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Gena/Finn #2020

Gena Finn The story follows the unlikely friendship of two young women forged via fan fiction and message boards and is told entirely in texts chats and blog posts Gena short for Genevieve and Finn short for

  • Title: Gena/Finn
  • Author: Hannah Moskowitz
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gena/Finn By Hannah Moskowitz, The story follows the unlikely friendship of two young women forged via fan fiction and message boards, and is told entirely in texts, chats, and blog posts.Gena short for Genevieve and Finn short for Stephanie have little in common Book smart Gena is preparing to leave her posh boarding school for college down to earth Finn is a twenty something struggling to make eThe story follows the unlikely friendship of two young women forged via fan fiction and message boards, and is told entirely in texts, chats, and blog posts.Gena short for Genevieve and Finn short for Stephanie have little in common Book smart Gena is preparing to leave her posh boarding school for college down to earth Finn is a twenty something struggling to make ends meet in the big city Gena s romantic life is a series of reluctant one night stands Finn is making a go of it with long term boyfriend Charlie But they share a passion for Up Below, a buddy cop TV show with a cult fan following Gena is a darling of the fangirl scene, keeping a popular blog and writing fan fiction Finn s online life is a secret, even from Charlie The pair spark an unlikely online friendship that deepens quickly so quickly it scares them both , and as their individual real lives begin to fall apart, they increasingly seek shelter online, and with each other.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Gena/Finn | By ✓ Hannah Moskowitz
      Hannah Moskowitz

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    1. I really enjoyed this book Honestly this book opened as super relatable follows a friendship that started online through love of a mutual fandom and then it ended SUPER DEEP very impressed.

    2. I ve always had a fandom I ve always had characters who live in my head and mess with my heart and tell me stories, and I love it This review contains spoilers.The first half of this book pleasantly surprised me with how much I liked it Reading it was so much fun, I ve never read a book that contains blog posts, emails, texts and even fanfics with fanart The format of this book was just altogether great This follows the online friendship between Gena short for Genevieve and Finn short for Stepha [...]

    3. I really didn t want to give this book a low rating The concept intrigued me so much that I bought it almost as soon as it was out I am a sucker for stories about online friendships, being someone who spends a lot of time on the Internet herself, and I ve always loved books written in unusual formats especially informal ones like texts and emails So I read the synopsis and thought, what could possibly go wrong And, truth to be told, the book starts off in the best way possible The online fandom [...]

    4. Huh Okay Well.This was a really quick read, first of all I probably could have read this in a day if I wasn t also taking college classes though I did read it in 2 days , mostly because it s told through blog posts and Facebook like IM s and text messages and emails so there s never complete full pages of text This book was a little odd for me, honestly I started out with no expectations at all I actually didn t even mean to read it Chronicle Books sent it to me for review and thank you lovely p [...]

    5. 1.5 stars Honestly I want my money back I wasted two hours reading this WTF.Do not expect a queer relationship because there s nothing of that this book is not fun cute romance fluffiness This is just first half fandom, second half drama You know I m a sucker for books like this Contemporary fiction check LGBTQ themes check Chats, letters, texts, blog entries etc check check check The thing is half of this book didn t make any sense whatsoever Maybe even than half of it.We follow two main chara [...]

    6. Once upon a time I met my best friend through fandom, and we wrote a book about two girls who meet their best friend through fandom.We wrote this back and forth through emails and gchats There s this one line near the end of the book that s in a note one of Kat s characters writes to one of mine This one line, and when she sent it to me, I read it and saidokay So this is our book This is what we need to live up to in our later drafts This is the bar Kat s set for us.It s a really beautiful line. [...]

    7. Wh What This is going to be a rambly mess because I just mainlined this book in about two hours and I m Very Angry and Very Queer andwhat Sois is a fandom book I come from fandom I met my wife in MUCH the same way Gena meets Finn I was younger than she was, we were separated by a LOT of distance I was beginning college, she had had a stint with it and decided it wasn t for her We actually met in the Supernatural fandom, which makes this triply freaky because GENA FINN s Up Below is pretty clearl [...]

