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Shadow Hunt #2020

Shadow Hunt For years now Scarlett Bernard has counted on two things her ability to nullify magic and Shadow the bargest who guards Scarlett with her life But after a sudden revelation turns Scarlett s world u

  • Title: Shadow Hunt
  • Author: Melissa F. Olson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shadow Hunt By Melissa F. Olson, For years now, Scarlett Bernard has counted on two things her ability to nullify magic, and Shadow, the bargest who guards Scarlett with her life But after a sudden revelation turns Scarlett s world upside down, she panics and leaves town without warning, leaving Shadow with her partner, Jesse In the chaos that follows, the bargest is stolen and Jesse nearly dies from aFor years now, Scarlett Bernard has counted on two things her ability to nullify magic, and Shadow, the bargest who guards Scarlett with her life But after a sudden revelation turns Scarlett s world upside down, she panics and leaves town without warning, leaving Shadow with her partner, Jesse In the chaos that follows, the bargest is stolen and Jesse nearly dies from a brutal psychic assault.It seems that an old enemy has returned for revenge and the attack on Shadow was only the beginning As Scarlett races home to find the bargest and rescue her friends, she is dragged deeper into a terrifying legend that has somehow found its way to present day Los Angeles.Now she will have to recruit every possible ally for a battle that will test her null ability to the limit Scarlett has been in over her head before, but now she risks losing everything and she s never had to lose.

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      475 Melissa F. Olson
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    1. Scarlett finds herself in a situation that she desperately needs to find some unbiased and private advice So, Scarlett and Molly head of to Vegas, leaving Jesse watching Shadow, Scarlett s bargest Putting Jesse in the crosshairs of a past enemy and Shadow missing.Finding herself way out of her league and with the ones she holds most dear at risk, Scarlett has to pull out all the stops.Amazing, action intense, unexpected and with out a doubt a new favorite, Shadow Hunt is one of those reads you j [...]

    2. Source NetGalley Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 4.0 Thoughts Shadow Hunt is the third installment in author Melissa F Olson s Disrupted Magic trilogy If you ve read Blood Gamble, the second installment in this new trilogy, you know that our protagonist, Scarlett Bernard, got stunning news at the end of that story that has put her in a very difficult and dangerous position Especially if anyone with a grudge against her finds out But, what s even disconcerting, is that a former enemy has returned wit [...]

    3. I loved this newest edition of Scarlett s story I love that Lex was also in the story This is the best ever.

    4. I first met Scarlett Bernard in Dead Spots and have followed her every since This is book three is the second trilogy and the story just keeps getting better Molly and Jesse are back and important characters in this story The big surprise is something that Scarlett never expected That surprise drives this plot and causes no end of trouble When Scarlett unexpectedly leaves town an old enemy arrives and starts to take revenge This is a fast paced story that ends with a new relationship between Sca [...]

    5. 4.5 stars After a short prolog to introduce the villain, Shadow Hunt picks up pretty much at the point of the Big Bombshell revelation that ended the previous book and Scarlett and Molly scurry off to Lex s neck of the woods to gather info on Scarlett s situation She leaves Jesse in charge of Shadow and he gets caught in the crossfire and suddenly Scarlett s whole world is in danger.Boy was Shadow Hunt good I have to admit that I never thought that I was going to like Scarlett as much as I do S [...]

    6. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this one and I just couldn t put it down This was my favorite of the Scarlett books Olson has created an interesting and realistic shared world between the Scarlett and Lex books She also has two awesome and badass female protagonists That being said, I am much fond of Scarlett and she gets quite the adventure here This is a really great read with enough action and mystery to keep anyone entertained there is even some romance thrown in if you like t [...]

    7. I absolutely love where this series has been going This book, in particular, was absolutely brutal in how bare and vulnerable it left Scarlett without her usual allies, but it was also uplifting to read about Scarlett persevering and changing She s a fantastic urban fantasy heroine, and a rare one in that she is allowed to grow and change ShadowHunt NetGalley

    8. Copy provided through Netgalley for voluntary review Lots of forward progression in this book And some squee worthy moments Olson isn t usually focused on the romance aspect but I loved it this time I also loved Will s storyline at the end Lots to smile about This book felt final but Olson likes to leave things a little bit open Scarlett is a badass, I could read about her adventures forever Well done.

    9. FULL SPOILERS AHEAD 4.25 stars The last book of the Disrupted Trilogy, which also serves as the end of Scarlett s second arc picks up immediately after the previous one left off Yep, Scarlett is pregnant, everyone Apparently it can happen when two nulls did the horizontal tango which happened with Scarlett and Jameson So Scarlett is trying to find information and thinking about what this pregnancy means for her, because let s face it, null baby is RARE, and it can be used by those who want to c [...]

    10. I just can t seem to get enough of Scarlett and her friends.A lot happens in SHADOW HUNT to wrap up the storyline that has been building in the past two books If you have not read book two, BLOOD GAMBLE, do not continue to read my review as there will be spoilers for that book included As we know from the ending of BLOOD GAMBLE, Scarlett brought a little something home with her from Vegas SHADOW HUNT sends her on the hunt for answers about what the future will hold for her child I loved watching [...]

