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This Side of Married #2020

This Side of Married The comedy of domestic manners gets a delightful update in this intoxicating novel that suggests a latter day Pride and Prejudice transplanted to an affluent suburb of Philadelphia Well meaning but do

  • Title: This Side of Married
  • Author: Rachel Pastan
  • ISBN: 9780143035435
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • This Side of Married By Rachel Pastan, The comedy of domestic manners gets a delightful update in this intoxicating novel that suggests a latter day Pride and Prejudice transplanted to an affluent suburb of Philadelphia Well meaning but domineering Dr Evelyn Rubin has one consuming wish, that her three daughters be happily married Alice, the eldest, is about to tumble into a speedy engagement Sensible IsabeThe comedy of domestic manners gets a delightful update in this intoxicating novel that suggests a latter day Pride and Prejudice transplanted to an affluent suburb of Philadelphia Well meaning but domineering Dr Evelyn Rubin has one consuming wish, that her three daughters be happily married Alice, the eldest, is about to tumble into a speedy engagement Sensible Isabel is already married, and having second thoughts Tina, the baby, remains blithely single, though always dreams of a perfect wedding down the line As various men some good, some fascinatingly bad enter from the wings and the romantic complications mount, This Side of Married stands unveiled as a novel that s as heady as good champagne and as rich as a genuine Sachertorte.

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      445 Rachel Pastan
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    1 thought on “This Side of Married

    1. Even with Barbara Rosenblatt, not my cup of tea I feel like lots of Pride Prejudice remakes focus on too much of a superficial reading of the texts, and this is no exception I don t expect every scene or character to have a parallel, but I do expect characters that can be liked and few plot points that shrivel off like the girls babysitter what was her role exactly She could have disappeared and made the family seem less 1%ish and less racist, frankly I guess if I d picked it up and not expected [...]

    2. How many modern day Pride and Prejudices can there be A lot apparently This one takes place in Philidelphia with an overbearing doctor mother dead set on marrying off her two remaining single daughters and a judge fater who is less than involved in their lives Things fall even further apart for Dr Rubin when her married middle daughter, Isabel, announces that she and her husband are getting a divorce Now there are three single daughters and though there are potential mates, not all of them are s [...]

    3. I liked it Three sisters in Philly Mother wants them married One is married, younger sister has an affair with her husband

    4. I listened to this in audiobook a great production, by the way It s a modern take on Pride and Prejudice I misunderstood at first spoiler alert, not that the events are a surprise in any way that s not the point At first I thought it was what happens 10 years after the events of Pride and Prejudice but set in modern times , after Elizabeth and Darcy s marriage is falling apart I was a ways into the book before I realized I was wrong about who Darcy was it s the actual events of Pride and Prejudi [...]

    5. Published in 2004, this debut novel tells the story of three sisters, the daughters of two prominent, highly successful parents, with the perfect marriage, darting in and out of the themes of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice Pastan soon takes the reader to the 21st century are the challenges choices facing women so much different than those facing Austen s characters The women are bright, yet so very different from one another, embracing their independence while acknowledging their desire and n [...]

    6. This Side of Married reminded me a little bit of Laurie Colwin, although with a slightly bitter tinge to it that Colwin s books never had People in her books did things like have affairs, but the stories were about people s deep attachments to each other, rather than about people being hurtful to each other I ve never felt entirely comfortable with those of Colwin s books, actually, that had affairs at the heart of them but I still find them satisfying to read The books don t entirely let the ch [...]

    7. Everyone wants to compare Dr Rubin to Mrs Bennett from Pride and Prejudice And while her fervent desire to marry off her three adult daughters does resemble Mrs B s, there s a lot to consider when you re talking about 21st century women.Will beautiful Alice, nearing 40, EVER be able to land a husband And why does she have to practice nonprofit law and make no money Her doctor mother and judge father didn t raise her that way.Serious Isabel, 35, is married but barren As desperately as she wants [...]

    8. I have mixed feelings about this book I was drawn to it by the description which talked of similarities to Jane Austen s writing So I guess what happened was I had too high expectations this happens a lot in my life actually Towards the end I thought yea, I guess this was kind of like Austen s storyline but not as good I have a few friends that think marriage is stupid and that all men are awful and cheat and I really hope that they never read this book Every marriage seems to be immensely flawe [...]

    9. If I had read this first novel by Ms Pastan before reading Lady of the Snakes, I doubt I would have even tried the latter.It is a good first novel, but nothing spectacular Lady of the Snakes is amazing Between the two, the author really narrowed down and fine tuned her observations of relationships and marriage into perfect accuracy This was a clumsy start, but the seeds of greatness are there.This novel bored me, and I kept waiting for the wonderful storyline and writing to emerge that I saw in [...]

    10. A pleasant if not compelling version of Pride and Prejudice Austen s masterpiece is not one that readily translates to modern day How many mothers are sitting around wringing their hands hoping their daughters find men to support them, after all But the author finds a serviceable workaround for the problem by making the mother a career woman in her own right who just wants to see her daughters happily settled Even then, the mother s reactions weren t always plausible, but it mostly worked It s n [...]