    8. I really loved the first half of this book The characters felt real and their fannishness was so true to my experience of fandom in terms of talking about emotions by discussing fandom events and fannish favorite characters, the intensity you can build in a relationship with someone online, how distancing it can be to keep aspects of your fannishness secret from a non fannish partner as Finn does keeping her fannish intensity from Charlie all of that rang SO true The depiction of a character, Ge [...]

    9. BookTube A Thon Challenege 2016 3 Read a book you discovered through BookTube I found this over with Regan from Peruse Project.I wanted to like this book This novel began with a friendship that started online over a fandom I found the text of the book to be different and interesting as it was made up of blog posts, emails, and text messages The ending was really deep but I had a hard time connecting to the story It was an incredibly easy read I probably could have read it in a day if I wasn t s [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in return for a fair an honest review EDIT I just didn t feel right with my original rating of 3.5 stars, marked as 4 stars on here So I ve downgraded it to 3 stars.I m marking this as a 3 star rating The first half was SO fantastic and just read like all the amazing conversations I ve had with my very best online friends I was literally LOL ing and smiling at that beautifully familiar magic you find in true internet friendships The format of the boo [...]

    11. 3.5 starsStories change in memory and in the retelling, and you write and rewrite them until they re what you want them to be, but this is one story I want you to remember the way it happened I want you to remember the people we are now, the times I was there for you and the times I let you down I want you to love me weak like I loved you crazy, and when we re both on top again we ll remember that we did it.I expected for this book to be a cute little fluffy guilty pleasure.Never have I thought [...]

    12. this book started out extremely fun and fangirl y and it was filled with the I CAN T EVENs and CAN WE JUSTs of two girls on a fandom for a tv show I was hooked it has been a long, long time since I ve participated in any kind of fandom but this made me recall those days fondly however then, this book just took a turn for the dark likedark dark I was left wondering how on god s green earth did we get from OH MY GOD YOU GUYS to.is deep shit and not saying it s shit buti signed up for a book that I [...]

    13. I am a fan It s not just something I do, it s something about the way I m wired It s not like this is the first time this has happened I ve always had a fandom I ve always had characters who live in my head and mess with my heart and tell me stories, and I love it.I don t know what s the matter with me, but everytime I pick up a contemporary hoping for something light and fluffy, it ends up dealing with some darker themes that I didn t expect Not that I m complaining so far, I ve only had amazin [...]

    14. Things I Find While ShelvingI received a free ARC via NetGalleyI feel like something is missing in this book.The first half was Well it was a giant ball of nerdy wonderfulness It reminded me of the days when fandom on LJ was hopping Ah I miss those days pauses for a moment of nerdy recollecitons cough AhemThe second half was It was heartbreaking and beautiful and hard to read and so well done.But in between I felt like the shift between them didn t work What we were expected to believe about Fin [...]

    15. I m mad I m angry because this book had so much promise to be a ground breaking LGBTQ book There were so many things wrong with it though Let s just dive right in.This book immediately starts off on a bad foot The author well, there are two, but I m just gonna use singular throws the reader immediately into a post written by Gena about the show that she s obsessed with A show called Up Below It seems to be some sort of cop show involving two guys that are really really close, but not really in a [...]

    16. Okay, I m just hiding this entire thing because most of what I want to talk about contains spoilers The I think about it the I feel pretty misled by the marketing and even the title and the summary of this book Maybe I m just weird, but generally I don t expect a HOT PINK book to contain themes of death and heavy trauma I think it upsets me because the book is about fandom, and clearly understands fandom well The summary is in the form of a fanfic header But any reasonable fanfic writer would [...]

    17. A copy of this novel was provided by Chronicle Books for review via Edelweiss.Gena Finn is the story of two girls who meet online via their mutual love for a TV show called Up Below, which REALLY reminded me of Supernatural because it s about two guys and their extreme devotion to each other and their willingness to do anything for the other you see what I mean.It was absolutely fucking brilliant to read about this, because I have made some of my best friends on the internet, through book bloggi [...]

