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The Illuminati #2020

The Illuminati From before the time of Christ there have been rumors of a secret society called The Illuminati a vicious tribe of Druids with mystical supernatural powers Many saw them as demons or gods Those who

  • Title: The Illuminati
  • Author: Larry Burkett
  • ISBN: 0020049130001
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Illuminati By Larry Burkett, From before the time of Christ, there have been rumors of a secret society called The Illuminati a vicious tribe of Druids with mystical, supernatural powers Many saw them as demons or gods Those who opposed them simply disappeared or met an even worse fate.Unknown to all but the very few, this group slowly infiltrated world organizations and financial institutions wFrom before the time of Christ, there have been rumors of a secret society called The Illuminati a vicious tribe of Druids with mystical, supernatural powers Many saw them as demons or gods Those who opposed them simply disappeared or met an even worse fate.Unknown to all but the very few, this group slowly infiltrated world organizations and financial institutions with a singular goal to control the world s economic system.Now fast forward to the year 2020 The Illuminati has succeeded in placing one of their people in the office of the presidency of the United States With the worldwide launch of a financial system known as Data Net, they suddenly have the power to single out groups of people and control their money, fuel, and food supply How do you escape an unknown enemy operating at the highest levels who can track your every move And how do you defeat a society that practices ancient rituals and appears to have power beyond the grave The Illuminati is a futuristic thriller tied to ancient mysticism that will appeal to fans of The DaVinci Code and the Left Behind series It will also leave readers wondering where fact ends and fiction begins.

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    1 thought on “The Illuminati

    1. I have the updated version from 2004 It is the original book, but with updated times, people, etc Instead of it all happening in 2001, it s 2015.I am getting towards the end of it Even though it s a christian book, it s a very good read When I started it less than a week ago, the first few pages didn t quite grab me But when the earthquake in Japan happened, and the tsunami on the west coast, it caught my attention It just got better and better from there The conspiracy to eradicate the christia [...]

    2. It is interesting that in the author s acknowledgments he said that his sincere desire was to make good, non offensive fiction available to the public, considering this novel is neither good nor non offensive.Let s start with the offensive part since that was the first thing I noticed This book is fundamentalist, conservative, anti abortion, anti gay, and anti ACLU Christian propaganda I have no problem with Christian fiction and read quite a bit of it, but I do not take kindly to the ACLU, homo [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book very much It was written in 1991 and this novel is a pretty darned good picture of what s happening in the world right now, including the earthquake tsunami that hit Japan, the economy, the state of the middle east, the problems facing the United States, etc It s pretty eerie how closely this author seemed to have looked into the future The internet was not widespread in 1991member Prodigy and Compuserve The author calls it the Data Net, but wowry interesting so far.

    4. This, weirdly, was one of the formative books of my elementary school years No, it s not a young adult book I was just a weird kid.The year was 1992 I was nine years old, and two months into fifth grade My parents had just moved us to a new house, which meant a new school, and the kids in my class were about to spend three days taking a standardized test the same standardized test I had taken a couple of weeks before at my old school The new school obviously thought it would be dandy if I would [...]

    5. I keep saying this because I happen to be remembering all the earliest books I ve read, but this was like, THE FIRST book I can remember just getting entrenched in, on my own.This book was wicked cool, even with it s silly christian spin PCrazy ideas about secret societies, the prediction of earthquakes, super elaborate systems It s scary too, that a lot of the stuff it talked about in this fun fictional way is actually being talked about seriously nowadays A great book and a wicked cool read If [...]

    6. Considering the fact that my father was once a Free Masonis book was of great interest to me It was also, quite accurate and just a bit scary Imagine a world that is so easily controlled by an elite group Where the use of violent force is not given a second thoughtkes one wonder I found the writing a little bit slow at times, but for the most partrticularly toward the endI had a difficult time putting it down A great read

    7. It really skewed my view of the world I ve been so naive Really good adventure political thriller, though it leaves you a little bit messed up.

    8. ScaredI enjoyed the book, but it did frightened me To think that God and this great country could be manipulatived is now comprehensible.

    9. I think this book is FANTASIC It s thrilling, fast paced, twist full, and pretty good writing The story behind it is very exciting an the length is well worth it

    10. This review is from back in 2008 when I read the book It deserves to be here because it shows how crazy the book is This review is based on the 1991 edition of the book apparently some details have been altered in the 2004 edition I suspect the title of this book was chosen to cash in on the mythical Illuminati, which has nothing to do with the secret society in this novel, The Society although Burkett calls it the Illuminati a few times when first describing it Burkett s Illuminati is a group w [...]

    11. Horrible In 200 pages we have read about an impeached president, a killer tsunami in Californa, the mother of all earthquakes in Tokyo, a murdered president, all the oil in the world stolen Israel using slant wells, atomic bomb retaliation, cobalt bomb threats, Christian death camps in the USA really yes, really , an impeached USA Congress, a satanistic leader that rules the earth, a money free economy, complete anarchy and martial law in the US, a computer controled monetary system oh no it con [...]

