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Dream Runner #2020

Dream Runner After an Olympic contender is injured in an automobile accident a former NFL running back turned physical therapist works to heal not only her body but her spirit as well Original

  • Title: Dream Runner
  • Author: Gail McFarland
  • ISBN: 9781585713172
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dream Runner By Gail McFarland, After an Olympic contender is injured in an automobile accident, a former NFL running back turned physical therapist works to heal not only her body, but her spirit as well Original.

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      Gail McFarland

    1 thought on “Dream Runner

    1. This book is awesome, This book keeps you at suspence along with alot of Romance I can t wait to read part 2 Dream Keeper Two thumbs up for Gail McFarland for writing an awesome novel I Do plan on reading of her books

    2. Rebuilding Shattered DreamsNot being a BIG sports fan with the exception of watching my children play , I was PLEASANTLY surprised at how much I enjoyed this novel I have to say Ms McFarland did an excellent job of detailing the life of a professional runner and still keeping me entertained with this engaging and inspiring romance Definitely not the novel for readers JUST looking for a HOT SPICY romance Although it does have some brief sensual and romantic encounters, it s not the main focus of [...]

    3. I love a good Love Story don t you sighs audibly And this love story Hit The Spot better than a cup of Maxwell House coffee Marlea promised her aunt mother Way Back when she was a child that One Daye d bring home some Olympic gold After all running was all Marlea dreamed about felt destined to do Now, after many heartbreaking near misses, Marlea is one race away from realizing that dream when Some Dude trips her right before the Finish Line.AJ has had a long illustrious football career One knee [...]

    4. I ended up really enjoying this book and actually laughed out loud in a couple of places At times I did think it was a little wordy but I really liked how all the characters played together and how the story developed Overall, it was really very inspiringhaving a lifelong dream seemingly taken away from you and then discovering another avenue to achieve it, and finding love and friendship in the process Great story

    5. Marlea and AJI started this book on the 19th but had to put it down for a while It pissed me off a bit sign of a good read and I found myself disgusted with the characters After reading a different genre for a few days, I went back with clearer eyes, and admit to enjoying the book than I thought The people were flawed and made horrible decisions just like me They choose to do and say the most ridiculous things just like me Even with all that, I still had to fight my way though this book A good [...]

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