    18. This book is such an accurate portrayal of being a fangirl and meeting friends on the internet I really loved the style that this book was written and I loved the characters even It did get a little slow for me at times but it wasn t necessarily boring I was kind of surprised by the direction that this book took and the end didn t really fit with the story, in my opinion And even though I loved Gena and Finn, I was really confused by them and I think that they could have been written better Or [...]

    19. I don t know what to THINK about this book I read it in a day Was engrossed the whole time like, Harry Potter level engrossed where I couldn t stop thinking about it even if I stopped reading, and got mad at anyone who interrupted me So it was good Really really good Unexpected Funny Intense I m going to need to give this some space before I write a full review though Man Idk why it affected me in this way, but It did.

    20. Ok, I feel like I should maybe actually give this book a lower rating, but I can t take off my fangirl goggles and put objective criticism goggles on if those are even a thing that exist I would say, even though this is sort of spoilers territory don t get your hopes up too much about the romance I know, I know, you see it s tagged glbt, you see the title is Gena Finn AND you see Finn is short for Stephanie and you re a fangirl and you know what that slash means, butn t expect the happy ending y [...]

    21. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 3.5 My fangirl heart could not get enough of this book I was so invested, because I could relate to so many of the things that Gena and Finn talked about and went through Fandoms, balancing real life with an internet based hobby that takes up tons of time, befriending other fabulous people who love the same stuff you do it was not only fun to read about, it was a scarily accurate portray [...]

    22. I m just not sure what to make of this book I have really mixed feelings It was a quick read, so that was good.I was so invested in this book For the first half or so Then there s a major event, and I felt the transition from the first half to the second was really awkward and not well done in my opinion I wanted to stay invested because I really liked these nerdy, adorable, smart characters in the beginning The book went from being really cute to being REALLY serious and dark practically out of [...]

    23. This is my third Moskowitz book this year and the first I didn t enjoy I just I m so confused about what to think about this book I cannot stress enough how conflicted I m feeling at the moment I had felt every emotion possible when reading this book both the good and the bad ones I think that I will just have to talk about each part of the book separately so you ll understand why I m feeling so conflicted and messy about this Part One 5 stars This first section was perfection It made me so emot [...]

    24. This book is in equal turns beautiful and heartbreaking It took me a little while to get what the fandom Gena and Finn love was about, but once I got that under wraps, it was impossible to put down I could be wrong, but I think the Jake and Tyler relationship was very loosely based on Supernatural not that anything that happens on Up Below is the same as Supernatural my experience anyway, but the idea of two main male characters, who have a huge fandom that is biased toward one character than a [...]

    25. DNFI just couldn t get into the story.Maybe it s because of an earc and the format where it looked really messy, but I couldn t make myself to read it.

    26. This is one of a very unique way to tell a storyThe story s flow move by interaction between two people, Gena Finn by emails, blog, letters, messege

    27. Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARC Gena Finn is a book that brought up a lot for memories for me The majority of my university years were spent with people loving and worshiping fandoms From cheesy Canadian televisions shows such as The Collector to the fantasticly aged video game series Suikoden, the majority of the friends that I have came from being a part of a fandom.This book is told in a mixed media format chat logs, e mails, text logs, blog posts, litter the pages this book from beg [...]

    28. It s not often that I feel representations of fandom in YA are realistic and honest, but Gena Finn was almost too real at times Each awkward conversation and emotional email were reminders of my own early days in fandom, and though my story diverges from Gena and Finn s in a few ways, the intersections are powerful Moskowitz and Helgeson stay true to their fandom experiences and in doing so, provide an excellent mirror to what teens and young adults are encountering on the screen and in real lif [...]

    29. Mary just witnessed me angrily flinging down this book upon finishing it Five stars for the first 100 pages and zero stars for everything after that What was that and how did the last two thirds of it just go so completely off the rails should someone have stopped this from happening also I m hesitant to describe this as rampant queerbaiting but also rampant queerbaiting Why couldn t they have just been two queer fangirls in love What was with the weird m nage a trois at the end Who was Steven a [...]

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