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Icarus Descending #2020

Icarus Descending The energumens creatures who are the result of centuries of genetic engineering threaten to come to earth to lead the other bioengineered slave races in a war against humanity

  • Title: Icarus Descending
  • Author: Elizabeth Hand
  • ISBN: 9780553562880
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Icarus Descending By Elizabeth Hand, The energumens, creatures who are the result of centuries of genetic engineering, threaten to come to earth to lead the other bioengineered slave races in a war against humanity.

    • READ BOOK ☆ Icarus Descending - by Elizabeth Hand
      441 Elizabeth Hand
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    1 thought on “Icarus Descending

    1. tonight the geneslaves revolt well, to be precise, it is the extra sexy branch of geneslaves that do the actual revolting the exceedingly tall, romantically inclined, daddy fixated energumens they are sick and tired of serving the Ascendants on the HORUS space station time for a regime change, suckers the third and final novel of elizabeth hand s baroque, often horrific science fantasy suffers a bit from the law of diminishing returns there s a bit of weepiness present that comes as a surprise f [...]

    2. The final installment in the trilogy that started with Winterlong, Icarus Descending left a bit to be desired The writing was great, the ideas were wild and the imagery was disturbing, but it all fell apart at the ending Actually, it would be accurate to say that the ending was so jarringly abrupt that there was no time in which for anything to fall apart or get resolved As the page numbers climbed, I started wondering how she was going to wrap up everything only to find out that she apparently [...]

    3. would like to think no book by Elizabeth Hand could ever cause me to hover mentally at one or two stars for this but this book did i decided her writing, while still Hand sian and therefore rather stupendous, hardly polishes a hot, steamy turd of whothefuckcares or whatthefuckhappened or didicarusburntherestofthemanuscript yeah, i figured a book with such great descriptions deserved a few made up words shitandshine gak let s rewind to 1990, maybe a few years prior, say 1987 Elizabeth Hand writes [...]

    4. This is a book that most likely ended up in my collection after a raid on a used book store or a library book sale I was always hunting for sci fi fantasy books when I was younger who am I kidding I m still always hunting for those Finally, on a 4 hour plane ride, I read it It is apparently the last of a trilogy of books set in a post apocalyptic world all but destroyed after centuries of Ascensions by various factions It is also a world filled with geneslaves, replicants, clones, rasas re anima [...]

    5. 3 and a half stars she writes terrific beginnings, but she s no good at endings does she run out of time, or lose interest, i wonder she is well worth reading, for her interesting characters and her great world building, i recommend her highly really and the Winterlong series as a whole is excellent but every story she writes has a tendency to run down before it ends it s a bit of a problem.

    6. My only problems with this book were the absence of several characters from previous novels why Hand brought back certain people, but not others, was unclear and the cliffhanger ending It wasn t quite as richly developed as the previous two books, but seeing as it was split between the narratives of three characters, that s to be expected Still leaves you wanting from the series.

    7. Touched on many brilliant ideas but then didn t flesh a lot of it out A bit political than the rest of the books in the series to my distaste Sadly, only one of the really awesome characters from the second book are in this one.

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