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Tamed #2020

Tamed The that stands between us the I want her Love isn t something I m capable of feeling but if a marriage is what it takes to become my father s successor and save my family s fortune from ruin then

  • Title: Tamed
  • Author: Linnea May
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
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  • Tamed By Linnea May, The that stands between us, the I want her.Love isn t something I m capable of feeling, but if a marriage is what it takes to become my father s successor and save my family s fortune from ruin, then it ll have to be arranged.However, I have a reputation and for good reason I can t be tamed My despicable bride to be couldn t care less about it This is all forThe that stands between us, the I want her.Love isn t something I m capable of feeling, but if a marriage is what it takes to become my father s successor and save my family s fortune from ruin, then it ll have to be arranged.However, I have a reputation and for good reason I can t be tamed My despicable bride to be couldn t care less about it This is all for show It s a marriage of convenience for her I just need to play it safe until the wedding is over But then she shows up The cute pianist, hired to play at my engagement party Shy, innocent and virtuoso off limits and impossible for me to claim She s a sweet risk and a challenge like no other Her weak attempts at fending me off only fuel my greedy hunger.She ll be mine Even if that means putting everything I ve worked for on the line.

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    1. I received Tamed from the author for an honest review As stated in the blurb, Kingston is engaged when he meets Elodie It is an engagement of convenience and to gain power of his families company There is no love between the two in the least So now that s out of the way I wasn t sure how I felt about Kingston at first He was so arrogant and cocky with that rich playboy attitude He was sexy and he absolutely knew it Sometimes it can be a turnoff but Elodie made him work for what he wanted than a [...]

    2. view spoiler DNF coz pathetic H was engaged, and even if it was an arranged eye roll marriage, it called cheating that he slept with OW, the h among them His fianc e was also not faithful, but it shouldn t have encourage the h to sleep with the soon to be married man Besides she was payed to play piano at his wedding, but work ethic unfortunately doesn t apply to the romance world Typical manwhore, abhorrent comments about OW and partly about the h.Despite his lust for the h, he slept with OW af [...]

    3. Nope view spoiler H cheats on fianc not h, but with h among others Also sleeps with OW after knowing h, h is still going to play the piano at his wedding WTF hide spoiler review show

    4. Brilliant Emotionally explosive Intoxicatingly beautiful Heartwarming Heartwrenching Sweet Strong This story is all of these things and so much .Elodie has worked herself to the bone to hone her musical talent, working multiple jobs and earning scholarships to attend Juilliard, and when she lands a potentially career lifting gig to play piano at a wealthy family s engagement party, the reader is tasked with deciding what and how to feel euphoria that she s getting her chance to showcase her tale [...]

    5. Yuck DNF 57% This was a NA book MCs were immature and quite shallow and the Hero was exceptionally egotistical and cavalier Both MCs didn t respect boundaries and had very poor ethics And I didn t buy the heroine s poor pitiful me act she was just as selfish as the Hero I would not expect these two to be monogamous for each other.

    6. This is my second book by Linnea May and I really liked this story as much as I did with Master classes.Her writing is great, her characters are very well developed and the sex scenes in this book were scorching hot For sure gonna read from her.

    7. I really enjoyed this story Elodie and Kingston were great characters Elodie is on the shy side and Kingston is the alpha dominant male Both are immediately drawn to the other and Kingston has no problem pursuing Elodie, even though he is engaged It is not a love match on either side and so he feels no guilt Elodie is a good girl and so has problems with the knowledge that Kingston is engaged Kingston doesn t let that stop him and continues to pursue Elodie and lets her know that it s not a love [...]

    8. There were three things I loved about this book before I even started reading it The first is the cover It is so sexy and really grabbed my attention Second is the title Tamed So it sounds like someone is in need of being tamed, which gives me the thought of wildness Then, I loved their names Kingston and Elodie They are unusual After beginning to read the book, I was hooked I loved the story It is steamy hot, while at the same time being sweet The music also really added something to the story [...]

    9. Sigh That is what my heart did at the end of this beautifully written book My heart was just bursting with happiness at the end Elodie and Kingston s story is about finding that love does exist even though you think it doesn t Every one wants to find the one that Tamed their heart and soul Favorite Quote Kingston to Elodie You never tried to tame me,.And yet, you did I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    10. 3.5 StarsWe all love a bad boy don t we, we think we can change them but really until they meet the elusive one that s not gonna happen.Kingston is a playboy who has to get married to save his family company, does he love her absolutely not it s actually debatable if he even likes her.Elodie is the young musician hired to play at the wedding What could go wrong This is a good quick read Reviewed For Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog

    11. Kitten On The Keys Elodie , a scholarship piano student at Juilliard, is a virtuoso but so poor, she has to live in a house with eight other students and work part time at a cafe Still, she lives for her music, practicing , practicing , practicing.One day she is asked to audition for a playing job at a wealthy patrons home It s the break she has been hoping for The family is the Abrams, shipping magnates Their older son, Kingston is having a formal engagement party to a Waldorf It s strictly a b [...]

    12. Well , I am delightfully surprised by Tamed This is the first book that I read by Ms May I loved it and was totally entranced by Elodie and Kingston s story.Elodie puts everything she has into her future as a pianist , wants to leave her sad past behind but then she meets Kingston A sexy flirtatious player who doesn t take no for an answer He takes what he wants.d he wants Elodie , even he has agreed into a lovelesss marriage with another woman Kingston comes into Elodie s life like a whirlwind [...]

