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Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer #2020

Dangerous Ground My Friendship with a Serial Killer Anyone can become a killer under the right circumstances even you For the first time award winning investigative journalist M William Phelps reveals the identity of Raven the serial killer who co st

  • Title: Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer
  • Author: M. William Phelps
  • ISBN: 9781496709523
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer By M. William Phelps, Anyone can become a killer under the right circumstances even you.For the first time, award winning investigative journalist M William Phelps reveals the identity of Raven, the serial killer who co starred with him on Dark Minds and tells the story of his intriguing bond with one of America s most disturbing killers.In September 2011, M William Phelps made a bold decisAnyone can become a killer under the right circumstances even you.For the first time, award winning investigative journalist M William Phelps reveals the identity of Raven, the serial killer who co starred with him on Dark Minds and tells the story of his intriguing bond with one of America s most disturbing killers.In September 2011, M William Phelps made a bold decision that would change the landscape of reality based television and his own life He asked a convicted serial killer to act as a consultant for his TV series Under the code name Raven, the murderer shared his insights into the minds of other killers and helped analyze their crimes As the series became an international sensation, Raven became Phelps s unlikely confidante, ally and friend.I m not making excuses for the eight murders I committed.In this deeply personal account, Phelps traces his own family s dark history, and takes us into the heart and soul of a serial murderer He also chronicles the complex relationship he developed with Raven From questions about morality to Raven s thoughts on the still unsolved, brutal murder of Phelps s sister in law, the author found himself grappling with an unwanted, unexpected, unsettling connection with a cold blooded killer It made me feel warm inside to know that I was responsible for that pain .Drawing on over 7,000 pages of letters, dozens of hours of recorded conversations, personal and Skype visits, and a friendship five years in the making, Phelps sheds new light on Raven s bloody history, including details of an unknown victim, the location of a still buried body and a jaw dropping admission Eye opening and provocative, Dangerous Ground is an unforgettable journey into the mind of a charming, manipulative psychopath that few would dare to know and the determined journalist who did just that.

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    1. Release Date July 25, 2017 Genre True CrimeI devoured this book It is deep, unforgettable, creepy developing a relationship with a serial killer is scary in it s own right and ultimately shocking M William Phelps is the KING of true crime novels and whatever he writes I will read without even looking at the blurb This one is different than his other novels though It is grittier It s personal to the author And it s engrossing to the highest degree I couldn t recommend it for fans of the author [...]

    2. I finished this book a few days ago, and I ve since been trying to convince myself that I liked it than I initially thought I didn t convince myself I didn t like the book I was left perplexed.I m drawn to the kind of true crime books that take us into the minds of the bad guys girls, showing us how why they unraveled and what motivated their crimes Given the nature of the author s relationship with Jeserpson, I expected a lot of that type of insight here What I got was something else entirely [...]

    3. I was very excited when I heard about this book I was a big fan of the ID Investigation Discovery show Dark Minds and was interested to find out the identity of the serial killer Raven , and was somewhat surprised that it was a serial killer I had heard of and knew vaguely of his crimes Reading this book I got a true sense Mr Phelps relationship with Raven and how difficult that relationship must have been at times Reading this book you get a real look into the chaotic mind of a serial killer an [...]

    4. 4.0 StarsThis was such a compelling piece of non fiction Part memoir, part true crime, the author provides an engaging account of his working relationship with a convicted serial killer The story delves into the author s personal backstory, including the murder of his sister in law Struggling with stomach pains and anxiety, the author describes the emotional, physical and spiritual toll that this toxic relationship had on his personal life I highly recommend this unique story to any fans of true [...]

    5. I was so eagerly waiting for this book to come out that I was really excited when I got a chance to get it early to review it It s a departure from his typical books, Phelps bravely delves into his family s personal history including some members struggles with drug and alcohol addiction Then, getting the news that his brother Mark s wife Diane has been murdered, and having to tell him when he gets home It later comes out that she d likely been killed at the hands of a serial killer operating in [...]

    6. Keith Happy Face Jesperson is locked up at the Oregon State Penitentiary where he is serving three consecutive life sentences He will die in prison The serial killer earned his notoriety by sending confessions describing his heinous crimes to police and journalists and signing them with a smiley face.Jeperson murdered at least eight women, most who were raped and brutally beaten By all regards, Jesperson was a coward, preying on slight unsuspecting women, some who were under the influence of alc [...]

