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Party Shoes #2020

Party Shoes A welcome reissue of the book Set during and after the second World War this classic novel tells the story of Selina who has been sent to live with her aunt uncle and cousins in the country W

  • Title: Party Shoes
  • Author: Noel Streatfeild
  • ISBN: 9780192752536
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Party Shoes By Noel Streatfeild, A welcome reissue of the 1945 book Set during and after the second World War, this classic novel tells the story of Selina, who has been sent to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in the country When Selina receives a parcel from her godmother in America it causes much excitement among her and her cousins, and, to Selina s delight, the parcel contains a beautiful parA welcome reissue of the 1945 book Set during and after the second World War, this classic novel tells the story of Selina, who has been sent to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in the country When Selina receives a parcel from her godmother in America it causes much excitement among her and her cousins, and, to Selina s delight, the parcel contains a beautiful party dress and a pair of party shoes But delight turns to dismay when she realizes that she may never have an occasion to wear such a wonderful outfit until, that is, she and her cousins come up with an idea of organizing a pageant

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    1. I do love Noel Streatfield s work but this did make me feel a bit anxious For half the book, this child labours under a delusion, and one that really matters to her The adult characters are oblivious Of course it all works out but I felt worried for her until it did, so did not enjoy this book as much as others.

    2. There is something rather lovely about Streatfeild s England Every village has a family full of a thousand siblings There are sensible and yet approachable adult folk There is always a girl who is earnestly in love with ballet who ends up being recruited to train with the local there is always one present ballet teacher who just happens to spot purposeful talent in the girl There is sunshine There are sibling dynamics full of love and fun and heart There is loveliness If you would like a game fo [...]

    3. Charming in a British sort of way I liked this a lot this time round, but I still wish that the war was a important part of the story I mean, you don t have Victory in Europe every day but it s passed over in just a few pages Still, it s a Streatfeild, even it isn t her best The Andrews children are downright beasts to Selina, though I wanted to seriously reach into this book and slap them.

    4. Really enjoying the Shoes series they re a great read with one s daughter Skating Shoes still my favorite but this one is lovely too

    5. Warning This review contains spoilers I would give this book 2 1 2 stars if I could.This book was quite different from the other Shoe Books that I ve read so far, and I actually found it somewhat boring Even though there are still books in the series that I haven t read yet, I think I ll take a break from them for a while One of the main characters, Selina, is a temporary orphan who lives with her aunt and uncle, who have six children of their own Unlike the other Shoe Books, we don t learn righ [...]

    6. This book let me paint you a picture I am sitting at work, which is boring because it s winter and no one buys furniture when it s icky out, and I m reading Party Shoes I ve read it so many times before that I can put it down quickly if a customer stops in So I m reading, and the whole book my stomach has been in knots because I know what s coming and I can see the embarrassment building And finally there is a resolution and I breath a sigh of relief, only to have the most moving part of the boo [...]

    7. Somehow I missed this one over the years This was the first time through for me, even though I ve read Streatfeild s other Shoes books dozens and dozens of times It was interesting to have a look at British life at the end of the war The lack of any kind of luxuries the coupon books the insistence on a stiff upper lip, even for children the family, even the adults, are all annoyed at one of the kids when she cries at the breakfast table I never knew about school on Saturdays, Hong Kong POW camps [...]

    8. Party Shoes isn t quite what I expected it to be It started out with great promise, I thought We meet Selina, a girl living with her British cousins through the war World War II One day she receives a present from her American godmother The parcel contains a beautiful though inappropriate for the times dress or frock and some lovely shoes Selina knows, as does her cousins and aunt and uncle that there will never be a suitable occasion for her to wear the dress and shoes Not with the war on, not [...]

    9. Yet another good book from Noel Streatfeild Not amazing, but enjoyable One of the concerns I often have about some of her books, from a Christian perspective, is that while they are encouraging children to work hard at whatever they do which is a good thing I fear in case they would inspire impressionable children to take up the activities promoted in the books whether it be ballet, ice skating, or whatever, and I am not sure that I would want to encourage that But that problem doesn t really ex [...]

