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F*ck Love #2020

F ck Love Helena Conway has fallen in love Unwillingly Unwittingly But not unprovoked Kit Isley is everything she s not unstructured untethered and not even a little bit careful It could all be so beautiful if

  • Title: F*ck Love
  • Author: Tarryn Fisher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • F*ck Love By Tarryn Fisher, Helena Conway has fallen in love.Unwillingly Unwittingly.But not unprovoked.Kit Isley is everything she s not unstructured, untethered,and not even a little bit careful.It could all be so beautiful if he wasn t dating her best friend.Helena must defy her heart, do the right thing, and think of others.Until she doesn t.

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      154 Tarryn Fisher
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    1. 5 STARS Long live the beige bitch Tarryn Fisher surpasses my expectations with this novel Helena Conway is shown a glimpse of what her life would be like being married and loved by her best friend s boyfriend The day I fell in love with you was the first day you found yourself You weren t even mine yet The writing is utterly addicting and simply phenomenal The heroine is lovable, funny, and relatable The hero is equal parts confusing, frustrating and wonderful At times the whole situation drove [...]

    2. This is one of the most difficult books to rate that I ve run across There were things about this story that I absolutely loved I can t deny that I was inexplicably drawn to this story Yet, there were also things that just didn t work for me I definitely have a love hate relationship with this one.I love Tarryn Fisher s writing The Opportunist is a favorite of mine and this book held much of the same appeal in so many ways I m not a person that shies away from love triangles or cheating either I [...]

    3. Most of my friends LOVED this book And I love that they loved it I absolutely love Tarryn Fisher I think her writing is impeccable and profound She is one of those authors whose words stick with you I highlighted a ton in this story Her writing gets 5 stars, the story, however didn t work for me as I hoped it would I loved The Opportunist so hard It s one of those books I ll never forget reading I remember where I was when I read it, what I was doing and the way it made me feel I don t know how [...]

    4. 5 Stars F ck Love was a such a great and unique book for me It s been two days since I finished reading this book and I m still thinking about it It was an interesting, addictive read from the very first chapter, equally heartbreaking and heartwarming and I couldn t put it down It was a book about life, love destiny, finding yourself and so much It was one of the most interesting books I have read in a while, complex, though provoking and captivating from until the end We think we can control o [...]

    5. 5 STARS at least until GR develops a new rating system with a possibility of a higher rating Have you ever been affected by your dream to the point that you can t stop thinking about it all day I certainly have Have you ever asked yourself if dreams can influence reality Or better yet, have you ever had a dream and then have it happen in real life That s what happens to Helena Well, sort of About dreams.Dreaming is one of the strangest phenomena humans experience on a daily basis and yet we all [...]

    6. How did I spend the first day of 2016 Within Tarryn s grasp Her words Her passion Her art I hid away from the world, hoping to sneak one page Helena was such an authentic and relatable heroine, it was as if I could feel her heart beat, and for 257 pages, mine was beating in tandem I felt her confusion, uncertainty, fear, hope and heartbreak I won t delve any further into the plot, because this story should simply be read It was a brilliantly written, unforgettable journey, not only about destin [...]

    7. EDIT 2 4 estrellasEDIT 1 I resent everyone who s saying I don t know how to write a romance My romance will be beautiful and maybe everyone dies BUT THAT S BEAUTIFUL Tarryn Fisher, 2015Having read all of Tarryn Fisher s book, I m quite certain that this book will make me suffer and that I WILL LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT.

    8. The best kind of love is the love that isn t supposed to happen Apparently, I am one of the minority here who didn t exactly warm up to the story and I feel like the odd ball for not loving it like the rest of the readers This book was actually written well Tarryn Fisher has a way with words that offer a real pleasure to the readers and one thing that particularly made me feel interested to go on and finish what I ve started was the humor It was extremely hilarious It s just that, I didn t find [...]

    9. Wow,just Wow.is book has completely captivated me 5 STARSI don t know how to review this little gem to do it justice.I ve said countless times before in reviews about not being able to put a book down but this is definitely one of the most addictive books I ve read.I started it late one night and thought,a few chapters then I ll sleep3 hrs later I was still going.The writing,the characters,the scene setting were all just perfect.The book opens with Helena getting a glimpse at what her life could [...]