    7. An amazing read It is well written, gives you personal details that the writer has experienced in his own life As you read you are taken on a dangerous journey into the world, mind, life of a serial killer Raven as he was referred to on the ID channel series to which I am now going to track down so I can learn about the cases Raven assisted with yes the book leaves you only wanting As I read, there were times when I could feel the goosebumps rise, the hairs on my neck standing at attention Bra [...]

    8. A reluctant three stars, because this was a bit of a slog for me I certainly know far about the state of Phelps ulcers over the past few years than I ever, ever wanted Much like his TV show, there s no neat wrap up in Dangerous Ground, no feeling of justice having finally be done You feel as defeated as he does getting to the end, worn down to a nub So that emotional leakage, while exhausting, excellently captured his time with the serial killer Jesperson.I do take issue with the way it ended a [...]

    9. Not my typical kind of book It is a very well written, in depth look at the mind of a serial killer Mr Phelps consulted with an actual serial killer to craft this provocative read At times I found the book unsettling and disturbing at other times it was interesting and eye opening to learn the psychology behind such a mind This book is definitely worth a read, not only for the excellent writing but for the relationship that unfolds between the pages

    10. There are lots of crime books on the shelf, but only a select few authors know how to deliver a true crime story You say True Crime and three names come to mind instantly, Anne Rule, Diane Fanning, and M William Phelps.Dangerous Ground is a departure from the style and tone we have come to expect from Phelps This is an eye opening, hard to read, not for the faint at heart story that proves the old saying may be old but still holds true if you fly to close to the flame you will get burned Phelps [...]

    11. The life times of Keith Happy Face Hunter Jesperson aka Raven who was known to be a serial killer.My undergrad was criminal justice Sociology When I was 12, 1 of the books my biological dad gave me was on serial killers I worked with inmates in the juvy detention, the jail prison environment murderers, pedophiles other crimes not serial killers I ended up in Emergency Service mental health as a crisis school social worker Both male female serial killers terrorists are on the top of my list to st [...]

    12. I received this book for free from free book giveaway contest I m a jumbled bag of unsure about this one I find the subject fascinating meeting with a serial killer to research, write a book, do a show, and help identify one of his victims is immense and Phelps did a great job portraying that inner turmoil, revulsion, and anger But I found myself having to force myself to come back and continue reading because I wasn t exactly drawn to this I got tired of hearing about Phelps ailments, as they s [...]

    13. I have been a Phelps fan since day one, but I have to say this has been the hardest book of his for me to read It took me a couple chapters to get into it once I got into it, I couldn t put it down I read this book faster than I normally take to read a book Phelps reveals a lot about himself in this book which is unusual for him He usually makes his books completely about the victim without any insight into his life so, this was a delightful change of pace for both him and his readers I have onl [...]

    14. Finished reading Dangerous Ground My Friendship With a Serial Killer by M William Phelps I thought it was a good book Really interesting Really shows how a serial killer thinks.M William Phelps is a true crime writer and a few years ago he had a TV show named Dark Minds The premise of the show was to open cold cases and have a serial killer give his own insight into the murders The killer s name was Raven on the show Raven wanted notoriety and wanted to be named on the show but he wasn t For the [...]

    15. So many things The author is using the book to rehash his personal problems and he tries to weave them into his research Honestly I don t think he did it well and I never cared He also claims to be religious, kinda touts himself as a really good guy, thoughtful, pensive, giving But he has provided a voice and entertainment for a serial killer Hopefully the families of the dead never see this, I hope they believe the killer is miserable The author has provided this scum with attention, entertainm [...]

    16. Really, 2.5 stars but doesn t believe in half measures As a study of the inner workings of a psychopathic mind this book has some value The stories related to Mr Phelps family regarding his brother and sister in law s addiction and her unsolved murder are impactful but really seem like the topic of a different book The rating is because of the repetitive nature of much of Mr Phelps ruminations on his friendship though that in itself is a mischaracterization of their as Mr Phelps clearly despised [...]