    12. In the year 2015, an ancient society takes over the presidency The world s only prayer rests with a handful of Christians ready to take on the illuminati.From before the time of Christ, there have been rumors of a secret society called the Illuminati a vicious tribe of Druids with mystical, supernatural powers Many saw them as demons or gods Those who opposed them simply disappeared or met an even worse fate.As the centuries passed, this shadow like group cloaked themselves in new identities, sl [...]

    13. Illuminati Council of Foreign Relations The Society According to the book For decades, top recruits from the families of Society members had been education in military schools and had risen to positions of authority until many of the top levels were dominated by them But the plans of the Society had been laid so carefully that even lower echelon leaders in the military had been carefully trained and recruited in the Society The very fact that such a massive effort seemed impossible was what made [...]

    14. I read this book like 20 times as a 10 14 yro My pastor owned it and I would sneak into his office and borrow it without permission and read it over and over again I was so sick of the Bible, so sick of the same old books my Mom would let me read and this was exciting to me Thinking about it now, I am sure he noticed that book on his shelf that got and worn and had the cover taped onto it,and just ignored his associate pastors book thief daughter, because hey, it was christian propeganda Bette [...]

    15. What starts as a political thriller slowly starts to turn into a heavily biased book by halfway through The bad guys are all minions of Satan yes, actual Satan and the good guys, regardless of how they started the book, end up Christian because miraculously they see the light Even a staunch opposer becomes a preacher with his own television show A lot of stuff rankles in retrospect, but it got so heavily biased towards Christian Faith is good and casting Democrats as Satanic Society following ev [...]

    16. wow, that was some BAD writing and i mean awful cringe worthy terrible importantly, the story was farfetched and fanatical the premise of a christian minority being persecuted by a secular government with the help of a docile population could maybe have worked if they d set the book way in the futured had some sort of rationale for why that would happen totally just an excuse for pious sighing ew and ick if you want to read some christial lit, the Left Behind series is much less offensive and w [...]

    17. Almost finished with this one I have it in my high school library and decided to take it home for break It s eerie how the events in the book mirror what is happening today and it was written in 1991 At the end of the book you can tell he was trying to align events with those described in Revelations.

    18. What a complete load of crap This guy is a hack Someone gave me this book and I must have had a moment of self loathing because I forced myself to read it It made me appreciate Dan Brown, at least that hack can string a coherent sentence together Seriously, I hated this book.

    19. One of the best, most prescient books I ever read This book was paradigmatic for me when I first read it This is one of the books that I have re read than any other I have probably read this book in its entirety a dozen or so times Well written, eminently believable except for the kinda lame ending , scary in its prescience Larry Burkett was a modern prophet.

    20. Interesting premise The super computing aspects fascinated me A tad overdone on persecution of religious groups and clearly devil made me do it themes but overall I liked it.

    21. Very good book I personally would have liked in depth stories about some of the individuals that were affected by the terrible tsunami, or the camps, or those on the run Or what happened to little Paula s family after Randy rescued her I like to know of the story myself But, overall the book is good and I think it shows just what could happen.

    22. Oh, this book was awesomely terrible I can t remember why I kept it on my shelf for so long.Pros 2 stars for 1 a creative imagining of government privacy violations and the eventual collapse of civil society and 2 the entertaining pace of the book.Cons 1 Offensive, simplistic and generalizable writing about my people pro choices, ACLU lovers, the LGBTQ community , 2 too many characters and little continuity, 3 the inherent assumption that humans cannot think for themselves, and 4 the author s ba [...]

    23. This is the second time I ve read this book The first time was back in very early 2002, and I gave it 3 stars at the time I found it fairly entertaining back then This time, I came across it in an old box of my books, and it s the original printing I guess it was, at a later time, subsequently updated I enjoyed it much this second time than the last time, and gave it 4 stars Back in early 2002 when I read it, it seemed like really out there fiction At this point, and after the way world events, [...]

    24. Putting all conspiracy theories aside this is a very interesting book with a lot of the situations that occur in the book seeming to play out in real every day life That can sometime be a little troubling but considering the ending I dont mind too much Definitely a book for the modern YouTube conspiracy theorists but a interesting read and always a precautionary tale of what could be Overall I would say Goodread.

    25. This book is for the people who still haven t been educated about the truth The Illuminaty This book speaks about who really run this world, whether being rich makes you eligible for many things The people illumined means the people who know the truth about the prophecy It talks about the people dying by dideases and why they are dying This book is to influence the peopleabout who the should trust bbecause the goverment is not trustworthy.

    26. This is probably one of my all time favorite books.I really like Mr Burketts style of writeing.I have read sevral other boooks that have a simalar storyline but they dont even compair Even though the very idea of the world he describes is depresing he shows the hope that WILL come I cant say enough good about this book , you will just have to read it your self D

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