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His Dirty Secret #2020

His Dirty Secret This is an Insta love story about falling for your best friend s daughter Liam My best friend has been looking for his long lost daughter and it s been a waste of time until she strolls into his fianc

  • Title: His Dirty Secret
  • Author: C.M. Steele
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His Dirty Secret By C.M. Steele, This is an Insta love story about falling for your best friend s daughter Liam My best friend has been looking for his long lost daughter and it s been a waste of time until she strolls into his fianc s caf The thing is Joe just got her back and well I want to take her away Katrina I ve been waiting for what seems like forever to see my father Finally gaining the nThis is an Insta love story about falling for your best friend s daughter Liam My best friend has been looking for his long lost daughter and it s been a waste of time until she strolls into his fianc s caf The thing is Joe just got her back and well I want to take her away Katrina I ve been waiting for what seems like forever to see my father Finally gaining the nerve I made my presence known What I didn t expect was falling for his best friend What is a girl to do when a handsome rugged Texan touches her in every way

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      264 C.M. Steele
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    1 thought on “His Dirty Secret

    1. This was so bad that I can t believe I actually finished it.

    2. What a load of shit I got to 30% and that was about as pleasant as an itchy arsehole Awful Just fucking awful All of it Everything So bad I am done with this author

    3. 4 Possessive stars This book was a guilty pleasureI think I enjoyed it too muchA short, sexy story with H.O.T, H.O.T moments Everything about this reading was OTT but that didn t bother me at all Loved Liam and his possessive alpha male attitude Enjoy xxx

    4. 3.5 Stars Everything about him screamed I could have any woman I wanted, so why is he not getting any Did he have performance issues I didn t actually know how old he was So maybe he did or maybe it was because he was little down there Is that why he was grouchy with me This was a SUPER SHORT SOMEWHAT HOT OTT ALPHA MALE VIRGIN HEROINE OLDER MAN YOUNGER WOMAN CHEESY SWEET CUTE EPILOGUE WISH IT WERE LONGER Dad Please don t cancel the wedding tomorrow, she begged Honey, I don t know if it s possibl [...]

    5. 2.5 Stars This was definitely a case of insta love I felt like I was watching a movie in fast forward I ve said time and again, if Steele would develop her stories , they would make for terrific novels All the elements I love are there insta love, ott posessive, dirty talking heroes and plots that have the potential to be great It just doesn t all work for me in such a short story There is just too much going on and none of it fleshed out Sometimes I feel like I get whiplash from the fast pace o [...]

    6. I really loved this story It had the perfect combination of sweet and steamy.Liam was a swoon worthy hero, and Kat was strong and feisty I loved the older man younger woman dynamic, and although the first sex scene wasn t till after 70% I still found myself feeling the passion between them with just their banter, and actions.Liam was jealous, possessive, and amazing 3 He honestly said the sweetest things I ll protect you forever I ll never let you go or ever let you hurt again Copy provided by a [...]

    7. I love a good caveman, insta love, OTT story with an alpha H who growls Mine to the h and tells her he s planting a baby in her call me crazy Liam falls for his best friend s daughter instantly He is 31, she is days from being 18 Waiting the few days until her birthday is torture but Liam knows she s his forever He just has to get her on board, and he s not taking no for an answer caveman alpha who had been celibate for years younger feisty virgin heroine insta love for both no cheating no pushi [...]

    8. Well why do I even need to write this review If you know CM Steele then you know this book is hot and full of action.The heroine Katrina is just going on 18 sweet and sassy and the hero is 31 possessive and loving This was an great story of love, acceptance, and understanding The heroine had been thru hell because of her horrible mother and was desperate to find the one person she has always loved Her dad who was not really her dad but that s another story She meets Liam and sparks fly for both [...]

    9. This reminded me of Alexa Riley but the sex was just ehh.It s cute and funny with a little bit of action I was impressed It s definetly over 3

    10. Another good smutty read by CM Steele I liked both the H and h It was super fast insta love which I m ok with It had a decent storyline I just wish it had been a bit longer and fleshed out Love the epilogue.

    11. 2 Ridiculous starsWhen I decided to read this I knew what was waiting for me, cheesy, over the top, insta love, smut, you know the restAnd I wanted it, I needed something cheesy, but this was ridiculous even for me.The heroine annoyed me especially her vocabulary, also the side characters were ridiculous especially when her dad asked hero to not be too loud with her lol, writing seemed stifled with no emotion, felt like sentences were just lining after another And it was soap opera drama even fo [...]

    12. I was extremely lucky enough to receive an ARC of this delightful book from C.M Steele It amazes me how Ms Steele is able to come up with all her wonderful books, they always have original story lines and keep me thoroughly entertained I devoured this book in one sitting just like all her others unable to put it down until I reached the end The prologue was heartbreaking and I was horrified at what a devious piece of sh t Katrina s mother was and I wasn t to happy with her father either but he d [...]