    11. I wish I had something kind to say about this book, but it was just a major letdown Three sisters one is married, one who gets engaged, one who is single and pregnant They have an interesting bond and a dramatic twist SPOILER it s almost so predictable it s not funny brings them even closerbut in the fakest of ways I was left scratching my head and wondering why there wasn t some sort of major blowout or argument Instead, the book just kind of, well, ended No clear conclusions drawn between the [...]

    12. If I m going to read Jane Austen, I ll read Jane Austen This thing about rewriting classics baffles me this book has a lot going for it except for 1 the deus ex machina of the former journalist who shows up and moves things along and 2 the unbearably happy ending in every single respect, except for boiling one particularly unpleasant character in oil Love and families are messy and ambivalent and uncertain and Pastan, with her fabulous skills and characterization, could have done sooo much bette [...]

    13. My friend had this book on her list, and it looked interesting so I promptly stole it for my own list I can only say, don t waste your time I love a good piece of chick lit, and this was not it Supposedly a modern day Jane Austen tale, this novel is trite, one dimensional, and boring The mother, a successful doctor, is trying to make sure her three daughters are all happily married But the daughters are so single minded, I can t imagine who would want them The twists are predictable, the writing [...]

    14. What a disappointment compared to Lady of the Snakes, by same authorThis is so predicatble in that you expect to read what you don t expect.The only thing to keep you reading is that you I don t know exactly which unexpected thing is going to happen.3 daughters born to a mother who is a doctor and father who is a judge.And all about their family relationships but especially the romances of the 3 daughters and what mother thinks of them.Maybe I should mark it as didn t like it.

    15. Not even close to being a latter day Pride and Prejudice to suggest otherwise is doing a Jane Austen fan a real disservice Plot is very slow going at some points I wondered why I was still plodding along with it Any supposed curveballs were fairly obvious and to be honest I dropped the book in the lake on accident and was sad that someone fished it out for me I wished for the time it took me to read it back.

    16. I do understand their thoughts in it being a modern day Pride and Prejudice, but I feel it wold be better time spent to stick with the classic What I fund redeeming in it was the discussion and discovery between the mother and daughter late in the book It was the one part that brought me in as it was intrigued to listen to their plodding through the old tale of misunderstanding and assumption in families.

    17. I read this book in two days It is suppose to be a modern day version of Pride and Prejudice I did see some relations but in the end they tied the book up too quickly and I was disappointed that they didn t give you of a final answers to so many questions that were brought up It did grab my attention right away and kept me through the book but the end not so great.

    18. I had high hopes for this book it sounded like such a great story However, the ending was very disappointing It was so abrupt and I think there was much story to tell It was something I just picked up in the library without knowing anything about it or the author but I wouldn t go out of my way to read anything else by her.

    19. Worthwhile for lovers of Austen So many books claim to be Austen like if they treat courtship and marriage but Janeites with a familiarity with PP will either love or hate this one because it is so closely tied to its inspiration I was thinking of this last night when I heard the lecture about rewritings of Austen Still think The Jane Austen Book Club is one of the better ones.

    20. This book touched on several hot topics for women of today Can I have a complete and fulfilling life if I don t marry or have a child Do I work or stay home if I have a child What should I do if my spouse cheats on me.with my sister It was very interesting to hear the different points of view of the ladies in the book.

    21. In going through the reviews, this is certainly ranked pretty poorly But from my memory of reading it all in one night three years ago , it was one of the first books that really woke me to the fact that society, and women themselves, still have a hard time recognizing themselves as whole without marriage.The protagonist s infertility, for some reason, was really poignant to me at the time.

    22. This book follows the story of three sisters, one who is 38 and single, one whose husband cheats on her with her younger sister, and the younger sister who gets pregnant and marries some distant cousin on the mother s side Anyway, it was ok, there were a few nice moments, but mostly a snoozer.YAAAAWN.

    23. Eh This was somewhere between chick lit and drama it took me a while to readllowing three sisters through singledom, marriage, divorce, etc None of the characters were particularly compelling and it took me a while to read I wouldn t really recommend it.

    24. A quick light read about the romantic lives of three sisters in their late 20s to late 30s Although, a little older than the average chick lit heroine, not too serious or heavy for a quick diversion.

    25. I listened to this book It s pretty fluffy, but I surprised myself that I liked it so much For example even though I finished this book over a week ago, I still think of the characters and wonder about them.

    26. A book primarily about three sisters and their mother which revolves around marriage I didn t think the prose was as spot on an imitation of Austen s style as Catherine Schine s is in The Three Weismann s of Westport But still worth a read for Austen fans.

    27. Very quick read maybe 6 hours max I liked that I started this book and finished it within a day or two I needed something quick and girly Something light while I m trying to make it through Anna Karenina I think I m looking at years before I finish that one.

    28. This was a very modern day version of Pride and Prejudice I liked it for the most part I could relate to Isabel as far as not seeming interesting because she didn t have a job Believe it or not, I get that reaction quite a lot If they only knew.

    29. Touted as a modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice Snooze I hated it most of the time, the characters were awful, and the writing dull Told by the perspective of the middle of three sisters one married but about to get divorced and two unmarried Don t waste your time.

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