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The Nano Flower #2020

The Nano Flower Peter F Hamilton is one the rising stars of science fiction in the nineties His epic space adventure The Reality Dysfunction was a major international bestseller while his near future thrillers Mi

  • Title: The Nano Flower
  • Author: Peter F. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780812577693
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Nano Flower By Peter F. Hamilton, Peter F Hamilton is one the rising stars of science fiction in the nineties His epic space adventure, The Reality Dysfunction, was a major international bestseller, while his near future thrillers, Mindstar Rising and A Quantum Murder, introduced an intriguing new hero in the character of Greg Mandel, a freelance operative whose telepathic abilities give him a crucial edPeter F Hamilton is one the rising stars of science fiction in the nineties His epic space adventure, The Reality Dysfunction, was a major international bestseller, while his near future thrillers, Mindstar Rising and A Quantum Murder, introduced an intriguing new hero in the character of Greg Mandel, a freelance operative whose telepathic abilities give him a crucial edge in the high tech world of the twenty first century Now Mandel returns in a spectacular new adventure that blows open the possibilities of the next century.Julia Evans billionaire, owner of Event Horizon, for fifteen years undisputed power behind the world s economic renaissance And in trouble.With her computer genius husband missing and rival companies suddenly claiming to have acquired a technology impossibly superior to anything on Earth, Julia has no time to notice an anonymously delivered flower But this flower has genes millions of years in advance of terrestrial DNA.Is it a cryptic alien message or a poignant farewell from her husband Only Greg Mandel can discover its origin, but he is not alone in his desperate search A vicious mercenary killer, a jade merchant, and a high priced courtesan all have a part to play.It was never going to be easy, but as Greg and Julia discover, simply being first in the race isn t nearly good enough as the Nano Flower starts to bloom.

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      287 Peter F. Hamilton
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    1 thought on “The Nano Flower

    1. I was a bit apprehensive about starting this book I m a big Peter F Hamilton fan, but as good as his earlier work is, it does not compare to the Reality Dysfunction and beyond I should not have worried, this, the last of the Greg Mandel books shows a writer really starting to come into his own It deals with big themes especially the end , a rapidly escalating situation, some dynamic action sequences, while keeping true to the characters established in the earlier novels There is a genuine feelin [...]

    2. It starts with a robot cockroach being dropped into a toilet Tee hee 5 18 hrs Good characters and tech, and the possibility of aliens Now this is the Hamilton I know and love.16 18 hrs Seeing some ideas from his next Night s Dawn trilogy There was actually a lot of action around 9 hours It almost felt like the end of a book I m sure some action is coming up now.All done The conclusion was very organic There were definitely precursors to his later work I loved the female tech merc character.

    3. I really love the Greg Mandel books and would have given them 5 stars as they were particular favourites when I was a teenager, however on a re read I find the concept of a conservative government and benevolent captalism saving the day particularly as embodied by Julia Evans rather galling The concept is great fun though An ex army commando acquires a useable psychic ability as part of a military experiment and then uses his ability to set himself up as a private detective The Psi Boost mostly [...]

    4. The Nano Flower is written by Peter F Hamilton and is the third Greg Mandel book of three ISB number 978 0 812 57769 8, first published in 1998 by Tor.First of all I would like to mention that the illustration of the book is for e a little bit disappointing The cover art is by Barclay Shaw and the cover design by Carol Russo Design printed in America For me the cover is important and must have some relation with the story and the setting of the story When I look at the cover it gives me a feeli [...]

    5. This is the third book in the Greg Mandel trilogy series and by far the weakest of the lot Each book is completely self contained, and I wish I d stopped with the last one instead of continuing to read this This takes place years after the last book ended The husband of ultra rich businesswoman Julia Evans goes missing before the book opens She is sent a flower from him that appears to have come from space somewhere, as it features alien technology, but she doesn t know what it means or how it w [...]

    6. I really enjoyed The Nano Flowerup until the endingIt s not that it s a bad ending exactly, it s just that the latter portions of the novel get a little strangee book s been summarized pretty well in the editorial excerpts as well as the previous reviewers statements so I won t go into that in any great depth.Greg s pulled out of retirement once again by Julia Evans you guessed it because she gets a note from her missing lover Royan, delivered by a known consort read, call girl at one of her cha [...]

    7. Originally published on my blog here in November 2000.The third Greg Mandel novel is, like its predecessors, obviously flawed unlike them, it is a thriller than a mystery It is set the better part of two decades later, when Greg and his wife Eleanor have teenage children, and Greg s friend and employer billionaire industrialist Julia Evans has a husband and children of her own Had a husband, I should say, for he has gone missing before the start of the novel The story begins when a flower is de [...]

    8. The final book in the Mandel series It was very awesome Just as good as the first, though different, and far better than the 2nd And it s the only one in the series that can possibly be classified as a space opera.Note that you can safely skip the 2nd book in the series and only read 1 and 3 if you want This one takes place 15 years after the 2nd book and the plot is not contiguous except for the introduction of a couple minor characters.Hamilton s story pacing, action sequences, and world build [...]