    10. I like this book a lot It isn t one I read as a child looking back, I only read half a dozen or so of NS s books in childhood , and I wish I had But it was still a good read The arrival of the most beautiful dress, and how one family solved the problem of finding an occasion to wear it, is a simple idea, and it is brilliantly executed here I particularly love the way the pageant evolves and grows until Selina is almost the only person who remembers why the idea was first proposed.It s NS, so ful [...]

    11. What an extreme disappointment I m a huge fan of Noel Streatfeild s books, and when I found this somewhat recently, I was thrilled at the thought of a new Shoes book that I had somehow missed reading as a child.Well, I finally had time to read this, and it was horrible.There isn t much of a plot Selina gets a party frock, and the family plans a pageant so she can wear it but there also wasn t much of a plot in Streatfeild s similar Family Shoes which is less theatrically based than her other Sho [...]

    12. Somehow I missed this one when I was growing up I devoured many others in the Streatfield s Shoes books It s World War II in England Selina s parents are in an internment camp in the Far East so she is living with cousins in rural England She receives a package from her godmother which contains a beautiful party dress and shoes.Of course there s no place to wear them The children hit upon the idea of staging a pageant that will allow Selina to wear the dress and shoes Over the course of the year [...]

    13. I found the first American edition, complete with paper dustjacket, in an antique store on Solomon s Island I d never actually read this novel before, but I m a big fan of Ms Streatfeild s, so shelled out the three five dollars the store was asking according to Alibris, my copy is worth around 100 As to the content of the book definitely one of her better stories I think the children are very nicely brought up and, to be honest, I m planning on raising my children similarly The setbacks the chil [...]

    14. Streatfeild s Shoe Books follow a simple template charming British protagonist navigates the insert performing profession here world while also balancing life at home Full disclosure, I absolutely loved these books as a little Kristen From ages 10 12, there was no literature that ranked higher than Ballet Shoes , Theater Shoes , and Dancing Shoes But until I found this at a book store closing sale, I had never heard of Party Shoes The plot is simple enough Selina receives a dress from America at [...]

    15. I bought as many of Noel Streatfeild s Shoes books as I could find off eBay last week and I ve spent this week reading them This one I missed when I was a girl, and I can t say I find it as engaging as many of the others Like many of Streatfeild s books, this is set during WW2 Selina lives with her cousins her parents are prisoners of war in Hong Kong, and her godmother lives in America Her godmother sends her a fabulous evening dress and shoes, and she and her cousins concoct a pageant, to be h [...]

    16. Another very enjoyable book by Noel Streatfeild The setting is semi rural England at the end of World War II it was first published soon after Selina receives an incredible dress and satin shoes from an American relative, and the children of the Andrews family, with whom she is staying because her parents are prisoners of war in Hong Kong, come up with the idea of doing a pageant so that she can wear them The narrative rocks along at a pleasant pace with momentum bit not a lot of tension Charact [...]

    17. In another shoe book by Noel Streatfeild, we meet Selina and her cousins Selina has received a gift of a party dress and shoes from her godmother in America It is near the end of the second World War in England and there are very few excuses for a girl to wear a party dress So, Selina and her cousins create a reason a pageant which she and her cousins will write and produce As time goes by, the pageant becomes even bigger than originally planned How will the cousins find costumes for the pageant [...]

    18. Noel Streatfeild s shoe books were some of my favorite books as a child, and they have lasting power I own all of these novels and re read them regularly I cannot wait until my child is old enough to enjoy them too This book reintroduces Selina, a character we briefly met in an earlier shoe book She, like all women, needs an excuse to wear a spectacular dress Set in wartime England, the novel explores the poverty and rationing that readers of my generation have only heard of, never experienced S [...]

