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Backdoor Politics #2020

Backdoor Politics Kamal is a by the book mercenary and hitman who keeps to himself dealing with the brutal politics of the Bosnian underworld He has very few ties to the world around him since the war that left him br

  • Title: Backdoor Politics
  • Author: C.L. Mustafic
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Backdoor Politics By C.L. Mustafic, Kamal is a by the book mercenary and hitman who keeps to himself, dealing with the brutal politics of the Bosnian underworld He has very few ties to the world around him since the war that left him broken and betrayed by his lover An encounter with a fellow mercenary, whose job it is to kidnap the son of the only man Kamal ever loved, leads Kamal to do something irrationKamal is a by the book mercenary and hitman who keeps to himself, dealing with the brutal politics of the Bosnian underworld He has very few ties to the world around him since the war that left him broken and betrayed by his lover An encounter with a fellow mercenary, whose job it is to kidnap the son of the only man Kamal ever loved, leads Kamal to do something irrational In an isolated cabin in the mountains of Bosnia with his hostage, Kamal follows the well laid out plan of his predecessor, but somewhere along the way things get personal The boy in his care becomes than just a stand in for his father, but a job is a job and Kamal is a professional When questions and tensions begin to mount, Kamal begins to put the pieces together for himself, and doesn t like what he finds Can Kamal get his revenge and the boy or will he have to settle for one or the other M M

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    1. 4.5 Stars You know when you pick a book and think let s give it a go with your most tired and condescending sigh, as a result of many attempts of finding a good dark read Oh well, that was me We have a saying in Portuguese for what happened here Ela saiu com o rabo entre as pernas Which means something like feeling ashamed and humiliated Shame on me Backdoor Politics is my first read by this author and I am truly impressed by his ability to keep this real.A brilliant, wicked, mindfucking read It [...]

    2. 1.5 rounded up to 2 because I may not have enjoyed the story, but it was at least well written.Well I wanted to read something edgy and dark, and this book delivered way It started off pretty strong then went downhill Kamal is a seriously messed up, heartless character I think he is the worst anti hero I have ever read about I wouldn t have shed one tear if he ended up dying in the end Zijad is Kamal s victim That s all I can see him as We don t get his pov until the epilogue, and even at that [...]

    3. 4.5 Stars rounded upPfft Fuck Okay Well there s this book I just finished I feel like I ve just been released from something so utterly jarring and frightening It hit some major hard limits for me on than one occasion I ll gather my thoughts and review it properly shortly, but when I look at my Kindle notes I keep seeing the words dysfunction or dysfunctional throughout.Backdoor Politics is nothing if not methodical and calculated and very, very fucked up which equals Kamal Power and politics m [...]

    4. I love a novel that completely wraps me up and then lingers so I can t get it out of my mind With a dark and disturbing story line and characters who could be your next door neighbors, C.L Mustafic s Backdoor Politics is spine tinglingly perfect This one s a must read for any fan of dark erotica Backdoor Politics has an incredible plot which unfolds gradually and is structured to build our anticipation There were so many ways the story could go that I truly had no idea what would happen next or [...]

    5. Wow, this is a difficult review to write This is one dark, violent story Which, of course, lured me right in This story takes place in or around Bosnia, much of the background going back to a time when the country was in war torn turmoil Kamal grew up during that time, barely surviving, and that s before he is betrayed in the worst way by his lover and best friend Orhan Now, he is a highly paid, successful deadly mercenary.When his MAWB Mercenary Acquaintance With Benefits calls for a hookup, he [...]

    6. Backdoor Politics by C.L Mustafic is a beautifully wicked story that I never wanted to end The story is focused around hitman and problem solver, Kamal, who takes jobs for people in need of situational fixes and guaranteed winning His latest job, he comes upon, causes him to cut ties with a close friend and make snap decisions about whether he can face his past or not With multiple forces at play, Kamal is never really sure he knows who he fighting for or who he is battling against Things go sou [...]

    7. ARC GIVEN FOR HONEST REVIEW 10 stars Now.How to review this book.Here goesLet s start with Kamal.He is a complex characterYour going to hate him and in a way your going to love him tooHe is an assassinHe is not a nice man but there s something there that will draw you to him.Something that will make you want to love him although you really hate him.He is brutal.He is uncaring but also he cares in his own wayA way that not many people could cope withZijad is a young man who goes through hell in t [...]

