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Underground #2020

Underground Harper Blaine was your average small time P I until she died for two minutes Now Harper is a Greywalker walking the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm And she s discovering th

  • Title: Underground
  • Author: Kat Richardson
  • ISBN: 9780749908737
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Underground By Kat Richardson, Harper Blaine was your average small time P.I until she died for two minutes Now Harper is a Greywalker walking the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm And she s discovering that her new abilities are landing her all sorts of strange cases.Pioneer Square s homeless are turning up dead and mutilated, and zombies have been seen roaming the undHarper Blaine was your average small time P.I until she died for two minutes Now Harper is a Greywalker walking the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm And she s discovering that her new abilities are landing her all sorts of strange cases.Pioneer Square s homeless are turning up dead and mutilated, and zombies have been seen roaming the underground the city buried beneath modern Seattle When Harper s friend Quinton believes he may be implicated in the deaths, he persuades her to investigate But the killer is no mere murderer it is a creature of ancient legend And Harper must deal with both the living and the dead to stop the monster and its master unless they stop her first.

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      471 Kat Richardson
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    1. Okay, this series continues to entertain me much than I initially expected it to I was so pleased to get a copy of Underground for my birthday and I immediately dived right in It picks up shortly after the events ofPoltergeist and Harper is still dealing both physically and emotionally with the fallout from her ghost busting stint Things with tall, blond, and lanky Will are less than stellar and distraction comes in the form of Harper s mysterious friend Quinton who shows up on her doorstep dem [...]

    2. I always expectd want these books to be better than they are I forgot, in the elapsed time between the last one I read and this one exactly why I hadn t picked it up sooner.I like good urban fantasy, and like many I try most new series hoping for good reads These don t stink I read the first 2 and then set the series asidee they just aren t that good They are a good idea, and they at times begin to draw me in, but then always lose me.This one started out slowly but finally picked up once Harper [...]

    3. I just finished Underground This is Kat Richardson s third novel of her Greywalker series and I love it Her heroine reminds me a bit of Laurell K Hamilton s Anita Blakewithout the sexcapadesor the guiltor the constant killing Ok, maybe not Anita Blake Richardson s heroine is a strong character who wrestles with her choices while always trying to do the right thingeven when it s not the most comfortable thing.Harper diedr about two minutes When she came back , she came back with the ability to se [...]

    4. Third in the series The mystery plot seems to move along a little faster in this and we finally get to learn of Quinton, but there s still that blandness holding it back.There s a rich patina of history and in the unlikely event I find myself in Seattle I d love to take that ghost tour underground The concept of raising the street level was fascinating to me, and having the hidden level below Meeting the undergrounders aka tramps held huge potential for characterisation.Unfortunately the charac [...]

    5. This is the third book in the Greywalker series by Kat Richardson The 4th book, Vanished, had already been released and the 5th book, Labyrinth, is due out August 2010 There are six books under contract for this series last that I heard I enjoyed this book and thought it was a good addition to the series I listened to this on audio book The audio book was fairly well done, sometimes the narrator has trouble distinguishing the different male voices, but other than that it was easy to listen to.In [...]

    6. It s official Underground, Book 3 of Kat Richardson s Greywalker series, is ten pounds of fun in a five pound jar And I say that not just because the ship I was hoping for in this series sets sail as of this installment, either.Now, zombies are the up and coming thing in urban fantasy these days, it seems So I m seeing and established series spend at least a little time doing a zombie plot, and this book is the Greywalker series turn That said, it s less of a zombie plot than you might expect, [...]

    7. 4 Stars Underground by Kat Richardson is a fantastic continuation of our heroine Harper This is a fast and somewhat short story that works by never being boring I loved the further development of our heorine and her interactions with the Grey Underground is a story that centers on a native American urban legend creature.I really like this series.

    8. This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader So Harper s pal computer tech security expert, Quinton, comes to her for a favor Several homeless people in the area have gone missing, and some have shown up that look, well, eaten By something large Quinton would like Harper to look into it, see if there s something that s up her particular alley than what the police are looking equipped for.Obviously, yes, or it d be a very short and incredibly dull book.Harper and Quinton end up on a sear [...]

    9. My bad I m usually so anal about reading a series in order that it is very rare for me to read books out of order Since they weren t numbered, I read this, the third book, second But I don t regret it one little bit One of the things I love about these books is their sense of feel for Seattle, its history and the effects of the Native American culture there This story is centered on the Underground and, while the real world Underground is only available for a few guided tours, the author has no [...]

    10. This is one of my favorite series, especially in the urban fantasy genre I loved learning about Quinton, a character the reader meets in the first book of the series and gets to know a little bit about to be supremely intrigued I know I was I was pleased to see a lot of Quinton this time around and a lot less of Will, the boyfriend in book one and two Richardson uses folklore to create the monster that is attacking Seattle s homeless and what a monster it is Freaked me right the hell out, but [...]

    11. This is one of those series that I enjoy but, even among the brain candy I typically read, this is particularly cotton candy I have a lot of trouble remembering details from previous books it s only as the author refers back to specific things that I get a case of deja vu.Am I reading too many similar things Maybe I don t have trouble with Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, etc, though There s about 4 series that my brain seems to insist is one series, all with the same protagonist.I m not sure wha [...]

