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Shadow World: The Complete Trilogy #2020

Shadow World The Complete Trilogy For a limited time pre order this new complete trilogy for only cents He is the supernatural world s hand of justice She is the abomination he s sworn to kill Their love conquered all Until now Wh

  • Title: Shadow World: The Complete Trilogy
  • Author: Ella Summers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shadow World: The Complete Trilogy By Ella Summers, For a limited time, pre order this new complete trilogy for only 99 cents He is the supernatural world s hand of justice She is the abomination he s sworn to kill Their love conquered all Until now When a dark spell hits San Francisco, former mercenary mage Sera Dering and dragon shifter Kai Drachenburg find themselves on opposite sides of a supernatural war that hasFor a limited time, pre order this new complete trilogy for only 99 cents He is the supernatural world s hand of justice She is the abomination he s sworn to kill Their love conquered all Until now When a dark spell hits San Francisco, former mercenary mage Sera Dering and dragon shifter Kai Drachenburg find themselves on opposite sides of a supernatural war that has been raging for centuries with no memory of their love or the world that was They have every reason to hate each other, but if they want to survive this Shadow World, they ll have to put their differences behind them and find the person who cast the spell before this hellish reality becomes permanent Shadow World is a new complete trilogy set in the bestselling Dragon Born world.

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      198 Ella Summers
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    1 thought on “Shadow World: The Complete Trilogy

    1. I really enjoyed the story and the characters There is a great mix of action and romance and a lot of humor as well You have a lot going on as the characters slowly begin to realize that their reality has been changed by magic I really like strong female characters and you get twin sisters that are really tough and don t back down from a fight They are lucky enough to find two men that are just as strong and smart enough to not try to change the women they love It is a well written story that de [...]

    2. I got this book on special occasion from for 99 Cent Since I didn t know the author, I bought it as a tryout Though this trilogy is standalone, this series is actually a sequel to 2 prior series that apparently ran parallel to each other I read a description on that shows you the reading order, which isn t exactly straightforward.The author gives enough background to understand the story nonetheless When events of the prior novels are mentioned, these are not relevant to the story, I think their [...]

    3. Magic Eclipse An enchanting read Such a cruel fate I feel for Sera and Kai Oh my heart.The first few chapters were so hooking and interesting Enemies fighting on the wrong side of the warOnce loversNow, sworn enemiesNo memory of their life beforeSo damn intoxicating Whoa, what a fantastic and addictive read Cliffhanger ending but you don t have to wait since this includes all three books That s a deal The author was fast approaching as my favorite author and now she is Love love her work so much [...]

    4. I didn t enjoy these books as much as I d expected to I found them a bit to repetitive it also seemed like much of each book was just filler rather than necessary to the story it moving forward Having said all of that there were some good things obviously We finally, after 11 books I think, find out why the Dragon Born are really hated It was a fab twist, well done Ella The new character, Rane, was a really good addition to the group I thought it was also lovely to get to know Lara a bit better [...]

    5. Maybe one of my new favorite AuthorsThis book kept me hooked into the story There was a lot happening that was serious, but the characters did a good job of not letting it get too dreary I love the snark and interaction of the characters, and it was great how they interacted with each other I will definitely be picking up from this author.

    6. My first thought after reading the prologue was jesus, are we going to have the kaisera love story again But then I started reading and reading and it was so freaking good I loved this series and am looking forward to the last of Alex s books and Naomi ones I love Ella Summers and her writing and I just can t get enough of it.

    7. Shadow worldLoved the interaction with all the characters Harass hero s AND heroines Lots of action and lessons to be learned also This trilogy has t all I highly recommend this

    8. Oooo I have never read any of these books, but now I want them all I didn t expect to be caught so deep, but this story has you wanting to see what s next I couldn t put it down Ty so much for such a great story, I can t want to read the next

    9. A lot better than expected Action, adventure, and some romance, not what I would call smut but romance I do recommend this book.

    10. Nice readThis is a very good tale being told here The stories combine a artful and magical tale of magic and love and hope I enjoyed the books and suggest it be read.

    11. A very good readI really enjoyed reading this series and if your into the imagination of reading, check it out I hope you enjoy it as much as I had.

    12. Amazing Couldn t Stop ReadingThe Dragon Born series is awesome It is definitely in my Top 5 of Favorite Book Series of All Time Thank you, Ella Summers, for that Wonderful mind of yours that thought up the Dragon Born world.

    13. Shadow World is a three book set, so each story is rated individually and the trilogy averaged x stars Book 1, Magic Eclipse 5 star Very good story with a unique, fast paced, layered plot I never saw the ending, so it was a great twist Main plot thread will continue to a next book, but this ended on a cliffhanger, but it was a good place to split the story for the next book of the series Book 2, Midnight Magic 4.5 star A seamless continuation from the first book of the series, Midnight Magic was [...]

