Keeps and since that has been on hold at the library, I decided to go back to this series This series is very well written This was a buddy read with my friend Susan Susan liked it, but wasn t a favorite since she read Say You re Sorry and really loved that one She also wished there was of Joe The reviews on that book is what got me reading this series I really did enjoy this one a lot This story took me on a roller coaster of a ride and what a thrilli [...]

    2. My delight with Michael Robotham s books continues We met Joe O Laughlin and DI Vincent Ruiz in the first book O Laughlin plays only a supporting role in this book Here we get an in depth look at Ruiz His ancestry is German Gypsy, and his mother pretended to be Jewish to escape the Nazis He can t keep a wife, is estranged from his kids, and visits his mother irregularly in the retirement home where he placed her He carries a lot of self inflicted guilt in his soul He is tenacious and sometimes h [...]

    3. The 4th Michael Robotham book I ve read, and the 4th I ve thoroughly enjoyed.In the first of this series, London psychiatrist Joseph O Loughlin, is the principle character who is dogedly pursued by DI Vincent Ruiz In this 2nd book, Ruiz takes the spotlight, with O Loughlin taking a supporting role This made for interesting reading, and has hopefully set the stage for future books where these two, well drawn characters, will share the limelight together.A great story, with plenty of twists, and e [...]

    4. An interesting and unusual way to write a book in a series when the main character takes a very subordinate role and the story is totally based on and about someone else Still it did not matter as it was still a great story, fast paced and action packed and everything a good crime thriller should be Joseph O Loughlin still had an interesting role to play even though the book was written entirely from someone else s point of view I enjoy the way Michael Robotham writes and look forward to continu [...]

    5. 3.5 stars This is a favorite mystery suspense author but I ve enjoyed his other novels than this one I started reading these books at a later point in the series when the psychologist, Joe O Loughlin was the main protagonist, which I prefer over the homicide detective Vincent Ruiz Joe s personal story was compelling and I found that missing in this story It s still one of my favorite mystery series and I look forward to reading other books by the author.

    6. Zum Gl ck habe ich die B cher in falscher Reihenfolge gelesen Band 8, 9 und 10 sind o super tolle Thriller, aber dieser hier, Teil 2, ist zum Sterben langweilig gewesen D

    7. When Detective Inspector Vincent Ruiz returned to consciousness, he had been in a coma for eight days he hovered between life and death after a particularly harrowing event which left him with a severe bullet wound to his leg plus the loss of his ring finger, also from a bullet When he was found he was clinging to a buoy in the filthy River Thames and it was only the freezing temperatures of the river which had stopped him dying before he was found The only trouble was that Ruiz had no memory be [...]

    8. This novel has an interesting construction with the plot starting near the end of the story In the opening sequence DI Vincent Ruiz is plucked from the River Thames with a serious bullet wound in his leg and near critical blood loss.When he regains consciousness he has no memory of the events leading up to his near death He eventually recalls that they were somehow connected to the disappearance of a young girl, Mickey Carlyle, three years ago Despite a suspect being convicted of her kidnapping [...]

    9. LOST aka The Drowning Man Pol Proc Vincent Ruiz England Cont VG Robotham, Michael 2nd bookDoubleday, 2006, US Hardcover ISBN 0385508662First Sentence I remember someone once telling me that you know it s cold when you see a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets.DI Victor Ruiz is pulled from the Thames, nearly dead, with a serious gunshot and transient global amnesia Three years previous, 7 year old Mickey Carlyle disappeared from within her building A neighbor was convicted and everyone assum [...]

    10. Pretty good Some good twists and turns I thought there were some good secondary characters The author was good at making me feel like I was there which was gross when in the sewers of London I will read the next one in the series.

    11. 4.5 stars I really like this series a lot, they always start out a little bit slow to set the scene and characters but once it gets going it s like a crazy rollercoaster of deception There were so many twists and turns in this novel I could hardly keep up and while I did really enjoy it there was a point where I felt like there had been one twist too many The plot got a little overcomplicated to me, especially once the sewer system got involved if you have read the book you ll understand when I [...]

    12. This is the 2nd book in the Joe O Loughlin series of books by Michael Robotham It is in fact the 3rd book in the series that I have read and felt a little disappointed with this one due to the fact that O Loughlin barely features Also I did feel that there were too many characters in it and this at times got confusing, perhaps that is why it is called lost I do intend to read of this series in the hope that Michael Robotham reverts back to the stories being largely based around Joe O Loughlin.

    13. This was not my favorite in this series but the series does get much better as it goes along I m finding that some of the books in this series can be stand alone reads but as always, it is better if you are familiar with the characters I read this as a buddy read with Mary and she liked it very much.

    14. Solid crime novel A confusing plot at times mainly due to the large number of characters Ending definitely was worth the wait Was only my 2nd Robotham novel, will probably give it some time before the next.

