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Put A Lid On It #2020

Put A Lid On It Shhh Don t tell anyone that Francis Never call me Frank Meehan is slipping out of jail And whatever you do don t tell anyone that the people who are letting him out are bigger crooks than Francis eve

  • Title: Put A Lid On It
  • Author: Donald E. Westlake
  • ISBN: 9780709074618
  • Page: 423
  • Format: None
  • Put A Lid On It By Donald E. Westlake, Shhh Don t tell anyone that Francis Never call me Frank Meehan is slipping out of jail And whatever you do, don t tell anyone that the people who are letting him out are bigger crooks than Francis ever was The deal is Francis gets out of prison if he ll pull off one very special heist of an incriminating videotape that could cost the President of the United StatesShhh Don t tell anyone that Francis Never call me Frank Meehan is slipping out of jail And whatever you do, don t tell anyone that the people who are letting him out are bigger crooks than Francis ever was The deal is Francis gets out of prison if he ll pull off one very special heist of an incriminating videotape that could cost the President of the United States his re election, and maybe even his freedom Francis can t see how this robbery would be a problem Then again, he s about to meet a whole new breed of conspirators the kind that live in Washington, don t know how to keep a secret, and could get an honest crook killed

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    1 thought on “Put A Lid On It

    1. Francis Xavier Meehan is not Dortmunder and Put a Lid on It is not a Dortmunder novel Think back on all the mistakes made by the Watergate burglars and then, imagine the chaos that Donald E Westlake could create by having a campaign committee hire one of his burglars for an ill conceived political burglary This novel features the kind of detailed planning of the job and the same kinds of zany crew members that any Westlake fan has come to expect.One of the crew members is an African American dri [...]

    2. Three and a half Agree with most other reviewers here Nothing really goes wrong for the characters and so the novel ends up feeling a bit preordained.

    3. What a fun book Westlake invents a plausible scenario for a weird crime and runs with it, and the result is engaging and delightful Definitely entertaining.

    4. Donald Westlake is that friend from days long past the one you still keep up with on a regular basis Donald Westlake is a lazy summer day when you have time to while away a few hours Even if that summer day is in February Donald Westlake is a vacation, whether or not you are on vacation Donald Westlake is Donald Westlake.Here s one of the gem s from this story You don t trust me, Meehan told him, and you re right You give me a doorway and a running start and I m outa here Drily, We know that, Je [...]

    5. This is vintage Westlake and a bitter satire of government.All of Westlake s characters have runs of bad luck and Franci not Frank, thank you Meehan is no exception Meehan is a non violent career criminal who has just been incarcerated at the Manhattan Correctional Center awaiting sentencing on a federal charge how was he to know the truck he was hijacking was carrying registered mail in addition to computer parts He is approached by Jeffords, obviously a lawyer, who makes him a strange proposit [...]

    6. The late Donald Westlake was a master of his craft Crisp, realistic dialog, with a judicious use of slang make his novels some of the most readable there are Put a Lid on it, is the story of a career criminal who is sprung from jail while awaiting trial on federal charges by the President s reelection committee Nixon botched the Watergate break in because he used political hacks, instead of pros It s a great story idea and Westlake pulls it off I would have given the book 5 stars, but I like my [...]

    7. Westlake writes an excellent heist novel and that s exactly what Put a Lid on it is Meehan is visited in a federal detention center by a fellow claiming to be his lawyer Soon, he is sprung from the detention center and asked to steal an item that incriminates the President of the United States Soon Meehan is running into foreign agents and political tricksters The only question is whether or not Meehan will be able to outsmart the folks who want this evidence This novel will remind the reader to [...]

    8. For many years, one of our family traditions was to find a Donald Westlake audiobook for our vacation Many of his John Dortmunder novels were recorded on cassettes My husband and I had a great time listening to Dortmunder and his gang bumble their way through ridiculous crime capers One of our friends found this novel at the library booksale Dortmunder is nowhere to be seen, but the string of coincidences in this story remind me of him Francis Meeham has a week to save himself from prison and ev [...]

    9. Crime novel Francis Xavier Meehan is in federal prison for hijacking a mail truck he thought contained computer chips A presidential reelection official offers him a pardon with a Watergate type scheme Meehan must steal a video that, if made public, may prevent the president s reelection Meehan s court appointed lawyer cuts the best deal she can for him, and we re off on the caper as Meehan assembles his heist crew, figures the logistics and cases the estate of the elderly, right wing gun collec [...]

