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Gold Shadow #2020

Gold Shadow In the North American continent eighteen year old Ebony has been living as a slave for as long as she can remember The underground cities the tattoo the scars and the shackles are a part of the onl

  • Title: Gold Shadow
  • Author: L.C. Perry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gold Shadow By L.C. Perry, In the North American continent, eighteen year old Ebony has been living as a slave for as long as she can remember The underground cities, the tattoo, the scars and the shackles are a part of the only world she has ever known She knows that in order to survive, she will have to stay strong And she will stay strong, cursing those in power, until her very last breath ShIn the North American continent, eighteen year old Ebony has been living as a slave for as long as she can remember The underground cities, the tattoo, the scars and the shackles are a part of the only world she has ever known She knows that in order to survive, she will have to stay strong And she will stay strong, cursing those in power, until her very last breath She waits for a meaningful way to die as she quietly pushes her body to its limit but that all changes when rebels from the surface drop down right in front of her Now, Ebony is challenged to envision a life beyond slavery as she and the other escapees are thrown into the center of a rebellion against the monarchy She has to embrace this glimmer towards a real life this glimmer called freedom But what can she contribute to a rebellion that is doomed to fail like those before it How can they stop a corrupt monarchy that has lasted for a century Among the lower class, those with hope are hard to come by, but Ebony has found refuge with people full of it And through their strong desire, an idea emerges one that has never been done before The princess of the country is coming of age and what better way to send a message to the king and queen than to kidnap their only daughter

    • [E-Book] ß Gold Shadow | BY ☆ L.C. Perry
      L.C. Perry

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    1. Check out this review, and many , on my blog jessjesinghaus.wordpressSettle in and prepare yourself for a wonderful entry to the Bronze Rebellion Series Gold Shadow, by L.C Perry , introduces us to an alternate, dystopian world in which an elite ruling monarchy presides over the various continents and the lesser communities outside their grand palaces This is a world in which slavery is commonplace, with the majority of slaves toiling underground and unseen in deplorable conditions while under t [...]

    2. eACR provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This is one of the best dystopian novels I ve read in a while This story follows Ebony who has spent her whole life as a slave until one day she stumbles across a group of rebels who give her a reason to fight.I really liked the character of Ebony she has a silent strength that I loved I also really enjoyed watching her journey to come to terms with the fact that she is no longer a slave and her determination to join the rebellion and [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Gold Shadow takes place in an alternate North America ruled by a monarchy that employs the use of slaves in underground root cities that never see the light of day The main character, Ebony, who is about 17 or 18 and regarded for her striking gold hair, was born into slavery and the lifetime of abuse has led her to bury her feelings and emotions behind a veil of emptiness.The early portion of the story pulled me in right away a [...]

    4. I was given a copy of this book by the author for a free review.It is very rare that I rate books this high, but Gold Shadow blew me away First, lets talk about the main character, Ebony Ebony was beautifully crafted and complex She is everything you want out of a main character She is easy to relate to and someone you can get behind This book is told from two perspectives Ebony, the slave from the root cities and Princess Irene It goes back and forth to show how different their lives are, while [...]

    5. Further details about the series Includes a very diverse cast of characters but also includes violence, profanity, and mention of sensitive subject matter If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask

    6. Disclaimer I received this free book from the author This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest I loved Ebony and her perspective She was such a great heroine, because she truly grows as a person and you can t have to wait till the bitter end Gold Shadow is a slow paced novel because it really looks at the characters around her and the whole kind of consciousness awakening process I really enjoy slow paced books that allow us to really see into the character s mind Gold Shadow [...]

    7. Ugh I Freaking LOVE Ebony.I have a thing for icy characters, okay She grew on me quickly and I was thrilled that she was consistent this way And there was something rewarding about watching her embers grow into flames The cast was full of rounded character, but she was definitely my favourite.I got nervous for a moment when ablest language was used, but this was immediately corrected on page This author is very aware and won t needlessly harm the reader So when this delves into dark topics conte [...]

    8. Original review here.Thanks to the author for providing me with an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review For my full review request policy, please click here Don t look like you re going to cry all the time Tears are one of their favourite drinks around here I liked the second half decidedly than the first it was difficult believing both were written by the same person But first, coffee some general observations Gold Shadow promised diversity, and it delivered superlatively Some [...]

    9. Gold Shadow is by L.C Perry This book is a Dystopian young adult book It is extremely well written and keeps your attention until the last page of the book It is very difficult to put down In fact, I was unable to put it down at all Luckily it is easy to read and despite the number of characters and changes of places, it is very easy to keep up with Basically, it is told through the lives of Ebony and the princess Irene Ebony is a slave and has been one all of her life She decided early on that [...]

    10. The Striking Dichotomy Between Ebony And IreneWhat would you do if you accepted your body and mind weren t yours any, became an expert at hiding your pain, worked in a mine as a slave, slept in a worn out tent with a hundred other slaves, ate slop, were emaciated and weak from hunger and lack of sunlight and fresh air, and knew that fighting back was pointless and was, in fact, suicide What if you d gotten so far beyond fear that you were no longer intimidated, felt angry and impatient, and coul [...]

    11. Reviewed For Readers Favorite by Grant Leishman Two young women, from opposite ends of the polar spectrum are set to collide in L C Perry s Dystopian Fiction Gold Shadow Bronze Rebellion Book 1 Eighteen year old Ebony, born a slave, has only ever known the horrors and struggle for survival underground as a slave in the root city, yearns for one thing only to end it all and to take some of the accursed overseers with her Princess Irene, surrounded by luxury and treated with deference by everyone, [...]

    12. While following the growth of Ebony from slave to badass warrior, every emotion that is felt along the way radiates off the page through a series of well composed word You instantly take a liking to Ebony and her silent strength Any character that makes an appearances in Gold Shadow is meant to be there At no point in time are you left wondering why was said person introduced or what do they have to offer to the plot Every character introduced serves a purpose Just as every scene makes sense as [...]

    13. GOLD SHADOW, a young adult, dystopian novel is a phenomenal book with slavery as it s main theme It s a book which portrays human desperation, survival with bare minimum infused with courage.The story starts with the evils of slavery system In a kingdom where cities are divided on the bases of class, there exists a section which is veiled from other people Here people work as slaves and are forced to work in peril conditions A girl, damaged but not broken, along with few other slaves manages to [...]

    14. was given an ARC for an honest review The story is great and very well written To start off from the MC Ebony and how she develops through out the story I can simply say she is one of my favourite female lead characters.I would highly recommend this bookfinitely waiting for the 2nd one so many characters to love so many possibilities view spoiler to start how Ebony and the others were trying to live for the sake of living but then they find a new purpose with the rebels the mentor thing was so m [...]

    15. I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review This story had a really good start but I still found it very hard to get into As a whole the storyline was intriguing though rather slow and somewhat predictable I love the characters in this novel They are all so complex and we ve really only scratched the surface I definitely would have liked some explanation of the world as it could be a bit confusing Overall I think Gold Shadow is a good read especially for people who enjoy The Hunger Ga [...]

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