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Search for Safety #2020

Search for Safety There is no escape for Ben McKee For weeks he s covered the bruises on his body He s even lied to his teachers and new friends at Bluford High School But the trouble in Ben s house isnt t going away

  • Title: Search for Safety
  • Author: John Langan
  • ISBN: 9781591940708
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • Search for Safety By John Langan, There is no escape for Ben McKee For weeks, he s covered the bruises on his body He s even lied to his teachers and new friends at Bluford High School But the trouble in Ben s house isnt t going away And if he doesn t act soon, it could swallow him and his mother forever.

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      122 John Langan
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    1. This book was about a teenager s struggle to live a good life When his mom has married again, he entered the world of disaster His life became uncommon his father s mean behavior, mom s tolerance against his father s arrogance, trying to be a normal student at school which he s not, food shortages etc The most interesting part of this book was how he was influenced by Mr Graham s ideal Thumbs up.

    2. Search for safety, written by John Langon, tells the story of a young man named Ben McKee Ben, hates the news he hears one day at breakfast, his mom Geneva announced that she and Ben would be leaving Aunt Fay s to move across town because Geneva is getting married to a man that shes barely been dating Larry, Ben s new step father is a lot to handle right off the back Larry is hateful and violent First night there in the new house Ben s mom is at work and its just Ben and Larry Larry tells Ben to [...]

    3. I liked this book It wasn t the best book I have ever read, but it was pretty good It showed how some neighborhoods are and how some people are, how the world can be a bad place and also a great place The plot of this book is that the main character, Ben, doesn t have a father He lived with his mother in an apartment without electricity and almost no food His aunt shows up for a surprise visit and takes them in so they can live better After a while his mom decides to marry a man named Larry Neit [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading Search for Safety by John Langan, because the events that take place in this book can happen to anybody It also keeps you on the edge of your chair This book tells the story of a boy named Ben McKee and how his life gets turned upside down after his mother s wedding Having only met his abusive stepfather Larry once he had to move into a small apartment with him and his mother When Larry loses his job and starts drinking heavily, Ben and his mother find themselves in grea [...]

    5. Search for safety is a fun book to read In search for safety the main character is named Ben Ben is happy living with his aunt and mom Ben s mom relies on his aunt to help keep Ben safe His mom finds a man named Larry and marries him Larry is known to be a bad person, but the family has no idea what they re going to go through Ben is moved into a different side of town and his whole world changes Aunt Fay moves away so Ben has no one to rely on when things get tough Ben is forced to move to a di [...]

    6. Search for Safety by John Langan was an awesome book The story is about a boy named Ben Mckee, who had a great life which turned into living hell When Ben and his mother lived with Aunt Fay life seemed about perfect Ben s mother got married to a guy she d only known for a month or two and everything went downhill Larry, the guy she married, was very abusive and would always beat them both Ben would have to lie to everyone about what was going on One day Ben decided to get the police involved and [...]

    7. Search for Safety was a enjoyable book to read It is about a teenage boy named Ben McKee, who attends Bluford High School His mom found a new boyfriend, and decided that her and Ben would move in with him Larry, his mom s boyfriend, is very abusive, and has anger issues At home, Ben stays in his room because he doesn t want to get in Larry s way Ben finds a part time job at a grocery store down the street Larry finds out that Ben has a job, and makes Ben give him all the money he makes When Ben [...]

    8. I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people Everytime I start to read it, it always kept me guessing what was going to happen next Ben McKee was just a happy boy who was living with his mom and Aunt Fay going to school with having no problems in life Everything started to go downhill, when his mother married his future stepfather Larry Coming home from a new school was always scary now that Larry was in the picture For weeks, Larry was always in the mood of beating him and his mot [...]

    9. Personal Response I just read Search for Safety , and I thought it was a fantastic book There were some points in the book where I had to stop reading because it really frustrated me The way the author wrote the book made me feel like everything was real It made me feel like I was the main character.The overall story was phenomenal I have read a few books by this author and he never fails to impress me with them.Plot The story starts off with this teenager who enjoys his life living with his sin [...]

    10. Personal Response I thought the book Searching for Safety was an interesting book to read In the book he was getting abused and people asked him if he needed any help but he wouldn t take it I didn t like that Ben s mom, Geneva, saw how Larry was abusing Ben, but she wouldn t do anything about it It was as if she was scared of Larry and that s the only reason she married him.Plot The story starts out when Ben is living with his aunt and mom in his aunt s apartment Then Geneva, Ben s mom gets a n [...]

    11. Search for Safety is a really great book for people who like to read intense type of books Search for Safety is about 16 year old Ben McKee, a smart young boy, who is having trouble at home, in school Ben used to live with his Aunt Fay his mother That all changed when Ben s mom Geneva got proposed to by her 4 month boyfriend Larry Ben did not like Larry Larry did not like Ben Ben his Aunt Fay knew that things just were not right with Larry Little did they know Larry was crazier than they thought [...]

    12. The book Search for safety is about a boy named Ben that was bullied by his stepdad He only lived with his mother because his dad left him andhis mom His mother got mariied with His mother though that he was a nice man but he really wasn t althoug he beat her and ben she still wouldn t do anything about it Bens stepdad wanted to get away from bens aunty who they lived with thought that she would help them get away from him because she also knew that he beat her sister and his newphew convinced b [...]

