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Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds #2020

Born Free A Lioness of Two Worlds A special edition of Born Free by Joy Adamson reissued with a bright retro design to celebrate Pan s th anniversary In Joy Adamson first introduced to the world the story of her life alongside

  • Title: Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds
  • Author: Joy Adamson
  • ISBN: 9781509860241
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds By Joy Adamson, A special edition of Born Free by Joy Adamson reissued with a bright retro design to celebrate Pan s 70th anniversary In 1960, Joy Adamson first introduced to the world the story of her life alongside Elsa the lioness she had rescued as an orphaned cub and raised to adulthood at her home in Kenya But, as Elsa had been born free, Joy made the heart breaking decision t A special edition of Born Free by Joy Adamson reissued with a bright retro design to celebrate Pan s 70th anniversary In 1960, Joy Adamson first introduced to the world the story of her life alongside Elsa the lioness she had rescued as an orphaned cub and raised to adulthood at her home in Kenya But, as Elsa had been born free, Joy made the heart breaking decision to return her to the wild.Born Free is an enchanting, inspirational true story about a truly remarkable relationship, and was the subject of an award winning 1966 film starring Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers.

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    1 thought on “Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds

    1. This book turned me into a blubbering, weeping mess Amazing, sad and uplifting at the same time.For on this matter check out my other review review show

    2. This is one of the best animal stories of all time Why Because it isn t just about a lion named Elsa, it is about a companion, a friend and a loving creature who shared in the lives of Joy and George Adamson when they lived in Kenya Originally penned in 1960, it is the touching tale of how they raised an orphaned lion cub named Elsa and she grew to be their nearest and dearest friend she was family I have rarely read a book so heartwarming Elsa was really very magical and unique, and after readi [...]

    3. While I loved Elsa s story and enjoyed most of the pictures in the book, this was not the heartwarming story I remember from my childhood I love Elsa, but I really didn t like the Adamsons It may be because I keep comparing them to Lawrence Anthony, another conservationist, and I find that Mr Anthony seemed to have respect for the animals right to exist in their environment I couldn t lose sight of the fact that Elsa was orphaned because he killed her mother thinking she was a male lion, leavin [...]

    4. I saw the movie Born Free as a child and loved it I probably read the book along the way too but as usual don t remember The story of Elsa and the Adamsons is still an amazing one of love and devotion between a wild animal and her pride , George and Joy Adamson The descriptions of where and how they lived is really interesting as it s a way of life not many will ever experience

    5. You saw the movie, you sang the song, you begged mother for the vinyl, and she bought you the book as a surprise Elsa had all our hearts back then, and her was amazing and truly free in the end It was the Feel Good story of the decade so, I think it might be time to bring it back once again for the new generation What better message to save the Earth

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    7. I love animals, and it would be a dream come true to bond with a wild animal like Joy and her husband George did It was an easy read, and there were lots of wonderful photos What a fabulous lion Elsa was she learned to live with other wild lions, but at the same time, she was gentle and always careful around her human caretakers, who she seemed to love just as much as they loved her.

    8. This is the book the film was based upon, the story of Elsa the lioness, hand raised by a Senior Game Warden and his wife, Joy Adamson, and later released into the wild This would be rated five stars except that I really try to be stingy with those The book didn t make me cry, laugh out loud or change my thinking, and Adamson, while she writes well and fluently, doesn t have the impressive, lyrical prose of Beryl Markham and Isak Dinesen, two other European women who wrote celebrated memoirs abo [...]

    9. This is the inspiration, true story Elsa, a lioness, who is raised by the author Joy Adamson, and her husband George When George must go on safari after a man eating lion, his hunting party is attacked by a vicious lioness She is shot in self defense, but they realize later with remorse that she had been trying to protect her young, three cubs who George brings back to camp Though Elsa s sisters are sent to a zoo when they are still cubs, Elsa remains in Kenya with the intent of joining her sist [...]

    10. Ho un ricordo stupendo del telefilm tratto da questo libroAllora ero una bambina, ma la vicenda di questa leonessa, di Joy e George che con cura allevarono questa cucciola mi ha emozionato nuovamente oggi, come lo fece allora.Per il grande rispetto e a che avevano per Elsa e per la sua natura, riuscirono a rimetterla in libert Per quanto ci fossimo preparati al distacco e sperassimo di poter cos dare a Elsa un avvenire migliore di quello che avrebbe avuto in cattivit , il momento della separazio [...]

    11. Before this Elsa ANDThat adorable Kiara There was THIS Elsa An orphaned lion cub, the weakest of the litter that grew up into a beautiful lioness named Elsa, who got involved in many adventures with her foster parents.Oh, my goodness, how did I forget this one

    12. The author s husband, in his duties as a game warden, was forced to shoot a lioness as she attacked He then found her three young cubs and felt great remorse at having killed their mother and took them home Two of the cubs were eventually sent to a zoo, but the smallest, Elsa, stayed on as a member of the household The bond between Elsa and the Adamsons is incredible While raising Elsa as a pet, they rarely kept her penned up or chained and gave her a lot of freedom to still act like a lion She [...]