    10. Kind of a hybrid Westlake not quite the madcap antics of a Dortmunder novel, but lacking the hardedge of the Parker novels Still plenty funny, especially the satirical treatment of Clendon Burnstone V I could see this book very easily being turned into a dynamite screenplay, which is something I almost never say about Westlake s novels.I found this signed cloth copy at Housing Works, sitting on a shelf with a bunch of other signed Westlake s which unfortunately I had already read 10 each, get em [...]

    11. Francis Xavier Meehan is a thief, currently incarcerated for robbing a mail truck So what is he to think when a man in a suit appears in the visitors room, claiming to be his lawyer The man has a proposition for him is it too good to be true He wants Meehan to steal some evidence damning to the President s re election campaign Shades of Watergate An entertaining caper, one where the criminals have on the ball than the politicians.

    12. What a funny genius novel I enjoyed every moment of it, also I liked how it involved politics and just like the other Westlake novels I ve read, the characters are so adorable and realistic However the only thing I found inconvenient is Mr Burnstone s simplicity He didn t sound like a president and did whatever they told him to do never suspecting them for a moment But all in all it is great.

    13. I think I have read too many Westlakes in a row This one was a little too aligned with the rest of the books I ve read lately and as such I was pulled out of the story too many times to have really enjoyed this one Now, had I paid attention the whole time I would likely have loved this as much as the rest of his work but alas this was not the time for me Think I will take a quick break from Westlake Stark so that I come back refreshed.

    14. This is a decent crime caper with a few funny parts but overall it s not all that funny compared to his other works It s certainly an enjoyable read but unless you ve read a lot of Westlake novels there are better ones you could read personally I recommend starting with Hot Rock or Dancing Aztec One problem with this book is that not all that much goes wrong for the characters and for the caper which leaves the book feeling a bit by the numbers.

    15. A mediocre plot, and the protagonist is named Meehan instead of Dortmunder Maybe even Westlake knew this wasn t quite up to snuff for a Dortmunder novel That it s a lesser entry in his oeuvre notwithstanding, Westlake is always as wry as they come Here we find flawed characters who have learned a thing or two or ten thousand in Meehan s case , and they re or less willing to share what they know.

    16. Donald Westlake is always fun to read His heroes are the nicest of crooks This book was particularly clever The Committee to Re Elect the President was in need of a professional burglar to steal some incriminating evidence from the opposition Problem is, the committe has some serious leaks and our hero has to sort this problem out first.

    17. not a dortmunder.a short one but burglar centric introduces a different sort of thief than the protagonist who is featured in The Hot Rock, Bank Shot, and others Meehan, the hero of Put a Lid on It, like any other Westlake lead character, is a one name kind of guy I like the quirky charm of westlakes burglars.

    18. Donald Westlake recently died Much of his work is quite readable and often hysterical crime intrigue novels with flawed, somewhat stolid main characters, most notably the Dortmunder series This one is a bit different, and a little enjoyable, because he adds political satire and hijinx to the mix.

    19. Francis gets sprung from jail He s got a Federal rap, and it looks like life But somebody, who says he s a lawyer but doesn t act the part, is ready to spring him But why The saavy con goes along, but, as the mystery unfolds, he isn t the patsy his saviors take him for What great unfolding complexities and characters Dive in, Westlake fans

    20. It s been a long time since I ve read any Westlake and I got this book for free on Kindle I don t think I realized back then when I last read a Westlake novel how well he writes His descriptions are never over done but terrifically accurate The dialogue is great The plot could easily get away from a lesser writer but so far Westlake has it all nicely under control.

    21. Comic mystery with overtones of the political scene dedicated to his old friend Mickey Schwerner remember him whose comment on the American two party system was, It s the same old story The moochers versus the misers Very clever and entertaining

    22. For a caper book, you just don t get better than Westlake This is a quick read with lots of twists I love the wit and clever dialogue A few years ago I re read the John Dortmund series Now I think I ll read the others.

    23. Second time reading this bookI enjoy his style, understated humor and irony It s not that I want to root for criminals, and they re not exactly Robin Hoods, but their victims generally are bigger criminals than they are, especially in this story where they are politicians.

    24. Haha, my library shelves most of Westlake s books under Mystery Who knew Lookit all these Westlakes I haven t read And it was a good read, frothy and fun, with the added zing of election year dirty tricks How timely

    25. Funny, quick read about crooks and politicians the same really I love how Westlake always makes you like the bad guy I highly recommend for beach vacation reading.

    26. Une histoire de cambrioleurs par Westlake mais sans le personnage Dortmunder sympathique, assez rythm e mais finalement moins dr le que sa s rie phare.

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