    13. I actually like this story, but the beginning was a bit confusing because I didn t know the timeline It would ve been better if the prologue stated that the setting was 3 years previously or that chapter one happened 3 years later The prologue suggested that Katrina was 15 and then when it didn t say in chapter one that it was 3 years later I thought that Liam was checking out a 15 year old which would ve been totally inappropriate It wasn t until I was reading a little into the story that this [...]

    14. Katrina has found her father, she wants closure before she can move on with her life She will be eighteen, she doesn t expect Liam Liam is the best friend of her father, he knows the minute he sees Katrina she is going to be his wife He plans to wait until she is legal but also struggles with how to tell her father.I thought this had potential and there were aspects I really liked I didn t quite understand Katrina s relationship with her father it was the one piece of the story I had a problem w [...]

    15. Loved this book I m a big fan of C.M Steele I don t think I ve read a book of hers that I haven t loved I love her hero s there always OTT alpha I loved both Liam and Kat, and of course the book was hot it s C.M Steele Safety Note 100% safe

    16. I loved this sweet and steamy read So glad I bought this Liam was a romantic perfect hero and Kat was innocent and feisty I love the older man younger woman plot and I loved Liam s jealousy and possessiveness He was funny and a sweetheart Epilogue was cute and super steamy at the same time C.M Steele is flawless.

    17. OMG I loved this story by CM Steele it has all the elements in it that make this story a fantastic romance story passion, romance, one alpha hero, one sassy heroine, insta love, insta lust, angst, stalker, issues between daughter and father , and lots of twists and turns that makes this into a fantabulous story Liam is the alpha hero who didn t expect his mate to walk in one day and to be the daughter of his best friend He is 31, and she is just days from being 18 years old Katrina has been thru [...]

    18. This book was such a fun, hot and quick read This book is about an 18 year old sassy fiery girl names Katrina who seeks out to find her father who left when she was younger because he found out she wasn t his daughter She soon seeks him out and starts to build a relationship Little did she know that sparks would fly when she first set her eyes on her dads best friend Liam Liam is everything a women would love extremely attractive , hard Working , not a womaniser , dirty talker and also 31 years [...]

    19. DNF for now I tried to keep reading because it s so short, but I just can t get past Joe s treatment of his daughter in the prologue He abandons her and essentially blames her for the actions of his ex wife Then when she finds him again after she s been in the system and the living on the streets , it s like none of that even happened and they re family again So unfortunately, I couldn t even care about Liam because Joe was a dick.

    20. So it turns out I haven t been marking all my smut as read Also turns out I have read a butt load pun intended of smut over the last few months My kindle feels cleaner already Check out my reviews here

    21. This was a silly OTT roll your eyes kind of read but it made me laugh at how stupid it was so I kinda liked it I m glad it was short.

    22. Loved itI love C M Steele and all her work and this book is another hit Insta love insta marriage and a HEA.

    23. It s bad guys, really bad It is free on KU and a quick read so if you want to read it to get a laugh go for The cheese is so thick it s like swimming in a pool of parmesan I will give it an extra 1 2 star for the chuckles but only because I didn t pay for it I have read books by this author that I ve liked, this just didn t do it for me.

    24. This author needs to learn how to segue I felt like I was being jerked around while trying to comprehend what I was reading The dialogue felt forced as well as the inner monologue Didn t finish because I just couldn t.

    25. When I saw this book on , I had to one click I was excited, as I didn t know that C.M Steele had a new book due to be released I love how Katrina forgave her father instantly I also loved the instant attraction between Kat and Liam Add in a bad guy after revenge on the heroine and you have a gripping story Katrina used to have an unbreakable bond, he was her father and she was his daughter.At the age of fifteen Katrina cruelly learns that her father isn t actually her father The man she thought [...]

    26. Like my rating of 2 stars states it was okay honestly the only book I ve actually liked by her was say uncle But I m honestly not a big fan of her work but once again I was recommended one of her books and once again it came up short There are just so many technical errors in her stories not to mention the plot usually doesn t make complete sense I ve read straight porn which isn t about the plot just the hanky panky and it would still contain better storytelling than a C.M Steele book Not disap [...]

    27. I was chosen as an ARC reader for an honest review of this upcoming book All I can say is Wow, this book is a defensive nite read for all CM fans CM Steele has an amazing gift of pulling you into her story and making you feel the characters emotions and reactions It makes it difficult to put down the book and always leaves you wanting Great job as always, look forward to the next book

    28. This was a good quick read The way she forgave her father so fast was honorable I don t think I could have done it that fast Even if her was looking for me for a while, I would still be mad that her left me there to begin with I was shocked her dad was that cool with a man 14 years older, didn t have a problem with her dating him Granted that s not that much of a gap but I know a couple of parents who would flip Great book 5 Amazing stars

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