    13. Elodie and Kingston are from two very different backgrounds and meet when she is interviewed to be the pianist for his engagement party Nothing should have ever happened between them, but the chemistry can t be denied Kingston has a reputation as a playboy and his engagement is for show only with his fianc wanting the smokescreen he provides for her family as much as he does for his Elodie made it to Julliard thanks to scholarships and covers the rest with her part time job at a caf the last thi [...]

    14. I voluntarily reviewed this as an Advanced Reader Copy Such a beautiful story The shy pianist that comes from poverty and the rich and arrogant manwhore Its a story of different circumstances It shows you that in some cases a man can be brought to his knees by a woman without her even trying Elodie never expected to meet a man like Kingston, yet she nor he stands a chance when fate is involved The authors incuredible the way she tells their story It is truly remarkable and a fantastic read

    15. Tamed was the first book I read by Linnea May but it isn t going to be the last.It is a great story beautifully written in dual POV There s so much passion and so much music page after page of pure delight Can t wait to get my hands on another book by Ms.May.

    16. Simply loved this story, it is beautiful, erotic and I could not put it down This is my second story by this author, I have read Silent Daughter that she co wrote and again I have another fantastic story with lots of emotion, passion and tingle in your tummy sex scenes.You can connect easily to the two main characters as we get both POV and I loved the interaction between Kingston and Elodie She definitely Tamed Kingston as she simply wanted nothing from him, she was pure and hard working and yo [...]

    17. Kingston is being forced into an arranged marriage by his wealthy family Elodie is a dirty poor student earning money by playing piano She is interviewed and hired to play for the engagement party The moment he sees her, Kingston wants to have a fling with Elodie Elodie is shy and way out of her league She fights him, which does nothing than make him work harder to get her Kingston starts falling in love with Elodie He has many roadblocks in his way if he wants to be with her, including a threa [...]

    18. Loved it I loved Kingston and Elodie I highly recommend reading this book intend to read the next book in the series very soon.

    19. 1.75 stars so so book, can be done better read barred before this book and i think the author seems to wanna write kingston lucas are into bdsm sex but doesnt seem to be very clear i mean in lucas s book, she mention about playroom, but there is no playroom scene both brothers command their women to obey their command or there will be punishment so they are like slightly into bdsm and not, dont really get it.

    20. Elodie has worked hard and faught to get where she is at Julliard studying Piano Her mother abandoned her, her father fell into the bottle and she s virtually been on her own since junior high She has goals, she has a plan and she works hard to make her dreams become reality.Kingston has never had to work for much in his life He moves from woman to woman, 3 nights at a time never and enjoys his life of excess His parents are old money wealthy and kept hoping he would settle down, but he s not i [...]

    21. Tamed Linnea May 3.5 StarsWhen Kingston Abrams is given the ultimatum to marry and settle down t take over as CEO from his father, a deal is brokered to marry well to do family friend Gloria, one self centred utter bitch Kingston pretty much can t stand her, but a sham marriage will give the job he has worked towards What he didn t envision was his instant feelings towards the pianist who is hired to cover their engagement and wedding Struggling student at Julliard, Elodie Hill cannot believe he [...]

    22. Love when you least expect it Elodie and Kingston burn up the pages with a little dominance and submission and a whole lot of steam I enjoyed this book very much I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    23. My honest ARC review for TAMEDSolid 3.75 stars When I read a book EVERYTHING matters to me, especially the cover as it sets the tone, the names of the characters which again gives me insight to the characters we re about to meet I LOVED the names Kingston and Elodie, it personified the world in which the author placed them in There were minor punctuation mistakes but insignificant to take away any focus from the story I m a bit a grammar Nazi The cover was just okay for me but it is relatable an [...]

    24. A SEXY AND REFRESHING READ Tamed was an unexpectedly refreshing book to read The characters were very likable, and I found their engaging journey captivating to the very end The hero, Kingston, is smoking hot, and he knows it His motto is Three times, that s it He likes to keep his affairs shorter than short, and is just fine living the life of a bachelor Kingston wants nothing than to take over the reigns of the family companyd remain single while doing it Kingston has a childhood acquaintance [...]

    25. Kingston is a rich playboy who needs to get married to be able to gain control over the family business Since he doesn t believe in love or relationships, he agrees to marry the daughter of friends of his family He doesn t believe that his upcoming marriage should change his playtime Then he meets Elodie who is hired to play for his engagement party He is instantly drawn to her and wants her to be his next conquest Elodie is studying to get her master s at Juilliard She is very poor and works ha [...]

    26. Received an ARC copy for an honest reviewThis is the first time I ve read anything by Linnea May and it certainly will not be my last.I absoutely fell in love with this book because it was well written and kept me wanting Alot of time books will start out strong before going bland in the middle This is not the case with Tamed Once I started reading the book I couldn t stop Her writing is very imaginative it felt as if I was there throughout the book.To sum it up the book is about two people who [...]

    27. 4.5 Stars for this short sexy erotic, forbidden romance This story is a great read front his talented author who was able to capture some very intense heartfelt emotion in such a great read She was able ton evoke all the love, hate,angst, gut wrenching emotions that grabbed you in the first chapter all the way to the end She also threw in some extremely hot, erotic, romantic scenes that will have you hot and bothered Elodie is a pianist studying at Julliard and comes from a poor background Kings [...]

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