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When Stars Burn Out #2020

When Stars Burn Out Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN ISBN When a plague turns people into monsters the only safe place left to live is the Ora a spaceship beside Earth s mo

  • Title: When Stars Burn Out
  • Author: Anna Vera
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Stars Burn Out By Anna Vera, Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 0692564691 ISBN 13 9780692564691.When a plague turns people into monsters, the only safe place left to live is the Ora, a spaceship beside Earth s moon Aboard are the specimens of the next generation, genetically modified to develop powerful abilities, which they must use to fulfill their life s purpose exterminatinLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 0692564691 ISBN 13 9780692564691.When a plague turns people into monsters, the only safe place left to live is the Ora, a spaceship beside Earth s moon Aboard are the specimens of the next generation, genetically modified to develop powerful abilities, which they must use to fulfill their life s purpose exterminating those infected by the plague and stopping the apocalypse.From the day Eos Europa was created eighteen years ago, she s cared about little else But when she fails to develop an ability, everything she s worked for is lost that is, until soldiers start disappearing only seconds after reaching Earth s surface.In an act of desperation, Eos is sent to Earth to find the missing soldiers But what she discovers challenges everything she s ever been taught about who she is, where she s come from, and how the apocalypse really began leaving her to decide whether she ll continue to play the puppet she was created to be, or disappear like everyone else.

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      331 Anna Vera
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    1. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Anna Vera We are evolved immune to the plague that s on the cusp of surfacing And as such, we are the only beings capable of fighting what comes next This was an interesting YA sci fi story, with some pretty major twists Eos was a really strong character, and I really felt for her when it looked like she wouldn t be able to follow her dream of going to Earth She didn t give up though, and I liked th [...]

    2. Where do I even begin This book was INCREDIBLE, and the fact that it s a debut makes it even so Anna s writing style is so distinct and engrossing that putting this book down physically pained me The story is woven together and reads in such an effortless fashion that at times I felt as though what I was reading was happening right before my very eyes, like a movie There were SO MANY THINGS that I did not see coming, which, of course, I love as a reader, and I am so anxious for the second insta [...]

    3. This book has everything you d want in a sci fi adventure gorgeously crafted action sequences, rich world building, plenty of plot twists, and a coming of age story that ll smack you right in the feels.It s also a much prettier book than you d expect with a premise including both zombies and spaceships But Vera s prose captures exactly the right essence from both classic elements She never lets you forget that her Muted the zombies were once people even as they re killing everything in sight, an [...]

    4. When Stars Burn Out is a thrilling without being predictable, romantic without being gushy, and heroic without being cheesy Hard to believe that Anna Vera has slipped in under the radar with a debut novel that has all the qualities of a veteran author Anna does an astounding job of creating characters with depth and feeling that isn t seen in much YA lit Eos is a strong female character without trying Memories feel real with this story I find myself fearing the plague in this story and my heart [...]

    5. AMAZING BOOK Author Anna Vera has a true gift with words Not only has she created a world that is utterly new, but has created a suspenseful story where those in charge are hiding something truly horrendous We start out with main character and total bad ass Eos Europa, who has been created on a giant spaceship called the Ora for one Purpose to protect the remaining humans left on Earth who are being terrorized by the cannibalistic Muted those humans who were infected with a virus years ago Each [...]

    6. I rate this book 4.5 5.When Stars Burn Out is a mix of The 100 and Divergent, teamed with a unique twist on the zombie apocalypse narrative There were many plot twists thrown in along the way, and I could not predict where Vera was going to take the story Book two is high on my to be read pile, but it s not published yet Ahhhh thestruggleisreal.I enjoy a well written, inventive take on YA literature This story is highly character driven, just how I like it You are not only drawn into Eos story, [...]

    7. I LOVE this book Was a great mix of Walking Dead meets The 100 I highly recommend it for fans of Fantasy and Dystopian novels I am looking forward to her next amazing book, A Dark Sky Opens Anna Vera has a bright future as an author Very entertaining

    8. When Stars Burn Out was a refreshing escape from otherwise what has been a barren landscape of decent YA novels as of late Vera balanced the job of the creation of her world and characters beautifully I admit, much of the time, SciFi esq novels aren t something that I gravitate toward but I am so happy that I read this book It has now become one of my new favorite novels Much of the time, I find books either don t give enough description to give any depth to what is happening or the book positiv [...]

    9. This was a glorious sci fi read that didn t shy away from being both descriptive and plot twisting I wanted to know with every page Anna had a way of hooking me with her strong language and characters and a fresh plot in the sci fi world.You fall in love with the characters, each of them having their own struggle despite this book being a single POV There is so much that this book offers and it is one of the best I ve read in a while.I am so excited for the next book

    10. I was sent this copy of When Stars Burn Out by the Author I read the first edition a while ago and enjoyed it, so I was surprised when a second edition was announced Updated version has a stunning cover if a little bit creepy with the hands reaching for the light When Stars Burn Out is my second Science Fiction but despite this I found that I understood each word and was pulled into this fast paced and action packed adventure The idea of the Virus making the victim dig one of their eyes out is c [...]

    11. This is a nice read for YA Sci Fi fans Now I know when some people hear science fiction they yawn or groan But this doesn t get really deep into science fiction It s just that there are some elements to the book that do put it into that category This book has a lot of action and I really liked our female lead Eos She s very strong and fearless She captured my attention and was probably the main reason why I liked the book I didn t care much for any other of the characters, unfortunately I feel l [...]

    12. I was fortunate to meet this engaging, intelligent author at Phoenix Comic Con When Stars Burn Out is Anna s epic science fiction debut novel that reflects her strong world building skills I enjoyed time spent on spaceship especially Huckleberry a Mr Miyagi type of character Earth is where Eos journey of discovery begins A particular skill of Anna s is having you believe in a character who turns out to be someone you did not expect This start of a series ends on a cliffhanger leaving the reader [...]

    13. We have a new heroine to cheer for and her name is Eos Europa What can I say about this story that others haven t said already I loved it The book s cover caught my eye, the premise drew me in further, and by story s end, I felt like I had witnessed an epic movie in book form I did not know what to expect Seriously You can read a blurb, get an idea of what is going on but when you head into the story, that takes on a different feeling We meet Eos Europa, our MC, on the spaceship Ora and are info [...]

    14. When Stars Burn Out is a YA SciFi story that is created by the gifted writer, Anna Vera She brings a much needed freshness to this genre The twists and turns keep the pages flipping at a fast rate I could not put it down My husband can attest to that he made several meals for us because I kept saying, just a few minutes, I have to see what happens next What an exceptional storyteller Vera brings a depth to her characters that make them than words on a page They become your friends who you want [...]

    15. 3.5 stars This is an engaging story that is a unique twist on the zombie apocalypse A friend of the author loaned me this book to read and I m glad I gave it a chance It s really engaging and I tore through it in a few days The characters were well developed and relate able, the pace was gripping, and the supernatural elements were unique and intriguing There were a few minor problems with the writing, mostly related to staging sometimes a character stands up to talk to someone, and then a few l [...]

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