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Daughters Of Shame #2020

Daughters Of Shame I listen to those stories told by women who have been drugged beaten imprisoned raped and terrorised within the walls of the homes they grew up in I listen and I am humbled by their resilience Jasv

  • Title: Daughters Of Shame
  • Author: Jasvinder Sanghera
  • ISBN: 9780340962060
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Daughters Of Shame By Jasvinder Sanghera, I listen to those stories told by women who have been drugged, beaten, imprisoned, raped and terrorised within the walls of the homes they grew up in I listen and I am humbled by their resilience Jasvinder Sanghera knows what it means to flee from your family under threat of forced marriage and to face the terrible consequences that follow As a young girl that was I listen to those stories told by women who have been drugged, beaten, imprisoned, raped and terrorised within the walls of the homes they grew up in I listen and I am humbled by their resilience Jasvinder Sanghera knows what it means to flee from your family under threat of forced marriage and to face the terrible consequences that follow As a young girl that was just what she had to do Jasvinder is now at the frontline of the battle to save women from the honour based violence and threat of forced marriage that destroyed her own youth Daughters of Shame reveals the stories of young women such as Shazia, kidnapped and taken to Pakistan to marry a man she had never met and Banaz, murdered by her own family after escaping an abusive marriage.By turns frightening, enthralling and uplifting It reveals Jasvinder as a woman heedless of her own personal safety as she fights to help these women, in a world where the suffering and abuse of many is challenged by the courage of the few.

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      315 Jasvinder Sanghera
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    1. In Jasvinder Sanghera s memoir SHAME she shared her personal story, and what lead her to start a program to support Asian women at risk In this book she shares the story of how her program works, and tells about some of the women she has helped.All of the stories shared in this book are truelly painful, and shocking The things the Asian culture force on it s children seems very cult like It often reminds me of the polygamist groups in Utah Women are being denied their right to education, and are [...]

    2. Daughters of Shame powerfully reminds us that so called honour related violence persists in the Asian populations of Britain much of it focused on forced marriage, and almost all violence against girls and young women I recommend you read this, and Jasvinder Sanghera s earlier autobiographical Shame.Sanghera relates many cases handled and supported by her in Karma Nirvana which she founded all of them horror stories, and all about the nice girl in school, the nice family down the road It goes a [...]

    3. This book opened my eyes to the hidden and non acknowledged horrors of traditional customs being upheld in modern day society Every chapter brought a new story of female oppression, repression, and most horrifyingly, homocide A must read for all women

    4. There are two things I didn t realise when I picked up this book First off, this is nonfiction And not a memoir of a single person either, as Jasvinder Sanghera actively works to better the lives of women like the ones she describes in her book Which makes this hard to review, because there is no doubt that this is a book that needs to be written Second, I had originally placed this book on my shelf for Asia, and in a way this fits, but a huge part of this book shows you that things like abusive [...]

    5. Daughters of Shame by Jasvinder Saghera is a book based on true horrific stories of mostly young Pakistani Muslim women and Sikhs It lists the stories of some of the young girls that are tortured by their family in the name of honour, by the people they expect will support them, in unimaginable ways.Though it often uses Asian culture to generalise the horror, the incidents stories listed relate to Pakistani Muslims and Sikhs Honour killings is mainly dominant in the Muslim society The right of o [...]

    6. This book gives a very good insight about what a lot of women but even men go through because of forced marriages and family honour I believe it is our duty to know that these things continue to happen I hope many others out there will be saved from such horrific experiences thanks to caring people like the author of this book.

    7. I have only just begun after finishing the first one Shame in two days, and this one naturally takes off with a flying start Every one goes to heart One wishes one could do something, even if it is only to hold the hurt little ones and reassure them It took a couple of days longer to finish this one, since it gets rather oppressing to realise it is all quite so ubiquitous a systematic physical and emotional and in fact every other form of abuse of daughters geared towards using them as currency [...]

    8. I had a vague awareness of forced marriages in the UK, but this book has proved to be a real education for me I ve come across the honour fixation in families through a lot of books I ve read about women s lives in the middle east and north Africa I hadn t realised these forced marriages, and woman and men who have to run away from their families to escape this, the beatings and the humiliations, are so numerous in the UK Or seemingly when reading this book It would have been good to get some p [...]

    9. This book is filled with so much raw emotion, I absolutely loved it A great insight into how eastern and western cultures clash.

    10. A very powerful and truthful description of a shame honor based culture and how it mainly has an effect on the lives of women and also some men as the book reveals.

    11. Any non fiction book lovers here This Statue of Liberty bookmark is apt with the book that I just read Daughters of Shame is a non fiction book and is an account of how Jasvinder Sanghera runs her Karma Nirvana a shelter for both women and men who experience forced marriage and honor based abuse The winner of several awards and contributor of note worthy policies shares her experience and woes of the victims in a touching manner Though this books shares horrifying stories, it also gives out hope [...]

    12. I think the whole English speaking world must have read in the news about the Bradford south asian Pakistani sex grooming gangs This is the flip side of the coin the practice of arranged marriages in those same British south asian communities Where unwilling daughters, and often sons as well, are married to relatives from home villages overseas, and the often disastrous outcomes The author is an activist focused on the practice forced marriages of teenage girls, raised in Britain, but forced to [...]

