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Broken & Brave #2020

Broken Brave Falling in love is easy having sex is even easier But bumping into someone that sparks your soul That shit is rare That s what Jaxon Montgomery s sister would always say He thought she was quite craz

  • Title: Broken & Brave
  • Author: Savana Jade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Broken & Brave By Savana Jade, Falling in love is easy, having sex is even easier But bumping into someone that sparks your soul That shit is rare That s what Jaxon Montgomery s sister would always say He thought she was quite crazy for saying it.until, he met her When Jaxon is asked a favor, he never imagined his life would change from accepting the simple task How could someone turn your wo Falling in love is easy, having sex is even easier But bumping into someone that sparks your soul That shit is rare That s what Jaxon Montgomery s sister would always say He thought she was quite crazy for saying it.until, he met her When Jaxon is asked a favor, he never imagined his life would change from accepting the simple task How could someone turn your world upside down in a matter of seconds Lanie Morris feared for her life She thought for sure that one day, her estranged husband would somehow take things too far and end her life When she finally got the courage to leave him, the last thing on her mind was falling for someone else She was scared, untrusting saduntil she met him Things were looking up until her greatest fear almost became a reality Almost.

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      101 Savana Jade
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    1 thought on “Broken & Brave

    1. First off, holy crap was this book amazing I felt like I was setting on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book The storyline, the characters, just everything about this story was well put together I feel like it gives hope to abused women that not all men are jerks There is someone for everyone When you least expect it, they will show up This wasn t my first book from Savana I love her all her work Keep up the good work Please say there is

    2. EnjoyedMy first book by savanna I enjoyed it It was a great story about overcoming past abuse finding that one person to connect I loved how jax was the big bad tough alpha but around Lanie he was a softie Loved writing all the characters.

    3. This was my first opportunity to read the works of Author Savana Jade The storyline was believable and had an easy flow to it I liked the two main characters, Lanie and Jaxon as well as few other supporting characters Author Jade brought light to a subject that is often looked away from domestic violence abuse This book gives good advice be vigilant, stay strong and seek help As much as some may want to shy away from reading Broken Brave, because of the awareness, there is also so much good to t [...]

    4. This was the firsr book of Savana I ve read and I can say that i truly enjoyed it Story was easy to read and believable The story shows the true and sad reality big number of women are being abused in their marriages relationships The story teaches to be strong, love and believe in yourself and never ever give up Definitely recommend this book.

    5. Lanie is stuck in an abusive marriage and finally has enough Lanie is starting over and moves to a new town hoping for a fresh start Her new landlord is resident bad boy, Jaxon Upon them meeting they have this instant attraction This part of the story didn t work well for me I felt that Lanie rushed too soon when it came to Jaxon especially since she still had her abusive ex husband to worry about and all that drama.I think I would have enjoyed the story if we would have a slower burn between t [...]

    6. Lanie Morris has finally escaped from under the thumb of her abusive husband, Frank with the help of Bradley Tows In order to keep her safe he brings her to one of his best friends, Jaxon Montgomery Jaxon Montgomery owns his own automotive business and will do what he can to keep Lanie safe Yet nothing prepares him for the spark he has with Lanie but his need to keep her safe outweighs any of the feelings he has for her.But Jaxon has never met anyone as determined as Frank and he will have to st [...]

    7. I ABSO FREAKIN LUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK I don t know where to start First of all knowing Savana and Dusty from FB made this book even special Modelling Jaxon s character after Dusty made the story so much better for me because it made Jaxon come to life in my mind from the tattoos on his arms, to the scruff of his beard on Lanie s fingers All I could picture in my mind was Dusty I totally believe in love at first sight because I married mine 30 years ago Reading this book was like watching a life [...]

    8. This story has so many feels It starts off with Jax doing a favor for a friend That favor turns into something much meaningful within seconds Jack falls hard for the woman he s keeping hidden He can t stop thinking about her While the two of them grow closer and closer the sexual tension and chemistry becomes so intense you just want to jump through the pages and make them hook up Lanie has many skeletons in her closet though and isn t ready for that step Things take a turn on than one occasio [...]

    9. I must say that this is probably my favorite of Savana Jade s I zoomed through the first few chapters didn t want to stop reading When a book can draw me in during the first chapter, I m going to recommend the crap out of it So so good Jaxon Montgomery was enjoying life working in his garage and never ever thought there was a soulmate out there for him So he just went on with his day to day schedule When he was asked to keep an eye on Lanie Morris, since her life was in danger, he thought she d [...]

    10. This is a really sweet story of a woman, Lanie, who was in a very abusive marriage She finds the strength to leave her husband, but has to go into hiding since he isn t too willing to let her go She ends up being sent to live by Jaxon He was the best thing for her He fell in love at first sight He didn t care what baggage she came with, he knew it was big but he was unaware of the extent Lanie thought that when she told him that he would leave her There was a lot of foreplay with these two There [...]

    11. Beautifully tragic love storyThis is my third book to read by this amazing author and loved it Each story I have read by Savanna seems to get tragically worse on circumstances and storyline And I abso freaking lutely love it I love a good angsty book and this writer does it in spades Keep them coming please.I really loved this couple, Jax and Lanie was like kismet They were made for each other Warning though this book could cause triggers for some it does has extreme domestic violence This story [...]

