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Family Ties #2020

Family Ties Francesca Morelli Sweet as sin like the cupcakes she slings at the Morelli bakery Her sweetness and killer looks are what reeled me in but her unexpected vulnerability really sealed my fate I don t

  • Title: Family Ties
  • Author: Sam Mariano
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Family Ties By Sam Mariano, Francesca Morelli Sweet as sin, like the cupcakes she slings at the Morelli bakery Her sweetness and killer looks are what reeled me in, but her unexpected vulnerability really sealed my fate I don t care if there s a war brewing between our families I don t care if I have to go through her evil dictator of a brother I will break down Francesca Morelli s walls, I willFrancesca Morelli Sweet as sin, like the cupcakes she slings at the Morelli bakery Her sweetness and killer looks are what reeled me in, but her unexpected vulnerability really sealed my fate I don t care if there s a war brewing between our families I don t care if I have to go through her evil dictator of a brother I will break down Francesca Morelli s walls, I will make her mine, and I ll keep her no matter the cost Salvatore Castellanos If good men exist, I ve certainly never met one until the day my brother s rival sauntered into my bakery Raised around manipulation and unimaginable dysfunction, I know better than to invest in dishonest, dangerous men I also know Salvatore is exactly that type of man only, it turns out he isn t After years spent living in a shell, Salvatore opens me back up He s sexy and sincere, making well intended promises he ll never be able to keep Even knowing he ll ultimately break my heart, I can t resist falling for him But tensions are rising between our families, and whichever side wins, I know our love won t make it out alive Salvatore may be a man accustomed to getting what he wants, but as much as I wish otherwise, I m the one thing he can never really have THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE This is book four, and read alone it will be confusing and weird Also, you have to be as invested in the Morellis as you will be after books 1 3 in order to care about the Morelli madness accompanying this love story DO NOT READ THIS BOOK FIRST, IT WILL BE A BAD TIME.

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    1 thought on “Family Ties

    1. Nothing scream dysfunctional quite the way the Morelli s do Just when one web of lies gets untangled Sam Mariano has a whole new set in store I swear I ll never get tired of this author or her infamous writing habits She keeps me entertained, hanging on the edge of my seat, and like the romance junkie that I am, I m always thirsting for But see I made the colossal mistake of not reading the Irreparable Damage duet series No it didn t ruin the storyline or nothing but I had a few moments where a [...]

    2. LOL This is my 666th book read Sure felt like it too I loved Francesca and Sal.Again the threesome either needs to be honest or become a threesome They are tiring and really know how to ruin a story.

    3. The Castellanos Rival family to the Morellis I must admit that this book is like a Romeo Juliet romance of star crossed lovers With a twist I don t know where to start Salvatore Castellanos I love him Seriously LOVE HIM.He s dangerous.He s hot.He s loyal.He s funny.He s sweet.I think Francesca could not have pick a better choice She needs a man who can stand up to her brother Not only does Sal have the cajones, but he has the power and smarts to back it up He heals all her wounds and make them b [...]

    4. I loved this book I loved Francesca and Salvatore together It kind of surprised me because I never cared for Francesca in the other books but she was hilarious and her open dislike of Meg was amusing Salvatore was perfect, I loved his determination to win Francesca over I also really liked the way this book was written, it went back on the timeline so we get to see them meet and fall for each other, and the aftermath It was also dual POV, so we get both sides of their story Sal and Francesca s l [...]

    5. 3.75 5 Stars Continuing my buddy read with the excellent B Truly You can read her review hereWow Where to start I really loved the first half of this book Being in Sal s head was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed Fran too But then we got to that pesky Mia Vince Mateo triangle Why does every girl in this book whose name begins with an M fall in love with Mateo IDK What I do know is that Fran has a split personality view spoiler In book one she clearly preferred Vince over Mateo And let s not forget tha [...]

    6. Family Ties Morelli Family 4 By Sam Mariano4 StarsPlease make sure you have read the first 3 books in this series before starting this book The series can end here or you can continue on with the other books planned on being released This book is all about Salvatore and Francesca and what a story it is Can two people fall in love when they are from two families which hate each other It s a very scary process but when you truly love someone, you will do whatever it takes to make things work out.W [...]

    7. Five total dysfunctional stars This is one of those series that just keep getting better and better The Morelli s are a truly dysfunctional family that we can t seem to get enough of Family Ties gives us Francesca and Sal s story but also we learn and get Francesca s view on what has happened up until now With these two being from two rival families, being together doesn t seem possible Their story is fun, loving and deadly Of course we get Mateo and as far as I m concerned we could never get [...]

    8. FIVE GIGANTIC FANTASTIC STARS I think this book is a very close second face to the first book I loved how this book is set out You get Francesca s take on things right from the start of book 1 She s not afraid to say what she wants, and she has that quiet kind of power, the kind that isn t in your face but you know if you cross her, you re totally fucked.Sal where do I even start with him He s so dreamy, and the PERFECT match for Francesca The things he come out with had be bursting out with lau [...]

    9. I can t believe I m going to say this, but I think Francesca and Sal are my favorite story yet A perfect way to end the original series

    10. These books just get better and better, OMG There are just no words for how much I LOVED Sal and Francesca they are just awesome, they were funny, sweet, sad and downright steamy in all the right places for my tastes and I Mateo OMG if you didn t love him before this book which I did then you definitely will after Family Ties and just have to add move over Meg

    11. Of course, before I start I have to say thank you to Sam Mariano but also that I am sorry Thank you of course for the ARC love Not a lot of people get the chance at one and I was so happy to be one of them Sorry because my review has taken forever, but here it is and I hope you like it babe Well, folks here goes everything Okay, so first let me say this, I am a hopeless romantic and I want everyone to have their chance at a happy ending or their version of happiness, but I did NOT like Francesca [...]

