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Our Hero #2020

Our Hero For Babymouse school is a constant battle between good Babymouse evil Felicia Furrpaws and evil gym class Can things get any worse Yup Because it s time for the annual dodgeball tournament What s

  • Title: Our Hero
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm
  • ISBN: 9780375832307
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Our Hero By Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm, For Babymouse, school is a constant battle between good Babymouse , evil Felicia Furrpaws , and evil gym class Can things get any worse Yup Because it s time for the annual dodgeball tournament What s a mouse to do Don t miss the excitement in Babymouse Our Hero

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      Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm

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    1. In Babymouse Our Hero, Babymouse tries to overcome her fear of dodgeball During the story, Babymouse imagines herself as a hero who undergoes many trials, such as walking miles to school or becoming Babymouse zilla, a monster who cannot be defeated by dodgeballs The illustrations are cute and use black, white and pink colors.The Babymouse series is about a mouse with messy whiskers and big dreams She faces problems with the help of her imagination, her friends, and a bit of sass The series has w [...]

    2. In this story, Babymouse is faced with her greatest fear of all Flashbacks immediately come into Babymouse s head about her insecurities with the game In gym class, each student is forced to play the game and for.A GRADE On the day of the game, Babymouse forgets her gym shoes at home and is left in her pink shoes She is sliding all over the floor and feels like she made a big mistake As the game continues, Babymouse and Felicia Furrypaws the reigning champ are left in the game Low and behold, Ba [...]

    3. Babymouse, 2 Our Hero was a great book Read this book if you like humorous comic books, imaginative story lines, and if you hate dodge ball Babymouse, with the help of her friends defeats her enemy in dodge ball, and is thus a hero I really enjoyed reading this book because I felt I could relate to babymouse, even though I m in college I like the graphics and the humor a lot These books never get old and I highly recommend them to anyone who likes humor, comic books, and imaginative stories.

    4. Brother sister Jennifer Matthew Holm team up to present this tale of a sassy little mouse with a bully problem Babymouse drags her feet getting out of bed in the morning because she dreads gym, algebra and Felicia Furrypaws, a mean kitty who looks down on her Faced with the threat that if she forgets her sneakers one time, her poor marks in gym wil go on her permanent record, she enlists the help of her best buddy, a weasel named Wilson, to give her a refresher course in dodgeball She dreams of [...]

    5. I found this graphic novel to be very funny and kind of cute As you may already know this story s protagonist is an adorable mouse named Babymouse Although this book was titled Babymouse Our Hero the story was different than what I thought it would be Babymouse only become a superhero like on the cover for a short time in her own imagination I thought she was going to image she was a superhero the whole time but she didn t What did happen was a great and humorous story about Babymouse preparing [...]

    6. This is a cute little book that elementary school students will easily relate to Babymouse has to deal with bullying, daily life, and dodgeball but does it in a comical way to help children see its really not the end of the world There are many references to heroic events such as the oregon trail and space exploration I found it interesting that these fantasies changed the color scheme, the background was pink while in her real life the color was white and black with pink only as an accent All t [...]

    7. KidLit ED204 category graphic novel Babymouse Our Hero by Jennifer L Holm Matthew Holm is a fun graphic novel about Babymouse The book opens with Babymouse dreaming of being the hero getting an award for taking out the garbage without being asked But Babymouse s dreams and reality are quite different This book is a sure fire hit for young readers It would make a good read aloud to a class of students, as well This book will make the reader or listener laugh and cheer when Babymouse finally does [...]

    8. My son handed this one to me and told me I needed to read this TODAY Like RIGHT NOW How could he possibly have known how perfect this one was for me I did everything in my power to avoid dodgeball in school it was definitely my least favorite thing to do in gym I think everyone was better at the game than I was, so it was just easier to get out fast Like the other Babymouse books, I love her imagination and how Wilson is always there to help her solve whatever the problem is.

    9. Cute My 7 year old is also enjoying these Although I was bugged that they are playing dodgeball in PE and people are getting hit in the head.

    10. Babymouse faces the threat of dodgeball with her usual imagination tempered by a lot of worry and literary reference What s not to like

    11. Who doesn t remember the horrors of dodgeball Babymouse is worried sick about going up against her nemesis Felecia in the mandatory game in gym Babymouse s imagination works overtime as she daydreams escapes from the game and also the brutality of fractions I love that she isn t good at everything we find she stinks at art and music While readers will find Babymouse cool, she also is very easy to identify with for kids I found myself really empathetic of her worries and rooting hard for her in t [...]

    12. This is a Fantasy Fiction Graphic Novel This book would be great for students in 2nd 3rd grade A story about a Hero Mouse who conquers her fear of the game dodgeball.Text to Self I can personally relate to this book, because I also did not like playing dodge ball at school and I am sure there are many kids who feel the same way.Text to Text This book is in the same format as Comic Books Just like Comics you can read what is happening in the story by text bubbles from each character.Text to World [...]

    13. Baby mouse dreams that she is a hero Then she wake up and she late for the bus and so she has to walk to school in P E the couch said that they have a DodgBall tournament the next day and she was skared to play.Because on the other team is good players and mean players And the day of the tournament she was so sakered but she did somethang amasing and know she is the hero What i thank about the book is how she dream and whens the Dodg ball game

    14. Babymouse is a cute story with many books in the series My 9 year old daughter is a big fan because the books are fun, quick, and written like a comic strip The stories are very quick to read and the illustrations are cute In this story, Babymouse must save the day, but how and from what You ll have to read to find out

    15. Very cute I didn t read the description very carefully and thought from the cover and title it was going to be super hero themed It s actually about dreading dodgeball which I definitely relate to

    16. This is probably my first comic book I ve actually invested in I really enjoyed the story line and it kept my attention.

    17. I m still not that keen about the illustrations, but I love the story and Babymouse s wild imagination It s a bit reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes.

    18. I just ordered the other 17 books from the library Loving this I know, I know I am 35 But seriously amazing books for little girls

    19. Title Babymouse, Our HeroAuthor Jennifer L Holm Illustrator Matthew HolmGenre Graphic Novel Theme s School, Humor, Friendship, Confronting FearsOpening line sentence Are you getting up babymouse Brief Book Summary Babymouse has to participate in the annual dodgeball tournament and go against the evil Felicia Furrpaws She faces her fears head on and comes out as a champion Professional Recommendation Review 1 Clive Barnes Books for Keeps No 159, July 2006 HarperCollins launches its assault on the [...]

    20. I m probably just too old to appreciate this little book It is a top circulating item in the children s dept

    21. Our Hero Baby Mouse is the tale of a young girl mouse and her adventurous mind throughout her rather bad day The main character, Baby Mouse, is dreaming when we first being the story In this dream she receives a pink heart as an award for her bravery during her time as some sort of solider The story then proceeds to go into a series of unfortunate events Baby Mouse occurs, for instance missing the morning school bus However, with each of these mis happenings Baby Mouse imagines them as some elab [...]

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