    13. Daughters of Shame is a sequel of Jasvinder Saghera s earlier book titled Shame While I didnt manage to read the first one, the second one covers the journey of her organization Karma Nirvana , an organization created to benefit victims of honor based crimes forced marriages something which Jasvinder herself went through as a victim.Its shameful to read that such crimes not just happens in countries like Pakistan, India, Aftganistan but right at the center of so called developed nations in Great [...]

    14. Having read a fair few books on this subject already, I started this book with a wide understanding of the atrocities women are forced to endure in the name of religion and honour What I found most poignant about this book was the fact that it s about girls and women from my country, even my hometown I went to a predominantly Asian girls school, and this book makes me wonder how many of those girls suffered abuse without any of us even knowing, or how many were forced into violent marriages they [...]

    15. Jasvinder Sanghera, born in England but daughter to strict and religious South Asian parents, fled from a forced marriage when she was a teenager and was disowned by her family Her sister, also the victim of a forced marriage, set herself on fire and killed herself to escape her abusive husband As a young woman Jasvinder had no support, no refuge, no laws to protect her Her mission in life is to provide women AND men from South Asian backgrounds the book touched on Sikh, Muslim and Hindu familie [...]

    16. This is a must read book If not because of my work, I have finished since last month I remember my conversation 5 years ago with my indian friends during our company workshop They asked me whether my marriage is an arranged marriage I told them that there s such no things like that in my family nor my friends At that time I have no idea about arrange marriage But now I do and still couldn t believe it that it happened in UK I feel so pity for the woman the victim of that arranged marriage When I [...]

    17. This book is exactly the kind of story I love to read Rather than wallowing in the grief of an immediate situation, her mind rapidly clicks forward to formulate a plan of action and moves in a constructive direction I ve read enough first hand accounts of battered women to know that they face an incredible set of obstacles as they fight to free themselves Even so, Sanghera managed to open my eyes to new challenges, such as the difficulty in finding even a temporary shelter without using National [...]

    18. I had this book on the shelf for then two years That was a shame The author must have an enormous courage deep inside her and thanks to her and her charity she has saved lots of lifes, not only physically but emotionally The women who wanted to share their stories with Jasvinder and the world are beyond belief Some stories so horrifying that putting their experience into words on the page was too much for the author.The book is easily read and a huge eye opener for anyone Its a book that I will [...]

    19. Thought provoking look at the darker side of British Asian culture and how izzat or honour is important to some families than abiding by the law, keeping your family alive, or just behaving like a decdent human being, through the true life stories of some of the women who have been advised and helped by Derby charity Karma Nirvana Jasvinder Sanghera comes across as an incredible, independent minded woman who at some personal cost has dedicated herself to redefining women s roles within Asian fa [...]

    20. Daughters Of Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera is a book about westernised culture and traditions The author tells us about what woman in the west go through to have a peaceful life, but never seem to get it no matter what they do because their traditions follow them everywhere Jasvinder is such an inspirational woman, she helped raise a campaign to help these woman because she herself was a victim of shame However, this book is really amazing, interesting, and opened my eyes to the real world I highl [...]

    21. It s a few years since I read this book But it is a very powerful account of honour based crime.In this book Jasvinder talks us through some of the account of the women she has helped through her charity, Karma Nirvana, which she established, to tackle honour based crime This book follows Shame an autobiographical account of Jasvinder s own experience of honour based crime I would highly recommend both books.

    22. A book that portrays the realistic horror that women are put through for the sake of what their families perceive as honour To the world at large, what they do is wrong But we also must keep in mind that in their culture, they have not done anything wrong What the world needs to do is educate them and that is part of what Karma Nirvana does It s a tall order, trying to reverse what people have believed in for decades and I salute the team for their dedication and courage.

    23. This was such a quick read The book is quite interesting and tells the story of many young Muslim girls who ve grown up in the Western world but in traditional families It really makes you think about the difficulties one faces when trying to live between two worlds it s a true lesson in joining cultures that opens our eyes to a scenario and problem that we allow to happen under the guise of religion Very interesting read.

    24. This booked was a great read following on from the Book Shame.I like reading about different cultures and their ways of life, This book opens your eyes to the lifes of women who are classed as nothing than slaves to their husbands and inlaws, Its sad but amazing the strength of one women who wants to put an end to all the pain and suffering of women who cant fight for themselves.Couldnt put this one down till it was all read

    25. i loved the 3 books enough to email jasvinder sanghera and her organistaion to tell them how brave and wonderful they are and to also give some advice on benefit security for women involved in forced marriage fantastic books but start with shame, daughters of shame then shame travelsyou wont be able to put them down

    26. An insightful look into what the West s fear of cultural clashes allows and the mechanisms that exist or need to be put in place to fix what ails Asian women in the writer s Britain Sanghera s tone can get patronizing but it s forgiven in light of the issue at hand.

    27. Didn t finish this I m afraid The facts described in it were very interesting, but I found the polemical evangelical tone a bit tedious after a while I d rather she had had a lighter touch and let the facts speak for themselves a bit .

    28. I have never seen such case so when I read the story it s just like unbelievable But that a real story where people struggle to fight for their life I hope all people in the country with such cases read this book, to make them realized that this culture is really making people suffer.

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