    19. Whilst I don t suppose Noel Streatfield ever could write something of the standard I generally give one star to, I found this book disappointing, especially in comparison to her other works Plot and characterisation are both rather thin, and the pace is ridiculously slow, but then the story doesn t seem to have anywhere it s trying to get to Highlights for me include Selina s characterisation, and Philip s involvement with the pageant even so, the latter would have worked better as part, rather [...]

    20. It s years since I read this, which was originally published under the title Party Frock It s the story of a pageant, an idea that grows after Selina is sent a gorgeous dress and satin shoes from the USA, shortly before the end of World War II Her cousins are pretty motivated, in different ways, but the pageant would have been a small and rather disjointed affair had it not been for Philip, home from the war with an injured arm Realistic people, a plot that s believable if unlikely , some humour [...]

    21. It is amazing how almost an entire village comes together to participate in a pageant organised by kids And it all started when Selina, 14, receives a party frock and satin shoes from a godmother in America It is World War II, therefore, there are no grand parties for Selina to wear the frock and shoes at her cousins home in a rural village in England Her six cousins John, Christopher, Sally, Phoebe, Augustus and Benjamin come together to put on a pageant that eventually turns out to be an affai [...]

    22. I love Noel Streatfeild I love the Shoe books I read all of them when I was a kid or thought I had I ve even searched them out at used book stores and garage sales, so I can own copies.Well, they ve re released some of them and, lo and behold, I had never heard of Party Shoes My parents bought it for me for Christmas, and it s just as enjoyable as the rest of the books War time England, large family with at least one very disagreeable sibling, something to do with the performing arts, money woes [...]

    23. Man, this book was a drag The first twelve chapters had me praying for the sweet release of death, they were so dull, though it did pick up on chapter thirteen, and I did enjoy it as it went on It s a terribly thin premise and plot and it s really hard to care about anything that goes on or any of the characters until the ending Also, I know it was renamed Party Shoes from Party Frock to bring it in line with the Shoes series, but it s about a party frock, the shoes are merely an afterthought.

    24. When Selina s American godmother sends her a wonderful party frock and matching shoes shortly before the end of World War II, Selina is desperate for an opportunity to wear them, but no suitable parties are on the horizon Turning to her cousins, with whom she lives, for help, they decide to put on a pageant on the grounds of the local manor As the children enlist the help of various friends and neighbors the plans mushroom until the very reason for the pageant is almost overlooked.

    25. I m sorry, but I am so bored This is way different than the other wonderful books in the series, and there is just so much happening while nothing happens, I can t finish it A children s book that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children s book in the slightest If you knew this existed and didn t tell me Shame on you I found this on a shelf by a happy accident, and look forward to enjoying it.

    26. 3.4 starsA young girl is temporarily living with her cousins in the countryside during the World War II She receives a gift from a relative in America of a beautiful dress and fancy shoes It is war time England There are very few events places for a young people to wear fancy clothes The family decides to put on a pageant to provide an occasion for her to wear the dress.I first heard of the shoe books from the movie, You ve Got Mail.

    27. Selina is living with her country cousins in rural England during WWII When she gets a beautiful dress, her cousins invent a pageant to provide an occasion to wear the dress, and the whole town get involved Not Streatfeild s best, but an interesting look at kids taking charge The pageant is set at an abbey and involves the pastor, but there s no religious content.

    28. I thought this was a re read because I thought I d read all the shoes books This one didn t seem familiar, though It s the story of a party dress that arrives unexpectedly from the US and there s no event to wear it to So, the kids dream up a pageant and it will be part of the costuming But, with the help of a neighbor, the pageant grows to a much bigger thing.

    29. Read as part of post White Boots Noel Streatfeild spree Not one of my favourites I think the problem is there s not really a main focus aside from Selina, and Selina s personality and quest are both not very gripping And I usually like ordinary, humble characters The family dynamics are carefully and cleverly delineated, as usual, but I wasn t that invested.

    30. I have always loved Noel Streatfeild s books and as a child I got my library to ILL them for me or hunted through second hand book stores to find all of them She tells the perfect girls stories I was always able to find one character in each book that was my favorite They definitely stand up to re reads.

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