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Growing in the Prophetic #2020

Growing in the Prophetic As churches across the country struggle to determine the proper place for the prophetic in their congregations as well as guidelines for the operation of prophecy the lessons learned by Mike Brickle

  • Title: Growing in the Prophetic
  • Author: Mike Bickle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • Growing in the Prophetic By Mike Bickle, As churches across the country struggle to determine the proper place for the prophetic in their congregations as well as guidelines for the operation of prophecy, the lessons learned by Mike Brickle provide a starting point.

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      493 Mike Bickle
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    1 thought on “Growing in the Prophetic

    1. A friend of mine bought me this book because he knew I would never read the PDF version he sent me, and I am so glad he did This book is absolutely phenomenal I know some of you might have issues with Bickle, I did without even really knowing him or what he taught He just always gave me a bad vibe for no reason But I assure you he is a great teacher, very humble and honest You will appreciate this book, especially if you are someone who really desires to grow in the prophetic but does not know w [...]

    2. Common sense from a recognized leader A must read for those who are experiencing prophetic ministry and those around them.Be warned this is no license for ecstatic chaos, but a faith and experience based discussion of the potentials and pitfalls of prophetic ministry.

    3. A timely tool recommended to me by dear friends in the faith as I was discovering that God wanted to use me prophetically, and it was scaring the H out of me Sound strange Prophecy was strange to Mike Bickle, too, and was not part of his denomination or training, and God tapped him on the shoulder and made a believer out of him.This is solid biblically, and is humorously true Sometimes, prophetic people are a little bit off, or different than the norm We don t fit in, we dress weird, we aren t g [...]

    4. Revelation itself is not going to help the body unless it goes through the process of interpretation and application Again, the application is the action that should be taken based on the interpretation Mike Bickle, Growing in the Prophetic , Page 201, Paragraph 2.I have read the early work of this book produced in the year 1995 However, this book is still applicable to today despite its age Remember, truth never ages It is like gold, that endures for eternity I am sure that Mike Bickle has adde [...]

    5. This is a fantastic book on operating in the prophetic for beginners or intermediate level prophets If you re just encountered prophecy and don t have a clue what s happened, this is biblically solid, has Bible references everywhere, and has tons of practical advice and stories of what not to do.If you re already familiar with and flow in the prophetic, this provides a well rounded view that will fill in gaps you ve been missing Easily, this is the book I most often recommend regarding prophecy [...]

    6. A very charismatic book Its definitely leaning in that direction As a Reformed person, the focus is too great on it, but I gave it 3 stars because it is rich with wisdom on how to go about the Charismatic movement today Even from a reformed position, this book is good to read and learn from for the sake of allowing the gifts to operate in the modern church.

    7. I would like to write an extensive review at a later time But for now, the strength of Seeking the Prophetic is years of pastoral wisdom in handling prophetic ministry in a local church setting The weakness of the writing is Bickle s bible interpretation skills, he has a tendency to use verses out of context especially in the O.T.

    8. Great for those moving in the prophetic but surprisingly also very good for the leaders and pastors who work with them Helpful for those who are gifted prophetically as well as those called to be a prophet Well rounded and balanced

    9. This is a great practical guide to growing in your spiritual gifts It will help with understanding the differences between dreams and visions, and other spiritual gifts I would definitely recommend to someone who is seeking a closer relationship with Christ.

    10. Honest book that draws denominations together instead of focusing on those things with tear the church apart.

    11. SOBER information on what the prophetic is isn t Also talks about a lot of the mistakes that have been made.

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