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Shattered Heir: A Reverse Harem Novel #2020

Shattered Heir A Reverse Harem Novel I m nobody A street rat Human At least that s what I tell myself at night Truth is I m the daughter of a God King Ruler of the dark and twisted Otherworld where the gods are so powerful they share t

  • Title: Shattered Heir: A Reverse Harem Novel
  • Author: N.M. Howell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shattered Heir: A Reverse Harem Novel By N.M. Howell, I m nobody A street rat Human At least, that s what I tell myself at night.Truth is, I m the daughter of a God King Ruler of the dark and twisted Otherworld where the gods are so powerful they share their souls with Guardians demigods born to protect their God at all cost My mother was one of those Guardians.Being the only heir to the Otherworld throne, I saw first haI m nobody A street rat Human At least, that s what I tell myself at night.Truth is, I m the daughter of a God King Ruler of the dark and twisted Otherworld where the gods are so powerful they share their souls with Guardians demigods born to protect their God at all cost My mother was one of those Guardians.Being the only heir to the Otherworld throne, I saw first hand the entitled and immoral lives the gods lived at the expense of the mortals When my mother died, I escaped the Otherworld to live among humans A silent nobody disguised as a street kid who roamed the city, far away from the cursed life of the gods.A plan that worked perfectly Or so I thought.When five breathtakingly gorgeous demigods claiming to be my Guardians showed up on my eighteenth birthday telling me my father had been killed and I was to be Queen, I had a feeling my time of freedom had run out.This is book 1 of the Broken Gods series.This is a reverse harem novel.Expected release date August 2017

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      155 N.M. Howell
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    1 thought on “Shattered Heir: A Reverse Harem Novel

    1. Shattered Heir A Reverse Harem Novel Broken Gods by N.M HowellI read the updated version of this Ms Howell updated the version and changed several things that people were not liking I has partly though the old one and started over and I noticed the difference.I love all her books and I must say I was not into the original addition This revised one is much better I found the character likable and the scenes realistic A touch romance I don t care about romance but some do , and it did add a spa [...]

    2. UPDATE 29 09Wait what The book I read is not the actual book Tell me, why publish a book if you re gonna change it ten days later I don t know how this short period of time can make a book really better but i m feeling a bit conned.Rating 0.5 starAwful.No, really.Shattered Heir is the delightful combo of a monstruously annoying heroine, shitty male characters, almost non existant world building and killing dialogs literaly I absolutely in no way wanted to jump out the window while reading it.The [...]

    3. DNF 45% I was absolutely uninterested in this story or characters I attempted to read past the boredom thinking it ll get really good after this slow bit but alas it was all slow as mentioned before an absolute bore Glad it was free KU

    4. How is this a RH There is No romance between the heroine and her guardians They might as Well be her brothers Ridicolous Also She is so very immature Just spent the Day trying to save children, mothers, fathers ectd the Chick wants to go to the mf circus Like wth who the Hell does that Get your ass to the castle and save some people idiot The constant selfishness Rhea you Can save the World and the people if you just accept your throne Rhea, NO I DONT WANT THAT STUPID CHAIR Are you for Real Stup [...]

    5. Irmally don t do reviews but, uhThis book was NOT for me The Heroine got on my last nerves with howIDK weak she was Annoying Ignorant Ijust don t know how to explain my dislike for her AND I didn t feel any connection between her guardians and her.

    6. Rhea is the heir to the Otherworld, but six years ago she ran away to hide among the humans as a street rat Her father the King was an evil ruler, her mother died as one of his guardians, and Rhea left a world in turmoil Now her father has been killed by her uncle, the land is at war for the crown and Rhea s guardians have shown up to return her to the Otherworld They want her to claim her throne and restore peace to the land Rhea agrees that peace is needed, but she doesn t see how she can make [...]

    7. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I think this book was first announced as a romance and it s not, but it s an AMAZING fantasy, very character driven, which is my favorite type Rhea is such an interesting character she has been on the run for years and we meet her when she s thrown back into her world, we stay with her as she finds out about the new state of Otherworld and her reactions are really well doneThe relationship between Rhea and her Guardians is also so well done, [...]

    8. A great book with a lot of potential to become a great fantasy series however i must admit that Rhea who is meant to be the heroine often made me feel very frustrated as she kept on telling herself that she was no one and nothing and fighting her magical powers till the very end of the book even when she absolutely needed to get to grips with that power Her guardians who were also demi gods and there to offer her protection also let her down when she needed them most, to get themselves captured [...]

    9. Spoilers112 sighs and 197 slow breaths Every other sentence I wanted to throw the book but I couldn t because it s on my Kindle Rhea was FILLED with self hate until the very last chapter of this book She has a harem but they read like her older brothers than anything else Meanwhile she was tonguing down her cousin It may change in book two but I won t ever find out Rhea spent 24 7 being a scared kitten no sass no spunk at least nothing that was believable I will give her a little credit she had [...]

    10. A very well written, fast moving story filled with elements of fantasy, magic, and characters that beg to return in future novels It s a story of betrayal and trust of death, destruction, and hope of fear and bravery, and of facing one s destiny N.M Howell has crafted the beginning of yet another wonderful series I look forward to the next installment.

    11. It was a lovely read and really fast paced oneI LOVED the connection between Reah and her guardians,it certainly gave something to look out for and at the same time it was the thing that made me read the book because i was triggered by who will she end up with.Also i really liked that the weaker girl became at the end a strong leader.I know that it s a sterotype but i still love it.I feel like books like this one can absolutely teach us some things if we allow it to And at the end i don t really [...]