    13. Personal response I really liked the book because the story was different from the other books that I have read This book is really sad because it s about a kid and his mom who gets beat by his step dad I also like the author s books because they re different from the other books that I have read it s just realistic and truthful about what happens in real life The author is also very good at describing events that happen in the book My favorite part of the book was at the end, because Ben s ste [...]

    14. A wonderful authorPaul Langan wrote the Bluford Series books Thirteen books relating to everyday life of teenagers These books are realistic They are a quick read Also multiple topics are covered in these books such as gun violence, bullying, love relationships, and so much All the things teenagers experience in everyday life.All the books in this series have the trait of being realistic They all have everyday situations that people go through especially teenagers All these books take place in [...]

    15. Dear Good Reader sI ve read this book called search for safety by John Langan.It was about a boy named Ben who s mother has a boyfriend and the boyfriend thinks he can tell the son what to do and tries to play a father figure in his life.Ben is the main character and he is on a search for safety from his mother and her boyfriend.This book made me realize that having a step parent or a mother or father s girl boy Friend living in your house can sometimes turn out for the better or the worst in Be [...]

    16. This book is about a boy named Gary who gets beat on by his mother s boyfriend He doesn t know how to get out of the situation with him, his mother, and his mother s boyfriend Larry mothers boyfriend he drinks alot when his comes back home because of the tired day he had at work So he drinks and drinks until he can t think any After that he would lay down and Gary would come and get something from the kitchen Laryy would get upset then beat on him and his mom whenever she comes and try to protec [...]

    17. This was an exciting read It keeps me wanting to read and surprised at every chapter Search for Safety is a fiction book by John Langan, told in first person Ben McKee is a teenage boy, which goes to Bluford high Throughout this novel, Ben is telling his story of survival for his mother and himself He needs a way out, but he doesn t know which path to go down to get there Ben is desperately in need of help His step father, Larry, beats him and his mother and Ben is just tired of it They go days [...]

    18. The book i read is Search for Safety by Paul Langan it Is about a young boy named Ben Mekee Ben had to deal with alot of challenges For an example when Ben s mom marries a man named Larry, Larry likes to beat up on Ben s mom Larry also doesn t Ben s mom talk back to him or he would beat up on her.Larry is a man who wants nothing to do with Ben and he is a really abusive man Another challenge Ben faced is he had to go move with his auntie but he wants to stay with his mom.Then after all that stuf [...]

    19. Search for Safety is about the struggle a little boy goes through trying to get him and his mother out of their abusive home that they now live in since his mother remarried Ben s step dad is all ways home so there isn t a way for Ben to avoid his worst nightmare He cant turn to his mom because his mom as well is abused by him and is too scared to tell anyone When Ben does find a way to not have to go home after school his step dad goes to where Ben has been working after school and trashes the [...]

    20. The book is a good book to pump adrenaline in some people The book is about a boy named Ben McKee Ben is going through a rough stage with a single mom and she marries a man named Larry Taylor Ben isn t happy about this new decision and Larry isn t so friendly to Geneva Ben s mom and Ben Larry is a person who drinks a lot of beer and he will hit you like he did to Ben and Geneva The only person Ben really needs is his aunt because she was there when his mom and himself couldn t take care of thems [...]

    21. Search for Safety is about a boy name been whose fatherleft when he was little so him and his mother left to go stay with his Aunt Fay and grandmother His mother Geneva started dating Larry during the end of Ben s Freshman year at Lincoln Ben mother marryed Larry, so they moved in with Larry near Bulford High Ben attented Bulford High and started working at Mr.Grahamns storeAt home Ben was also getting abused at home by Larry and his mother never noticed it all she would say is stay out of his w [...]

    22. I m finished with Search for Safety This book is about boy named Ben McKee who moves to a new town with his mom stepdad His stepdad is a alcoholic, smoker and abuses both Ben and his mom Ben has to keep it a secret because he knows if he told, he would get in trouble by Larry Ben goes to school and other kids question his bruises but Ben always makes up an excuse Finally they put the pieces together and Ben confesses to the police its over I liked this book because even though Ben was going thro [...]

    23. Search For Safety is about a boy named Ben and his mother When Ben s mother gets a new boyfriend, things come with this boyfriend then expected Ben and his mom move in with her boyfriend, leaving his aunts apartment which he loved staying at They move to a small place that been hates Not to mention there is never any food in the house, and when there is food in the house he is not allowed to eat any of it unless his stepdad isn t there His step dad abuses him and bullies him while Ben s mother [...]

    24. I really enjoyed reading this book because it had me at the edge of my seat the whole time I always wanted to know what was going to happen next Ben was a regular teenage boy living with his Aunt Fay and his mother When he found out that his mother was marrying his soon to be stepdad, his whole world turned upside down Now that he was moving in with his angry stepdad, and now that Aunt Fay was out of the picture, Ben didn t know what to do.

    25. This book was about a teenage boy called Ben that is living now with his mother and stepdad after they got married Soon as they moved in to their new house the beating s start Ben and his mother are covered with bruises on their body s for weeks and they is no escape from Larry s beatings Would Ben and his mother do something about it or live like this for ever

    26. This book is amazing Its about a Boy named Ben,and is mother just got married Her husband was so abusive towards them Ben felt like there was no escape to this problem His mom is telling him not to tell anyone about this and he obeys his mother This book was so emotional sad until Aunt Fay came back.

    27. it was amaszing it was about the boy that he got hit by his mom huzbend and his mom was getting hert and he finds out that hi mom husbend was robing i like it a lot it was good but i wish they can make a nother part of it

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