    13. A story of Elsa a lion cub raised and loved by Joy and George A telling of the hardship for both Elsa and her human family It seemed at times to be unattainable and a failure The life for Elsa was torn between that of being a pet or living a free life in the wild as she was meant to have The steps in her life are told in many fun and hard adventures Elsa finally is her own lioness but she never forgets her human family Elsa s story started the wild animal rights to live wild and free and ends in [...]

    14. Born FreeBy Joy AdamsonReview by Graham WBorn Free is an amazing story, that is also true and is unlikely to happen to just anyone One of the people lucky enough to experience this was Joy Adamson, the author of the book Just being in a Safari car on a bumpy road is all worth it, even in tall grass never knowing what is coming around the corner But as long as the truck is moving you can never take even a half decent picture, and when searching for lions, its just part of the adventure But Joy Ad [...]

    15. This is the 40th anniversary edition of this classic book, and it contains a new forward I remember seeing this movie as a child, and it had a very sad ending that made me cry This book, however, did not end on a sad note now I think the movie may have included part of the storyline from the book s sequels.Born Free is a cute, bittersweet story of a couple in Kenya and their lioness, raised from a cub and successfully returned to the wild It took place in the late 50s and retains a tiny bit of t [...]

    16. I cannot remember how many times I reread this book it was many I also enjoyed Living Free and Forever Free although not quite as much, but it would have been impossible for me to not read those sequels as I would have been painfully curious about how the story continues.I ve cried a lot each time I ve read it because the book is so emotionally moving The story of Elsa the lioness and her humans and Kenya was completely engrossing I read it first when I was about 12 and it got me interested in A [...]

    17. Mo n d ky tomu, e je zima, jsem dostala chu na etbu o ern m kontinentu A p b h lvice Elsy je vlastn hrozn dojemn p zv tka, v me V jednom kuse jsem googlila fl ru i faunu safari, co v em itatel m mohu jen doporu it Afrika mne l k u dlouho, span v bu i, hv zdn nebe, k e Afri an jemn jako pap r, no n symfonie Jo, zas hla mne romantika a touha po dobrodru stv.Tedy ani v nejmen m jsem netu ila, e Joy Adamsonov byla e ka Pr m la i pom rn pohnut osud, tak e se zkus m po n em pod vat.

    18. I read this book fairly recently having adored the film as a child I m glad to say it quickly became one of my favourites Although the story itself is obviously beautiful, and with the book including much detail than the film which I was unaware of before, the really exciting part was the multitude of Elsa picture s which have been included They are all black and white in my copy but to actually see Elsa grow up from a cub to a lioness alongside reading her tale was lovely If you loved the film [...]

    19. This was a nice read I enjoyed the story and the pictures of Elsa The author starts the book off when she and her husband first find the lion cubs She talks about their playfulness, shyness, and intelligence I thought it was amazing how intelligent Elsa was In many ways she was smarter than the typical canine Elsa must learn how to hunt and survive on her own with only her human parents to teach her There were many skills that she picked up from instinct alone Again great book This is what Born [...]

    20. Bit of a hard one to review I love Elsas story but not entirely agreeable with Joy and George, just because of some of the animals they killed for no reason to be honest At times I felt like giving up on the book for this reason but I m going to continue the trilogy and try reading Living Free to see how Elsas journey continues I may even get a liking for Joy and Else you never know, watch this space xx

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    22. Born Free A Lioness of Two Worlds By Joy Adamson Review by NeveLions have never been at my peak of interest, but the story of Joy Adamson and Elsa the lioness certainly did when I first came across this book It retells the experience Joy and her husband George as they raised Elsa for three years Throughout the story they travel on safaris and introduce Elsa to the natural world Joy and Elsa develop a mother daughter like relationship that lasts a lifetime I was not a fan of this story because it [...]

    23. Along with Joseph Kessel s novel The Lion, and Jim Corbett s Man Eaters of Kumaon, this was one of my very favourite books as a child Though I was only seven when I read it, I was not overwhelmed by weepy sentimentality, thank god I was enraptured by the sheer escapism and adventure of the whole project Living in Africa was my dream Fortunately Joseph Kessel s book, with its superb illustrations, provided a welcome reality check on the nature of lions in Kenya, as well as portraying black Africa [...]

    24. I ll start with what I liked about this book the pictures.Now, I don t know what you re looking for in a book But to warn you, this book is mildly racist, scatterbrained, and boring at some parts One paragraph she ll be telling this one story and then she ll get off track and tell a different story without summing up the first one or giving the second relevance or importance Some areas I zoomed through reading and others I practically fell asleep at I thought it would be interesting because it w [...]

    25. This has all four volumes of the Elsa s Story series and follows Joy and George Adamson as they take in Elsa and her two siblings, raise them and re release them back into the wild The writing is good but it is very detailed and can be hard going at times, as interesting as the story as a whole is a lot of the details feel a little excessive Add to that the fact that the techniques used by the Adamsons are not necessarily the most appropriate and have since been shown to be ineffective, this boo [...]

    26. This book is beautifulbut there is some hypocrisy, such as the authors got Elsa by killing her mother True, the head of the African preserve had to kill rogue lions as part of his job and he didn t mean to kill the mother, but still I m pretty sure nowadays people are not allowed to hunt man eating lions, and if they are, they shouldn t be Also, the authors then sent Elsa s sisters to ZOOS Disgusting.

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