    10. Finger licking excellence with a tingle of butterfly and confusion overload STARS Posted on Blog bookmonstersblog.wordpressA Great Big World, Christina Aguilera Say Somethingyoutube watch v 2U0IF_CK LOVE I DARE YOU TO Read this book D wink When we were young Adele youtube watch v DDWKuIf you are in a lonely place I URGE you to keep moving forward, forget the hurt it is the HISTORY PLEASE forget the past NOW read the review and listen to my songs wink According to me the Prologue or the 1st Chapt [...]

    11. Click on the banner to read my review on the blog.Tarryn Fisher has a distinct writing style that s all her own and she s back with a somewhat different love story Sadly, my issues with the characterization and overall plot prevented me from falling in love with Kit and Helena s story And it breaks my heart to say so.Helena has a vivid and unsettling dream In the dream, she and Kit are ridiculously in love They have two kids one is his and live in Port Townsend, Washington and she s a successful [...]

    12. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Timing is everything when you re about to tell someone you dreamed him into your heart This is one of those reviews I prefer not writing, but because I know I will be asked time and time again what my thoughts were on this book, I will offer my very personal and entirely subjective impression of this story, reminding you that the opinions of one reviewer in no way define a book, and should always be taken with a grain of salt I also premise this review by saying that I am [...]

    13. UNPOPULAR OPINON COMING YOUR WAYSometimes you read a book and you can pinpoint exactly what didn t work for you Sometimes, you read a book and you just can t say why you didn t really enjoy it You just didn t And this unfortunately has happened with this book But let me try to explainIn the beginning, I was most definitely captivated There was that sense of yearning and longing that I love in romance reads, but then it all kind of went where Or maybe I just didn t care where it went because the [...]

    14. 5 Big Stars I forgot how weird you are, he says when I sit back down You re a dead language, you know that No one is like you, and you are like no one This was me the entire time I was reading this book.I m going to do everyone a favor and keep my review short and sweet because, let s face it, I m pretty awesome at spoiling a good book Even when I don t mean to I absolutely refuse to spoil anything about Helena s journey And a journey is what this story is.I generally like my romances heavy on t [...]

    15. 5 Stars You shouldn t have to convince anyone to choose you There is no real choice in love F ck My words are inadequate I loved this story and I hated it too Way back in 2012, I read The Opportunist, back when it was a standalone, and I knew that that was the type of book that I would always be searching for, it makes you FEEL everything and sometimes you feel absolutely fucking awful whilst reading it, but the journey to the end is always worth it When you finally get the end and your heart ca [...]

    16. OH MY GOD What the hell I just read Wooow This story fucked my mind so bad but I freaking loved it so much and I have a lot of feelings right now God, I laughed, I cried Holy Shit Tarryn, you always making me cry But I f ing love you and thank you very much for this truly amazing story Contrast is important in life We understand what light is because we can compare it with what we know is dark Sweet is made sweeter after we eat something bitter It s the very same with sadness And it s important [...]

    17. Tarryn Fisher delivers the unexpected a love story that is both aching and tender, witty and romantic but not without lacing the narrative with her singular style that readers have come to love 4.5 stars You are supposed to be with me Tarryn Fisher delves into contemporary romance once again, but not without stamping it with her own singular style F ck Love is a story of destiny and determination, heartache and love, timing and choices We see a different side of Tarryn, with wit, tenderness and [...]

    18. 5 Profoundly Epic Stars F ck Love is a book I pondered back and forth whether I wanted to read it The vast majority of friends LOVED it, but I was on the fence First the dedication ticked me off a bit,For my haters, fuck you Hmm, okay Not knowing the author personally, I didn t see the humor in it and I found it a tad off putting and it put a bit of bad taste in my mouth Not a good way to start a book So, where am I going with this Right okay.I decided to look the other way and keep an open mind [...]

    19. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum SPOILERS SPOILERS EVERYWHERE.It all begins with a dream Helena dreams of her future, but instead of her current serious boyfriend starring as her husband, it is her best friend s boyfriend Kit in the role of leading male Now, I admit I ve had some dreams that seem realistic and have even had that David After Dentist moment when I ve been super angry at my husband until I was able to clear the cobwebs and differentiate between what happened during R.E.M and [...]

