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Changed Through His Grace #2020

Changed Through His Grace Have you been changed by grace In this insightful book Brad Wilcox explores this life altering question in depth Christians throughout the centuries have used grace to describe God s favor goodwill

  • Title: Changed Through His Grace
  • Author: Brad Wilcox
  • ISBN: 9781629722863
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Changed Through His Grace By Brad Wilcox, Have you been changed by grace In this insightful book, Brad Wilcox explores this life altering question in depth Christians throughout the centuries have used grace to describe God s favor, goodwill, and love However, grace is than a description of God s attributes It is the help, power, and strength He offers as we choose to engage with Him in striving to atta Have you been changed by grace In this insightful book, Brad Wilcox explores this life altering question in depth Christians throughout the centuries have used grace to describe God s favor, goodwill, and love However, grace is than a description of God s attributes It is the help, power, and strength He offers as we choose to engage with Him in striving to attain those attributes It is the help, power, and strength He offers as we choose to engage with Him in striving to attain those attributes Grace is different from the Atonement It is not Christ s suffering, death, and Resurrection Rather, grace is the power that flows from those sacred moments Grace is not a priesthood ordinance, but essential ordinances invite greater and greater endowments of grace into our lives Grace is a divine gift, but like any gift, it must be received.

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      466 Brad Wilcox
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    1 thought on “Changed Through His Grace

    1. I loved This book I love this author, Brad Wilcox I love the premise of this book beginning with the question, Have you been changed by Grace My life has been changed by reading the pages of this book as I have learned about my Savior Jesus Christ and his grace offered to me and to all mankind I have always Felt a desire to become closer to the Savior and to appreciate is atonement for me and all Brother Wilcox thoroughly explains and details all about the divines gift of grace One of the best [...]

    2. An incredible book teaching how the atonement is different than grace Many insightful metaphors that help me remember important teachings in a simple way For example A loving Heavenly Father can prevent our hurts, but He may not always choose to do so for the same reason a loving Earthly father will not forever run behind a child s bike Protecting from every fall or bruise will stifle growth There would be no test of strength, no development of character, no growth of powers I love that Another [...]

    3. I was expecting a let down from this book and was a little hesitant to engage Could this be worth the time after listening to The Continuous Atonement But to my great surprise, this may be equally as good Brad seems to have collected so many practical examples of grace And I love the author reading the book Gives it something extra.

    4. A short, easily read book that looks at grace from a Mormon perspective More Mormons should probably understand that grace is how we are saved, that it is the power to succor and be succored, transformed, trusted and to trust and so much It is definitely how we see Christ, and we should not be afraid to use the word Wilcox explains this simply and clearly, sometimes maybe over simply, but clearly nonetheless.

    5. I loved this book so much I had to make myself slow down and absorb even though I just wanted to keep reading I have page after page of notes and thoughts to reflect upon Grace is often misunderstood This book breaks things down, uses lots of stories, scriptures, and hymn references to help with understanding It s one I plan to read than once.

    6. This book was here for me during a time I truly needed it I was able to read parts of this to my mom the week before she passed away, it brought peace to me every time I picked it up to read.

    7. This is a great book for anybody who is a member of the LDS faith But I think all christians can find something inspiring from the message in the book.

    8. There are so many good insights in this book It is one I would like to read again and again If you feel that you have made so many mistakes in life that you are without hope or if you just want to better understand the concept of God s grace this book is for you In other words, no matter where you are in your spiritual life, you will gain something from reading this book.

    9. This is wonderful book about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the grace He offers us He makes all the difference As we accept His outstretched hand of grace we are changed He helps us become like Him Here are a few of my favorite quotes I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, confused by the grace that so fully he proffers me Proffers is than a synonym for offers Adding the prefix pro to offers indicates that instead of simply extending a gift to someone, the giver takes initiative to [...]

    10. This breaks things down in such a clear, understadable way I couldnt stop highlighting because there were so many good parts Highly highly recommend

    11. This is another great book about Jesus Christ and His enabling power and love by Brad Wilcox I really enjoy and appreciate the perspective he gives.To quote a couple of my favorite parts Jesus Christ is not a statue or a painting He is REAL His birth and life are not A folklore or fable They are REAL His Atonement is not a myth It is real, and the power the grace that His Atonement makes possible is not a lucky charm It is not wishful thinking or self fulfilling prophecy It is REAL I have seen G [...]

    12. Another great book about relying on the Lord for strength to overcome challenges If you liked his first two books, you will enjoy this one There was nothing very different about this one, because his central message is pretty simple God always loves us and wants to help us change.I like that he mentions the grace vs works debate without getting too bogged down in the semantics He explains the most important part and reminds us that any sort of extreme interpretation of being saved by faith works [...]