    17. Phelps is an engaging writer even though I found the subject matter far from uplifting He probes the mind an egomaniac serial killer, a craftsman, one who assumes he is playing God The world does not exist for any other purpose besides what he deems important and what he can take from it p113 Phelps wrestles with his own emotions as he conducts his extensive prison setting and phone interviews It affects his own health, it twists his insides Book switches between interviewer and interviewee emot [...]

    18. First of all I think M William Phelps is brave, and that he put himself through so much for others victims is Wow I know a part of him wanted to know, and not acknowledge that there is human in everyone I believe even if they are sick or evil or whatever, it is still a human experience in which emotions like his get entangled I am still questioning whether serial killers have emotions or pretend to but I wonder after reading this I ve read Mindhunters and this is close but in a different way May [...]

    19. This book is infuriating I m only a third of the way through, but it already gets five stars Five stars for narcissism, 5 stars for delusions of grandeur, 5 stars for hypocrisy all displayed by, now here s the twist the author I thought I was getting a book that would give some insight into the mind of a serial killer Jesperson and about the relationship he and the author Phelps formed What I didn t expect was for Phelps to display every characteristic he finds so appaling in his subject In ways [...]

    20. Fascinating and very well written book about the friendship between and author and the serial killer Keith Happy Face Hunter Jesperson An engrossing story that kept me reading but with such intensity that I had to put it down and walk away from it once in awhile There were definite visceral emotions that came with reading this book You could feel the conflict Phelps struggled with in working with Jesperson does he go on working so closely with such evil and risk his own mental health and family [...]

    21. This book was different than other books that M William Phelps has written It is about the friendship he has with a serial killer and the murder of his sister in law It is personal You get to meet his family, for good or bad The serial killer he develops a friendship with is Raven who was featured in the show Dark Minds on ID Of course, I was anxious to know who it was, since I love the series This book not only delves into the friendship, but also into the crimes that Raven committed As with a [...]

    22. The premise is fascinating what happens when an investigative journalist strikes up an unlikely relationship with the serial killer acting as consultant on the journalist s reality show Phelps interweaves the story of how his friendship with Keith Jesperson developed and ultimately took over his life pushing his mental and physical health to their breaking points with his own personal history and that of Jesperson s It s a non linear story that jumps all over the place and never feels quite comp [...]

    23. This is another fascinating book by M William Phelps The book details his 5 year friendship with serial killer Keith Jesperson, a.k.a the Happy Face Killer Author Phelps was hoping to maybe get some useful information from Jesperson regarding unsolved murders in the hopes of finally solving them Jesperson seemed to like to play games and I think Phelps had a lot of patience in trying to deal with him Phelps also shared the struggles that some of his family members had with drug and or alcohol ad [...]

    24. In general I don t understand people s fascination with serial killers especially women, it s just so weird to me but I enjoyed this book It s well written without being exploitative, interesting, easy to read, and informative I don t know the background of this book I don t watch reality tv or anything like that but you can read the book on its own without having that larger creepy context Not really my usual drama, but I have some friends who will eat it up, and I can t wait to pass it on to t [...]

    25. Boring This book was all over the place It had no real end or beginning and didn t really tell a story at all I ve read books written by Phelps before and they are genuinely well written My only gripe has been that they have no pictures But this book sucked It was like he just wrote down a bunch of random thoughts It was like reading his boring journal A complete waste of time and money.

    26. Giveaway winner The author is a prolific writer and investigative journalist Dangerous Ground is a cross between a cathartic memoir of the author and a biography of a serial killer My hope is that none of the victims families or friends read this book as I feel they will be re victimized by the vivid graphic details of the heinous murders the evil despicable killer recounts to the author.

    27. When I first started this book I wasn t sure what to expect I wanted to hear about the murder of the author s sister in law I wanted to see what a serial killer would be thinking The book takes you through the mind of a serial killer, and also through the discomfort of the author as he gets involved with the serial killer This book is well written and made me want to read to see if any new victims are revealed It made me want to go back and watch Dark Minds.

    28. I watched the author s series on the ID channel with Raven I found the series to be very good so when I found out he was writing a book to name Raven, I was very excited The book was well written and held my interest, and gave a good look at how a serial killer thinks Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review.

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