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Lords Of Light #2020

Lords Of Light None

  • Title: Lords Of Light
  • Author: Steven G. Spruill
  • ISBN: 9780340708125
  • Page: 124
  • Format: None
  • Lords Of Light By Steven G. Spruill, None

    • [AZW] É Lords Of Light | BY ↠ Steven G. Spruill
      Steven G. Spruill

    1 thought on “Lords Of Light

    1. I enjoyed this book featuring hemophages vampires and angels I especially liked the interactions between the angel Michael and the hemophage Jenn and between the angel Uziel and the hemophage Chemosh.

    2. I really enjoy a well written vampire story I ve read the Vampire Chronicles and even those ugh twilight books.I say that to say this the rulers stories are VERY VERY good Yes the first one is probably the best Merrick s story but having read all three, and by the way I m annoyed at the guy who only read the LAST book this one how dumb is that It s a interesting twist and a scientific medical explanation for vampires, very different and fresh the story has well flushed out characters but quite h [...]

    3. Hmm third volume of a Vampire series I have not read the others return But suspect they were better.Vampires have a scientific explanation return return In this the author presumable looking for freash ideas introduces return a new race who think themselves angels return return Yet another Author who I wont be following closely I am going to make a concerted effort to read quality I Think.

    4. The sequel to Rulers of Darkness and Daughter of Darkness Cant really remember much just that I really enjoyed it and that it revealed the possible origins if the hemophages, introduced us to Merrick s hero of the first book father, an egyptian pharo and the hemphages nemises who seem to be angels what I can remember the story wasnt finished with this book but ive never found another in the series.

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