    9. This is the first Peter Hamilton book I ever read although it is the third in the trilogy I found it as an import, and thank goodness for that because if I had first encountered this book through the original US version, I never would have picked it up, because the cover is absolutely atrocious That would have been a shame, because this is a wonderful near future cyber thriller The first book is good The second one I did not like very much But this one is a classic It is set in the UK and I had [...]

    10. The third Greg Mandel novel finds Hamilton straining the limits of his post Warming, post socialist tyrany, hi tech world of psychics and corporate espionage suddenly we have an alien flower and visits to space This is a thriller in the vein of the first Mandel novel, Mindstar Rising, than the formal murder mystery of the second That s probably why I prefer the middle novel Hamilton is at his best when writing detective stories.

    11. For the final book in the Greg Mandel series, Hamilton gives him his biggest case Greg s journey is well drawn and convincing he s changed considerably since the first book and it s a shame to see him hang up his psychic powers Hamilton caps off the series nicely it s sad to see it end, but it s always good to see a series finish on high rather than left open for a sequel that never comes.

    12. The last Book in the Mandel series I have to say I am sad to have finished them I like Hamilton s vision of the future,the characters and character development and story lines As such I have read almost all his published work It seems he has explored several time periods in earths future Though the characters in this book were getting older it is a shame they have passed out of time.

    13. This is another fine Greg Mandel sci fi mystery, with many the familiar and loved cast of characters of the first two books The Nano Flower is creative and clever often, but truly a pre cursor to the wonderful work of Pandora s Star and the subsequent books of the Commonwealth Universe.

    14. Third in the series I liked the others, but the main characters seemed out of character of sorts in this one I put this one down much than the previous and I don t think I will recommend this one.

    15. The most Hamilton of the 3 Greg Mandel books and I also notice some idea he later expanded on in his other books Fun read.

    16. Enjoyed the first half or the scene setting but found it then meandered a bit too much towards a slightly unsatifying conclusion .

    17. I didn t think that The Nano Flower was as good as the previous two books in the trilogy view spoiler The first two are gritty near future cyberpunk minus the ridiculous weapons The whole alien plot and ending in the third one were pretty blah hide spoiler It sort of feels like it was written only to tie in the trilogy to the author s later novels will know for sure once I ve read those.But one can t deny Peter F Hamilton s talent and great writing style I don t like space opera, but after these [...]

    18. Classic HamiltonThis novel takes the mind star series from sci fi crime to pure sci fi A self contained story, although good to have read the previous books to know the characters Fast paced with sufficient plot twists to keep things interesting and stop you thinking too hard about the gaps.

    19. As always, Peter F Hamilton demonstrates his dazzling imagination and eye for a good plot The stereotyping is a bit dated in parts a gay character who really wants to be straight but other than that definitely a good read.

    20. Takes place several years later than in the previous books Interesting to see the directions take by the characters and the future of the world they helped shape.

    21. Another great book in the series, really liked the continued character development Snowy, Ryan, Greg and all the rest.

    22. Tekmercs, aliens, space flight, cyberpunk at its best Best book in the trilogy by far Finished in Inverness 2010.

    23. I really liked the first fight scene It was what the series needed in the first or second book I had always thought things were stacked in Greg s favour because of his psi abilities, but a fight where he was up against other psi users was epically done I feel like that scene could have spawned the mass effect video game series For me, that was the highlight of the book and then the rest was just par.

    24. WITHOUT PUTTING DOWN the first two books in this series, the third book in the remarkable GREG MANDEL trilogy is easily the best, and easily the most epic in a science fiction sense The plot as outlined by the blurb on the book s back cover is enough to give any sci fi fan permanent goose bumps, and along with the associated plethora of OMG moments the book provides, will guarantee the reader a hugely entertaining and wonder filled experience of the third literary kind Seasoned readers of Mr Ham [...]

    25. Scroll down for the English version.Perfettamente costruito, ma troppo calcolato e freddo sul finaleQuesto romanzo mi piaciuto molto, finch non sono arrivata alla parte finale su New London, di cui non sono proprio riuscita a digerire la conclusione E ci ha per forza di cose un influenza negativa sul mio giudizio generale.Come sempre Hamilton un maestro nel gestire trame complesse in un contesto elaborato e a farvi interagire pi personaggi ben caratterizzati In questo senso The Nano Flower l ane [...]

    26. An energetic story and much better than the previous sequel a Qantum Murder Overall an enjoyable read The story is set in a post global warming England UK no longer where the New Conservatice government is completely in the pocket of the aerospace and power industry, and one company in particular Event Horizon This self funded corporate giant dominates the English economy whilst paying very little in taxation, and maintaining its predominant position through employment of mercenary hardliners an [...]

    27. Auch Die Nano Blume ist eine rasante Mischung aus Detektivkrimi und Science Fiction, ein Thriller aus der nahen Zukunft, in dem auch Aliens ein W rtchen mitzureden haben.Dies ist auch der Abschlussband der Mindstar Trilogie , mit der sich der Peter F Hamilton seinen Platz im Science Fiction Genre erobert hat Die ersten zwei B nde hei en Die Spinne im Netz und Das Mord Paradigma.Siebzehn Jahre nach den Ereignissen in Das Mord Paradigma Julia Evans, Besitzerin des Gro konzerns Event Horizon und re [...]

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