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Chicago: A Novel of Prohibition #2020

Chicago A Novel of Prohibition Jackie Weiss Mike Hodge wrote had died of a broken heart it being broken by several slugs from a From his perch at the Chicago Tribune Mike Hodge scarred veteran of the Great War had gotten to

  • Title: Chicago: A Novel of Prohibition
  • Author: David Mamet
  • ISBN: 9780062797216
  • Page: 137
  • Format: ebook
  • Chicago: A Novel of Prohibition By David Mamet, Jackie Weiss, Mike Hodge wrote, had died of a broken heart, it being broken by several slugs from a.45 .From his perch at the Chicago Tribune, Mike Hodge scarred veteran of the Great War had gotten to know the underbelly of the metropolis like few others Politicians, gangsters, prostitutes, bootleggers, opium addicts, jazz musicians and con artists he d observed theJackie Weiss, Mike Hodge wrote, had died of a broken heart, it being broken by several slugs from a.45 .From his perch at the Chicago Tribune, Mike Hodge scarred veteran of the Great War had gotten to know the underbelly of the metropolis like few others Politicians, gangsters, prostitutes, bootleggers, opium addicts, jazz musicians and con artists he d observed them all So perhaps he should have known better when he fell for Annie Walsh, whose family was deeply involved with the mob.Then, again, maybe the man who killed Annie Walsh should have known better than to trifle with Mike Hodge.A big shouldered, big trouble thriller set in a mobbed up 1920s Windy City, Chicago is the first novel in than two decades from David Mamet, the Oscar nominated screenwriter of The Untouchables and Wag the Dog and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of Glengarry Glen Ross Across the canvas of a city, peopled exclusively by the corrupt, the cynical, and the deceived, Mamet crafts a wicked and tough saga of retribution and double cross Mixing some of his most brilliant fictional creations with actual figures of the era among them Al Capone , he explores as no writer can questions of honor, deceit, devotion and revenge.Set in his hometown, Chicago is the book that David Mamet has been building up to for his whole career From its opening fusillade to its astonishing conclusion, Chicago is that rarest of literary creations a book that combines spectacular elegance of craft with a kinetic wallop as fierce as the February wind gusting off Lake Michigan.

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    1 thought on “Chicago: A Novel of Prohibition

    1. Mamet s latest work takes us back to 1960 s Chicago during post WWI prohibition Mamet is primarily a playwright by profession and this work is all about capturing the authentic voices of newspapermen, gangsters, madams, and policemen The focus, like in an El Leonard novel, is on dialogue You feel that you are in the next booth listening to a couple of guys shoot the bull or in the parlor overhearing conversations What comes out of their mouths is not necessarily telling a story in order, but fil [...]

    2. This is a meandering tale about reporters, murders, and the mob It wants to be a thriller but moves too slowly to generate suspense The story is told primarily through dialogue between the main character, Mike, and his friend Parlow with little to no exposition If you don t mind your historical fiction with a heavy dose of what I can only call Literary Elements then perhaps Chicago is for you As it is, I finished the story frustrated and wishing I d just read a Raymond Chandler novel instead.

    3. I won a advance reader s copy of this novel on the site The title of this novel was a bit misleading in that it had to do with newspaper reporting than it had to do with prohibition The characters were interesting and original and the plot was engrossing The problem I had with the novel was the vocabulary I am not an extremely educated man and do not enjoy having to look up a word or two on every page in the dictionary I realize this is the style of prose Mr Mamet uses and looking at his succes [...]

    4. My review for this book was published in the Feb 1, 2018, edition of Library Journal In his first novel in than two decades, legendary playwright Mamet Glengarry Glen Ross picks up where his Oscar nominated screenplay for The Untouchables left off, with a panoramic portrait of the Chicago underworld during Prohibition Mike Hodge, veteran of the Great War, is a 30 year old newspaperman at the Tribune, working with his partner Parlow to find out who murdered mobbed up restaurateur Jackie Weiss an [...]

    5. I did not finish this one It was a frustrating read It s very dialogue heavy, which would be fine, but the dialogue is awkward and unrealistic It took far too long to glean some semblance of a story and by then I was just annoyed I enjoy some of David Mamet s other work, but after a couple hours in on this one, I just was not enjoying it.

