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The Empty Hours #2020

The Empty Hours Three chillers from the files of the th Precinct A young wealthy woman is found strangled to death in a slum apartment leaving behind only her name some cancelled checks and an unknown killer in

  • Title: The Empty Hours
  • Author: Ed McBain
  • ISBN: 9780752864112
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Empty Hours By Ed McBain, Three chillers from the files of the 87th Precinct A young, wealthy woman is found strangled to death in a slum apartment leaving behind only her name, some cancelled checks, and an unknown killer in The Empty Hours A big, ugly J is painted on the synagogue wall by a killer who had brutally stabbed the rabbi on Passover A bright red pool of blood spread inThree chillers from the files of the 87th Precinct A young, wealthy woman is found strangled to death in a slum apartment leaving behind only her name, some cancelled checks, and an unknown killer in The Empty Hours A big, ugly J is painted on the synagogue wall by a killer who had brutally stabbed the rabbi on Passover A bright red pool of blood spread into the snow as Cotton Hawes watched his quiet ski weekend turn into a hunt for a ski slope slayer in Storm.

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    1. The fifteenth entry in Ed McBain s 87th Precinct series consists of three novellas featuring the precinct s detectives In the first, a wealthy young woman is found murdered in a room in a run down boarding house Why in the world was she living there, when she had loads of money and a very upscale home at her disposal There s precious little evidence to go on, and Detective Steve Carella is reduced to going through her cancelled checks, grasping at straws in an effort to find her killer.In the se [...]

    2. Three novellas involving the cast of the 87th Didn t know how I d feel about short stories instead of the usual length, but I was very pleasantly surprised All three stories were concise and intriguing and character driven McBain doesn t get nearly enough credit for his character development and commentary A story involving the murder of a rabbi was surprisingly touching.

    3. This book, which is considered the 15th in the 87th precinct series, actually consists of three novellas, each of which has a personality all its own In the first novella, The Empty Hours a rich young woman is found dead in a slum The second concerns the murder of a Rabbi and shows the Antisemitism which was so much a part of our culture at that time and which, of course, still exists today The third entry, my favorite, takes place at a rundown ski resort where detective Hawes and his female com [...]

    4. just finished this one thursday, afternoon four pee em if it matters three shorter pieces in this one the description says that, but i didn t know when i looked at saw the price, 2.99 i think, and that was the draw, other than it is from mcbain i really enjoy the stories the last one takes place on the ski slopes north of town one has the jewish element lot of things jewish in that one, makes for an interesting read, things some don t know i didn t have another mcbain ready on the kindle and so [...]

    5. Short stories and novellas are not usually my cup of tea but these three stories fall in the chronological sequence of the 87th Precinct novels and I needed a quick fix after my last read All the usual painstaking work of following the clues and sometimes just getting lucky One slight departure is the final story Storm , in which Catton Hawes takes a weekend break and is caught up in a murder case.Easy reading Recommended.

    6. The three shorter 87th Precinct stories featuring a ski resort, a synagogue, and a dead rich girl They each contain and interesting idea that works as the entire story skipping the subplots of the previous 87th novels Carella wants to know why a rich girl is living in ramshackle boarding house Meyer wants to know who killed the rabbi Cotton Hawes is on a skiing vacation with his girlfriend when a ski instructor is murdered.

    7. A break from the norm, in that this features 3 novellas rather than a single novel, but none the worse for it My favourite of the 3 stories was the last one, which has Hawes on a skiing holiday, butting heads with the local cops as he tries to solve a murder.

    8. A great read anytime any whereThis series is always good, this particular book is a great mix of characters and situations that s entertaining I especially liked the last one set in a ski lodge the comedy of events in one particular setting is memorable He is one of my favorite authors I m saddened that he is no longer alive to continue on with his writing.