    14. Fantastic fantasyI thoroughly enjoyed this series of books they are original and the characters are brilliant I loved the playfulness of them all I would recommend these books to everyone who enjoys a great story and wonderful people

    15. All of can say is OMG This is Elle Summers best Dragon Born series yet There is twists and turns than a Rollercoaster Its than one book , no I won t tell you how many, that would be cheating , but I m a seriously fast reader and it still took me over 8 hours But man was it 8 hours well spent If you love Sera, Kai, the Commandos and the rest of the crew this is the book for you You do not have to have read the previous books to enjoy this one as it totalky rocks a new way if looking at what s h [...]

    16. I am fairly new to Ms Summers work, and up to this point have really enjoyed her writing When I started this trilogy, I was at first worried as I felt that I was missing something integral to the story Doing a little research, I found out this trilogy is like a companion to another series Having satisfied that burning question in my mind, I settled down to continue reading I m glad I did After reading not very far into the book, Sera and Kai revealed themselves to me as a great couple, two peopl [...]

    17. This books are really well written I love Ella s style of writing I would recommand reading Dragon Born Serafina, Alexander and Awakening books first before this one Reading order in this series, NOTE YOU CAN READ EACH SERIES SEPERATED BUT TO GET AND UNDERSTAND EACH BOOK, READING IT IN THIS ORDERED Mercenary Magic Dragon Born Serafina, Book 1 Magic Edge Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 1 Magic Games Dragon Born Serafina, Book 2 Magic Nights Dragon Born Serafina, Book 3 Blood Magic Dragon Born Alexan [...]

    18. The Dragon Born can t be stopped This trilogy really had me worried in the beginning I checked the titles, rechecked the titles of the other books I d read, then realized the world that was somewhat at peace the impending wedding of Sera Kai was erased from this new, twisted Shadow World An excellent trilogy of books, but painful to see the characters force their lovers to remember the World that Was Thrown into unimaginable worlds that are twisted from an ever growing hatred of the magical abil [...]

    19. When I learned there was going to be a new trilogy with all the characters I love, I thought my desire for the continuation of their stories would finally be sated but I was wrong I need Sera and Kai are such an epic couple along with Logan and Alex This story showed that time and time again The story was complex, action packed and surprising All the characters deserve their happily ever after I can t wait to find out what they are Keep them coming, Ella Summers Highly recommend.

    20. Loved it I am so happy to read about Sera Kai They are truly my favorite characters This story is non stop action sometimes I think I am the one getting tired from all the battles challenges they have to face The story is good and entertaining There are a lot of characters being introduced I wish that in addition to the crisis of war ,the author could have added a different love interest for Kai and Sera in the new world but still would end up together in the end to make the story intriguing.

    21. What an amazing trilogy I love Sera as a character and i can t wait to see how Ella Summers continues the Dragon Born Alexandria and Dragon Born Awakening Books Sera and Kai are amazing to read about and are by far one of my favourite book couples they bring the best out in each other and i love the world building that Ella summers puts in all her books Definitely read the whole collection if your looking for a good read

    22. Full of snark, action, kick ass leads and awesome support characters this trilogy is everything and that you would expect from Ella Summers Reading her previous Dragon Born books is definitely recommended check her website for the suggested reading order Featuring old favorites and new characters, these books roll out the action from the offset right up until the end A must read for any Summers fan Thoroughly enjoyed and would like , please.

    23. I was initially hesitant to read this book because I was afraid that Sera and Kai being on opposite sides would piss me off too much, but it wasn t nearly what I expected and I absolutely loved it I just wish that Kai and Sera could mate bond the same way that Logan and Alex did That would be pretty awesome

    24. Great read I read almost all genres,but fantasy and sci fire are my faves Ella Summers is one of my favorite authors Her books keep you entertained and they flow No struggling to keep up This is a book for all ages Keep up the good work.Can t wait to read the next book in this series Have even gotten my family to read these books Thanks Ms Ella

    25. I was bored for the majority of this trilogy Each book can be summarized with Female character and her romantic interest either have sex or make a lot of innuendo Characters get separated from the group Characters are faced with a challenge they easily overcome Characters regroup Rinse and repeat.Very predictable and trite.

    26. Very WONDERFUL StoriesI loved all the stories of the Dragon Born I think they are great and unusual and we ll written If you Like or love the paranormal you will love this book.

    27. I wrote about some of the issues I have with this series in my other reviews, but fact is I really enjoyed these stories So yes, the heroines are a lot alike and so are their lovers and stories, but hell, I love their snark

    28. Dragon Born worlds continueI have enjoyed all of Ella Summers books via Kindle Unlimited, including this 3 in 1 As with most series, read them in order to enjoy the character development, her website lists them in order

    29. Oh, how I love.I love this author and the characters in this series I love the banter they all have between each other The action and adventure was great as always Can t wait to see what happens next.

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