    12. I just can t I tried like three different times to read this but I could not finish it The heroine is stupid and selfish and immature Is this a book meant for preteens That s how childish it seemed I was bored out of my mindThis was a DNF for me and I don t think I will go back to try and read again.

    13. Didn t like the formatting The large gaps between paragraphs and lack of indentation kept throwing me off DNF

    14. Wow, so glad that s over Very long winded, with lots of filler Heroine was weak and character development was stagnant Skip

    15. DNF at 35%The sample started out promising but I can t take a chronically stupid protagonist Rhea knows she s in danger but keeps going off on her own and getting into trouble Even after she had been told not to Over and over Maybe this book gets better later But, I couldn t take it any.

    16. OMG I absolutely loved this book Rhea lives on the streets of Detroit, she has made her home on a roof out of stuff she has found She keeps to herself and is in hiding.One night, on her birthday that all changes Her guardians find her and she goes back home with them to find things have changed and she sees the devastation of the past six years since she leftThis book is a lovely long length that you can really sink into, it s well written with a great storyline There is humour, magic, fantasy a [...]

    17. Epic RH drama Loved this book and I m so happy this is a series The whole book was full of danger and intrigue and excitement There was backstabbing and treachery and a little fun and laughter thrown in too.After escaping to the human realm from the Otherworld six years ago, Rhea, the princess and rightful heir, has no intention of returning But her five guardians, Arry, Greyson, Taelor, Roan and Keaven find her and convince her to come back and see what has happened since she left and since her [...]

    18. overall, I really enjoyed this book I wont lie, the MC did rub me the wrong way occasionally but that just made the story that much real and relate able she has some serious eye candy with her and one of her men the tension there, oh boy But I feel like she gave in a little to early personally to there disagreement but if I take the time to really think about it, she still needs time to develop and really become her own woman With that being said, I really feel like this book sat this series up [...]

    19. Shattered Heir the first in the Broken Gods series by N M Howell is a fantasy novel written in third person from eighteen year old Rhea s point of view.The book has a slow start and if I m honest I thought most of the opening that takes place in the human realm could have been cut from the book completely The pace of the book doesn t pick up much even though there are a few fights sprinkled throughout A lot of the story is traveling, a whole lot of traveling It wasn t terrible, but the story did [...]

    20. The book was good, okay I wouldn t say that it was really great but it did interest me It was enough for me to make me want to read the next book I really hope the author would publish the next book soon cause I m curious to know how Rhea s adventures through this series would turn out Also, I m curious of how Rhea s relationship with her guardians would unfold and progress Its refreshing to see that the storyline is not focus solely on the romance Anyway, like I said, I want to read the second [...]

    21. This book starts out with a young homeless girl who turns out to be a princess that is the next inline for the throne This is a unique, magical adventure through another world that is often cruel at war Rhea along with her five guardians must face her uncle if the world has any hope of finding peace And Rhea must chose whether or not to grab her destiny or walk away.I voluntarily agreed to review this book, and was given an Advanced Reader Copy to do so.

    22. I m not entirely sure how I feel about this book As in, I don t know if I liked it or I loved it One the one hand, it was an engaging, action packed fantasy, with a cool, powerful heroine It didn t even have romance just hints On the other hand, it took Rhea an awfully long time to come to terms with who she was, which frustrated me So I think I ll give this book a 4.5 star review.

    23. I did enjoy this book despite it having the standard princess in another world, magical girl to save the world story It appears to be heading in a reverse harem style which is concerning based on the characters beliefs and childhood I m thankful the author did not rush into anything, and hopeful that if continued the author will have a believable way to make things seem real.

    24. Great story Exiled by personal choice Reluctant to return Rhea is every bit a fallen hero Will her faithful companions be able to help her overcome her fears and take her rightful place Will they all survive N.M Howell was able to keep me guessing I like that in a story I hope you do as well.I was provided ARC by the author The review is my honest opinion.

    25. Couldn t finish it.25% into the book and the main character is still trying to run away and leave her guys and her people to there own endt inspired I was absolutely uninterested in this story or characters I attempted to read past the boredom thinking it ll get really good after this slow bit but alas it was all slow as mentioned before an absolute bore Glad it was free KU

    26. DNFHoly F I have never been annoyed by a lead character She is an absolute IDIOT and it is unbearable to watch her make the same mistakes and be so selfish and literally not learn from anything She is so short sighted and just stupid stupid stupid.The plot and characters had so much potential but holy Gods what a disappointment Awful.

    27. Good ReadI really liked the plot and characters There were grammatical errors throughout the book Overall I love it I couldn t put it down I m patiently waiting for the continuation of the story.

    28. As a reverse harem, this book basically sucked There wasn t even a vague hint of attraction between anyone If you read it as a fantasy novel then it s okay There s a few consistency problems, and nothing really stands out about it Mostly I can only say with confidence that it was a book.

    29. Dnf Sorry So much for the hype and the few delays this one had I honestly just couldn t get past the few chapters I ve read No connection among the characters The heroine was, I don t know, flat and bland And the heroes were crap Downright jerks.

    30. wonderful story very well written i am anxious to read sequels Needs editting Character was a bit whiney but hopefully in the sequels she will have grown up some All in all, i enjoyed the book I was given an advanced readers copy with the intention of submitting an honest review

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