    12. This is the fourth book of the series and I received this book in exchange for an honest review This book focuses on Francesca and Salvatore, I loved how it all connected and how their relationship grew to what it was I loved how the other characters popped their head in and you could see how they were developing throughout the book.There was a LOT of tying of loose ends and a lot of my questions were answered I LOVED Francesca You don t really get to see her character in the other books and I l [...]

    13. I just frigging love Sam Mariano and her Morelli Family series I love how she, with every new book in the series put all her characters into a big bag and shake it, shake it real good and throws them all out and comes up with her evil twists and turns I love how she focus on the characters in one book and then shows us another side of them in the next It s brilliant and unique Family Ties is about Francesca Morelli, Mateo Morelli s sister She was, to me in the previous books, kind of a cold woma [...]

    14. 4.25 This review has some spoilers Plot 4Characters 4 Heat 4 Enthrallment 4.5 Plausibility 4.5Family Ties is a well written romance about Forbidden Love My main plot is about 2 of the siblings from the 2 mafia families in Chicago.Salvatore is by far my favorite guy in the series definitely book boyfriend worthy.At first I wasn t sure exactly when the story was taking place, but by the end of chapter 1, I placed it to start before Mia Vince got together.This story is told from Francesca Salvatore [...]

    15. I am loving this series SO MUCH So much This was another great addition to the Morelli stable Salvatore is so not a Morelli, but Francesca totally is, so it works out I was immediately won over by Salvatore I adored his pov, you could really feel how crazy about Francesca he was He s so smooth and funny and just awesome Loved him Francesca, I totally loved Francesca She was hilarious Why are you smiling Because i m funny Lol yes you are, girl She s this quiet little Morelli sister, floating arou [...]

    16. I was so excited for the 4th book of The Morelli Family Series to come out A forbidden, secret romance between two members of opposing Chicago mob families Sign me up Francesca is the only surviving sister of mob boss Mateo Morelli, and she longs to find some kind of normal life away from her family Salvatore Castellanos is next in line to run his family s criminal enterprise, and he s nowhere close to wanting to settle down But one taste of Francesca s cupcake has him ready to lock her down, an [...]

    17. Family Ties Morelli Family Bk 4 Sam Mariano Wow hands down I love this series and can t wait for If you ve been following along you know this will be Francesca Morelli and Salvatore Castellanos book Do not read out of order Due to events in all the books It s best to read in order or you will be lost.Francesca Morelli is a woman all to herself as much as she would like to believe But as with anyone in the Morelli family When her brother Mateo says jump, what can you do but jump Except in her ba [...]

    18. Sam Mariano has done it again I m so obsessed with her Moreli Series This is the fourth book in the series and it just gets better and better How much of this deliciousness can us as readers take Mateo is my favourite by far BUT never under estimate the the other men within the family or work for or against the Moreli s.They might not measure up to Mateo but that is only my opinion But they do have their own story to tell and Sam tells it so well Spectacular book by the extremely talented Sam M [...]

    19. Salvatore Castellanos.SWOON Smooth talking, and one of the most romantic mafia bad boys yet Soooo many holes filled in, we finally see his relationship with Fransesca Morelli and all the things we wondered about Did I mention these two are hot No Unbelievably so As usual, the antics, especially Mateo, had me laughing out loud, the banter golden, and honestly had such fun reading it This series is absolute must read, do not miss out I thank the Author for providing a copy to review Erika, Book Ha [...]

    20. I keep thinking I m going to put GIFs together for this book s review IT DESERVES GIFS I got swept up in life, and then I got the ARC for RESISTING MATEO and spoiler I failed I did NOT resist, and I binge read it so fast AND reviewed with GIFs for that one I feel guilt Family Ties deserves this special treatment too This is not a book you just leave a limp It was good , comment NO No And there was SO MUCH HERE this book was huge and funny and scary and awesome.Here s my GIFless review for now th [...]

    21. Aaaagghhhh Sweetest Book Ever I loved it Now we are back to that review minimum word thing, and I don t want to spoil the book, so I am just writing to fill the quota.

    22. What I like most about this book is how I got to know each character and their personality It was so nice to get drawn in and experience the story through their eyes The characters showed their humor which is always a plus in a book and it was nice to see that Mateo really is human and can be heartless sparingly of course.

    23. I loved Francesca and Sal I think they are my favorite couple at this point because Meg gets on my nerves, Vince is a douche canoe, and I much rather Mia and Mateo be together than Mateo and Meg She is just annoying Super annoying I love how Francesca is Mia and Mateo s cheerleader.

    24. Francesca and Sal were such a change of pace I loved them though, they were so funny Francesca with all her meddling Sal with all his epic devotion to the woman he loves He will literally do anything for her I love him so much Then the Morelli family drama So delicious you can eat it up with a spoon I NEED MORE MATEO And Adrian.

    25. Besties for Life Where to start.This story revolves around my bestie Francesca and her man Sal She is a little naive when it comes to Sal but he truly loves her and is willing to go to extremes to be with her Now the reason she is my bestie is because she clears up some of the fog in my favorite villians mind Yea Francesca

    26. I am in Love with Francesca and Salvatore s story Again it just ended too soon I feel like the love story just starts when the book is at it s end Salvatore is an amazing Alpha character to read about He is so consumed, loving and giving for Francesca Francesca is the spit fire you want in a Morelli women Making this book highly recommended in the series No cliffhanger here it is the end of the 4 part series The author leaves a little note at the end the next three books will be a trilogy and an [...]

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