    12. What can I say about Savana Jade and her books Amazing, emotional, hot I have read every book that Savana has wrote and this is hands down my favorite.This book has an alpha male that will make you swoon for him and a heroine that is so strong that you wonder if the things that happened to her happened to you if you would be able to be just as strong I did not want to put this book down I wanted to know what was going to happen next The laughs, the tears, the times that I wanted to throw my kind [...]

    13. I knew this book would be an emotion roller coaster but this was way than I ever expected I could not put it down and honestly felt that I has literally lived through everything with characters This story and book are truly one of best I have ever read From the storyline to the characters I would give this so many stars From the first page I was held captive and when it ended I still wanted to be captured by them I finished this book last night and I still can t get it out of my head When I fi [...]

    14. I really liked this book It was suspenseful at times, but it held true to a get to know you and fall in love story It was a very good balance Lanie is on the run from her estranged hopefully soon to be ex husband Jaxson has made a life for himself as a business owner mechanic They are thrown together when she needs to get away, and he steps up to help a friend He didn t know he would fall in love the first moment he met her They take a journey together to find happiness neither of them knew they [...]

    15. Let s start by saying how much I love Savana Jade I ve read every book that she s released and this might be my favorite, so far There is so much to say, yet I m at a huge loss for words.This story, this story made me feel I felt nothing and everything all at once She pulls you in with the character development and makes you fall in love with their personalities The story made me laugh, cry, be mad and fall in love The twists, turns, happiness and sadness will pull at your heart strings and you [...]

    16. I am voluntarily reviewing this arc of this book This book is about a lady who has been abused by her ex husband to be She gets help to get to safety but in the meantime he goes after her sister She is placed with a man who is a godsend He tries to protect her and he does his best even when her ex goes after his family There is a few surprises along the way Will she have the power to overcome the history of the abuse or will she be strong n take back her Life.

    17. This emotional story is about an incredible women named lanie who is in a Abusive relationship but when her husband hits her way too many times and she s trying to file for divorce she has to go in hiding and that is where she meets jax he saves her life n ways than one Loved reading this and can t wait to read

    18. When love hits it hits fast and hard When Jax does a favor for a friend, he never thought he was going to meet his soul mate Helping Lanie hide and fight her fears they end up falling in love THIS is a great and emotiona l read Shows strength and determination a person can have Love this read as I do all of Savana s books.

    19. I don t even know where to begin.well thats not entirely true I have had the pleasure of watching Savana s writing grow and develop with every single book she writes and this just might be her best yet.Broken and Brave will leave you feeling raw and so completely emotional At one point in the book, I was so incredibly nervous to keep reading, I had to stop reading and take a couple deep breathes I was so drawn into the world of Lanie and Jaxon When Jax s friend Brad calls him for a huge favor, J [...]

    20. Labor is just trying to get away from Frank forever but he can t or likely won t let her go Frank takes his wedding vows very seriously and the fact that Lanie is trying to get away from him doesn t make him happy Brad takes Lanie away to be safe Brad takes her to one person he can trust, that s Jax Jax falls for Lanie almost instantaneously and it s the same for Lanie and Jax Jax is a big teddy bear that has to remember that Lanie is different He takes his time getting to know her and learning [...]

    21. This is my first book by Savana Jade It had so much suspense I loved it Lanie is running from an abusive husband She s put in the hands of Jax, not knowing her past They both feel something from their first meet This is a great happily ever after This book takes you in so many turns it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    22. Enjoyed this book I wasn t a big fan of books that talk about abuse and women and men that go through it but I was to say I really enjoyed the way this author took us through the tough story and the way it worked out in the end Very well done.

    23. I got the honor of reading this book as a Beta Let me tell you this right now This is hands down my FAVORATE book from Savana Jade Don t get me wrong I love ALL of her books but this one WOW Savana takes you on this emotional roller coaster of a ride with Jax and Lanie This book has it all Twist and Turns, Heartbreak, Love Come with tissues because you will need them I read this while on my lunch breaks and yea my eyes were all read and blotchy when I was done But to be honest I wouldn t want it [...]

    24. Fantastic ending I loved Jax character His passion, caring way helped Lanie find the strength she needed to let go of the fear.

    25. This is a feel good happily ever after love story that starts out like all true fairytales with a villain Great romance read

    26. I loved it These are my favorites where the male tough guy isn t afraid to so his emotional side I didn t want it to end.

    27. Jaxson helps out a friend and gives Lanie a place to stay Lanie is escaping an abusive soon to be ex husband Jax does everything he can to show Lanie how much he loves her and how she is safe with him.Loved this book This story was gut wrenching and soul searching The author really delved deep into the psyche of a victim of domestic abuse survivor and wrote it so well I could not put this book down.

    28. I am new to author Savana Jade but after reading Broken Brave, I will be looking to read her again in the near future At it s core, Broken and Brave is a love story about overcoming past abuse Savana Jade uses her platform as an author to shed light on Domestic Abuse and Violence although in this case the story is fiction, all to often they are not The main characters Lanie and Jaxon are very realistic However, I think as a result of her past, she would be skittish with men and not as quick to [...]

    29. These characters were great They were big on speeches which tends to make me lose interest and skim But the story line was good and the characters well developed

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