    8. Unapologetic, Disturbing Dark I finished this days ago but cannot figure out how to properly review this one Please read Jan s review it s perfect or many others What got me was this was narrated from a broken man raised through wartime, it s so disturbing this book made think and me want to know and the reality is most disturbing

    9. Phew I m not sure how to review this it was all kinds of fucked up, dark, gritty and did I mention dark I wasn t quite expecting the harshness of this book when I read it, especially when coming off a glut of sugar sweet Xmas books this took me back into the darker corners of depravity Well written, completely consuming and had me thinking, surely there is a moment of light This is a classic Stockholm Syndrome story with a hell of a lot of humiliation brutality involved Tread lightly if you d pr [...]

    10. A Joyfully Jay review 4.25 starsBackdoor Politics is dark, gritty, and contains scenes of torture, rape, and murder, which may be a trigger for some readers This was an uncomfortable story to read and C.L Mustafic does not shy away from her use of detail even when I wished she would An example of this is following Kamal s cold blooded murder of his lover and fellow hired gun when he dismembers the body to dispose of it Mustafic s description made me want to turn my head away, hoping that when I [...]

    11. 4 StarsDark and twisted and not a love story, a relationship, yes, but not love This is on my DMC shelf which is short for Depraved Minds Club You can check this shelf to see if other books on this shelf would be your cup of tea and if you still go for it, you ve been warned Letting my shelves Kamal is a survivor of the Bosnian war and he was the scars, both physically and mentally, and is a sociopath assassin for the local mobster When a job comes up to kidnap his former lover s son, who is now [...]

    12. Note I received an ARC for free in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book However, be forewarned This is a very, very dark read It has many triggers rape, violence, murder, physical abuse and maiming , so definitely not for everyone But if you re tired of cookie cutter, sappy m m romances with predictable HEA endings, this might be for you I m pretty picky about my dark m m stories I definitely love erotica, but like romance, it can also become boring without a good plot sex balance Whe [...]

    13. Trigger Warnings ahead A seedy underworld with dirty deeds, lethal obsessions, and dark desires.Oh, where to begin my review for this book I ll be honest and say that I m not sure how to review it to its satisfaction I think I ll start by saying what this book is not C.L Mustafic s Backdoor Politics is not a love story You re not going to find sweet words or soft emotions Instead, there s trauma and violence, dark moments and even darker desires.And yet, I couldn t stop reading I was completely [...]

    14. Holy hell that was an awesome dark read I need to collect myself before I write my review.First there are major triggers in this one, and they are on page not off Kidnapping, rape, abuse and murder Kamal is a cold hearted assassin and we find out how he came to be this way He was betrayed by the only man he ever loved at the end of the war and that closed his heart off We do see him with a lover, Julien, who is also a fellow assassin, and that ends well satisfying on several fronts While with hi [...]

    15. Wow I m not sure where to start, but I absolutely loved this book If you re not a fan of dark stories, then I would definitely pass on this one I think the only book I ve read this dark is Better the Devil You Know, which I also loved I think Kamal is one of the worst human beings I have ever read about I tried to find one redeeming quality about him, but he was still a fascinating character to read If you enjoy dark stories without romance, this is the book for you.An ARC was generously provide [...]

    16. I was so intrigued by this book I love dark theme books and this was just what I was looking for It had some low moments but overall I really loved it.Kamal wasn t a likable MC, which was very interesting to me, he didn t make me like the book any bit less because I didn t liked him I find it hard to believe anyone will like him, but he is a very intriguing character and it was great getting to know him Zijad, on the other hand, was a lovely character I loved him from the start Every reaction an [...]

    17. Backdoor Politics by C.L Mustafic4 starsM M Dark BDSM Triggers Rape, Kidnapping, Torture, Murder, Psychological torture, war zone murdersI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.Do Not ignore the triggers This book is VERY dark and not for someone who might occasionally like a dark romance I didn t think this was a romance at all, despite the premise.A cold blooded killer with an occasional lover, a horrible betrayal in his past and a new job that will bring everything together [...]

    18. I think I ve read this novel before in Adult fan fiction years ago, the blurb is so much similar along with the names, and I was hunted by it, cos the way story has been written and it was my first story that has so much Violence and hurting to another person, but I ll, no, WANTED to read it again and wanted to go back to those time when I wanted to hurt Kamal and Orhan Zijad s father to hurting sweet and innocent Zijad who was being punished for the deeds that his father did, not him and I read [...]

    19. I think this is an it s not you it s me situation I like dark, edgy reads, mind games, some violence, so it s not my issue here I think I just expected something elser sure it was HEA for Kamal, even for Zijad, just not for me.

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