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The Burglar in the Rye #2020

The Burglar in the Rye A new crime novel featuring Bernie Rhodenbarr bookshop owner and burglar who cannot help but come to the aid of a favourite author when his agent offers their very private correspondence for public

  • Title: The Burglar in the Rye
  • Author: Lawrence Block
  • ISBN: 9781842430309
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Burglar in the Rye By Lawrence Block, A new crime novel featuring Bernie Rhodenbarr, bookshop owner and burglar, who cannot help but come to the aid of a favourite author when his agent offers their very private correspondence for public sale From the author of THE BURGLAR IN THE LIBRARY.

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      163 Lawrence Block
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    1 thought on “The Burglar in the Rye

    1. The Bernie Rhodenbarr Mysteries, as readers of my reviews should know by now, is my my go to series when I m not in the mood to be disappointed Sometimes it s right after I ve read something truly awful which, thank goodness, doesn t happen often Other times, it s exactly the opposite I ve just finished a super book such as the most recent one I read, Mr Mercedes by Stephen King and I don t want to experience a tremendous letdown.And as usual, author Lawrence Block filled the bill perfectly with [...]

    2. That s better Mr Block After a somewhat disappointing eighth book in the series The Burglar In The Library , Block hits a home run with this entry Just in case your brain is on hold and you don t realize that the author Gulliver Fairborn is a thinly veiled J.D Salinger and of course the book referred to is The Catcher In The Rye, hence the clever title of this book Brilliant and funny as hell One of the best in the series.

    3. One of my favorite kinds of books has likable characters, a plot that pulls me in and keeps me reading, solid writing, and enough quirkiness or humor to keep me smiling It s not easy to find a steady supply of these stories, though, so I m glad that Block wrote about a dozen Bernie Rhodenbarr books Over the years I ve read and reread many of them but somehow I missed this one until now.Bernie owns a used book store in New York City, and he s a well read, friendly guy He s kind to strangers, take [...]

    4. Before I started reading this book, it sounded like there might be some similarities between this berni character and McNally from Lawrence Saunders books There are some similarities between the two, but yet they are very different and both very enjoyable to read I m so glad I discovered a new author and character that I enjoyed reading as much as my Lawrence Saunders books Since I can no longer get any new books from Lawrence Saunders about my beloved character McNally and can read of this ber [...]

    5. Nope, not my favorite character imagined by a favorite author Done with Bernie after this one though I did think the first entry was better.

    6. Another fun murder mystery with Bernie Rhodenbarr stuck in the middle This one is as twisty as the rest, and still manages to have a red herring or two Carolyn is his best friend and foil as usual, and Det Ray Kirschman s mangling of names will truly make you spew your caffeine The rest of the characters really are that as well This is a reread for me as I wanted to read them in order for once.Richard Ferrone did a great interpretation once again.

    7. Bernie Rhodenbar is a nice and charming new yorker guy, with a common routine He owns a boookstore, where he works in the company of his Manx cat, Raffles He has a best friend, with whom he shares lunch everyday and some drinks almost everynight The only thing that makes Bernie a little bit uncommon is his hobby He is a burglar A polite one, a must say You never risk being burglarized by Bernie and found your house a mess He is very careful with other people s stuff He just picks what he needs E [...]

    8. 9 in the Bernie Rhodenbarr series Another in the very enjoyable series about the Greenwich Village bookseller burglar.Burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr series Bookseller burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr invades the hotel suite of an aged literary agent in search of a cache of letters, by a respected and reclusive writer, that are wanted by people both legitimate and not Bernie finds a corpse on the other side of the locked door he so neatly opens and is immediately suspected of murder by his nemesis, sticky fi [...]

    9. In this entry in the Bernie Rhodenbarr series, Bernie breaks into a venerable hotel to retrieve some letters to a privacy obsessed writer obviously based on J.D Salinger this leads to the usual misunderstandings and murder.Pretty good for the most part, although I ve read that Salinger was really an unpleasant jerk, rather than the slightly curmudgeonly character shown here Obviously set in the pre facebook era.

    10. Another delightful read from Block Rodenbarr finds himself helping an acquaintance and being arrested for a murder he didn t commit Block s droll digressions, witty wordplay and a wonderful ear for dialogue make this twisted plot even enjoyable.

