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The War Planners Series: Books 1-3 #2020

The War Planners Series Books Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B XV N DP The combined first three books in The War Planners series Contains Book The War PlannersBook The War StageBook Pawns of the Pacific

  • Title: The War Planners Series: Books 1-3
  • Author: AndrewWatts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The War Planners Series: Books 1-3 By AndrewWatts, Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B06XV1N4DP.The combined first three books in The War Planners series.Contains Book 1 The War PlannersBook 2 The War StageBook 3 Pawns of the Pacific

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      155 AndrewWatts
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    1 thought on “The War Planners Series: Books 1-3

    1. Very good Believable Many action adventure, military action books move to the realm of the fantastic In these books you can expect to hear an authentic voice of experience Well done The dialogue flows in natural rhythms, the characters are sufficiently flawed as to be recognizable as people you have met The action sequences are well choreographed and injuries take respectable times to recover from All of these elements are served up as though the work was easy My hat is off to the author.

    2. It took me a while to get going on book 1 for a variety of reasons, mostly not book related I read on as time permitted My interest and reading momentum accelerated through completion of the series I like the way Mr Watts writes, the way he develops his characters, the plot he develops very interesting entirely possible in this series and the level of detail he provides about both I plan to read his next books as they are published.

    3. Loved it I spent four years living in the Norfolk area while my husband was stationed on the USS Independence Carrier while serving his country in the US Navy Author Andrew Watts hit the nail dead on with these three novels, that flow right from one to the next While each book is a stand alone story that kept me on the edge of my emotions through the whole ordeal of how those with an unexhausted wealth of money can become despots hell bent on ruling the world in their image I laughed, I cried, a [...]

    4. The War Planner is my first read from author Andrew Watts A well developed, well written story that plods along The primary characters are well developed over the course of the book, the lesser characters not so much By the end of the book, the author had me looking forward to the next book My only question is why did it take me almost 2 years to get around to reading it The War Stage is my second read from author Andrew Watts read immediately following The War Planner A well developed, well wri [...]

    5. I read GLIDEPATH by Mr Watts and was very entertained I got THE WAR PLANNERS series, and couldn t wait to read each book Mr Watts is showing great talent for beautiful writing, and combined with his Naval experience presents compelling reading The characters are developed carefully and are neatly pulled together for the incredible climax.With Mr Watts military history he was able to project me into the dangerous but exciting act of combat at sea.Mr Watts shows a unique knowledge and awareness of [...]

    6. Outstanding, creative and timely plot, written with the knowledge that only a naval aviator can have This book is the first of a trilogy, I read all three of them, all well written, and very well informed Page turners from beginning to end.I hope and wish Mr Watts will write books outlining plots for the scenario of a conflict , China Clearly, US is not preparing well for a new world order that is just around the corner.

    7. To be honest it started off slow for me and I almost gave up, BUT I didn t Boy am I glad I didn t Amazing story with twists and turns Every time I thought I had some of the plot figured out WHAM it changed Another honest thing it that as you got deeper into the book it was full of abbreviations military terms and since I am not a military man it go a bit too much Anyway, I am recommending this to my friends and look forward to the next book

    8. The plausibility of this series is somewhat doubtful With every turn of the page you get the idea that everyone is a Chinese spy I had to struggle through the first book because of the slow plot and character development Once through those issues the second and third books had much livelier action and were believable Overall, started slow but ended well.

    9. Amazing seriesThis series was amazing, full of adventure, espionage and action Very riveting Hard to put down once you started and am looking forward to the next book by this author.

    10. Good Military readThis was a fast paced action read Those who enjoy global intrigue will like this There is around the world action and planning The basis of the story is quite possible and makes for an extremely interesting read.

    11. Amazing imagination I actually put this book down due to it s length Boy am I glad I picked it up again Couldn t read it fast enough This is a must read book for any military people Loved it, happy reading

    12. Interesting Reading Top notch action with a good amount of personal storytelling Very enjoyable reading As a veteran I enjoyed both the military action involved and the integration of the intelligence point of view.

    13. Good YarnKept my interest even though the plot was not the most plausible Was interesting enough so that I will read some of the author s work to see how his skill develops.

    14. Could not get myself into this book no matter how many times I went back to it Listened to the first volume War Planners, but the second was just a lot of conversation to me Sorry Mr Watts, no can do.

    15. Good readI had delayed starting for several weeks During some downtime the last 10 days I read all 3 of the books I had It left me eager for the next book

    16. Good bookRead all of the books in order to really enjoy Characters are realistic and get better and better Storyline continues to grow and develop

    17. Good readThe first 3 books were and easy entertaining read I might continue to read the series of they are out.

    18. If you can get through the very repetitive first 50 pages, then it gets likeable The plot lines and premise are very interesting.

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