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The Shadow List #2020

The Shadow List A cutting edge novel of international crime and its consequences from Nigeria to Russia to Washington from the former deputy assistant secretary of state We laugh when it pops up in our inbox the sc

  • Title: The Shadow List
  • Author: Todd Moss
  • ISBN: 9780399175947
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Shadow List By Todd Moss, A cutting edge novel of international crime and its consequences, from Nigeria to Russia to Washington, from the former deputy assistant secretary of state We laugh when it pops up in our inbox the scam letter promising a windfall We wonder How does anybody fall for these things But it is no laughing matter It is one of the biggest organized crime rackets in the worlA cutting edge novel of international crime and its consequences, from Nigeria to Russia to Washington, from the former deputy assistant secretary of state We laugh when it pops up in our inbox the scam letter promising a windfall We wonder How does anybody fall for these things But it is no laughing matter It is one of the biggest organized crime rackets in the world, it is deadly and State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker has fallen right into the middle of it.The disappearance of a young American in London sends Ryker into the heart of a corruption scandal in Nigeria, at the same time his CIA agent wife Jessica finds herself chasing a Russian master criminal known as the Bear Unknown to either of them, they are pulling at two ends of the same lethal thread, a staggeringly vicious enterprise of piracy, extortion, and murder.The world is messy and dangerous, Jessica warns her husband.More dangerous than you know But he is about to find out.

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    1 thought on “The Shadow List

    1. The Shadow List, a political drama and action story, is the fourth book in Todd Moss s Judd Ryker series.Judd Ryker is obviously the main character here, but this story is told through a variety of perspectives On one hand, this served to allow the reader a wider understanding and make connections between them, but on the other hand, there were so many points of view that it could make it hard to follow To be fair, each chapter does begin by mentioning the name of the person whose perspective it [...]

    2. When I finished reading the blurb, I thought that will make for an interesting book Having read the book, I m less than satisfied The book is a good and fast read, but it is far from great Things come to a head and the resolution happens rather fast and without much preamble for how it came to be.I wish the author would dive a little deeper and make the final outcomes feel a little less arbitrary, so that when the book ends you end up satisfied, thinking I didn t see that coming, but it made sen [...]

    3. Una lectura ligera la pluma del autor te permite leer r pido , pero los personajes me parecieron un poco planos, en general es un libro para una tarde de ocio y que seguro te va a hacer pensar un rato.

    4. Interesting current story line,but not worth wading through the terrible language, to find out the ending.

    5. I think this is one of those books you really need to read from book one of the series to really appreciate I felt the relationships were not well developed, there were too many characters to keep them straight and I was left a little adrift at the end I might check out the previous ones to see if I can fit the pieces The story was engaging however and the main characters were likeable.

    6. So this novel is really fast paced There are a lot of characters and there s a lot going on, so you really need to stay focused It was quite easy to follow in spite of my complete lack of background on the series However, I would recommend that interested readers start from the beginning so that they can have a better understanding of the story and characters While the story was interesting, I found that it was a little too convoluted There were too many angles and too many things going on that [...]

    7. I was lucky enough to snag an ARC This is 100% honest and based on my personal experience with the book.This is the fourth story of the Ryder couple, though the first I have read While it was readable as a stand alone there were clearly references made to past books and characters that made me feel out of the loop They author would try to give brief summaries of missed plots where applicable, but these often seemed irrelevant or lacking Basically, I feel like I should read the previous books as [...]

    8. The Shadow List provides a complex story for Judd and Jessica Ryker This is the 4th novel in the Judd Ryker series From the very beginning there are many different plot lines that ultimately blend into one satisfying conclusion.Judd, from the State Department, travels to Nigeria to help find an American who seems to have been scammed and kidnapped while on a trip to England While in Nigeria, he is also tasked with saving an NBA player who was kidnapped while dedicating a hospital In addition, Ju [...]

    9. Another novel I got From First to Read that I wasn t aware was part of a series beforehand The Shadow List has a lot of moving parts and characters Considering I hadn t read the previous books, the author did a fairly good job of not bogging book 4 down with details to explain references to previous events, but it also left me wondering what they were talking about sometimes It didn t really detract from the story too much, but I probably would have enjoyed it if I d read from Book 1 There s a [...]

    10. Judd Ryker has done it again, this time I m Nigeria Moss is making Africa cool again and the State department, too Probably one of the best lines is early on in the book when S CRU starts to get a reputation as sexy, for those idealistic or eager enough.Just when you learn about Judd Ryker s gentle, academic ways and his true role in the State Crisis Reaction Unit, another, much darker side of him emerges Moss s writing is getting better, and the characters are becoming shapely All but Espinoz [...]

    11. When Jason Saunders received a letter with an offer too good to refuse, his first impression is that it is a scam However, the letter contained personal information that was not generally known When Jason responds it results in his disappearance Judd Ryker, working for the State Department, is assigned to find Jason The trail leads to Nigeria, where many such letters originate.Judd s wife Jessica works for the CIA As Judd travels to Nigeria, Jessica travels to St Petersburg, posing as an assassi [...]