    11. Olson rocks this book By now, we know our characters and world and Scarlett shines in this Things come together, some ass is kicked, scary things happen, people do stuff You know, stuff I love Shadow, she is amazing The triumvirate has to pull together, we don t see them a lot, this book really is about Scarlett and her growth, but they have to mete out some old world hurt and it is awesome AND, it ends with the promise of to come So yay So, if you like Urban Fantasy, you cannot go wrong with [...]

    12. I love Scarlett Bernard protagonist Been waiting for this book The only disappointment I have with it is that I m done reading it Scarlett is, as always, strong, caring, reckless and so very funny I wish she were real I loved the story, good writing, twists and turns Wonderfully complete characters, and world building Truly there are not enough good things to say about the end of this trilogy about her.I m so pleased to know that Olson plans on writing about The Old World family of characters, [...]

    13. Shadow Hunt , Disrupted Magic 3 , Melissa F OlsonReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre general fiction adult , Sci fi and Fantasy.I love this series, and the sister series set in the same world It was that one, featuring Quinn and Lex that brought me the the Old World, and let me to buying and being lucky enough to have some review ARCs too I love Scarlett, she s in a tough and dangerous world, has to do things that her heart really isn t in, but which are necessary to protect others It m [...]

    14. Another good storyThis book showed up in my Kindle at just the right moment I ve yet to be disappointed with a Scarlet story I m from Pasadena so I always like to hear about the places and nearby cities as I read I was hoping the book would center on Scarlet being pregnant and primarily focus on that, so I m a little bummed that didn t happen I was also looking for some insight as to how Eli felt about everything But I m happy with the new development with her and Jesse and overall the story was [...]

    15. This is ten stars This is so good It deserves a ten star rating I love these characters It s a standalone but it has favorite characters that just keeps me glued to the kindle and listening to the audible version until the last page I know I will go back and re read book one, two and this one in the next two weeks just to keep these characters close Highly recommend the audible Narration is excellent I want a Shadow for my own as well as a Jesse

    16. Ending arc of this set of books Scarlett is in the middle of the largest personal crisis of her life when an old enemy returns to town with a plan to devastate the entire supernatural community Good finish to this storyline with a setup for some future appearances of Scarlett and crew in Olson s other series.

    17. Well, that was a couple of unexpected turns of events It will be interesting to see where Olson takes this now Exceptional narration, too.

    18. Another Gem from Melissa F Olson Since the day I first discovered the Boundary Magic series, I have devoured every single book this author has put out This latest installment to Scarlet Bernard s story is definitely one of the best It wraps so many things up brilliantly while still leaving you aching for The tie in to the Boundary series was so amazing that I ve gone back to re read that series I highly recommend this book.

    19. PLEASE WRITE FASTER I love this series ,I never give anything away about books.I ll just tell you that it would be well worth your time and if reading is a pleasure for you, this Author is someone worth spending your money on.I repeat Ms Melissa F Olson Please,please,please write faster

    20. More I re read the two previous Disrupted Magic books so that I d be ready for today, and was thrilled when this book downloaded this evening in Australia My only grump is that I finished too soon and there are so many things I want to know but will there be a Disrupted Magic book 4 or will we be lucky enough to get another trilogy that continues on I don t care, I d just like please

    21. A great closer for the arc.This story allows readers see the drastic growth the different characters have had since the first series Making the story realistic and enjoyable People aren t stagnate and neither are these characters.

    22. On the edge of your seatI would recommend this bookMelissa has done it again much to keep you on the edge of your seatwith this book you have Nulls, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, It s one excitement after another

    23. I actually forgot I ordered thisI had totally forgotten I had ordered this book on and it wasn t hard at all to get back into this series This book was a pleasant surprise of twists and turns and a very fast read I hope to see of Scarlett in future books by this author and definitely recommend this author for any fantasy readers out there.

    24. Action PackedI really enjoy both series by this author I am involved and entertained from beginning to end I also like how different the main characters are in each series I can t wait to see where Ms Olsen goes next Recommended

    25. Loved it Absolutely loved this newest book in the Disrupted Magic series I am so happy with many of the resolutions, some of which have been a long time coming, and can t wait to see where Olson takes us next

    26. This is the third and final book of the Disrupted Magic trilogy Well, here we are at the end of another Scarlett Bernard trilogy, and again, I am devastated I just fall in love with this character every single time I read these books, and this time it was even worse because this last book was the best yet Action packed and emotion filled, I was led on a wonderful adventure that I didn t want to end I love the way the author draws the reader into the book with great characterizations, a wonderful [...]

    27. An absolutely awesome book It starts off a little slow, but the rest is action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat I read the entirety in one sitting and it has quickly become one of my new favorites I m really looking forward to new titles by this author in the future, especially the continuation of Scarlett s story.

    28. Its only a few weeks since the events in Las Vegas and the death of Jamieson , another rare Null.Suffering from flu like symptoms she is tired and worn down , when she makes a shocking and surprising discovery.Needing to keep this discovery a secret until she can learn of possible outcomes consequences she quickly leaves Town to consult with Maven , the oldest Vampire she knows.Unable to take her bargest, Shadow , with her she asks her friend Jesse to look after him , for the short time she will [...]

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