    15. I just couldn t get into this one the way I have with Michael Robotham s other novels I ve read I m starting the third in this series now so hopefully this one will be better for me.

    16. This story started with great premise and could have been a really enjoyable who dun it.As we meet our hero, Vincent Ruiz, he is lying in a London hospital in a coma of 8 days duration He was shot in the front of the leg and has an exit wound the size of a pie plate We re told that several times throughout the endless saga But as he begins to awaken from his coma, apparently, his Super Powers kick in and he charges out against all admonitions to find 1 his missing memory and 2 a missing girl who [...]

    17. Vince Ruiz is pulled out the Thames, nearly drowned, suffering from gunshot wounds and with no memory whatsoever of how he got there He has a dream that tells him that that whatever happened on the river is tied into a three year old kidnapping case where a little girl disappears unaccountably from the apartment block where she lives with her mother I down graded this book to three stars only because it was so complex and featured such a huge cast of characters that I found myself unable to keep [...]

    18. This is a dark disturbing violent book with intense character development and a few surprising plot twists Amnesia is a common device but used here becomes a portal to hell Continuing with characters established in his first book Suspect the author now focuses on the detective from that novel who wakes up in a river having had an assassins bullet pass through his leg His amnesia prevents him from telling how and why he got there There is an empty boat doused in human blood As his memory returns, [...]

    19. I quite enjoyed this book, even if it did pretty much almost continuously flip flop between two states, it did so in a way that wasn t confusing Giving the main character amnesia was a nice way to introduce the story and the main players, since we learnt things as the main character did The action built up to a delicious climax, and a satisfying resolution I was delighted that the main character from the first book in the series made such an appearance, but wonder if it would have been better fr [...]

    20. I read this book because i like Say You re Sorry , and yes i was sorry because even though the first couple of chapters sound good a police officer is in the hospital after being shot and washed up from the Thames River, he remembers nothing, total amnesia The remainder of the bookis basically a crime investigation that is kind of boring.

    21. Painful memoriesDetective Inspector Vincent Ruiz awakes in hospital to discover that he has lost all memory of the events that have put him there He has been shot through the leg and was dragged half dead from the Thames, the boat he was on drifting empty but with the blood of than one person on the deck His furious boss accuses him of having been involved in a rogue operation to pay ransom for the return of a missing child young Mickey Carlyle, who went missing three years earlier and is presu [...]

    22. Lost is the second book in the Joe O Loughlin series Written from the first person perspective of Vincent Ruiz, the Detective Inspector determined to find Joe guilty in Suspect, it commences with Ruiz clinging to a yellow buoy in the middle of the Thames, dazed, confused and shot Admitted to hospital and placed in a coma, when Ruiz awakes, he has no memory of the events leading up to his immersion in the river or his wounds, only that it s somehow connected to a previous case of an abducted girl [...]

    23. I read the first in this series quite a while ago, so it is possible that my memory is not accurate, but I thought I really enjoyed the first one where the story was told from the point of view of Joseph O Loughlin, a psychologist, and I didn t quite enjoy this one as much which featured Joseph, but was told from a Detective Inspector s point of view.I also had some trouble following the story and what was happening and why however it is very possible that this is because I was reading this whil [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book in the series even than the first one I started this series because the protagonist in the first book has Parkinsons, as my father does, and I wanted to get a perspective on living with the disease I did enjoy the first book, but didn t like some of the twists So I was surprised when this book wasn t centered on the main character of the first book, but on the detective who was investigating him for murder It was an interesting decision for Mr Robotham to make, to have a ser [...]

    25. Told from the point of view of Detective Vincent Ruiz Joe is a side character I loved hearing Ruiz s backstory and enjoyed it every bit as much as the first one.

    26. This is the second of the Joseph O Loughlin series and one that I enjoyed even than the first Robotham switches his point of view in this novel from the psychologist O Loughlin to the detective Ruiz, who becomes a very interesting character in his own right.The premise of the story that Ruiz has lost his memory as a result of a trauma almost certainly involving death of innocent or guilty parties, we re not quite sure is one that I m not fond of I think it s a cop out really no pun intended But [...]

    27. In the book Lost by Michael Robotham, a detective inspector was admitted to a hospital and woke up in a coma, having no memory of what happened before he woke up This novel was published in 2005 He knows that it is probably connected to a previous case of an abducted girl, a Russian criminal, and a child molester With the help of his friend, psychologist, Joe O Loughlin and a young policewoman, Vincent Ruiz has to piece together aspects of his recovery and recover his memories, discovering who i [...]

    28. In this second volume we find Inspector Ruiz who wakes up in the hospital not remembering what happened to him All he knows is that he was shot in the leg and that he must surely investigate the disappearance of Mickey Carlyle a little girl He will investigate this and his memory will come back to him A survey full of twists and suspense.

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