    9. Three short ish stories The third was set at a ski resort and was a very different beast for McBain.

    10. The Empty Hours is a collection of three short 87th Precinct stories by Ed McBain The Empty Hours, J , and Storm A welcome departure from the typical 87th Precinct structure, these three shorter pieces each focus on a specific crime, and importantly, how that specific crime affects the precinct boy working on the case.In The Empty Hours, Steve Carella investigates an apparent suicide with Meyer Meyer s assistance as he desperately looks for evidence of homicide, leading them to mysteries than [...]

    11. The Empty Hours by Ed McBain Evan Hunter Before CSI, before the Law Order, there were the 87th Precinct mysteries The starred Cotton Hawes, Meyer Meyer, Steve Carella and some others, and focused on the legwork of detecting and police procedures.Thus there are plenty of scenes of cops gabbing, thinking, and spending a lot of time checking stories There is no corruption, no planted evidence, no bad policing due to racial overtones, just the facts, the chits for gas, the use of crappy cars, and wo [...]

    12. This book of McBain s 87th precinct series had three separate short novels The first, The Empty Hours , has Detectives Carella and Meyer investigating the death of a beautiful young heiress found dead in a slum apartment The second, J , again features Carella and Meyers, this time investigating the murder of a rabbi behind the synagogue on Passover The third, Storm , has Detective Hawes investigating on his own the death of a ski instructor stabbed with a ski pole he s supposed to be having fun [...]

    13. So it seems like McBain had some interesting story ideas that wouldn t quite flesh out to full novels so he gave us these three interesting novellas as a nice surprise.The three stories are well written and their length creates a real focus on the crime involved Two of them really add to the development of two of the detectives we have come to know throughout the series.I really noticed some of the prose he uses to describe settings and scenery in these stories I really enjoy the way he talks ab [...]

    14. This entry in McBain s 87th precinct series is, somewhat unusually, three short stories rather than a single plot In the first, the victim of a confusing crime is not what she appears to be in the second, a young rabbi is horribly murdered on Passover, and signs point to a hate crime in the third, Detective Cotton Hawes romantic ski weekend upstate is partly interrupted by a murder on a ski lift In language and attitudes the stories are dated, but the dialogue is, as usual for McBain, crackling. [...]

    15. Three short stories, each different I had no idea when I began this project of reading the 87th Precinct books in order, just how Jewish they were going to be The middle story in this collection is about the murder of a Conservative Rabbi on the first night of Pesach It s about what it means to be a Jew, antisemitism and the tension between traditional orthodoxy and conservatism All that in a 60 page whodunnit Remarkable.

    16. McBain experiments again with his series development, this time as three unrelated novelettes, similar is length to the Rex Stout triplicate collections Unfortunately, the 87th stories flourish in a longer form these short pieces are over too quick and strangely dull As an aside, the third installment here contains so little dialogue, it hardly seems like McBain at all.

    17. This book is a change from other books in the series Instead of being one story with the detectives investigating several crimes, it s 3 novella length stories in one book Those 3 novellas are each just as rich as every full length book in this series.And that s all that needs to be said about any Ed McBain book.

    18. Somewhat typical fun story in my idea of looking for cultural change over a 40 year period by reading the 87th precinct stories in order This was a little different in that it is 3 short stories in one book.

    19. Collection of three shorter works, featuring the characters of the 87th Precinct, that were all good quick reads.

    20. Thanks again to Kent Library for unearthing this non Kindle book three separate stories all very good read in one sitting

    21. Enjoyed these three 87th Precinct stories but felt like they lacked some of the reflective passages on police work and crime that McBain s longer stories afford Still, really entertaining stuff.

    22. Not usual.Wasn t ready for three short stories Didn t find them as intriguing The third one was longer and better Like the longer storyline.

    23. IntriguingRecommend to mystery readers and detective lovers A good easy read and the beginning of a series if you like that

    24. This is actually three stories or short books as it were The first one is very good, the last two were good All three were very enjoyable.

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