    11. Another cracker featuring Bernie Rhodenbarr the usual excellent descriptions and characterisation including that of the Hotel Paddington, which is a key location.Smart and funny

    12. How can you resist a burglar who is an antiquarian book dealer on the side, or an author who can turn a phrase like He was a bear, of course, but not the sort whose predilection for sylvan defecation is as proverbial as the Holy Father s Catholicism Bernie attempts to steal some valuable letters from an old woman s hotel room He believes her to be sleeping, but she s actually been murdered and there he is The ending is classic, as he pulls together all the people who wanted the letters and poten [...]

    13. Bu kitab avdar Tarlas nda ocuklar a g ndermeler i erdi i i in uzun y llard r okumak istiyordum Do rusu Lawrence Block un 10 kitapl k serisinin bir par as oldu undan bile haberim yoktu ok sofistike bir polisiye de il bence favorim Michael Connelly nin Harry Bosch serisidir Yine de hem polisiye okumay zledi imden hem de Bernie Rhodenbarr eker mi eker, iyi kalpli bir h rs z oldu undan serinin tamam n vakit bulduk a okumaya karar verdim.

    14. A fun romp through the used bookstore world and burglary on the side The usual characters with a few additions Bernie is tasked with retrieving letters written by an author whose book changed many lives He is offered money for these letters from many sources but he doesn t have them Who is his mysterious customer who helps in the store Can he avoid a murder charge and stay out of prison This series can be read out of order There are few references to an earlier story.

    15. I read most books in this series many years ago and recall enjoying them much than the later darker Scudder series that followed It was a pleasure to again read this book Witty conversation, a story full of twists and turns, and an almost satisfactory ending The only flaw, in my view, was the identification of the murderer How could Bernie figure that out

    16. A typically well crafted Block mystery 2 things stand out First, Bernie is a great character a burglar who s charming, ethical, clever, and kind A very likeable man Second, the book is full of literary references and jokes and is gently intellectual in a back hand manner that adds seasoning to the story to make it than just another crime novel.

    17. I have been reading about Bernie For a long time, not sure how long, and every time I think I have read them all happily another shows up.A burglar who sells second hand books and solves murders And who always helps others and ends up richer What could you possibly want in a man

    18. Larry Block can spin a tale This one has our favorite burglar who gets in the middle of some missing author s letters and the various folks who want to get their hands on them for nefarious and marginally respectable reasons.

    19. Without a doubt, I would love to be friends with Bernie Rhodenbarr, and this novel held to its usual mystery and wit That said, the ending was too far fetched with too many players Will this be it then for Bernie and me Never

    20. The ending was too convoluted even for a Bernie Rhodenbarr ending and too little supported by the text There were too many angels dancing on the head of an extra tiny pin.

    21. Lawrence Block is a masterful mystery writer The plot twists made it impossible for me to put the book down.

    22. Maybe not a literary masterpiece but enjoyable voice and author doesn t take himself too seriously Probably like a 3.5

    23. I got this as a deal It is the first I ve read this character What a delight Bernie is a bookseller and a crook He has a cat I have to read this series.

    24. Block s ninth Burglar mystery is just as fun as the other ones in this series To be blunt, either you enjoy this concept or you don t In contrast to Block s Scudder series or some of his earlier novels, this series doesn t have the grittiness or the hardboiled feel to it that those books do But, make no mistake about it, these are good books They are fun to read Bernie Rhodenbarr is a bookseller by day and a burglar by night There is no lock made on earth that is impervious to his touch He is a [...]

    25. In Bernie Rhodenbarr s latest caper, he s asked to retrieve the private correspondence of the legendary and secretive Gulliver Fairborn, author of Nobody s It changed my life Baby , from the residence of his ex agent, Anthea Landau Landau is planning to auction off the letters and Fairborn doesn t want the invasion of his privacy For those of you who haven t figured out that Fairborn is standing in for J D Salinger and Nobody s Baby is a substitute for Catcher in the Rye , I ll give you a moment [...]

    26. Na j , tudom m n is, hogy ez egy kulcsreg ny s a megfejt s is el g egyszer Mert ki az a h res amerikai r , aki minden hat ron t lment, hogy ker lje a nyilv noss got, pedig mindenki arra lett volna k v ncsi, hogyan l, meg mikor folytatja els s legh resebb h rhedtebb reg ny t, ami rengeteg ember let t v ltoztatta meg Azt n egyszer csak egy fiatal r n , akinek alig volt p r reg nye, egyszerre el llt a visszaeml kez seivel, amiben arr l rt, hogy bizony ezen visszavonultan l r nak volt vekig a szeret [...]

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