    12. This was the first of the Judd Ryker series that I ve read It was plot based rather than character based so there was a ton of action and just enough character building to keep you interested and caring The pacing was good and gained speed towards the end, with everything coming to a head I liked how all of the threads entwined, though I wasn t sure how everything would come together I was enjoying the ride so I was okay with that I appreciated that Judd and Jessica had a good relationship desp [...]

    13. The Shadow List is the fourth book in the Judd Ryker series This is the first book written by Todd Moss that I have read so I wasn t sure what to expect What I found was a well written espionage thriller There is some violence.The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I m not going to repeat all of that info here Overall, this book is about Judd and his wife Jessica and their jobs unknowingly overlapping As usual not everyone or everything is as it seems While the storyline is somewha [...]

    14. I hate reviews with spoilers so you won t read any here All you ll get is my humble opinion about the quality of this novel I m new to this author, but I throughly enjoyed the book, even though it s fourth in a series I found that I was able to enjoy the characters and the story The main characters are a married couple who are trying to separate their personal lives from their challenging careers that are now intersecting The plot is suitably complex but fairly easy to follow Plenty of action in [...]

    15. Well that was exciting So we have Judd Ryker, a State Department problem solver and his CIA assassin wife, Jessica They jet set around the world and rescue kidnapped NBA players, infiltrate the Russian mob, and take down corrupt politicians, separately, of course, each on different harrowing missions until their seemingly unconnected cases bring them together for a harrowing finale I enjoyed this, probably a lot than I thought I would Diplomatic thrillers are not exactly my usual reads but I wo [...]

    16. This is the 4th book in the Judd Ryker series, but my introduction to this character Judd Ryker heads the crisis unit for State Department in the US, while his wife Jessica unknown to him is a CIA agent In this read, Judd is tasked to rescue a kidnapped Wall Streeter and then a pro basketball player, while Jessica is sent on a mission to discover about a Russian nicknamed the Bear Surprisingly the couples paths cross in Nigeria after many twists in the plot As one is often reminded in this fast [...]

    17. Super fast paced action, and, as this is my first read in this series, I thought the introduction of characters went pretty well I had no trouble following it and I liked the main characters, Judd and Jessica It was a quick, enjoyable read with interesting details and great creative character sketches at every turn It clearly set itself up for a sequel, though so many things left undone that it felt incomplete as a novel, but I suppose that s to keep you coming back for I got a free copy to rev [...]

    18. Thank you to Penguin First to Read for the review copy of this book This was my first introduction to this series, but it stood alone pretty well I love a twisty diplomatic story, and this was certainly a very twisty one The characters were intriguing, especially Judd and Jessica Ryker a married couple though I might have been invested if I d read from the start of the series A fun, fast paced thriller for anyone who enjoys the inner workings of the State Department or international relations.

    19. This was a very good thriller and recommend to anyone that enjoys that genre A person goes missing that is tied to a scam ring originating out of Nigeria the two main characters are married one being CIA and the other working for the state department They try to keep their jobs separate but as the story progresses their paths cross in a deadly way I liked the flow of the story and they set up the plot to continue very nicely at the end of the book Looking forward to the next book 4 star rating

    20. Another fine entry is this series If it is not quite as good a story as in The Golden Hour and Minute Zero, it is still a diverting story Life and corruption in Nigeria go under the microscope where what you see is not always what is the reality Waste no pity though on young Jason Saunders Recommended If you are new to the series, highly recommended to start with the first Judd and Jessica, the superb The Golden Hour.

    21. Although this is the fourth book in the Ryder series Jessica and Judd Ryder being the protagonists , it is the first I ve read It is a fast paced and engaging read alternating through chapters about the individual key players, with the various threads seeming to spin out of control until it all comes together Quite enjoyable, and I would recommend it to fans of political and espionage thrillers by authors such as Tom Clancy, David Baldacci, and Frederick Forsyth.With thanks to the author, Todd M [...]

    22. The best of the series so far with so many moving parts, it was hard to keep up, but I loved learning and about Jessica, and seeing her in such a badass role Also loved seeing of Isabella sad no Bull Durham in this one though.All that being said, I feel like the ending left me unsatisfied I guess I ll have to wait for the next one to get all my answers.

    23. The Shadow List is book 4 in the Judd Ryker series, but this was my first installment I enjoyed the premise There was a lot going on, but the characters felt flat to me thank you to Penguin Random House First to Read for an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review

    24. I was given this book to read from First to Read in return for a review.Twists, turns, lots of violence and bad language Not much of a storyline, too unbelieveable.No depth to characters Same story of the Cold War U.S and Russia

    25. Could not put this page turner down until the end Exciting, captivating and intriguing.Espionage at its best Terrific writing, fabulous detail oriented story with twists, turns and many surprises A VERY GOOD READ.

    26. Quick, fun read spanning three continents the couple Judd and Jessica Ryder take on the Russian mafia and corruption in Nigeria and DC The characters weren t too deep, but the action is really what makes the story.

    27. EnjoyableAlways enjoying Todd Moss books Interesting plots and suspense Nice setting and contemporary issues by an autor who knows his stuff Recommended.

    28. Another fine book by Todd Moss Excellent diplomatic spy thriller regarding energy and corruption well done

    29. These are such fluff but such fun International thrillers for development nerds, call outs to Amherst College I am squarely the target audience for this series and eat them up.

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