    13. I enjoyed reading this book, and learning about the Savior s grace in my life I could not help but notice how peaceful I felt reading this book, witnessing to me how prevalent the Savior s grace is for all I d like to reread this book and use the ideas as a springboard to my scripture study I do want to share an experience I read this book on a flight At one point, I began talking with the man next to me who was not a member of the church He examined the book, and we found common ground within [...]

    14. Easy to read little treasure Wilcox looks at the complex doctrine of grace through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint perspective He illustrates the points he makes using examples from his and others lives I found myself thinking about grace in new ways Wilcox s writing style is easy going yet able to deal with highly important doctrines in a clear, fun way I highly recommend this book It took me a few weeks to finish the book because after I had purchased it, I had reserved books on [...]

    15. I wasn t familiar with Wilcox or his works, other than hearing something about him speaking often to youth I decided to give this book a go since his other works have been highly recommended to me.Grace is one of my favorite topics And in my opinion, one that should be discussed frequently Wilcox shares his experiences and knowledge compassionately and gently This isn t surface doctrine, it goes deep into grace.Here are some thoughts that stood out to me from this book Sometimes the righteous h [...]

    16. Have you been changed by grace In this insightful book, Brad Wilcox explores this life altering question in depth Grace is not the absence of God s high expectations it is the presence of his power God sees the real us That also means that in His honesty, He sees good in us that we don t even see in ourselves God would never have put us through mortality if He could have accomplished the same purpose by giving us an immortal body instantly and spiritual maturity with a wave of the hand.

    17. Brad Wilcox does an absolutely amazing job teaching grace But, sometimes his style of teaching becomes distracting to me This is of a personal reflection than an opinion about book, but I have a hard time following the message of each chapter through all of his analogies and catch phrases I also kind of got tired of his reverse inside out sentence catch phrases, like, he Lord is not building a castle, but the castle is going to build you to the Lord Sometimes at least two or three of them in a [...]

    18. I loved, loved, loved this book I ve attended conferences where Brad Wilcox was a guest speaker and I typically enjoy his talks However, this book is just absolutely wonderful I cried, I laughed I learned so many new things about Grace and the role it plays in our faith I 100% recommend this book If you can, listen to it Brad Wilcox has the type of voice that grabs your attention Loved it.

    19. Love, love, love this book I cannot recommend this book enough If you re LDS and want to understand Grace or is you re not LDS and want to know what the LDS believe about Grace this book is perfect for you Brother Wilcox uses a variety of analogies, personal stories, scriptures, and quotes from Church leaders to explain what Grace is I listened to the audiobook, and now I want to have the physical book so I can mark it up and highlight all the great insights.

    20. Absolutely wonderful Brad s insights and analogies have changed how I understand the Saviour s grace I have been uplifted and strengthened and felt my gratitude for my Saviour s sacrifice increase greater understanding of His love for me and with that gratitude and love felt an increased desire to follow Him with all my heart.

    21. Grace I never saw how dependent we are and can be from Trinity through their grace thanks to Christ s atonement until I read this book And I m thankful to rediscover the power that can lead me not only to return, but make me wish stay with my Heavenly Father, till the day this same grace turn me like my Heavenly Parents.

    22. A really good treatise on grace and how it interacts with Christ s Atonement and with works I listened to the audio book read by the author and I think that really adds to the experience Brad Wilcox is becoming the Mormon expert on grace.

    23. it was really good especially since grace is hard to understand topic since it is used in different ways i didn t rip through it, but I did like it if give it 3.5 star though cause I think this is a hard topic to really explain and illiterate it for people

    24. I m so glad that Brother Wilcox continues to talk about grace Much of this I really, really loved But I m still not going to change my last name to my husband s I listened to the audio version, read by the author.

    25. I love this book It gives me so much to think about regarding my relationship to Christ and his relationship with me It reminds me of the hopeful nature of the gospel and God s plan of happiness If you need a boost in your life, this book will give it to you.

    26. Brad Wilcox is a great writer and his writing on grace are some of his best Grace isn t really what we think it is and is not applied the way we often think either Some very insightful thoughts and some great experiences make this book one to read.

    27. I loved listening to this book it was a fabulous read Real world object lessons that are easy for the listener to understand and relate to I loved his in depth description of the atonement especially.

    28. This little book was great Now I have a better understanding of grace Everyone benefits, no matter who you are Gaining greater understanding of grace helps us to understand why the Savior loves us so much.

    29. Wonderful book I was reminded of things I have known and taught about things I had never considered It is definitely worth the read, as well as the ponder I would recommend it highly

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