    12. The third book in Kat Richardson s Greywalker series has got to be my favorite to date It seems to be heading in one direction at the beginning, swerves a bit in the middle, and blows up with some serious action and intrigue at the end Without giving too much away, I can say that the story revolves around the walking dead, mythical Native American figures, the dark history of Seattle and its underground, and of course Harper Blaine s ghosts Above all, my favorite aspect of the story was the reve [...]

    13. Three years ago Underground was the book that introduced me to this author, Kat Richardson I LOVED IT and upon finishing it, I bought everything else I could find by her I devoured her books Now I m reading them in order and following the store arc in sequence I m having the best time I remember exactly why I loved this book so much It s fast paced and exciting It s laugh out loud fun at times It has the perfect blend of surprise, spooky, legend, adventure, mystery and intrigue Don t miss the Gr [...]

    14. Underground is a solid third entry back into the grey Harper is, as always, a protagonist I can relate to and is believable in her thoughts in actions Although the plot was slow at times, it was still entertaining and usually kept my interest I love Seattle as a setting, even if there are a few liberties hey, I ve never been there P , and will continue to pick up Ms Richardson s books slight spoilers I hope Will is gone for good what a bore and Quinton is as intriguing as he s always been.

    15. I had so much fun with this book I like the Greywalker series anyway, and the Seattle setting, but this one covered a ton of real life Seattle places that I am really familiar with.Instead of a regular review, I did a photo essay and took some snapshots of some of the places that appear in this book Check it out if it sounds interesting to you

    16. I m glad that Will is out and Quinton is in I really enjoy this type of love interest nerdy, smart and not at all pushy The fact that he has a mysterious past is also thrown out the window in the interest of disclosure to main character so that she is not constantly left in the dark well, any than usual.

    17. I loved the history of Seattle, its streets the underground The monster was a bit hard for me to take though it was very exciting action It helped that it was a Native American monster Her Quinton Too good to be true We shall see

    18. Not the worst urban fantasy, and not the best It s alright The characters are fine, but the plot design and storytelling are sloppy This pretty much holds true for the entire series.

    19. Overall, I actually enjoyed this story than the second book Involving a legendary Native American monster is definitely an different twist that I thought worked well view spoiler Well mostly What in the world am I missing about it supposedly having a funny name I really didn t get that at all hide spoiler , though I kinda wish that Fish had been the one to ultimately help with negotiating the ending rather than Ben, who really has no reason to be of much use in this situation view spoiler Havin [...]

    20. Third in the Greywalker urban fantasy series about a private investigator, Harper Blaine, who can enter a fold of the universe that infringes between the normal and the paranormal My Take An interesting exploration of homeless and Northwest Indian cultures combined with a tour of the old underground of Seattle Richardson does state that she took liberties with Seattle s sunken city but if only one quarter of it is accuratewow Be sure to take the tour if you ever get out to Seattle It sounds fasc [...]

    21. Here is the third Greywalker mystery featuring Harper Blaine a former ballerina turned private detective who, since a near death experience two books ago, can see, move, and act inside the realm between the natural and the supernatural, called the Grey Harper has already added experience with vampires, revenants, and poltergeists to her curriculum vitae In this third outing, she gets to add zombies and a native American monster named Sisiutl She loses a boyfriend who can t handle the truth about [...]

    22. When I first heard about the Greywalker series, I was told that the first few books start off shaky and uncertain, but by the third book, Richardson hits her stride So I started reading about Harper Blaine s paranormal investigations with lowered expectations and the intent to stick things out no matter how bad they got until at least book three And that s what I did, and I am so glad The series was decent up until this point, but with Underground, it s like someone flipped a switch Every area s [...]

    23. Book 3 in Richardson s Greywalker series 4 books released to date Harper Blaine is a Seattle P.I solving paranormal cases after a near death experience allows her to cross into The Grey the realm of ghosts, vampires, witches, and magic that exists between our world and the next.The Greywalker series reads much like Jim Butcher s Dresden Files, but is of a companion piece, than a copy Richardson s world is less fantastical and gritty, because unlike Harry Dresden, she is not a wizard or a witch [...]

    24. Review originally published at BookThing Harper Blaine might be getting used to living with the Grey in her life, but she s still unsure what it all means, and why she of all people, had become a Greywalker when she d died for those two minutes While still working as a private detective, she accepts that her unique talents mean her clients aren t always of the human variety any .Bodies of some of the homeless who gather in Seattle s Pioneer Square have been turning up, and are missing The myst [...]

    25. On the whole not a bad book, but it didn t strike a chord with me The story was lacklustre and the writing, while at times good, was also pretty bland That s Underground s major problem I couldn t bring myself to love it, nor could I let myself hate it It s mediocre.Harper Blaine, the female once nearly dead PI with a touch of magic, is a fairly likable character She doesn t get on my nerves the way some hard boiled PIs can, swooping in and out of the scene like they re always in charge Harper a [...]

    26. Richardson continues to offer excellent and creative urban fantasy This installment delves further into Seattle s strange yet factual history, including using part of the underground part of the old city as its setting for Native American monsters and zombies When the downtown burned in 1889, the decision was made to raise the streets above the high tide mark and construct the new buildings out of non flammable materials For a while, sidewalks were on the old city level as the new streets were f [...]

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