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Night Passage #2020

Night Passage His name is Jesse Stone He s left the LAPD in disgrace and found himself the new chief of police in Paradise Massachusetts a town that s a lot less idyllic than it sounds This exciting departure for

  • Title: Night Passage
  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780515123494
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Night Passage By Robert B. Parker, His name is Jesse Stone.He s left the LAPD in disgrace and found himself the new chief of police in Paradise, Massachusetts a town that s a lot less idyllic than it sounds.This exciting departure for the reigning champion of the American tough guy detective novel Entertainment Weekly has landed him on the New York Times bestseller list once againd thrilled readHis name is Jesse Stone.He s left the LAPD in disgrace and found himself the new chief of police in Paradise, Massachusetts a town that s a lot less idyllic than it sounds.This exciting departure for the reigning champion of the American tough guy detective novel Entertainment Weekly has landed him on the New York Times bestseller list once againd thrilled readers and critics alike.

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    1. I never bothered to read any of the Jesse Stone novels as long as I had a new Spenser by Parker to look forward to, but now that Parker has passed on, I decided to no longer leave the first Stone unturned I was pleased I like the fact that Parker chose to write about a character much different from Spenser and yet much the same Stone is strong, upright and truthful and adheres to his own code just like Spenser and all the other figures in the detective knight errant tradition but Stone is wound [...]

    2. Robert B Parker writes a tough guy main character whose biggest flaw is his obsessive love of a woman who betrays him Hmmmm I have the weirdest sense of deja vu.By the late 90s RBP could, and frequently seemed to, crank out a Spenser novel in his sleep so he started doing other things like this series featuring new hero Jesse Stone Jesse was an LAPD homicide detective who lost his job thanks to the drinking brought on when his unfaithful wife divorced him Even though he shows up to the job inter [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book It kept me reading to find out what happens next, even though I knew the basic storyline well It s been told in thousands of stories the triumph of good over evil It worked in westerns, it works in sci fi, it works here with crime in a contemporary American setting with guns and sex.Novel writing skills have gone up a notch or two since Night Passage was written in the late 90s but what hasn t changed is being a good storyteller is 1 and good characterisation is 2 on the lad [...]

    4. Night Passage is an excellent, thrilling police story with a likable main character and a suspenseful plot It s definitely a book I d recommend.

    5. Jesse Stone, LAPD homicide detective, hit by a series of personal let downs divorce and job termination, chooses scotch as his consolation prize As last resort, he doggedly travels East to accept the position of police chief in a tiny, seemingly innocuous Massachusetts town named Paradise Although downtrodden and still drinking, Jesse is Old School true grit courageous, moral and savvy Paradise, MA is not the quiet, coastal town, but has its own nasty secrets, actually corruption, drugs, murder [...]

    6. A good solid entry in the Jesse Stone series of titles 3.5 starsIt has the Parker trademark familiar good pacing, interesting scene descriptions without blather, an array of supporting characters, a semi broken marriage stand in for Parker and Joan, a somewhat weak if serviceable central plot, and a satisfying but predictable climax and ending.The word maroon appears 4 times in this book Yes, definitely Parker writing here Notes He wondered sometimes what he needed from her A kind of richness, m [...]

    7. I ve seen one of these books as a movie with Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone Seems a good fit I m listening to this read by Richard Masur He has some emotion does different voices for the characters Might be a bit over the top, but far better than the last book I listened to where the tone of both the book the reader was a monotone Cop Hater by Ed McBain read by Paul Shay My review is here review show The story was fairly low key, but with some outstanding characters not really great characters, it s [...]

    8. NIGHT PASSAGE ExParker, Robert B 1st Jesse StoneAfter being kicked out of the LAPD, Jesse Stone s future looks bleak, until he is given another chance as the police chief in a small New England town However, the town turns out to be rife with homicides, maddened militiamen and crazed psychopaths.The first of a new series from Parker The macho ness tempered by humor is there and it s nice to have a new character In this, we have an ex wife, rather than a Susan Loved it.

    9. Great start to a new to me police series Good character development His style reminds me a bit of Tana French.

    10. This book is about the first appearance of Jesse Stone, a drunk and former homicide detective from LA In order to escape the ruins of his divorce, job and alcoholism he applies for the job of Chief of police in Paradise Mass, on the other side of the continent While he is still unsure why he got the job in the first place, he is gradually finding out the why since he started the work at Paradise His curiosity for one is not the reason for him getting the job, the town elders preferred a drunk lu [...]

    11. Read this book for the TBR Takedown 3.0 I have been wanting to read this series for awhile now and hopefully I will get through most of it this year I found this books to be pretty good It was very fluid and easy to get through I also found it to be very engaging.SynopsisHis name is Jesse Stone.He s left the LAPD in disgrace and found himself the new chief of police in Paradise, Massachusetts a town that s a lot less idyllic than it sounds.This exciting departure for the reigning champion of the [...]

    12. The author Robert B Parker came highly recommended I was told that my writing reminded them of Parker s writing I must say I can definitely see the resemblance I found this book to be inspirational to me as an author Jesse Stone is a simple and complex protagonist yes, at the same time and Night Passage is a fantastic introduction to the Jesse Stone books series Not wanting to spoil things, I will not discuss the storyline here except to say I enjoyed it The plot and backstory was not complex at [...]