    6. Hmm I had high hopes for this but ultimately it just wasn t for me It s really a tale about a newspaperman and his hunt for the murderer of his love There are gangsters and lots of other characters and the story is told primarily through dialogue This can be a positive and it will help with the movie adaptation but it became wearisome for me Thanks to Edelweiss for the ARC.

    7. I thought, from the title, this book would be about prohibition than it was It was of a gangster murder story I had a hard time following this book Seemed jumpy and choppy at times I could not finish it Sorry Thanks to and publisher for an Advanced Reader Copy I gave it a good shot, but I just could not get into this book.

    8. Could not follow this book Historical fiction set in Chicago Perhaps it was too difficult for me to understand.

    9. I won this book on First of all, I had to look up quite a few meanings of words LOL.This novel is set in 1924 Chicago during Prohibition It is eloquent, fascinating and rip snorting.Mike Hodge is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune who served as an aviator in France during WWI.He covers lots of stories including mobsters He frequents a house of prostitution where he s good friends with, Peekaboo, the madam They exchange stories of worldly wisdom He also drinks too much.Following a tragedy, Mike i [...]

    10. David Mamet, author and playwright, has given us a unique look at underground Chicago during prohibition with his newest literary work I picked Chicago up as an ARC as a Barnes and Noble bookseller expecting it to be of a documentary about this great city during the twenties Instead, I was taken on a journey with the leading character, Mike Hodge, a big shot with the Chicago Tribune, as he toured speakeasies, clubs and real Chicago landmarks during a dark time in history Mamet provided an inter [...]

    11. Coming from Mamet, I had high expectations for this book, and I was not disappointed at all His superior craftsmanship shine in this tale of Prohibition Chicago The life of newspaperman Mike Hodge is shattered when the young woman he has fallen for is gunned down while with him Was he the real target His quest to find the killer s propels him into all areas of Chicago s underworld The characters are a mixed assortment of stock stereotypes, but they are David Mamet versions and all are brilliantl [...]

    12. David Mamet s newest is a Valentine to the Chicago of Prohibition, or perhaps an alt Chicago, conjured up with bits of historical references and fantasies of the fast life of mobs, speakeasys and lush lifestyles Nothing feels legit in this hyper realized novel, the dialog is too fast, fancy and frenzied to carry the weight of the plot but the book relies almost entirely upon it to tell its story Hidden amongst all the overworked chatter, dressed up molls, gangsters and Great War flying aces is a [...]

    13. I got an ARC of this book in a Giveaway in exchange for an honest review It was a Dashiell Hammett like story of 1920 s Chicago The pace seemed jerky to me Good well though t out plot Particularly good for a Chicagoan reader The main protagonist seems like a Mike Royko reporter Recommended.

    14. Nobody s people talk like Mamet s people this reads like he had a lot of research and notes left over after Untouchables and he used to to write this brilliant and completely engrossing book about prohibition era Chicago and all that that entails To be released in February, so pre order that shit now.

    15. This is a gangster novel in Al Capone s day and Irish mob days Was to be about prohibition, but wasn t Is about a reporter and the murder of the love of his life Is about prostitution and contract killings Was vile and could have been a good story but for the ease of murder Thanks to.

    16. For two weeks, I couldn t wait to read this An hour into it, I couldn t wait to put it down Wholly mannered, self congratulatory writing that calls attention to the author than his creations And I love David Mamet.

    17. I felt like at times this book was a bit jumpy, with the conversations Maybe it was just me Story was decent, ending wasn t climactic either Three Stars.

    18. Disappointing I love Mamet s dialogue and had high hopes for this novel, but I found it too meandering, boring and difficult to follow.

    19. David Mamet is a native Chicagoan who is in love with his city and its checkered past This is a quick peek back in time to a dangerous part of the city s past 1920 s Chicago was fast women, fast violence, fast exchange of money and fast getaways Mike Hodge is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune who wants to be taken seriously as a writer He and his cohort Parlow know the underbelly of the city and it s inhabitants better than the upper crust Against her family s wishes, Parlow falls hard for Anni [...]

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