    20. If you enjoyed this book, please don t read my review I don t want to offend anyone.They re not together, I tell myself But that s lousy reasoning A slippery slope I ve known her since we were kids My loyalty is supposed to be with Della chicks before dicks Is that even even realistic Humans seek connection above all else, and we are willing to destroy things to attain it.It all started with a blue crayon.Reading this book was not the best of ideas, or maybe I m just missing the point and couldn [...]

    21. Oh boy, this book was not for me This is my first Tarryn Fisher novel and I have heard so many fantastic things about it, so I was very excited to start it From the very beginning I was confused, but as you read it on it all comes together So that isn t even my issue with the story My issue with the story is Kit Isley The man that captivated and owned three women s hearts I am an easy reader, so I am truly okay with most things However, if my hero is going to be so badass that three women will a [...]

    22. 5 F ck, Love STARSI can seriously say without a doubt that I ve read my first book of my Top 25 Books of 2016 I think Tarryn Fisher is a magnificent and multifaceted writer and she literally wrung my heart out with her Love Me with Lies series utterly amazing She did the same with this one Like that series, my chest literally ached as I read this yet I couldn t and wouldn t tear myself away from it.The story of Helena and Kit was equal parts apprehensive and foreboding as it was beautiful and et [...]

    23. This book leaves a bad taste in your mouth.It has something thoroughly sad about it Even after reading the final page, it still has me in its grip.It s evil and consuming.A beige colored nightmare.A desperate cry for help.It this book even about love I don t think so This isn t love I read about Love isn t supposed to make you feel so hateful So lovely mad.Helena, the main narrator, is unlovable She is spiteful and raging,unfeeling and too sensitive, closed minded and insightful,your basic beige [...]

    24. Holy hell, talk about a book saturating my fucking feed like a heavy day requiring a super plus Tampax Quite the buzz book we have here, peeps But after reading the blurb, I m on the fence It looks like it has a virtual plethora of some super Val No Go swhat to do, what to do

    25. 4.75 You were my Muse StarsI moved to Port Townsend because I fell in love with my best friend s boyfriend I wanted to get as far away from the both of you as I could, while also being as close to you as I could Does that make sense, or does it sound too crazy Clever, Clever, Cleverat is what I was thinking the entire time I was reading this book I wanted to start out my 2016 with a fabulous read and I took a big risk with a story about Helenawho is in love with her BF Della s boyfriend Kit This [...]

    26. Genre Contemporary RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person FemaleRating Helena Conway has always been content with her life She was the one everyone could count on and be dependent on That was until a dream jolted her from her bubble and spurred her to take a chance.That chance happened to be Kit Isley He was a nice, creative and spontaneous man who encouraged her to be someone no else believed she could be The problem is expecting would be a hard task because he also happened to be her best fri [...]

    27. 5 StarsWow Mind blowing Amazing book A wonderful and beautifully written love story Can a dream change your life Are dreams premonitions Can you fall in love based on a future you saw in a dream Helena one day see a dream of a future wherein she is involved with her best friend s boyfriend Kit This unexpected dream created a ripple effect and changed the course of her life This is the story of how a dream had the power to bring about the unexpected in Helena s life The day I fell in love with yo [...]

    28. Helena OliviaDella LeahKit CalebThere, I said it I didn t want to say it, because Tarryn Fisher is my favorite author, but I can t ignore my constant feelings while reading this stand alone novel It reminded me a lot of the Love Me with Lies series, just condensed Who wants to hide from the truth Maybe people who have had too much of it Or people who have had too little Or people who are too shallow to appreciate its hard edges This story is about a girl, Helena, that likes her safe life and thi [...]

    29. This happens to me every time I pick up a book by Tarryn Fisher about 25% into the story I ask myself WHY do I do this to myself and the answer is always the same I crave TheFEELS Tarryn Fisher style When I was done with F CK LOVE around 2AM this morning, I experienced the case of d j vu I remember clutching my Kindle, sobbing also in the middle of the night as I read the last page of The Opportunist back in October, 2012 So to say this author is consistent, at least when it comes to THIS reader [...]

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