    13. Jesse Stone is a man s man He takes no BS from anyone and listens than he speaks He pays attention to the little things and has very good street sense Paradise thought they were hiring a patsy to be the chief of police because he was drunk during the interview Hasty Hathaway believed he could manipulate Jesse into doing what he wanted.w he s in jail for three murders and will be tried in two states I enjoyed the story than the movie They had similarities but the book gave a better insight and [...]

    14. Parker s voice seems so strange in the third person, and he had not mastered it when writing this book It was probably a wise choice, though, so that this series would not sound like his Spenser books The story seems a trifle unimportat and the familiar Parker obsession with his real life wife worked out in fictional form overwhelms the actual plot In other words, there is a lot to complain about, but observing these things is an interesting exercise in itself The result is that I received three [...]

    15. Hat mich besonders in seiner Funktion als Serienauftakt berzeugt, gerade f r diesen Zweck sch n stimmig inszeniert mit einem Cop aus L.A der in kleiner K stenstadt in Neuengland einen neues Leben anfangen muss, anfangen will, anzufangen versucht Vielleicht gibt es hier und da ein paar Sentimentalit ten zu viel, aber insgesamt machte mir hier das Figurenensemble richtig Spa und die Stimmung auch.

    16. Although I sort of enjoyed this book I don t think I ll continue reading the series It seemed that it took several pages to explain an event that could have occured in a couple of pages So, I didn t like the lengthy repetitive descriptions of everything and anything.

    17. I liked this Jesse Stone book It or less sets up how he got his job in Paradise, Massachusetts Why he got his job and what they expected from him Even thou I have seen the movie before reading this book, I still enjoyed it.

    18. I m a big fan of the Jesse Stone movies and finally decided to read the whole series The book reads fast and Parker is great at creating the mood of the book Although there are many plot lines in the movie that are true to the book, there s a lot depth than translates to the movies Fun read nothing earth shattering but keeps you interested from beginning to end Expect to not be able to put is down.

    19. In front of me I have the Robert B Parker s Jesse Stone collection starring Tom Selleck, it s a 9 disc set By the way, a pretty and beautifully elaborated collectors box, which I immensely do enjoy.I had recently birthday, and soIt was my birthday gift from my wife, Christa But, today I m here to recommend you the first book in the Jesse Stone series.Very enjoyable and indeed good Jesse Stone isn t an action hero at all, rather a flawed character that has an alcohol problem.After his wife cheate [...]

    20. I was inspired to read the series by the latest Jesse Stone movie, Lost in Paradise I like the movies much better The movies are for me pieces of art, scenery, music, moodiness, rain, dark lonely evenings with these repetitive quirks with a not bad detective story thrown in for free Like something that would appear in a sort of a slob s version of the Cannes Film Festival The book had the detective story although somewhat different from the movie but lacked the art Not sure if I will read any i [...]

    21. Jesse Stone was hired as the new police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts Jesse had a tough time after his divorce and it affected his job at the LAPD He is ready to turn over a new leaf in Paradise However that s not what some of the people in Paradise want him to do and they can t have Jesse uncovering too much I liked the novel and Jesse Stone I found the mystery to be a bit lacking though considering you got the perspective of the bad guys Still a good series that I will be continuing.

    22. Really liked this one, a good start to a promising series Nice to have a flawed main character from Parker for a change, and it was a welcome change to have it told in the 3rd person not that I don t enjoy the world through Spenser s eyes, but this fit the story well I also liked the crossover characters from the Spenser books Good pace, great characters.

    23. It s great that the series won t be left like this with Jesse Stone and they will be continued from various authors Which is strange Notes February 14, 2017 90.0 bruary 14, 2017 90.0 bruary 14, 2017 80.0% Not the best well made movie but still the stories goes sad and sad and this is the beginning for god sake February 14, 2017 50.0 bruary 14, 2017 25.0% Death after death drama and drama but that s life right February 14, 2017 15.0% That s an example of how fucked up the killings have been befor [...]

    24. I can not believe I actually started a series at 1, yeah me I have watched these TV movies and they move a little slow but they always get there, the books are just like the TV movies, there s a lot of down time but I think that whole mood is just part of the series and I m actually impressed with the TV movies now because they actually capture the tone of the books I m looking forward to reading of these.

    25. This book has a very different ending from the TV production, but is crafted so well as Parker s work always is that it s still satisfying Spoiler I don t know how Hasty can possibly reappear in subsequent books, so I ll have to read in the series in order to find out.

    26. Good ReadBut slow at first, but a good story line Interesting characters looking forward to getting to know them better Will recommend to family and friends.

    27. WowGreat ending Enjoyed the book very much Moved along very well.Very much like the tv movie Got to get the next book.

    28. I had forgotten how deliberate and gritty Robert B Parker s books are As with Spenser, he begins his Jesse Stone series with full disclosure of whom Stone is a washed up homicide detective who has succumbed to Scotch Standing on pier before daylight and a little drunk, 34 year old Jesse Stone says goodbye to his old life No job No ring Thanks to his drinking at the bust up of his marriage, LAPD is finished with him So too is his ex wife Jenn, who has moved on to an older film producer His last c [...]

    29. I am a died in the wool Spenser fan, so I put off reading the Jesse Stone series, fearing that I would be betraying my first love I reluctantly picked up Night Passage, giving Parker a chance to change my mind.The opening scene of the book has Jesse standing in the darkness staring at nothing, leaning on the railing overlooking the Santa Monica beach When a police officer approaches Jesse we find out two things, he s drunk and he s leaving town Jesse succumb to alcohol, when his wife Jenn was un [...]

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